March 31, 2008

Slather Those Strands: For Those Who Require Lots 'o Lipids

Killer Kritiques  #001


One of the advantages of being on the inside of the professional hair world is listening to dozens of stylists opinions on hair products, which helps when looking for something new. There is no possible way to give every product that comes out a trial run, my Lord, you would have to quit hair and solely test products with the amount that come out every week. I'm sure you all know this, every time you head to the beauty supply there is a whole new slew of "new-innovative products" waiting for you to buy, problem is - without a review of them you are taking a risk..could be a winner, could be a loser and more times than not its the latter
In my attempt of learning what and how I should roll with this site I periodically go hunting through 'other' beauty blogs. Maybe I hit the wrong ones, I try to hunt & peck randomly I swear, but so many just seem to do nothing but introduce and review products and nothing else, which I am sure gets them tons of new free crap. This week I received my first couple boxes of "new free crap" ( I mean 'crap' in a good way) a sign to me that it was time to start reviewing products as well. I want to be a well rounded, well balanced and well-read web site so we are off and running with the new segment: Killer Critiques.

Hair is a surprisingly large and influential category in the business world, they try to keep it hush--hush, but as a stylist and now with this Blog I am reminded of how big on a daily basis the importance of hair products, hair styles, hair color - all of it is very influential on many aspects of the economy, as lame as that seems. Howard Stern was on Letterman said, "until I have Proctor and Gamble advertising on my program I will never feel like a force to be reckoned with." Even a rebel like Stern yearns for the P & G (hair) dollar, I nearly fell of my chair.
That being said lets head off into the world of product review sassoon_pic_5026_0_sl . . . I have learned over the years  (and used it as one of my killer secrets ) there are 2 categories of hair products that are almost always excellent for all hair, pay attention: and that is products for ethnic & curlie hair
I can almost guarantee you up front, that if you pick a product from those 2 categories it will (almost) always rock. The chemists for those products, formulate  products differently, using a few key ingredients that are moisturizing - reparative and conditioning plus they update their products more frequently as new ingredients are released - when your production is not as large it is not such a huge undertaking to update them, that's why I can say that. So when shopping if the choices are so vast and so confusing, there is a tricky little technique for narrowing down your selection.

  Killers first Kritique ? Deva Care's "poo-less" shampoos and curlie haired conditioners. ! This line of products was originally designed for CURLY haired customers and caught on to the sulfate-free deal a long time before the rest of the crowd.

Deva Care: Curly Hair Products ; a Force To Be Reckoned With
Whether your hair is curly, wavy, straight or chemically processed, this line has expanded and now even contains a wacky looking hair dryer/ diffuser for curly hair . Choose from DevaCurl, DevaColor or DevaCare, and let your hair enjoy the benefits of botanically infused and sulfate-free technology
DevaCurl - Botanically infused, 100% sulfate-free cleansers, conditioners and stylers. Great for all hair types
DevaColor - Botanically infused, 100% sulfate-free and color enhancing cleansers and conditioners. For natural, color treated and chemically processed hair.
DevaCare - Color preservation. Botanically infused, 100% sulfate free, vitamin C enriched cleansers, conditioner and stylers. Great for all hair types.


Deva’s interchangeable product line allows for individuality, simplicity and the freedom to address your hair’s specific needs.
Americans are addicted to lather ...laundering curly hair (which is what most people are doing with ordinary detergent shampoos) just about guarantees a mass of over-dry, frizzy, shapeless locks.” That’s why Lorraine, along with co-owner Denis daSilva, world-class chemist Ralph Zissel and Devachan’s acclaimed Color Director Shari Harbinger developed the Deva product line. This unique system, with it’s own unique blend of botanically infused moisturizers and cleansers, will rejuvenate, restore and respect your hair’s natural order without the use of harsh chemicals.

Delicate Cy-Curl... No-Poo's gentle rescue formula for frizzy, unmanageable curls, cleans and conditions very dry, damaged hair and scalp. DevaCurl restores your hair to healthy, bouncy curls and healthy bouncy strands, refreshingly scented with Peppermint and Turkish Rose.

New for the line are the conditioners, most specifically the deep one Heaven In HAIR - -  which is awesome....I tried this myself and as the proud owner of TKHFH  {tangle-y knot-ty hair from hell} I knew with the ingredients it had  there was the prospect of smooth hair and it produced exactly what I predicted. Give it a shot if you suffer from the same or have the standard curly frizzy hair that needs moisture.
6 comments on "Slather Those Strands: For Those Who Require Lots 'o Lipids"
  1. Hi,

    I wrote to you awhile ago about my hair turning brassy... I went back to the salon for them to fix it and they bleached my hair up and then toned it to a level 9.... my roots are still a beautiful blonde but the lengths of my hair that were dyed a medium brown before I lightened it still seem to turn red/brassier. I am using a violet shampoo to try and counteract it, but I think that the redtones are too strong... my hair feels damaged from the previous processes, so I'm deep conditioning it and using the wella in-depth as well to try and improve it. Is there something that I can do to fight the brassyness? How often should I have to tone it? I just had the process done a week or so and have only washed it a few times since and it's already beginning to get brassy...



  2. KC,
    What can you tell us about Dry Shampoo? I'd like to use it as an option to every washing so I can preserve my dye color. Favorite Brand?
    Thank you

  3. Bia,
    Sounds like they have not totally removed the underlying pigment, its still there . . and until that is removed, it will keep popping through.
    They should have applied lightener to the ends ( with a higher volume) to get that out.
    2 solutions:
    1)You need a properly formulated tinted conditioner - that can be applied after every shampoo..
    I've done this with many clients - with that same issue
    2) Remove the underlying pigment, once and for all

  4. Rose . .
    >from Europe?

    The biggest thing in our near future (in hair) here in the USA is DRY shampoos, we haven't quite caught on to them yet -- they are huge in England - and rightfully so.

    I just received a few from a couple companies to review...but have not completed the mission yet.

    So stay tuned.

    Its funny what many Stylists use them for is not what they are designed for.
    They are designed for getting an extra day out of a shampoo OR for you oily hairs...
    Many of the tops stylists are using them for "body" and they work very well for that..I have fiddled around with them enough for that purpose and they work excellent for adding volume to fine hair I have discovered.
    Once again an accidental discovery on a product designed to do something completely diffferent.

    I have been fiddling around with a killerstrands version, as so many are white, which doesn't work so well on dark hair.
    I have tried adding tint(minerals) so they absorb and blend in better. Mine don't use the aerosol can, but there are definite advantages to that as well.

    Brands I have to review:
    <> Oscar Blandi's
    <> Bumble and Bumble
    <> Batiste

    Lets see which american company follows suit the quickest?


  5. Hello,
    I've been reading your blog for about six months. Thanks to you I have successfully went from a light brown/dark blonde to platinum! I have been using toners to counteract the yellow tinge. They worked great but didn't last very long, only a week or so. I used Manic Panic Virgin snow, which is $15 for one itsy bitsy jar. A couple days ago I used Garnier color White chocolate. I know, shame on me!, I caved and used a box color from Walmart. My grandmother has a cosmetology license and I usually buy from the beauty supply store but I was impatient and ran to Walmart. My hair is now voilet/gray. Did I leave the color on too long? Is it because of all the bleaching that my cuticle is open and 'absorbed' more dye than usual? I'm thinking that if I left it on for 15 minutes instead of 30 I would have my nice white hair back. Please advise.

  6. 4nineteen84 :
    WOW . . .
    if you have been reading KS for that long and did that good of a job in getting your hair blond, why in the world would you use a boxed kit ?
    Manic Panics virgin snow "IS" a toner. Garnier IS not...its a Color.FEEE ? who knows what in the Hell is in that box...?.?
    but it is NOT a toner.
    > boxed hair colors are NOT toners
    > a toner is sheer

    its the amount of pigment put in the tube of color itself....

    There is no way using a boxed kit would "tone" your hair, that is not what they are designed for.

    Your problem?
    You need to bleach the overall hair 1 more complete time to knock that remaining yellow pigment out al together - - - so its gone once and forever.

    You still don't have it all out yet,once you get it all out - - most times it stays out,
    then tone it...


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