April 6, 2008

Step-by-Step Demo of Hair Color Technique : Ribbons #1

Meet Ronnie . . .Watch Ronnie Rock Ribbons

I've completed another DEMO for you. This time I have torn apart the procedure of "ribbons" on yourself or your friend. I speak frequently about how outdated highlights { 'highlights are history' } are, and if I expect you to change then I need to teach you other techniques > this is the beginning.

The problem I have is with"BLOGGER" [this platform] it is virtually impossible to work with photos ..so please excuse that...nothing I can do about it. I need to move {come on Google; get it together}

Anyway, off we go.

Ronnie Ribbons decided to give herself some ribbons in the front of her hair, wanted to change things up , she has Level 6-7 NB (neutral blonde) hair. Applying color techniques to your own hair presents its own set of problems which every single hair stylist knows - oh too well ... which I plan on addressing as well.

You will want to gather all of your supplies... I highly recommend everyone purchase the Colorists Kit, we have added a couple basics

Use the color charts and photos to determine the look you would like to accomplish, this post is not about "formulating" . . . our mission? to teach "how" to put Ribbons in your hair and what they look like once applied.

Now, make the partings as you see here...which is basically a "VEIL". 2 pie shaped partings on each side of a center part. CLIP each side off, we are only going to do one side, plenty for now.


Next . . . Prep your Foils. I would not use kitchen foils, you must get hair foils, they are a completely different weight and not only prevent slipping, they prevent "leaking" which prevents spots and drips - - unacceptable in my eyes and should be in yours as well.
Prepping Foils:
Fold one edge under (fig.#1) . . . .then fold it again . . smoothing
so it is a DOUBLE fold. Every stylist on the planet has their own little trick for folding and applying foils... mine is from Annie Humphries and the classic Vidal Sassoon Colorist Technique, I doubt too many people would argue with that.

Because of Bloggers strange configuration, which I don't feel like battling today, I am going to put this up in a number of smaller posts today all day long, so stay tuned. . ." !!!

Its long and hopefully educational - so if you have any questions at all and want them answered "LIVE" Today . . .I am right here . .
and will answer them
4 comments on "Step-by-Step Demo of Hair Color Technique : Ribbons #1"
  1. Keep the faith...Take an offensive position...keep the faith

  2. i just noticed that the color the doll started out with is level 6-7NB..
    how can it be brown when 6 and 7 are blonde,right? like dark blonde and medium blonde...????

  3. Anonymous,
    At first I had no idea what you were talking about......
    I changed it.......sorry.


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