June 17, 2017

Bleaching for Rainbows : Dark Hair Yearns to Be Blonde, the Absolute Safest Way - Zero Damage

I Apologize Brunettes But BLONDE'S 
Rule the Air Waves & Social Media

This week a bombardment of you who have very dark hair ( Level 1-4)  just insist on wanting to be Blonde. I get it and I understand but if you will follow my preaching in this very long and laborious Blog - you can be platinum as well

If you were in my chair I would weigh you out . . .  spend 10 minutes trying to talk you into enjoying the glory of dark hair and giving you other tricks you could do, but those tricks are better left to the pro's, remember I like to teach here the color jobs that I believe all of you can handle and also will be thrilled with the results. The side effect is achieving healthy hair at the same time and is my #1 Concern & the THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR.

I also have experienced those who are dead set on it and if I don't help them they will just keep going until they achieve that crown of platinum glory they have dreamed of since being a small child. So this is for those of you who fit into that category...



 ( the phrase derived from turning dark hair ---> platinum ) - so not only it is required to receive touch-ups - it can be taxing on your wallet. The only way many can handle the look is by turning into a Crib Colorist and going "FOR IT" ! ! 

I will give you 10 Don'ts in this process and if you decide to go ahead you must read all posts on this Blog regarding subject matter and I promise if every single question is not answered you can text me at the store's number and I will answer it. (if its complicated then you must send your Killer 18 questions with your question - ( just GOOGLE the Killer 18 questions)........
  1.  DO NOT USE POWDERED LIGHTENER/BLEACH - - - - which is where I feel all the damage comes from in lightening hair!  There is no need to, cream lighteners exist. I don't like any of them so had to make our own and then I learned to tint it a rich blue/velvet which helps with 1 less bleaching application AND removal of brass/gold. Ours is a Cream & oil based Bleach, not just Cream like everyone else and I use a very special triad of oils, that make the hair shine afterward.
  2. NEVER use any bleach/lightener to remove OLD 'previous'  hair color, that is not at all what it is made for, the single biggest mistake Stylists make, to me.  Use a Color Remover.
  3. DO NOT try this unless you are fully educated on the process, it is the single most tricky color to get right. I see celebrities all the time with yellow hair and it just makes my skin crawl. 
  4. Never think 1 Lightening session is going to be all you have to do. If you are a Level 9 VIRGIN hair with Zero color on it, you would be the only one pretty much that can get away with 1 bleaching session. It runs the gamut from 2-12. ! Yep 12 boxes of VANISH means you most likely have 15 boxes of old black hair color on your hair for years and the highest numbers of boxes I sold to a woman like that was 13!  But, you never heard a happier person when complete. This is a one time procedure and you will learn so much, it will never happen again!
  5.  If your hair is 2 feet long I would not suggest this procedure at all. Yes, it can be done but most people with that long of hair do not really want to cut it, the shorter hair the better. I mean this one seriously.
  6.  Do not think that you must buy 5-8 boxes of VANISH to remove your old hair color, I fully realize how expensive it is. One of your biggest mistakes would be NOT reading about the (1) Shampoo Train  (2) Malibu DDL Lifter Packet (3) Wella's RENEW Color Remover(4) Malibu CPR Remover.........are all valid measures to removing old hair color. The goal? do it as gently as possible. Even going in a pool with chlorine is a nice help - don't over due obviously! 
  7. Don't think for a minute if you have thin hair this isn't for you, this IS for you . . . it is what so many celebs with famously thin hair do, ( they just wear $100,000. wigs on the movie screens! ) Truly ! Look at Renee Zellwager, Julianne Hough, Michele Ledger Williams, Charlize Theron....all have naturally thin hair. Lightener kind of blows out the cuticle and makes it appear thicker and it sure will handle and style better! 
  8. NEVER -EVER - EVER apply the lightener just willy-nilly all over the head, that is not how it is done, you MUST invest in proper tools and we sell them cheap, on purpose. Divide head in quadrants. Take each section at a time. Purchase a wall mirror ( home depot) where you can see the back of your head while you apply it is weird at first, but you will become a pro sooner rather than later. Think of hair color sort of like cooking.......both are science really. If you follow the rules and do things in the proper order, its a "piece-of-cake"! 
  9. DO NOT take short-cuts, if that is what you want to do, this procedure isn't for you. There are NONE allowed. Remember this big first procedure is only done once! The idea is to get all of the hair platinum 1st and then its not that bad.... if you think about it....every 4-8 weeks all you need is 1 of the 2 applications that come in our Kit to retouch roots. I always suggest starting with the pro Kit, I know its expensive but hey, pay for it over 6 months through PAY PAL...........it will assure you have enough product, and most likely will end up with enough to do your roots for another 6 months minimum (depending on many various factors that is - length of hair, texture, porosity, denseness, etc..)
Last but not least my 2 favorite pet peeves: (1) Never EVER apply Bleach to the roots first, it will ALWAYS be the last place you apply it (heat from head makes it process faster than rest of hair - thus the term "hot roots" you may have heard of) Finally, the key to this whole thing working out properly is being sure you have applied the lightener enough times, you want the hair to be yellow free enough, where if you do not want to apply a Toner it will look beautiful as well. But with all the Toners out these days, I can tell you its a whole lotta fun to experiment. So do NOT forget to apply lightener, process 65-70 minutes, remove only by rinsing ( no shampoo) dry and check color. Bleach must be applied on dry hair, so you will see the color after each lightening.
I hope this finds you well and I very much appreciate all the love and prayers everyone has sent me - they are working
But as you can see I am up and roaring again ( just a bit slower and more carefully) - 
Watch for new things once again and we have a FACEBOOK GROUP (which I am looking for a moderator for - -  just to work with me - - anyone interested?)
(Please TEXT/or call the store phone number)  
and am considering opening the old group up again. Lots of you remain with many questions for me to answer. 
Bleachin For Rainbows .............KC
June 6, 2017

How To Use BOOST & BURST - PROPERLY - 25% OFF - 4 days - 6/6/17 to 6/10/17

We have a 25% OFF BOOST & BURST : 6/6/17 to 6/10/17  - use code below when checking out - SALE for BLOG READERS ONLY ! ! !

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 I have many a phone call on this subject so its time to put it in words for everyone.

I Received this Review of BOOST & BURST today, which I do on a weekly basis ....but the way she put her Review in words was so awesome, it really warmed my heart and made me feel like the work I do is appreciated.

So, Thank You Jessica . . .  
your Review means the world to me and I hope it helps the rest of you understand how the line works. 
 To use Boost it is like any other color-depositing shampoo only our pigment is stronger darker and lasts longer.

BURST is the Gold mine though. Just shampoo, rinse, towel dry, apply BURST for 20-40 minutes, ( you also can apply 5 minutes in every shower like my 86 year mom does she loves silver bullet!) 
Use with the free cap you get or even better and faster purchase the bonnet hair dryer we have, use heat or even sit in the sun Heat makes color last longer! ! ! . rinse, and use INTENSIVE TO LOCK IT IN. The colors we have can erase Brass/gold in brown hair ( H'Ash Brown - BURST) .............accentuate SILVER in White or Silver HAIR or EVEN turn Hair Silver that is Blonde ( SILVER BULLET) ...........Spark up Copper hair (killer Copper 2) OR FOR Hispanics WE EVEN HAVE A TERRIFIC COLOR THAT RIDS YOUR HAIR OF orange ! ! ! (Cafe Azul) 
For those with Rose Gold Hair, our Angel Rose is a true Rose Color, not pink and not red, true Rose !

Remember the best part of Boost Burst and Blast is they come completely out, no residue................and you change colors or use 2...........the colors you can create are endless. Or the fact that you can make your grays hold off for another couple weeks with it....is one of its biggest hidden treasures.

Another one?
Trying to remove old color and color your hair the proper way?
Going through the process ( read every post I have written on "hair color removal") of removing old crappy box color or crappy color someone used on you. Please DO IT THE PROPER way and use BURST for during the week while at work and it does not diminish or affect the color removal process at ALL! But it lets you go through the entire color Removal process the proper way and still show up to work properly (meanwhile!).

Our biggest success of all is our BLAST - metallic conditioners, with our 2 newest additions:
  1. Cochella Rose - these are made with metallic MICA but we add micro mini STARS + Hearts  + lightning Bolts and all sorts of interesting shapes in metallic 
  1. SXSW Silver   - Metallic Silver , made with 3 silvers, and a sparkle you have never seen before,....plus we add shapes to this one as well - they are micro-mini ( and very expensive!) but I have had them and thought - "HEY'' ...why not ?!?!?!?

What happened to KC on APRIL 29, 2017:

This is KC 
 1st of all I apologize deeply FOR ANY DELAYS & OR mistakes of the past 5 weeks, please take a minute and read.  . . . . . .

On April 29, 2017 I lapsed into a coma for 6 days and very very slowly woke up the 7th day finally, unaware of what had happened, why I was there or what year it was. It took me -- 2 weeks to remember what year it was! I had a massive heart attack with 20% of my heart remaining functioning when all was said and done and they tell me now I basically died and came back to life ! ( Talk about a good excuse!) 
Killerstrands is my baby ! Of course I have people to help . . . but I am the business and the business is me - so things went into massive confusion and no one was running it for 3 1/2 weeks....this happened the day AFTER the 10year BIRTHDAY SALE - BOY what a Time for a heart to crap out!
I just last week got out of the Hospital after I threw a fit that I at least had to have a computer. Well, even when I got one I have not been well enough to return to work but for  1-2 hours a day. I am soooooooo very sorry , so many of you understood -- but there are many I have not been able to explain what happened.  Against advice........... I decided to write you and explain.

I am trying my hardest to recover quickly, but it is not so easy as other medical problems I face. 10's of thousands of you count of me daily & weekly for hair and education and for the 1st time in 10 years I have not been there and for that I sincerely apologize. .
As silly as that may sound, I completely understand how HAIR can make or break a person's day. .. so for all of you I am pushing myself and demanding things happen faster than anyone else seems to think they should -- in order for me to be well and get back to work.
I am currently attached to an exterior defibrillator so if it happens again it will shock my heart back to life.....which that itself is driving me nuts!
This whole thing has been a friggin nightmare and I have received emails about mistakes and delays - I apologize profusely - - - but in this particular instance it truly was unavoidable. When well......... I will send out another email Blast that will incorporate the freebies I have in store for you, but it is too soon, I'm afraid.(soon-soon)
I have avoided putting this info on the Blog as I have listened to others advice about not mixing business with pleasure. But, I decided myself tonight, to post this notice... I feel as I've ''got this'' NOW.. its just going to take longer than my 'will' and I & you must be patient. I'm at work while shipments are going out and for anyone with a problem or question, please TEXT our Store phone number as that is me and only me.
I hope you understand and I know what a loyal and wonderful customers you have all been, please stay with us.... 
I need YOU now more than I EVER HAVE ! ! ! !
I sincerely hope you understand.
warmest regards,