February 25, 2014

Change Your Hair Color............... Or Not ?!

It really shouldn't be scary to change hair color, they used to say something at Sassoon that will probably give most of you a complete and utter heart attack, they would say, why not change your color or cut your hair, it really is "only hair".

ONLY HAIR. . . .  Are they fricken' kidding, my hair is EVERYTHING to me. To that date is how long I had thought that way.....so chalk it up to my maturing, becoming ill, and after over 14,000 Heads of Hair I finally have come around to that way of thinking...so that is not how I expect you to think. But just think about that sentence every once in a while. 

It is truly .... "only hair".

At first I couldn't believe they could say such a thing but the more they said it the more it made sense to me.....it really is 'just hair'. What could really go wrong if you change your color ? Your family will still love you, your friends will still love you.........and strangers ..... strangers, don't even know you have changed it, so you need not care about those unknown -- AT ALL ! I've had a few  in the group  lately who are very hesitant about changing their hair color....I know I felt that way at some point, but it was so long ago I don't remember the feeling. I slowly learned that with the technology we have in today's marketplace and as long as you have some cash.... & know a good colorist - - YOU CAN BE ANY COLOR ON THE PLANET...! any color on earth is pretty much achievable....and then you CAN go back again if you don't like it. Remember tho ...... this is all on the theory that you have a fat wallet !

This Blog is just about 7 years old! 

Yep, I started way back with my mission to teach women and men how to care for their hair HONESTLY, CORRECTLY and with SCIENCE as the basis behind all of the suggestions and education I teach you.

 Please I promise you my own products work better than any hair conditioners / repairers than any you have ever tried. That is a bold statement, but after 7 years and hundreds of comments and emails I receive each week (I read every single one - btw!) -- I have developed that confidence.  I had a few college girls really love THRIVEN, so I decided it was time to re-tell some of my basic stories.

My number 1 suggestion for people writing me and wanting help is:

#1 Start reading at the beginning of this Blog -- read all Posts - { it really doesn't take that long }.

 I have heard from well over 1000 people...........
that, it was the single best piece of advice they had ever received regarding the HEALTH and HAIR COLOR of their hair.....in their life. My heart warms every single time I hear that.
We have customers from 18 - 88 our products appeal to all ages and all types of hair! 

 Remember you have 3 solid categories of hair color to choose from and those all have different results, everyone knows about permanent color here is some "current" information about what color does and is about TODAY :
Semi-Permanent : such as the Professional lines of Hair Color (we finally found 2 professional lines in this category that are just a knock-out!) - this type of color is so different because you do NOT mix it with any developer. That way it does NOT make a line of demarcation, they TRULY wash all they way out. If there is a box or package that says it is Semi-Permanent and there are 2 bottles and 1 of them has either white or clear liquid. It is a downright LIE. There are thousands of them that advertise it is SEMI permanent but then add developer. Once you add developer, the hair shaft WILL be changed, so I don't have to prove it. SCIENCE DOES! ! ! ! ( watch for those in the BOXED HAIR COLOR aisle.....so watch out closely for it.

Semi-Permanent Hair Color
Demi-Permanent Hair Color: the next step up ...this Color has little to LOW ammonia, it is used with 3 to 15 Volume Developer....and any Volume in-between, it does make a line of Demarcation. A very light one, but 'one' . . . . just the same. Companies lead you to believe the opposite. This category is GREAT for 1st time Gray coverage ( up to 20%)...great for Toners and also for a little body. We carry the following Demi-Perm lines:

  • Wella Illumina Hair Color (our most popular color line) - Use with 6, 10 and 13 Volume Developer from the Color Touch and Wella Koleston Perfect Lines . Newest most remarkable hair color by Wella which works a different way than any other hair color and produces a lot of shine by all reports coming in.
  • Wella Color Touch Wella's long time Demi-Permanent line of color, use 6 & 13 Volume. A large 122 color catalog.
  • Schwarzkopf VIVIANCE  - Demi-Permanent Hair Color

I believe all of these colors should be processed a full hour  for proper color absorption, maximum gray coverage and for the most extreme and long-lasting SHINE you've seen !

Always finish with INTENSIVE, you will see what a truly effective product it is, after your 1st application!

St. Patricks Day is on its way . . . . . Green hair in some cases 'can' be beautiful ! ! !

Killer Chemist
    February 19, 2014

    Shampoo; Its Job and the Only Thing It Truly Can and SHOULD Do

    I would imagine most consumers think there are constant changes going on in shampoos, from all the wacky commercials on the tube.........it seems like one week they have discovered how to add shine, the next how to give you Volume. Know from me........ that shampoo does NOT HAVE THE CAPACITY TO DO ANY OF THOSE TRICKS, really ! Shampoo..........has the ability to clean your hair.........that is its job and as long as it cleans your hair well, without leaving any lingering bad ingredients, that is all you should expect from it.  There are about a hundred million other products for all the various tasks you would like to do to your hair, just require your shampoo to clean your hair AND THAT'S IT ! ! ! Doing that correctly is all a shampoo can do, no matter what they tell you on advertisements. This is ALL these products have the capacity to do:

    CONDITIONER.....................CONDITION & UNTANGLE 

    Frankly, within the chemistry make-up and formulation end of shampoo it has not changed that much in the last 30 years...in my eyes. About a month ago I made a few calls to some of the major shampoo manufacturers in the US to see what they had to say about the biggest changes in within their up coming shampoo releases.

    This was the best news I have heard in a very very long time. They all said the same thing > "Sulfate-Free" is their number 1 Red Flag  - STILL ! I still don't see as much as I wish there was. I wish all the inexpensive shampoos were Sulfate-free. This has been a knife in my side now for at least 15 years.

    So rejoice . . they have finally heard the complaints and bitching I and many of my stylist com-padres have unleashed on the world! I'm not going to complain about the time it took . . . at least "it took". That is a very good thing.

    I cannot completely prove that SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a 100% cause of all the hair loss and hair thinning in women of late....because I still feel from all my research that it is because of the synergistic effect of the combination of ...all of the 13 steps of 10,000 HEADS.

    I bought some SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate way back when I was an innocent little cosmetic chemist trying to make my own shampoo that was better than the what was offered at the stores....it is this puffy white powder. But when you open the top of a simple small jar of the actual product "SLS" and the inside of your nose, eyes and lungs BURN simply from 1 tiny inhale.....SOMETHING IS DRASTICALLY WRONG ... who in their right mind would put that on hair and hair follicles...??? .......wow that subject infuriates me...and always will. Stay away from SLS, or SULFATES..... become accustom to reading labels please....just like you do for your food. You have to learn to protect yourself...there are so many millions of products on the market now that it is not even realistic to think that our government could keep control over that entire industry. We can't even keep Terrorists out of the country that are trying to kill us with guns and Airplanes !

    Killer Chemist
    February 3, 2014

    Hair today . . . gone tomorrow .......here i am

    The Brain Bone Connected to the Hair Bone

    FPHL  =   Female Pattern Hair Loss

    Education of How Hair Loss Hits Women 

    The most common cause of hair loss in women is “androgenetic alopecia” which basically means FPHL or Female Pattern Hair Loss, the women’s version of:
    • aging
    • hormones
    • genetics.............all affecting hair loss. 
    It has been fairly well established that hair loss issues between the sexes is completely different. Not only does male pattern baldness ‘reveal’ differently, scientists believe the solutions are also down a different path than women’s. The men already have a quick-fix pill that works well (Propecia), while the women still only have Minoxidil (Rogaine) as the only FDA approved drug to combat loss. We don’t even include minoxidil in the 10,000HEADS Protocol, although clients are more than welcome to use it. Our work & research at killer strands is focused mainly on the issue of Women’s hair loss as is this blog, we do see & help men at the clinic, but our focus has been forced to narrow lately.

    Killer strands would like to introduce to you a new way of understanding the female hair loss plaguing America today. By recent estimates 40 million women are suffering from one form or another of hair loss and the numbers continue to rise. In order for women to understand why the 10 steps of this program work, we have found it helps to educate and explain the “HAIR GROWTH CYCLE in a little different method, one that is clear – simple – and concise . When we take the time to explain the whole process at the clinic you can just see the light bulb’s going on over heads .

    Every person is born with every single hair follicle they will have for lifetime, on the body, at birth. As a tiny baby you are born with 5 million hair follicles throughout your entire body , with 1 million on the head and 100,000 on the scalp. There are 2 types of hairs within all those, vellus and terminal…vellus are the short fuzzy, soft ones that do not grow, while the “terminal” hairs are just that, terminal. 

    Think about that, as that is what will help you understand the reason behind alopecia, the hairs on your scalp have a life-span…they sprout ,grow, shed – rest, then begin the process all over again.

     Now there are technical names for all of these stages which you can see on the chart, but what is important here, is that each and every single hair on your head sprouts, grows & sheds, & rests…shedding is a mandatory part of new hair growth. 

    A hair remains in its GROWTH phase for approx. 4 years (fluctuates by person) – at the end of the growth phase it is shed {hair fall}; three months later another grows in its place. When the hair is shed there is the period of awaiting cell regeneration … which begins another new hair… and ‘that’ is where the diminishing numbers come from and that is where noticeable hair loss on your head begins.

    As we age the hair that once grew for 4 years – the next time it may only grow for 3 1/2 years, the next time for 3 years and so on. Therefore, if you had 50,000 hairs growing for 4 years when you were 20 years old and then each 4-5 years later . . . . the amount went down another 2-3,000...you can see fairly well how thinning happens and that when it does happen it has been happening for months that you were not even aware of. 

    The result: an even...all-over or “DIFFUSE” pattern of hair loss which explains WPHL or women’s pattern hair loss . We believe that the hair SHIFT term that we coined is the result of 10 years accumulation of changes within the body (for one reason or another) resulting in a distinct and noticeable change in a woman's hair.

    Every single hair on your head sheds, that is the completely normal process within the normal growth cycle of each and every hair. In order for a new hair to grow in the old one has to shed, so the “cycle” can continue along its merry way! Many people panic about hair shedding, 95% of the time it is within the normal range, it has just been combined with a person’s aging & hormones, so it seems more severe, which is understandable.

    Compare the hair to the eyes to make it easier to understand.

    The eyesight of a 20 year old is at its peak, with many having 20/20 vision, move forward 20 years – and reading a menu all of a sudden becomes difficult & blurry, people panic 95% of the time...and its just age. 

    Same thing with your hair, it was at its peak when you are/were about 18-20, from there it begins its retreat until one day the combination of your aging and some abnormal shedding just seems to hit you around about the same week.

    Gleam if Applied Daily to scalp : Prevents premature hair loss; - Supports healthy hair growth; - Increases volume

     When you are about 30, you will notice your first or second hair SHIFT. Many women are having babies around this age, and having a baby can do both make your hair thicker or make it thinner…there is just not one way it will go. If you were to implement the entire 10,000heads program, religiously you have a very good chance the hair SHIFT you have will be a ‘good” one. That is one fact we are absolutely sure of. There are many of you who relish taking care of your hair to the optimum, you read my rules - you follow almost every single step and you are thrilled with the results.
    Some of you just will not.

    Each individual hair is formed inside a hair bulb deep in the hair follicle. The follicle is a tiny but powerful factory, which throughout many people’s lifetime hardly ever stops working. From birth to sometimes as much as a century in some people, the follicle continues to produce hairs! Each hair grows for years, it is shampooed, conditioned, cut, blown dry, colored, bleached, permed…none of these treatments affects the growth of the hair in the hair bulb, even though some may radically damage the hair shaft.  Those hairs continue to grow anew! I find that simply amazing....still to this day!

    Finally the hair falls out, rests for a little while then produces yet another new hair! That is the HAIR GROWTH CYCLE, the cell regeneration that goes on in the hair follicle is the most prolific on the body, coming in second is the spine.

    PHASES of the hair GROWTH cycle
    Anagen 1000 days
    Catagen 10 days
    Telogen 100 days

    Hair grows ½ inch per month (on average) and faster in the Spring. Mens anagen phase is shorter than womens so genetically they are already predisposed to shorter hair then women.

    I have gotten away from talking about the hairs thickness and how to keep a healthy head of hair so I felt a good dose of education surrounding ...''How to keep a Healthy Head of Hair" would be wonderful.


    February 1, 2014

    Dear Andrea, I Do Not Want You To Lose Anymore Hair . . . .

     A Note to a Dear Friend I Have Made Through This Website....who needs to Use A Violet -Toned Shampoo to Cancel The Brass In Her Blonde. . . .

    Dear Andrea,
    ....you must change shampoos ...that shampoo has Sulfates in it and I believe 100% that sulfates cause hair loss in females.
    Sulfates are what the entire 10,000 HEADS Protocol is all about.

    (This is EXACTLY How I feel in 2014 and Need to Stress the IMPORTANCE of the 10,000 HEADS Protocol)

    GET RID OF SULFATES in your life and your children's lives!
    Schwartzkopf does not make a sulfate-free lavender shampoo....unless you have a brand new one that hasn't hit  Calif. yet, the east coast does get new products before us in certain brands.........look on the back and it will be either the 
    1st,2nd,3rd or 4th ingredient if it says:  
    Sodium Lauryl Sulfate........
    or anything even close to that such as Sodium Sulfate, SLS , then it is Bad and you need to rush right out and get a new shampoo or if u want we can start using up your credit.
    I don't care, I just want you OFF that shampoo if it has sulfates in it.
    I ran multiple tests on women of all ages because I had girls at the age of 18 have hair loss who had never colored their hair and I was trying to find a common link betweeen them and the 40 yr olds and the 60 year olds..... the common denominator was Shampoo with sulfates in them. AND.....when they switched to a sulfate-free shampoo, the hair loss stopped. It was that way across the board. It was such an easy solution to hair loss in women.
    The big corporations were dragging their feet and finally just last month Redken ( who is owned by L'Oreal - a french company) finally was the last to give in and make a sulfate-free professional shampoo in a shocking pink container.
    I will tell you I have only found 4 and
    in the order of how people buy them:
    • Tressa violet Wash- sulfate -free
    • Pravana Violet sulfate-free
    • OSMO Sulfate-free violet pearl
    anyway Andrea, I decided this was important enough to bring it up to the troops that read this Blog again, so they could benefit from it as well.

    Please be sure your shampoos do not have any form of sulfates in them.