September 5, 2014

Over a Half a Million People Have Read This Post . . . .Don't You Think You Should Too? Sulfate-Free Shampoo & Why All the Uproar ? ?

I just noticed today that over a half a million people have now read this Post....there is a good reason for that and I hope you will take the time to read it .
Over 557,771 people took the time to read this, maybe you should too ! 

Because the health of your hair ....and your hair staying ON YOUR HEAD AND NOT SHEDDING .....all depends on the fact that you choose to use a sulfate-free Shampoo. It is truly that important !

The Health of Your Body.......Shows Up In Your Hair

In other words, if your hair is thin lifeless, shedding ... many times it can be a sign of another serious illness. So always rule that out, prior to working on my hair care techniques. Please. Rarely is that the sign of something serious, but I have spoken to numerous physicians about this, and they all concur that there are zillions of diseases that begin with hair loss. It is SOOO preventable within the walls of Killerstrands, especially if you follow 10,000 HEADS.

 The one and only type of shampoo you should ever use is :
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate-FREE or
SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate:is a Surfactant

What SLS layman's terms?

There is an ingredient is every shampoo and every "cleaning" agent whether it be for the body, for the hair, for the garage, for the bathroom, for the face,etc., called the "SURFACTANT". The surfactant in shampoos are surface active ingredients, meaning they can interact with a surface. The chemical nature of a surfactant allows it to surround and trap oily materials from surfaces. One portion of the molecule is oil compatible soluble while the other is water soluble.

 In other words the surfactant is the detergent - or the "cleaning portion" of the formula.
The surfactant is the portion of the formula that can have the harshness of the formula beCAUSE it is the detergent. Detergents CAN be harsh, but they can also be 'gentle'. For the past 20 years almost every shampoo has used the surfactant: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate SLS or Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate ALS, why? they are super - super cheap AND they make lots and lots of foam and bubbles.

People expect a lot from shampoos, its funny a product like that - which you use frequently .... we really... know nothing about.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to tell a good shampoo from a poor one. Cost, fragrance, and lots of foam is what most people look for in shampoo products. Lather and foam does absolutely nothing to make a shampoo a good one, but they often get the most attention.This is something I am trying to re-teach America:
Lots of bubbles has zero to do with the quality of shampoo - you must let that one thing 'go' - please.
Foaming occurs when surfactant molecules gather around air instead of oil. The result is millions of tiny bubbles. Obviously, the air bubbles are using the surfactants that should be removing dirt and oil. We have all seen shampoo advertisements showing happy, beautiful people taking showers with their heads heaped high with mounds of lather. These images have taught the public to associate lather with cleansing ability.

The truth is, lots of foamy lather only means too much shampoo was used.
Excess foam equals waste.
Sebum and other oils quickly destroy foam.
Ideally, the head should have just enough lather to lubricate the scalp and hair. This will help your fingers massage the shampoo more effectively into the hair.
Fragrances and foaming qualities are not good ways to evaluate shampoos.
Here is a common Formula to make a Simple Shampoo
Part A
SodiumCocoyl Isethionate ................20%       (look for this Surfactant above & below .. I love all  qualities)
Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate..........13%
Crodasinic LS-30 ............................11%
PEG 150 Distearate
Glycol Stearate
PEG 7 Glyceryl Cocoate
Calendula Extract (oil soluble)
Part B
Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
Dl Panthenol
Water................................60-77%...........water is the majority of all shampoos, but the combination is what will give you the best results
Part C
Liquid Germall Plus
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate and Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate are easy to use and provide excellent foam and cleansing with mildness but that is where the substitution would be -- the SLS or the ALS would be plugged in there in other formulas. So you can see HOW MUCH of the formula is this harsh ingredient. It may not seem like a lot to you .......but I promise it is.  In formulating all the products you use, we use 2-3-4% of the TOTAL and that is a significant amount.
GuarSilk provides superior conditioning and additional viscosity. C12-15 alkyl benzoate provides sheen and improves wet combing. Panthenol & wheat protein for strength and conditioning.

Why did companies use SLS? 
SLS & ALS both create huge bubbles and are super cheap to use... and for years no one was looking "into" ingredients that are in cosmetics. The times are changing though. I was one of the first out here in wacky California - even my mentor didn't quite understand why I  cared about it so much!
 There are many manufacturers that use that exact same SLS as the main surfactant in garage cleaners, engine degreasers and the horrendous list goes on and on....the last place those ingredients should be > is in your hair.Try to remember the names, jot them down - put the list in your wallet, be sure not to purchase any hair products with those names in them. I'm not one of those fanatics, I promise you, I feel if you are fanatical about anything, it will drive you crazy. . . so crazy that avoiding whatever it is you were trying to, would be detrimental to having a balanced life.

My reason for avoiding SLS & ALS?
I began to notice that I was starting to have 18 year olds sit in my chair that had hair thinning and hair loss. Something I had never seen before. Of course, I had  30 (very few) - 40-50 - 60 year olds with the beginnings of this  problem. As you age, your hair thins. . . of course in men, but the problem began to become super predominant in women PLUS it began to become a problem in youth. . . so I began reading. 

This is when I started my journey into cosmetic chemistry.... so it took a full year of reading and joining a couple different groups, ordering huge textbooks and reading them /ALL OF THEM! learning how EXACTLY the hair follicle/hair strand worked. How and why certain things happened that had to do with the growing cycle....then I began to look into some of the ingredients in some of the products that we used. I am not a rocket scientist by any means.....BUT what I do have is : COMMON SENSE .

Therefore to me, I wanted to find a common bond. What did the 16-17 year old girl sitting in my chair use that the 67 year old man did as well??? It took me almost a full year. No one would help me, no one cared but me....But the 16-17 year old girl sure did. 
Finally it hit me.....shampoo....they both used shampoo. It was so simple and I missed it for a long time.
Then I had to decipher and learn what each ingredient was and what was its capacity within shampoo???

Long Story - - - SHORT . . . I started to focus on SLS and ALS. . . and then I got my first microscope. I ordered my first tub of SLS ( a powder). 
I opened the jar and the caustic smell of it burnt the inside of my nose and nearly knocked me over. I could NOT believe how rough and how horrifically strong - - JUST THE SCENT - - of this product was. 
I knew right then and there that this one ingredient was the cause of all the problems.
It also cost pennies, so the whole thing started to make more and more sense to me.
Super cheap . . . so the profits would be huge.
Super bubbles, which the public had been trained to love from the commercials.
Easy to work with.

I had been looking for a common denominator as to why all these people were having thinning hair & hair loss and this was it. All of these people used shampoos with SLS in them
- - we all did, we didn't know any better - this was years ago when we didn't question this type of thing.

So, after a lot of studying - researching and trials and errors with my clients. . . I discovered once we switched numerous people off of the SLS- shampoo's their hair thinning/loss after 2-4-6-8 months - - slowly improved. It worked for both men and women, which I didn't think was going to be the case. This was about 12-13 years ago . . . so steadily since then I have been writing letters, talking to labs and trying to bark up the right tree in hopes of getting the word out there. I feel 2008 was the first year the movement officially started, we still have a long way to go but at least it is opened up and now in 2011 I can proudly say I truly feel I had a lot to do with almost every company having a Sulfate-free shampoo.

PLEASE - PLEASE, get yourself an SLS or ALS-FREE Shampoo. . . .You WILL notice the difference when you quit using them and for the long term, you will be grateful.

I'm very proud of the shampoos in our store. We are the only site/store that carries 100% Sulfate-Free Shampoos. I just feel strongly about them for all of you and your hair's health.

We are having a Shampoo sale as I am bringing in some new lines that I am excited about. that does not mean I do not like these I use every shampoo in here personally you should see my shower it is hilarious......25%OFF all Shampoos in the store the code is:

 this will be good for the next 3 days: Sept. 5, 6, & 7,  2014

Can you believe that over 556,771 
people have read this post!

"The Health Of Your Body; 
           Shows Up In Your Hair"

I brought the previous comments up from a different post at a different time...but the same topic

217 comments on "Over a Half a Million People Have Read This Post . . . .Don't You Think You Should Too? Sulfate-Free Shampoo & Why All the Uproar ? ?"
  1. Hi Killer Chemist,
    I know there is probably a HUGE difference in SLS-Free shampoos that I am not aware of, because I tried Chi's SLS-Free shampoo and I hated it! I felt like my hair was a tangled mess after using it -- it felt almost too clean (i.e. damaged). Have you ever experienced that? Was it just that brand? Would that not happen with the ones that you have listed? Thanks so much for all you do here!

  2. I am sorry anonymous,
    but I am in the middle of completeng the BLEACH AND TONE OF MOLLY'S hair...
    one coloring technique at a time...


    Killer Chemist

  3. Thanks for the great info, Killer Chemist! I will take your advice and try the shampoos recommended. (don't you hate when all your typing gets wiped out like that?? Sorry!)

  4. You can try Trader Joe's, super cheap, S. free organic shampoos.

  5. killer,

    This is a long post singing your praises...

    I had to comment because I bought the Abba SLS free shampoo(it was on sale awhile back), and I can feel a difference in my hair. I do bleach my hair with the oil and use the toner(posted several times on here, thanks for clearing up that toner question I had last week), and I only wash my hair every 2 days or so, let it air dry, I have been doing the weekly conditioning as well. I trimmed my hair about 2 inches to get the overall length even(at my collarbone), and I have never had such gorgeous blonde hair in my life! It looks amazing... I have had blonde hair in the past(using the dreaded other bleaches, home stuff, etc. etc.), and I have had various lengths, and my ends always looked like they were disappearing because of the breakage... My hair looks amazing!!! Its full and bouncy from root to the ends - I always thought I had to compromise and keep my dull brown hair to have healthy hair, or have blonde hair for a short spell and it gets damaged - a wicked cycle for over a decade.. Now its finally perfect!!!
    The combo of using the right products overall really makes a huge difference...
    Just wanted to say thank you on all the advice you give, its priceless. Its amazing that I can get this look for so cheap and my hair is in really good condition!!

  6. Martie,

    WOW....what a beautiful . . . wonderful. . . pleasant . . .kind compliment.

    Makes me all warm and fuzzy and glad I am doing what I am...

    How Kind and am so happy for you. What I have decided is to give up all my tricks....ALL OF THEM.
    >How to cover gray >
    ( 75% of Hair stylists do not know how to do this correctly!!)
    >How to tint eyebrows properly,
    >How to do ANY & ALL of the coloring techniques,
    so you may do them at home, if you purchase your own separate products.


    I appreciate your comments and explanations, I hope many more will follow in your footsteps!

    again...many thanks,
    Killer CHEMISt

    1. Could you please tell me how to correctly cover grey hair? Can't figure out how to make it work for the hair near my temple. It would be so appreciated!

  7. Hey Dakota!

    It's me again! :D I recently bought the Abba True Shine shampoo and conditioner for sleek shiny hair. :D It works great and everything. It has an ingredient "Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate." I'm just weary about ingredients with ANY parts of the word "sulfate" in it, hahaha. Since it says it's sulfate free, I'm assuming that the ingredient is ok? And what's DEA?

    Hope you've been having fun! Take care!


  8. On the bottle it says it's sulfate free and DEA free... I'm guessing it's some other kind of ingredient not added? And thank you so much for your info! Take care!


  9. Hey Dakota!

    I was wondering if you have any suggestions on a great shampoo and conditioner or a product that ehances shine by... A LOT. I've been doing research online about how to get shiny hair and come across home remedies such as: mayonnaise, avacado, honey, and olive oil... even strawberries. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm VERY curious and tempted.

    I've also been using the John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze Clear Shine. It's ammonia and peroxide free and the only thing I guess that's wrong with it, is it has the Alcohol Denat. in it. Do you know any other clear shine glazes like this that's better for your hair? Organically? Home remedies? Or possibly one of those hair coloring products, but it's clear?

    Hope you're having a great weekend and hear from you soon! Take care!


  10. Vang,
    The one and only way I have ever found to truly add shine to the hair is by using a top notch COLOR.
    I don't consider John Frieda in that category, I'm talking colors that are developed and designed in European Labs. Framesi, Wella Koleston Perfect, Renbow....those are the 3 top lines of color in my book...
    I feel if you want the most shine on the planet you need to use Wella's COLOR TOUCH LINE. That line will produce the most shine, and is so damn gentle on the hair..they have a "clear"- I tried ONCE when the line came out about 6-7 years ago, wasn't impressed, but you cannot get a whole lot of clients to sit through a "clear" toner, unless it is magic.
    I put 2 of my toughest clients through a 2 hour THRIVEN deep condition yesterday and BOTH were floored by the shine and health of their hair. ...
    they bought a couple bottles each.

    The last suggestion is to pre-soak the hair in OIL. Vege oil. Olive or sesame is terrific. Leave on as long as possible, apply if heat if possible....shampoo - deep condition - then style.
    This is how the celebs exist in the world of hair and look like they do.
    It costs $$ , but if you are using the right is worth it.
    killer Chemist

  11. Vang....

    was thinking I didn't answer that clearly enough...

    If your hair is dull.......
    you must go to the cause..

    the 'cause' usually is because there is not enough PIGMENT in each and every hair strand.As people age, even after the age of 16-17-18 the hair starts its trek "downhill"...

    As a child the hair strands are full of melanin(color pigment) , as you age melanin begins to fade the color molecules begin to decay and disappear. This is on of the main PLUS' of hair color . Personally this is what has helped my dull hair so much.
    Hair color.
    I would never go without hair color and I have NO GRAY, no real reason i need hair color...I do it for the shine, for the body, for the fullness and thickness it gives my hair and all 10,000 heads I have worked on over the years.

    If a color is peroxide-free that means it does not go "into" the hair shaft itself. That's where the color "needs' to go to give it shine and strength.Othrwise you are just coating (painting) a top layer on it.

    don't be afraid of the word peroxide, thats silly.

    I would never have you try something...anything I thought would hurt or damage your hair.promise
    killer chemist

  12. What a fantastic post! I've been interested in going sulfate-free and now I have tons of options to choose from!

  13. Beauty Chick101,
    There are so many new and wonderful sls-free models out, a brand new one that rocks? Joico's new Re:Nu Series both SLS-Free Versions (Green,Blue bottle) are a couple of the best yet. PLUS even LUSH has a SOLID shampoo
    which also is cool.
    So have fun...and watch your hair improve.

  14. Hi Killer Chemist

    Do you know of any SLS free options to clarify the hair and remove product buildup?


  15. MS,
    Yes mamn,
    There is a wonderful line called Malibu 2000 (funny thing is it is NOT made in Malibu)- they have a couple . . .
    Its not the sulfate that you want removing build-up anyway ... we use whats called chelating agents.
    They are similar to and including citric acids (from fruit-lemons,pineapples,oranges,etc) . . .
    Malibu200 has these 3 I love:
    UN DOO GOO - great name - says it all
    Well Water Action Shampoo - also self explanatory.
    and the best
    Swimmers Action - again the most correctly named shampoos in the business.
    The most famous colorist in the world "Annie Humphries" (she used to own the Vidal Sassoon Academies & Salons which she bought from Vidal himself ) was the one who introduced me to the line, and she is a Great Britain citizen...she adores the line.
    Which is all I needed to hear 16 years ago...
    she also had a feeling about 'sulfates' like I do...
    I sell the line or you can get around. . . join our group - for my ongoing study of SLS-FREE shampoos. I just found a great new line that has a new SLS-FREE - clarifying shampoo - - I'm waiting to test.


  16. hi there^^

    this is going to be a long post :)

    first of all - I'm no native speaker, I'm from austria, so sorry for all the grammar mistakes :)

    thank you for all the useful info on your website. I'm so happy right now because I spent the whole day searching for useful info about good haircare online and finally... yay :o)
    I have natural curls and in austria it is really hard to find haircare for this type of hair. it is even harder to find something without silicones and sls. sooo first I was quite happy when I found out about ouidad, tigi, chi curl preserve, bumble and bumble, aveda be curly etc. soooo many products specially for curly hair to choose from :) but I could not decide which one would be the best. so I started comparing the ingredients and reading info about sls, parabens, alcohol, mineral oil etc.

    okay, so here is my question^^

    which shampoo would you recommend for curly hair? :)

    abba pure curl shampoo really is sls free? I just couldn't find out about the ingredients on the internet. and what is more important to me... does sls-free mean that this shampoos are silicone-free as well? aren't silicones and mineral oils even more "dangerous"/damaging than sls? (product build-up etc.)

    thank you so much^^


  17. KC,

    Terrific post! Thank you for the list of sulfate-free shampoos! I've been on a search for almost a year.

    A few months ago, I have decided to be more healthy and green and turn to a more organic lifestyle. I got rid of the SLS shampoo and bought Organic or SLS-free shampoos (Avalon Organics and other shampoos at Whole Foods). The problem is that my long hair feels like there is a coat or film of substance still on my hair after I clean it. What is worse is that my scalp starts to smell half a day after. I end up having to wash my hair more often and my hair is looking limp now. Have you heard of smelly scalp as a symptom of not using a SLS shampoos?


  18. Princess of Pookness,
    I have not heard that complaint, the most most common one is dry hair- tangley hair. Now the biggest problem comes from these companies NOT checking or readjusting their pH levels after they have re-formulated their shampoos. BIG MISTAKE. Improper pH levels is one of the biggest mistakes. Therefore I think I am going to have to come up with a pH balanced sls-free shampoo. Besides, when you change the primary surfactant ( the sudsy and cleaner portion of the shampoo) then the other ingredients must be re-adjusted as well. you cannot just change one ingredient and poof its OK. I am so angry at these dumbass companies. They all have much bigger shot cosmetic chemists than I am, why they don't know this, nor deal with it correctly is so beyond me - I am so frustrated.... I have lots complaining about this right now. Very very frustrating. I can only tell you to try PUREOLOGY, Kenra's or John Masters....then come back and tell me how that shampoo does with your hair....I KNOW those 3 are pH balanced - I've checked them.

  19. I am SO happy to have found this site. Although, I do have a question that I have not seen answered. I color my naturally dirty blonde hair to a lighter shade of blonde and have always been told to use purple/blue colored shampooing products to keep it from turning bronze/yellow/gold (whatever that weird color is before I get it touched up again). I have been using RUSK Calm, only because it is blue but I would love to switch over to a sulfate free shampoo. I saw your list of shampoos, but are any of them purple in color? Or is one better at preventing that blonzey shade that comes through after a while? Thanks so much! This site is great!


  20. There are plenty of purple conditioners i would use to solve that issue... then you could use any of the terrific shampoo' your fav shampoo . . . then order 1 bottle of purple semi permanent color from me and make your own ( 1 bottle would probably make your shampoo for the next 2 years!)

  21. Thank you! So if I were to go that rout, what kind of regiment would I use? My fav shampoo.. mixed with the semi perm color?? How often would I be able to use it? Since it is color, should I use a deep conditioner?


  22. Len,
    If you go the Shampoo route . . . you need to find your favorite SLS-FREE Shampoo, which it sounds like you have not used..
    Right now My top 2 favorites are Kenra PLATINUM Sulfate-Free Shampoo... or Alterna's CAVIAR Anti-Aging SEASILK SLS-FREE..
    they are expensive...
    i have others and a few in testing right now... HEMPZ is looking good so far...
    People are having problems with some of them...not fixing their pH when they altered their formulas and have been coming out with SLS shampoos that leave the hair DRY. They think it is because it is SLS-FREE -- which has nothing to do with it... Tangles and dryness like that, come from not checking the pH balance of a shampoo at the end of formulation. An easy step but I know many that don't do it.

    Anyway once you have the shampoo, you would need to have another bottle to mix the purple in...
    What do you think they use to make the one you buy , silly???!
    I'm a chemist. Im not just making this up out of the clear blue sky.
    They too use semi permanent color as well, what do you think they use?? Magic Fairy Dust? I'm just kidding...
    I am thinking unless you want me to do it for you on the first bottle so I could figure out the exact amount you would need..
    why don't you just get one of the great purple conditioners....then you can buy a SLS-FREE shampoo of your choice and not have to go thru all this...
    I could get you a professional one if you can't find one... there are a few companies that make them...but I only know Pro lines...

  23. Thanks for all the advice... but what do you mean it's not magic fairy dust???!!!! Now that you have bursted my bubble and brought me back to reality, I think I am going to go with one of the 2 shampoos you mentioned above and invest in a good pro purple conditioner. Any advice for which one I should get? Thanks again for all these suggestions!


  24. Len.
    I think you should get MINE . . . who else 's !

    I will be glad to customize yours if you want ...or you can take one right from the shelf - that is simply 'purple'.
    Using tinted conditioner is better than shampoo, it will longer.
    or if you tell me the colors that you try to kill I can custom mix...with blues and violets to really deal with it. purple kills kills oranges....then there is the GOLD in between that is the toughest one, so a combo of the 2.

    I'm coming out with a daily hair conditioner, I've been working on it for a while: its called GLIMMER I will offer you the first jar . . .
    Its a few days before I was going to be ready but this is a great excuse to get my butt in gear...the only thing you wouldn't get is the LABEL on the jar they aren't done yet.

    8OZ - No Color GLIMMER Hair Conditioner......$12.50
    8OZ - Purple GLIMMER Daily Hair Conditioner :$13.50
    8OZ - Blue GLIMMER Daily Hair Conditioner :$13.50
    8OZ - Custom purple/blue GLIMMER Daily Hair Conditioner mix - hair conditioner........ :$14.50

    There are many other colors besides just blues and purples for anyone else reading this.
    Watch for the up coming post in Sept. '08

    Thank you
    and hope that long drawn out post helps you Len!!

    Killer Chemist

  25. Hi there! :)

    You are just amazing! This sight is so helpful! I can't tell you how excited I got when I stumble apon it. :)

    I do have a question, though. My first attempt at using a SLS-Free shampoo (hoping it would get rid of my dandruff) was horrible! There was absolutely ZERO lather and it stunk to high heaven! The ingredients were amazing and I really wanted to like it, but it left a nasty film on my hair and really REALLY stiff and dull! (Morrocco Method) The only good thing I can say about it is that it helped my scalp to not be so flaky. So, to my husbands' chagrin (he's somewhat of a tight-wad. (: ) I bought another shampoo that was SLS-Free and again, it had the same affect on my hair as the other shampoo did! Now I'm on my third attempt and I like this one much better! It makes my hair shiny and soft (Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat) and I love the tingle because of the tea tree in it, and the conditioner is great. But I have just one problem with it...I STILL have dandruff!...which is ridiculous because that particular shampoo is meant for your scalp! I'm so aggravated that I started using my old dandruff shampoo again, which I know is horrible for me! So, my question is...Is there a SLS-Free shampoo and conditioner that LATHERS and GETS RID of flaky, itchy scalp???

  26. Does sulfate free mean sodium chloride free? if not which shampoos are sodium chloride free?

  27. Hi
    I'm also wondering about a moisturizing SLS free shampoo for curly hair. My hair tends to be on the dry side and I have a really, really hard time keeping it from going all straw-like. Any tips for me?

  28. I think I am allergic to Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Everytime I use shampoo I get a cyst on my head. I looked it up and it said people can get cysts just by using this ingredient in their shampoo? What kind of shampoo do you think is good? Do you like SLS free shampoo? Well, thanks again.

  29. Anonymous,
    are you all the same person?

    Anyway- as far as a moisturizing SLS-Free Shampoo for curly hair? The absolute BEST?
    AG's XtraMOIST shampoo . .
    you cannot beat their products as I examine their INGREDIENT list (which is EXCELLENT BTW)
    am waiting for my samples to test...
    as am going to be carrying this line in our store I like it so much,

    they also print their pH level right on the front of the bottle - to me that is an EXcellent sign . .

  30. anonymous,
    Get rid of the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate -- immediately and use Sulfate-free SHAMPOO
    I would get ahold of AG shampoos

  31. Hello, KC!

    You seem to have skipped my question. I am the one with question was...Is there a SLS-Free shampoo that LATHERS and GETS RID of flaky, itchy scalp??? I need a great conditioner, too. :)

  32. Sara,
    Lots of sulfate-free shampoo's lather correctly.
    Unfortunately you are asking for something I am not sure exists yet.
    It has taken me 7 years to get Sulfate-free shampoos a real living thing you can actually BUY !
    I mean its not just me, but sometimes it feels like it is! ! !

    With my dandruff clients over the years we have been very successful with having them use either Redkens' Pro Dandruff shampoo or T-GEL from Neutrogena - 1 -2 times per week.
    Then it normally goes away... for a while . .. then when it returns we do the same thing. Just get in the habit of using the REDKEN dandruff Shampoo ( I carry it)one day every week to keep the dandruff in check.
    Lately my actor clients rave about Redkens . . so I would give that my best try . . .
    being sure to shampoo correctly...which is most dandruff clients most common problem ( they shampoo incorrectly)..

    If a flaky itchy scalp is a true problem for you i HAVE A GREAT SHAMPOO FOR THAT BUT . . it is not sulfate-free. Nor do I know of one that is. I have written the company that makes the itchy-scalp shampoo and requested they have made a sulfate-free version of their present model..
    So I AM working on it... for everyone... as I have for the past 7 years.

    Until then I would purchase 3 different shampoos and will be glad to help you if you would like to purchase them from us . . .

    thank you,
    Killer Chemist

  33. Soooo..what is the correct way to shampoo your hair?

  34. Hi KC.......

    Wow! Am I glad to find your site.
    But I do have gray hair, actually it is almost white. I'm 63 and have colored it in the past for all the reasons you mentioned, but would prefer to keep my own color. Problem is.......its thinning and doesn't have much body. I am definitely going to try the sulfate free shampoos, but can you recommend some products (other than coloring it) that would help with the body.

  35. I love Gray hair and have nothing against it . . . your solution lies in following the 10,000 HEADS Regimen (just eliminate the coloring part) - but you MUST follow the THRIVEN and the Secret Supplement part...if you'd like you can read many hundreds of testimonials that continue to come in daily for THRIVEN and the SECRET SUPPLEMENT. There is a 6 year history behind it and it came from an Olympic athlete, that I happened to try on my daughter and myself ( which are 2 of the hardest customers there could be) with great success.

    So I would join our Group:

    perfect for everyone trying to learn more and have access to asking questions...

    and then go to the HOME PAGE and on the side bar is a quick PAY PAL BUY NOW button to purchase THRIVEN my Number 1 selling product. Moneywise, your smarter getting the 8 ounce size.

    Its a 2 step protocol to getting back your hair from thinning or loss FOR WOMEN. But you MUST - MUST get a sulfate-free shampoo and get rid of the other immediately. I have done numerous tests on the sulfate-free shampoos and believe with a whole-heart they are a huge cause of lots of the hair thinning that is currently a rampant problem for women.

    hope that helps

  36. Thank you KC..........I have already starting reading up on what you suggested. One more question, I was planning on starting a new vitamin program that has most of what is your supplement. It is Julian Whitaker's vitamins. Do you think that would suffice for the supplement part? Or do you feel I still need your supplement?

  37. anonymous,

    Absolutely YES>.
    The secret Supplement is something that the worlds finest sports medicine physicians feel that our Olympic athletes need because of the manner in which it is absorbed by the human body.... it has little to do with what exactly is in it . . many vitamins have what is in it...
    how many times have you taken vitamins and noticed that they hardly get absorbed by your body by the time they come out the other end?
    I've been involved in the field for nearly 40 years and I found that to be a problem no matter how much I spent on vitamins and out here in California - - - well you can imagine the names and the celebs that recommend this one and that one....
    This protocol is imperative that it is followed exactly as is..for you to have the superlative results that are experienced by a very high percentage of individuals.

    I decided not to sell the supplement exactly for this reason. I wanted everyone to realize that it is very important and I have nothing to gain by recommending it to you, except wonderful RESULTS. . . (and I could have used the extra $$) . . .
    YES - - - you still need the secret supplement.

    Vitamins are a waste of money as far as "hair" goes. I have run tests on over 30 different brands....all of them useless.


  38. Hi Killer Chemist,

    Wow - I am so happy to stumble upon your site - you clearly are a wealth of knowledge! I recently had my long, wavy, non-colored hair treated with the Keratin treatment, and am now supposed to use only sodium chloride free shampoos. The one they sold me (and conditioner) is Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by Coppola. It still has ingredients like Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate and Ammonium Laureth Sulfate, so I guess Sodium Chloride free does not mean Sulfate free shampoo? In any case, I am looking for other options to try as the conditioner and shampoo were about $60, and if I have to pay that kind of money, there must be additional options out there! I would really appreciate any thoughts you have.


  39. Kristine,
    I personally would be very leery of these new fangled "keratin" companies, I was very interested in running their products through some testings and I couldn't get one of them to let me . . .
    That makes me very hesitant of what is in the ingredients..

    Be very very careful, I've heard many a story of "delayed damage" with these products. . . it doesn't show up right away but it sure does later.

    Their trying to sell you their $60.00 shampoo - - - to me?
    A SCAM.

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I doubt it.
    When PUREOLOGY came out at $28.00 bottle for their shampoo 5-6 years ago, I nearly dropped dead . . but then I read the technology they were using, NANO TECHNOLOGY Delivery of actives. Which means it is(was) a brand new technology and way of delivering the good ingredients in the shampoo to the hair in super small size particles.... it WAS a new technology and to me warranted a higher price - - NO ONE was doing that. Of course the price was too high, but the shampoo worked wonders and was was one of the very first that understood my theory of absolutely NO SULFATES.

    So the price was ....well, OK.

    But this shampoo you speak of. . . try to find a shampoo that even has sodium chloride IN IT!
    That won't be a problem for you, unless its in the super lower price shampoo's - I spend no time with.
    Its a FEAR FACTOR thing, that if you change shampoo's then your hair will get destroyed...when according to people I've spoken to you may be on the track to that regardless.(Just be SUPER CAREFUL).

    In my opinion... you are doing more damage using a Sulfate based shampoo.
    hope that helps

  40. Thank You Killer! I will try one of the sulfate free ones you recommend - I did not see any sodium chloride on their ingredient lists. You have been so helpful, I just forwarded your blog to a few of my friends!

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  41. Hi Killer Chemist. I have a problem, my scalp is very sensitive to shampoos. I tried Enjoy, which made my scalp very itchy. I switched to Sabastian Drench, which made my scalp feel great, but has sulfates, which was stripping my hair color. So, I went back to Enjoy. Enjoy is a great shampoo, aside from the itchy scalp. Another thing, I am convinced that the Enjoy has something in it that I am allergic to, which is causing my hair to fall out. What could it be? Today I bought Kenra Plat. for fine/thin hair, I hope it helps with the itchy scalp. I also bought the Kenra Dandruff, which i will use once a week. Do you think this could help?

  42. I'm just curious. I've been using an SLS free shampoo (Organix) for nearly three months and I really haven't noticed any difference between it and SLS containing shampoos. My hair is still thin and tangly and dull as ever. My hair smells good though. Before Organix I used another SLS free shampoo from Whole Foods...same thing. Both are PH-balanced. My hair is no worse, but I had hoped to noticed some difference for all that money! LOL The only thing that's improved is my skin is less dry (hands). And my hair smell nice because of the product. I've started using a leave in conditioner to make my hair soft (Infusium).

  43. Anonymous,
    The reason I recommend SLS-FREE shampoos is included in many of my posts over the past 2 years, right here on the Blog.
    ~ The scent of the SLS alone frightened me - you need a gas mask to use it while formulating the shampoo. anything THAT caustic, should not be put on ANY part of the MY OPINION.

    ~ I feel the severe hair loss and hair thinning I am bombarded with- from 17 to 50 year old people, who sit in my a result of using these ingredients I am convinced that SLS & ALS is a huge part of that reason, that is not something that is going to be apparent to the untrained eye immediately. It's a long term fix.

    Shampoos will never (NONE OF THEM) ever cure any type of hair problem. That's not what they are made for, they are made to solely "clean" your hair and scalp.
    So thinking the change in shampoos would cure your thin hair, is not a reasonable request.
    Remember -- you must use the correct TOOL for the job.

    If you are trying to fix 'thin' hair you need to go on the 10,000HEADS Hair strength System and use the secret supplement

    Shampoo will not fix thin hair.
    I have tangly hair as well - which is a pain I realize..but what you want to use for tangles is a leave-in spray detangler, or Serum, before you try to comb out

    I'm confused by your statement about "all that money" you spent on shampoo's. The one and ONLY reason I told people about ORGANIX, is because it is the Cheapest SLS-FREE shampoo on the market. Its only $5.99.

    I tested it myself and decided "I" would never use it, you DO get what you pay for, remember that.
    The majority of SLS-ALS shampoos I speak about and support are between $10.00 - $25.00.
    There is really no need for conditioner, you should read all my posts that have something to do with shampoo ( under labels) ....I promote shampooing with a very mild SLS + ALS-Free,using NO conditioner, replace that with a spray detangler so your hair is not all gunked up.
    I would suggest Malibu 2000 shampoo.


    1. Dear Killer Chemist,

      Finally someone who cares. I am 40 and have always had thin fine hair but lots of it. I am losing hair by the bucket loads lately. I know stress and what we do with our body makes a difference but I am really getting depressed about losing my hair. It is long, mid back. I have tried pureology. I have seen wen on TV. I am trying to find solutions to stress and diet but I have always supported products that work. I believe in SLS free products but need suggestions. I would love to help my hair. Please send any suggestions on a good Shampoo, don't care the cost for fine hair. I would be extremely grateful. Don't mind spending money if I know the product is quality but where do I look?

  44. Hi,

    I am african american and i am a stylist. we use design essentials and kera care shampoos and conditioners. what is your opinion about those shampoos and conditioners?

  45. Ona,
    I am a huge fan of KERA CARE, I actually carry them in our underground store attached to our group ( you should join) the owner of that line is a cosmetic chemist, and a brilliant one at that...his only problem was he did not have any SLS-FREE shampoos so I could not support his shampoo's - - I used everything else in his line his products are superb and are priced appropriately
    ..UNTIL TODAY....
    I got the first SLS-FREE shampoo make by Kera Care in my UPS shipment... it says its made for weaves and extensions but I have already tested it on a client and myself and LOVE IT and everyone will Love the price!
    Its my new Number 1 recommendation - which says a LOT, click here and support your educator
    I've not heard of design essentials.. but your other choice is brilliant.

  46. Hi!
    I am not an African-American, but I was wondering if it would be okay to use the new KeraCare shampoo? And, also, would you recommend using either one of the conditioners?

  47. I looked up the ingredients "olefin sulfonate", cocamidoproply betaine", and "sodium myreth cocamide MEA". They may or may not be petroleum derived. Trader Joe's shampoos contain olefin sulfonate. No specification on the derivation,. sadly.

  48. Hi Sara,
    I tried the new Kera Care shampoos, and they are not very good, they are super watery....and I bought a dozen!So I would not recommend them.

  49. I tried Enjoy shampoo and conditioner and I was amazed because I lost fewer strands of hair with it. I have been developing allergies to lots of products lately and suspect that I must have had a sensitivity to sulfates for a long time because other shampoos caused me to lose a lot of hair. I got diagnosed with a thyroid issue, which causes hair to fall out, but now I don't believe it was as bad as I thought since my hair is not falling out with the sulfate free shampoo.

  50. Anonymous,
    Yes, the Enjoy line is a good line of shampoos, I always forget about them.
    I would highly suggest that you get on board and purchase some
    THRIVEN...I have a Regimen for female hair thinning called 10,000 HEADS which has become very successful with everyone that has tried it.
    I would encourage you to read through all the posts named 10,000 HEADS...and THRIVEN.
    thank you,

  51. From a Cosmetic chemist:
    Olefin sulfonate is 100% petroleum derived. DEA and MEA type ingredients are usually amides used to help boost viscosity (thickness) and generate more foam. DEA-free is a good thing. Cocamidopropyl betaine is from coconut oil, but has about 45% non-natural ingredients.

  52. Hi KC, all very interesting and educational advice on this here blog, thanks!

    However, I was reading the posts and came across one from Jenny (from Austria no less). Her painstaking effort to write in English (well done Jenny!) resulted in what I thought was a very good question; she also made some good points about silicone in shampoo being a real problem as well as sls. However, when I looked further down the blog to read your no doubt knowledgeable reply, I couldn't find one! I think our Jenny has been somewhat overlooked by your good self on this occasion. I know you must be v. busy but I was wondering if you could write a post in reply when you get a chance. I've copied her original post below btw.

    Also I wanted to add a couple of things myself. Firstly, about silicones found in both shampoo and conditioners. Do you have a list or line of products with only water soluble silicones in them? Only those with "PEG" prefixes are safe to use without build up I heard. Is this correct? Non soluble ones dry hair out because they seal the strands keeping moisture in at first yes, but then also forming a barrier to moisture coming into the hair after. This is a good thing to prevent frizz (short term) but not so good when next trying to condition hair with moisture rich products after. As sls free shampoos do not do a good job of washing away these silicones (allegedly) you have to return to using sls type shampoos to cleanse or get rid of the non soluble silicone artefacts again! That’s not good right? do you agree? If so, is it not important to look for products than contain neither sls nor non water soluble silicones?

    Secondly , I have curly hair (like Jenny) and there is a school of thought that conflicts with your idea that shampoo is the important product, (I think that’s your take on thing right?). The so called "No poo" way. (conditioners only) What do you think of this, I would love to hear your thoughts on the “no pooers”.

    Also silicones are found in products to restore shine and lessen frizz. Dull wire type hair and frizz are 2 of my big problems too. Again, do you have any products for this that you recommend for tackling these, if so do they contain non water soluble silicones, or do you not think this is an important worry and that non soluble silicones are ok?

    Please recommend, if you can, some products (shampoo, moisturiser, styling products) I can buy for getting the most moisture into my dull hair while going sls free non sol silicone free and that will protect against frizz and be good for curls. Yes, I know, it’s a lot to ask.

    Look forward to reading your next post and reply, hopefully so will Jenny. Many thanks,


    Jenny said...

    hi there^^

    this is going to be a long post :)

    first of all - I'm no native speaker, I'm from austria, so sorry for all the grammar mistakes :)

    thank you for all the useful info on your website. I'm so happy right now because I spent the whole day searching for useful info about good haircare online and finally... yay :o)
    I have natural curls and in austria it is really hard to find haircare for this type of hair. it is even harder to find something without silicones and sls. sooo first I was quite happy when I found out about ouidad, tigi, chi curl preserve, bumble and bumble, aveda be curly etc. soooo many products specially for curly hair to choose from :) but I could not decide which one would be the best. so I started comparing the ingredients and reading info about sls, parabens, alcohol, mineral oil etc.

    okay, so here is my question^^

    which shampoo would you recommend for curly hair? :)

    abba pure curl shampoo really is sls free? I just couldn't find out about the ingredients on the internet. and what is more important to me... does sls-free mean that this shampoos are silicone-free as well? aren't silicones and mineral oils even more "dangerous"/damaging than sls? (product build-up etc.)

    thank you so much^^


  53. Amazing site!! So much great info here to absorb! I have been using Redken's Color protect line, but am switching to sulfate free products - I'm trying ABBA and then maybe the Kenra platinum line?? I've noticed that a lot of the shampoos and conditioners out there, even the sulfate-free ones, have protein listed. Is this ok for daily use? I thought putting protein in your hair everyday was bad??
    Thanks again for all of your shared wisdom!!

  54. Wow!! I'm so glad to have found your blog!!! I've read this particular post from top to bottom, and I'm looking forward to perusing some of the other much information to absorb! I'm in need of some assistance making a decision on which sulfate-free shampoo to buy. After reading through all of this info about sulfates, etc., I'm eager to toss much of what I use in the garbage!! I use to exclusively use Pureology Shampoo/Conditioner..but I quit using it when $$ became a little tight and am realizing now why I loved it so much when I used it (It was the lack of sulfates, I'm guessing!). At the time, I was having my hair colored - blonde highlights. I no longer get any highlights, as they were really drying out my hair (which makes me REALLY curious as to what Marti (Jan. 10 comment) is doing to have such wonderful blonde hair??? It seems she had a bout with bad hair reactions to bleach as well?..I assume I'd find it somewhere on the blog..but where?). I recently started using Pureology's Purify Shampoo again, loving my hair the days I did, rotating it with a cheaper shampoo that I'm now ready to stop using after reading all of this. ..However, I read that Pureology is now under the L'Oreal umbrella?? is the product still a good one?? ..or should I try something else? My hair seems to love Pureology. I was ready to buy the Hydrate line, though, as my hair tends to be dry. I also use Phyto Anti-Frizz and Phytodefrisant (spelling?) and like how light the Anti-Frizz is on my hair. I use a T3 dryer, which I love, and I try to do hot oil treatments every now and then. I never had dry hair until I colored it..and I've since had 2 kids, so my hormones have completely been wacko, which could be affecting my hair..yada yada..but what would you suggest? I looked up the John Masters line and saw mostly shampoos..then noticed that you recommend using shampoo and no conditioner, which I've never done..I guess b/c I tend to have dry hair. Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated!

  55. wburn fam,
    Why don't you join our Group...its a Google Group with about 600 people in it, you sound like you may be the type that would have fun. You can ask questions in there as well. I'm not too sure what your questions is?? Which Sulfate-Free Shampoo to use? That is just so personal . . .depends on price...I don't trust the L'Oreal take over of Pureology, so what was once my fav... is no longer.
    We have an underground store in the Group with an entire page of my fav' sulfate-free shampoo's . I guess Kenra is my favorite, Platinum Line Sulfate-free I love it. I also like this new line and its decently priced....PRAVANA. All... you can see in the group.

  56. hi killer chemist.
    i've just read your blog, and i'm really interesting. i want to buy john masters organics, but i live in jakarta, indonesia (forgive my english), i don't know how to buy it. can you or anyone help me please?

    best regards,
    Thie Helmi

  57. helmi,
    we are no longer carrying it sorry...

  58. uh oh--i just purchased some john masters products b/c of what I read here from earlier posts. are you no longer recommending them??

  59. I bought this Sanctum Shampoo Normal Hair. It's made in Australia. I live in Hong Kong. One of the ingredient is Sodium Laurayl Sarcosinate, is that Sulfate or SLS?

    Please kindly advise, Douglas

  60. Hi

    What is the difference between SLS and SLES (sodium laureth sulfate)? Are they both bad


  61. Anonymous,
    I still absolutely LOVE John Masters Organics Line of Hair care products, the line is made and shipped out of New York, which makes it very pricey for me. . . that is the only drawback for................ KS

  62. thanks killer chemist! i used it a few times (the john masters line) and already can notice a difference. seems like a really great product. i'm in nj, so it's pretty easy for me to get his stuff.

  63. I have found this to be very informative but, like the poster above, I am also wondering what the difference is between SLS and SLES (sodium laureth sulfate)? I ask mainly because I use Nizoral shampoo to control scalp problems and it lists that as an ingredient.


  64. Keish and Anonymous,
    the answer to your question is too long for this section, then I forget about it, so thanks for the reminder A. I will write a post about it so check it out. . .thanks, KC

  65. I stumbled upon this blog today and must is truly fabulous! Thank you!

  66. I just found your blog tonight and had a few questions for you. While grocery shopping I stumbled across L'Oreal Everpure "sulfate-free colour care system" this evening. What do you think of this product line? Have you tried it personally? Do you think it's just a gimmick or could it be a worthwhile product? I've tried only a limited amount of sulfate-free lines and haven't been terribly pleased with the results overall. Jason left my hair feeling dull and limp, and Organix packaging is absolutely dreadful. I have problems with my wrists and found it so difficult to squeeze the conditioner out of the container after 3 uses. That doesn't say much for the product itself but it left me dissatisfied as a customer. I will look into some of the ones you recommended though.

  67. I just found this new SLS free poo called David Baball
    for Wildaid. Only used it onece so far but it works great so far,really soft hair.tell me what you think?

  68. I have the brazilian hair straightening and was instructed to use shampoos that are salt free. Is this the same thing as sulfate free??

  69. susielv,
    welcome, we have had some love it some hate it.....? It used to be outrageously expensive and then sold at a drug store.... Its Kate hudson and her Stylist trying to make a buck in my opinion...I could be wrong.
    Report back in

  70. Beach Lover,
    no, thats another kind of salt....which I cannot for the life of me remember the name of it......its in a lot of shampoo's and I must have a dozen here and not one of them has it in it.....its "somethin-Sodium...........Sodium chloride??? Sodium = is SALT...I'm pretty sure that's it....
    help me out someone..... KC

  71. Hello! I hate to wreck the flow with SLS being the trend comment here, but I'm a "approval-pending" member of the google group, and was curious what your favorite haircolor line was -- not in a box, of course! (I hope the price is good!). I think I could be addicted to color if I could find one that wouldn't destroy my hair! Thanks!

  72. Lexie,
    Everyone has been let in the group..You can look in our underground store. . .KILLER COLOR CLINIC........and see exactly what I approve of, use and sell .. . .

  73. Hi there,
    I accidentally stumbled across your site look for info about Wen products. I have been experimenting with and using sls-free, biodegradable soaps and shampoo for quite awhile now after reading how synthetic soap breaks down and dries hair and skin and also negatively affects hormones. I started with aubry, and even bar shampoos, tried Burt's bees, and now Giovanni. Burt's foams so much it annoys me, and it gives a little shine but makes my hair feel like straw. I like the extra body shampoo and conditioner by Giovanni for my fine hair, but for the sticky, shine-dulling buildup I get over time. I started using a diluted vinegar rinse a couple of times per month and it seems to help. I prefer natural to synthetic ingredients, and I am allergic to wheat, so it limits my options slightly. I wonder what you think of Giovanni products.

  74. cmc,
    Many people talk about them over the pages....but truthfully ...I have no idea what or where they are, maybe its an east coast thing? I don't think I have ever seen anything labeled GIOVANNI except for my favorite pizzeria !
    The only way I can give you a little input, is by you posting a list of the ingredients. ..then at least I could give you my chemist opinion on them...
    Do you purchase them at a beauty supply?
    a drug store?
    or a health food store??


  75. I get it at Whole Foods, but now it's showing up a the local Kroger, too. Ingredient list for Giovanni is here and the company site is here I think it started in CA.

  76. cmc,
    by the ingredient list.... it has an impressive list of ingredients EXCEPT for the fact that there is NO preservative. You must have a preservative, especially in a product that has water in the ingredient list. Water means your product CAN BREED yukkies little bacteria that turn into bigger bacteria . . . So much is made about preservatives. Preservatives aren't bad IF USED, in the proper amounts.
    The proper amount is from .05% to .08% . . . which is a very tiny amount. But bad things can happen if one is not used. . . So that is my only complaint about that shampoo . . .

  77. Hi,
    I've been using the David shampoo an conditioner for about 2 weeks now and it's ok. I've found by reading your blog that the cleaning ingredeants are the same as in pureolgy. It feels like its getting my hair squeky clean.I mean too clean.
    does that make sence?

  78. Interesting and informative site! KC, can you recommend a shampoo to use with hair extensions (Great Lengths)? My hair is also color treated.

    If you want questions answered, join our GOOGLE GROUP.....just GOOGLE: Killer Strands Google Group. Its become hard to answer questions everywhere, in the group I have help and I'm in there more than out here...sorry - - there is only one of me.

  80. I can get you a specific shampoo made by Kera Care for Extensions, I've gotten it for a few people before, they like it.

  81. Hi KC:

    I just stumbled into your site while looking for sulfate free shampoos specifically designed for african american hair. I wondered, with all of your knowledge and experience, if you have african american clients and what your recommendations would be for our particular hairtype. I should probably mention, that I recently (Jan '09) decided to go natural and have cut off most of the relaxed hair. I have about an inch and half of relaxed hair remaining. My natural hair is very curly and also very dry. It knots and tangles miserably when I wash it and drys very stiff. I am in search of a hair care system (shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer) that will cleanse without tangles and leave my hair soft and moisturized. I have tried several natural products (albeit none that you have mentioned here) without great success. Any advice you can offer would be appreciated.

    Sincerely, Esther

  82. esther,
    I deal with a lot of African American hair. . . I actually look for products geared toward your hair because I feel those chemists make the best the main line I have in the store is a line made for african american hair....kera Care is made by Avlon...their problem is they do not have a sulfate-free shampoo EXCEPT for their shampoo for extensions! I hear its coming.
    So every shampoo in the store is perfect for you and your yummy hair.
    Thank the Lord you went back to natural, I wish everyone would.

  83. KC,
    Thanks so much. I'll check out the products you offer and hopefully find something that works for me. I am so glad I found your blog. It is so informative and honest. Keep up the good work.


  84. KC,

    Hi, I have been very unhappy with my hair lately and did some research and decided to switch over to Organic/Sulfate- Free shampoos/conditioners. It has only been less than a week since I switched over, but so far I am not very happy with the cleanliness of my hair. I purchased "Naked Naturals" from CVS. I definitely feel as if my hair is already stronger (and possibly looking healthier) which is great, but the sulfate-free shampoo isn't cleaning my hair well enough!! It's really really oily since I've been using it. In fact I have had difficulty deteremining if my hair is dry a while after I shower or if its just grease (which it is-gross!!!)

    I am not sure what the problem is. I don't know if the Naked Natural Shampoo is not cleansing my hair adequetely enough BECAUSE there is NO lather so it is difficult to reach every section of my hair.

    Is there anything you reccommend to make sure you reach all of your hair despite the lack of lather? Have you ever seen a similar situation - greasy hair from sulfate-free shampoo? My other thought was that perhaps this is a transitional period my hair is going through because it is SO used to sulfate shampoos. I am not sure what the problem is...but I just want to be able to use sulfate-free shampoos and have healthy, non-oily hair!!! I am not sure if I should cut out the conditioner part of my routine for a bit? Perhaps I should try a different brand? Do you have any experience with Naked Naturals brand?

    Any insight will really help..I've been searching all over the internet to figure out this problem!
    Thanks :)

  85. Hi

    Sorry for my wrong english....
    I'm south american, so...
    I'm glad to find your blog.
    I have "hair fall
    " (can you understand this?)
    One month ago I start to use shampoos without sls. I loved it! It's lovely to my hair.
    In november i'll in US and would like to try news shampoos, but I dont Know where to find....
    For example, organix i find in Target (i fall in love for this brand). John Masters i have the addresses. Alfaparf and Deva i found in my country, but Pureology, Pravana, Alterna, Brocato, Osmo, etc. Where i find in US?
    Can you help me, please?
    Thank you so much.

  86. Hi Killer Chemist
    I LOVE your site - it is very informative and educational. I have been using SLS and ALS free products for a year after a program on the efffects of SLS and ALS was aired on t.v. SLS was used on rats (I hate animal testing!!!) Anyways, the pure SLS ate through the skin of the rats leaving open wounds on the poor creatures. As well, my husband's hair was thinning out ridiculously. So we switched to ALS/SLS-free products (soap, shampoo etc...) WHAT A DIFFERENCE!! His hair stopped falling out, my hair stopped thinning out and my hair no longer looks like straw. One product we use is Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap - what is your opinion of it on hair?


  87. Hello again,
    I have noticed some people say that some sulfate-free products leave their hair sticky - and not clean. I'm not a scientist - but one observation I made is that I used the same sulfate-free hair product at my house (worked great) then I was on vacation and used the same product at my mother's house and it left my hair sticky and not clean. The difference? My mother has a water softener for her entire house. I think the PH of the water didn't interact very well with the shampoo. I do wonder - what shampoo will work well with water that has been softened??

  88. Hi,
    L'oreal has come out with a new line of sulfate-free hair products.
    I read the ingredients and noticed that they still contain "methosulfate", so..I guess the procucts are not sulfate-free...false claim?

  89. silvia,
    Join Our Group, and ask about "where to buy shampoos", that is not my thing.....people will help you with where to go in there... Google: Google Group/KillerStrands
    thanx, KC

  90. A-Dub,
    Yes, "water/ pH / weather(humidity or none).......all of it effects your hair. Your hair is called a "CROWNING GLORY" because it shows the world whether you are healthy or not.
    Your hair is a a very good indication of your health.
    Ever seen an anorexics hair?
    Look what Chemo does to hair . . .
    Drug addicts hair?
    Healthy Body = Healthy Hair

    Water is one of the 14 Steps of

    10,000HEADS;14 Steps to Strong/Shiny Hair

    Actually 2 Steps are devoted to "water"...
    1 is to drink 1 Liter of water every day , your hair needs be shiny.
    The other is to get a shower Filter if your home water is not "softened or treated"...the best being Reverse Osmosis water...for your hair. Hard water is terrible for your hair and 85% of all households have hard water.

    If you cannot drink your tap water, it is bad for your hair, too.
    I feel it is the water industry doing it to us. But nevermind that.

    I have found that all the people that spend a couple extra dollars on their shampoo - especially when dealing with sulfate-free shampoos - never complain about their shampoo.

    The people that complain about the SLS-Free Shampoos they ar using are the ones that purchase it at the drugstore, Target, etc..

    Using Sulfate-free ingredients they must be RE-Formulate the entire formula properly...that takes extra $$$ to do properly - the ingredients cost more - which is why the good products, cost more.

    Its only a couple of extra bucks,I watched my clients for years try to wiggle their way around buying a more costly shampoo's, these were also the ones that spent $hundreds of dollars on make-up, I have a hard time, with this subject .....

    I will always put more $$ into my hair, rather than make-up

    If you are that poor - you wouldn't have a computer....and you wouldn't be looking for sulfate-free shampoos - you would be looking for food and a job.


  91. lotus,
    methosulfate is part of the name of a completely different ingredient; an emulsifier.
    Big companies like L'Oreal don't make mistakes like that...would get them in trouble.
    Its not anything with the world sulfate....its Sodium Lauryl Sulfate,Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium LAureth Sulfate....but I and everyone else gets sick of writing that all out. . . I started my campaign against these ingredients over 10 years ago, so this has been a very long haul for me.
    I shorten everything I possibly can.

    I have never heard one person say they like EverPURE ( L'Oreal's attempt at a Sulfate-Free Shampoo line). Everyone complains about it, E V E R Y O N E .

    Which goes to show you, it can't JUST be "sulfate-free" for people to be happy with it...more expense needs to be put into the formula and the ingredients in order for people to like it and therefore BUY IT.


  92. Hi Killer Chemist. I don't know if I am in the right spot. First of all I find all your blogs so knowledgeable and interesting. I have a major hair situation. I just got a perm (7/18) I asked for "some body" and suggest an orange rod, they did what they thought would work on my very long highlighted hair (grey rod)...YIPES. I nothing short of a one ended q-tip surfacing from a clothes dryer. I am looking for a good recommendation of a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner for this hair disaster - I was looking to achieve a loose wild curl to help me wash and run in this crazy life of mine. not a kinky fried brillo pad. Thanks for reading and any help is appreciated. Have an awesome weekend.

  93. i found a great sulfate free swim shampoo....Reflect H2O swim shampoo. The one I was using was so harsh on my hair and althouhg it got the green our, my hair looked like more straw with reflect h2o sulfate free shampoo. I think its reflect sports (I found them at a triathalon I did)

  94. i tried the Kenra product you mentioned and it seemed to "dry out" my hair..left it tangled. i was not impressed. I did try the Loreal sulfate free shampoo and it did not leave my hair a tangled mess but did not lather as much as the Kenra product. i know you don't care for Loreal products but have you heard anything negative about their sulfate free shampoos?

  95. Dana,
    Wow, that sounds terrible...Am not a fan of PERMS. I wonder if I could encourage you to think about a different style next time out... I rarely hear or see successful perm jobs. Maybe its the California thing...
    What I would suggest is THRIVEN - ot will take frizzy yukky curls and make them smooth and manageable. I just had 2 killerstranders send in their "before and after photos" - both had curly frizzy hair...and the difference was miraculous. I highly recommend it for your hair...I also would recommend a super moisturizing SLS-FREE shampoo - truly the best one is the HONEY / HIBISCUS by john Masters organics - I'm having a 2 day sale...right now only - 20% and fREE shipping - maybe you want to purchase it from KS now!

    thanks, KC

  96. Jena,
    Sounds that the company that has stores in malls I have seen (although not in a long time)that are all lit up like Las Vegas? Can you tell us which surfactants they do use?

    If I was doing TriAthalon's I would use Malibu 2000 Swimmers Actions Shampoo (see our store) as this is a Swimmers shampoo that is Sulfate-free - an unusual combination.


  97. Anonymous,
    I am not against any certain line, that is never my point. I listen to thousands of peoples viewpoints and I keep them locked away in my tiny brain...I've done this for 20 years.
    I also do this with movies, Television shows, books, etc. I have found following "word-of-mouth" recommendations has served me very I do it with hair color, hair styling products, + anything having to do with hair.
    Like I said, I have never heard a positive comment about L'Oreal shampoo, I said this hoping someone might come up with one...I am not against anything or ANY One..please understand this.

    If the product works for you ... stay with it. I have heard dozens of disappointing testimonials on L'Oreals EVERPURE, I even bought the product myself to give it a whirl, and decided against it when I received a swarm of negative emails on it...
    It would make my life much easier if I could find a properly formulated sulfate-free shampoo that was sold in drug stores, I guess the problem stems from people not wanting to drive somewhere special to buy their sulfate-free shampoo.

    This is not a problem here in southern California...but seems to be in the rest of the country.


  98. Wanted to say liked the breakdown of colors underlying pigments. Would like to know where can i get that pic or info so I can have a clearer view to print out for myself? Thanks!

  99. KC

    I join the group.
    But i have doubts:
    - dont you recommend Organix? Is not a good product?
    - Everpure(Loreal) is sulfate free?
    - the most recommended is: Kenra, Pureology and John Masters.
    My hair is flat and thin and use tonalizante. My biggest complaint is the sharp fall. I plan to use Pureology. you think a good idea? Or is there any better indication?

  100. Red,

    I'm sorry but this site is geared towards the "non-professional"... I am happy that I have a huge following of Hairdressers (whom, all basically stay in the background and never speak or help out) but I only have so much time - there is only One of me - therefore, I choose to focus the time I do help the non-professional.
    I hope to see one day, some help in the Group from many of you....easing my burden.

    I know for a fact there are hundreds of hairdressers that are regulars on this site & the Group. You all ask specific types of questions, reminding me of when I was teaching advanced color classes at Vidal Sassoon(Where we would teach Licensed Hair Stylists & Salon owners from throughout the entire country) and the questions I got asked there - so its a very familiar setting to me.

    thanks, KC

  101. Silvia,
    Organix, is Sulfate-free and fine.
    Everpure is sulfate-free and fine. I just have had many complaints about these 2 products....but I would say 20%-30% DO like them. It all depends on YOUR hair type, texture etc...

    It seems to be that curlies (what I call curly hair people) don't like either one.
    If Hair fall is your issue, I would use John Masters Organics, HONEY & HIBISCUS shampoo OR the SCALP WELLNESS Shampoo from Malibu 2000 is an excellent choice - LOVE that shampoo but it never gets any attention.

    Then look up the 10,000HEADS Program I designed and have had absolutely tremendous success with. 14 Steps to completely new, healthy strong and shiny hair.

    I quote an 80%-86% success rate - which to me is when the client is "happy with the change their hair has made in 90 days" after starting the protocol.

    No, I would recommend NOT using PUREOLOGY shampoo, Use Kenra for FINE/THIN HAIR, or the John Masters ORGANICS I quoted.

    Look up the protocol in the TAGS, LABELS & POSTS List over on the right SideBar..... > > >
    Buy the 2 KillerStrands products(GLEAM & THRIVEN), a sulfate-free shampoo - the best one you can afford + a Shower Filter ... it really works.


  102. Silvia,
    Organix, is Sulfate-free and fine.
    Everpure is sulfate-free and fine. I just have had many complaints about these 2 products....but I would say 20%-30% DO like them. It all depends on YOUR hair type, texture etc...

    It seems to be that curlies (what I call curly hair people) don't like either one.
    If Hair fall is your issue, I would use John Masters Organics, HONEY & HIBISCUS shampoo OR the SCALP WELLNESS Shampoo from Malibu 2000 is an excellent choice - LOVE that shampoo but it never gets any attention.

    Then look up the 10,000HEADS Program I designed and have had absolutely tremendous success with. 14 Steps to completely new, healthy strong and shiny hair.

    I quote an 80%-86% success rate - which to me is when the client is "happy with the change their hair has made in 90 days" after starting the protocol.

    No, I would recommend NOT using PUREOLOGY shampoo, Use Kenra for FINE/THIN HAIR, or the John Masters ORGANICS I quoted.

    Look up the protocol in the TAGS, LABELS & POSTS List over on the right SideBar..... > > >
    Buy the 2 KillerStrands products(GLEAM & THRIVEN), a sulfate-free shampoo - the best one you can afford + a Shower Filter ... it really works.


  103. Hello, can you give me info on DevaCurl products. I have naturally curly hair and I am looking for good products.

  104. KC

    I'm very happy with your comments.
    thank so much for your attention and recomendations.
    No I know how to proceed.

    thank you again!

  105. This blog is excellent, but I came across a question from someone in australia that wasn't answered. I was then asked again by someone else and wasn't answered. & it was something I really wanted to know the answer to.

    The basic question was is there a problem with silicones, are the SLS/ALS free silicone free shampoos? Is silicone dangerous? What's best for curly hair? What about the trend of no shampoo, cleansing conditioner?

    looking forward to your answer. I think this site it GREAT.

    shree in bda

  106. I already asked about DevaCurl. But have you ever heard about Coloresse shampoo? It's sulfate-free.

  107. I already asked about DevaCurl. But have you ever heard about Coloresse shampoo? It's sulfate-free.

  108. KC

    Me again!
    I need your help.
    I was very interested in your program 10,000 head.
    My hair fell long ago.
    Fortunately, the doctors in my country started to study the female baldness. My hair has improved a lot with the treatments that I using.
    My experience with sulfate free shampoos has been wonderful.
    I would now like to follow his program.
    But do not live in U.S. but in South America.
    Do not drink, no smoke, practical exercises regularly. I meditations.
    Now, the difficulties: in my country there is no filter for showers. Resolvereir when he was in U.S. in November.
    John Masters also buy when there.
    But there are things that I do not know how to: THRIVEN and GLEAM and secret supplement.
    Is there a place where you can buy them?
    I await your response.

    Thak you

  109. Shree,
    This Blog is not all that I do, I have many projects going on and you would get a quicker and more thorough answer if you and anyone reading this...joined our group. Just Google: Google Groups/ sure to answer the 3 questions properly and you will be in.

    You can ask anything you want in the group and you have many more people who answer in the way I teach. We know have a store, a group AND a BLOG... so until things calm down after the new addition...the best place to ask questions is in the group. It will take another couple weeks to get back to normal. 8-10-2009.

    I don't like silicones in ANYTHING but styling Serums. So I do not think they need to be in shampoos, actually I find no use for them in shampoos. When you think of hair products like I do, I try to weigh the plus' and minus' of a certain ingredient in a product and whether that ingredient "adds" to what you hope the product brings to your hair. With my cosmetic chemistry background I know ( or I look up and know) what category every single ingredient is and what it does. Silicones coat the hair when used ALL by themself, and protect the hair from heat when hot tools are used. I find no advantage of silicones in shampoos. Other people may have different opinions on this and that is why we love this country...because we can all have different opinions. You just need to pick who you want to follow. So that choice still remains your own.

    Silicones are a huge business, in this country...the silicone they put in these products is the same silicone they put in breast implants made by the same company Dow Corning. I will just say, I'm not a fan. So as little as I can have that crap on my or my clients bodies, the better.
    To know if any particular shampoo has silicones in it you will have to read the label. One of this sites main goals is to get you all to begin reading the labels of all the products you put on your skin, scalp and hair. ...just like you do your food.
    The common names list is about 20 different names which I obviously cannot put here. I don't have the time. the most common 2?
    Cyclomethicone &
    Dimethicone.......some people call them the "cones"....I don't like that name....but to each his own.

    The curly hair site is all gun-ho against them, you can visit them if you want an army behind that theory...I don't work that way.

    A few of us tried the WEN system, and personally I have very long hair and had to use so much it was ridiculous. Its very expensive, which I am not against...if a product performs and earns it, I don't care how much it costs.Its hard to find a product that works, because people think they can start a new beauty line by just plastering their name across it and by having a fancy marketing team behind it. That works at first,everyone will buy the line once, then what? What happens after you spent $60.00 on a "beautiful" looking hair conditioner and you use it and your hair is a tiny bit better? I am furious when that happens.
    Which is why I started cosmetic chemistry 7 years ago. . . read everything I could get my hands on. Started testing and experimenting. . . took 2 years of testing every single day to come up with something decent.
    I didn't have a penny behind me....
    We just worked up slowly, when you have a good product, it sells it self.
    You , my dear with your curly hair need to purchase GLEEM and THRIVEN, in the Killer Strands Store....they are made to help your type of hair. You will be thrilled, I can say that with tremendous confidence.
    here's the link:
    In my opinion WEN did not, but I believe a lot of curlies like it.

    I would try Kenra's Shampoo for Coarse Hair. Shampoo is a very personal choice, I can only point you ways to try, it may not work the first time, but I am closer than most. Do NOT go to the drugstore, purchase professional.


  110. Silvia,

    No one can master all 14 steps of 10,000HEADS, I only ask that you follow the last 7 steps religiously.... and work as hard as you possibly can on the remaining 7. No one expects perfection, just do your best - and watch the magic begin.

    By adding GLEAM, THRIVEN and the SECRET SUPPLEMENT (available worldwide-as long as you have a hospital in your city)to your daily regimen your hair WILL change, not 100%, but I rate about an 85% success rate with the Protocol.

    Here is the link you can try the new buttons we have for foreign countries for shipping, I am not promising they will work (we are still testing these)




  111. Thanks KC. I know you are very busy, & your site & blog are amazing. I'm so glad to have found it. I have also joined the google group & am looking into 10,000 heads. Sounds fantastic. Hopefully I'll be able to get your products here (Bermuda).

    Thank again.


  112. I just recently dyed my hair and went to get a nice shampoo for it and the lady recommended Colure Color Care Richly Moisture sulfate free shampoo. Does anyone have any experience with this? She recommended it because she said it's the sulfate that really strips the color.

    And a side note for those with color treated hair, is it necessary to get a nice conditioner for color treated hair or is it only the shampoo that really matters?


  113. LOL!!!! You are so funny!! I like this statement from you

    "If you are that poor - you wouldn't have a computer....and you wouldn't be looking for sulfate-free shampoos - you would be looking for food and a job".

    So What if the person was at the library using the computer and looking for a J-O-B at the same time? HAHAHAHA. I love your site. THANK YOU FOR SUCH EXHAUSTIVE EXPLANATIONS ABOUT SULFATES!!! YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!!!!!!!

  114. I found out about sulfates in shampoo early this year. Ever since I stopped using them, my hair has almost completely stopped falling out. I use Tigi Bed Head SLS Free Shampoo and Conditioner (in the giant pink bottles). You can even find these at Walmart now, so there are no excuses. I also use Hair One (Sally Beauty version of WEN Hair Care and MUCH cheaper). These are both fantastic and do not damage or ruin your hair. Someone earlier up was asking where to find Giovanni. My local Walmart even sells Giovanni now, along with a whole host of organic shampoos and body washes, etc. I found it all over in what I call the "spa" aisle at Walmart. It's not with the regular shampoos or body washes. It's closer to the bath salts, eye masks, foot scrubs, etc.

    I hope more people start to learn the truth about sulfates. I just think if I had only known about this 10 or 15 years ago, I'd probably still have my beautiful, thick, luscious head of hair!!!

  115. Hey Killer Chemist,
    Thanks for all the informative information. I have been scanning them over the last few years and taking some good advice. Who would have thought that hair-chemisty is so complex? I am a natural platinuum blond in Denmark, a 51 year old male with a great mane of hair. I found a great shampoo in NYC a year ago, Nubian Heritage Coconut and Papaya Shampoo, totally SLS or ALS free and full of life giving coconut oil. In combination with a weekly dousing of coconut oil as a conditioner, a Saturday ritual, my hair is the healthiest ever !
    Thanks for the advice !

  116. HEY THERE!
    All of the sulfate free products are connected with protecting colored hair, but I do not color my hair. I want to try pureology, but not if it won't work for normal hair. HELP

  117. Hello Killer Chemist!!!
    My hair is super destroyed looking. Looks as if my split ends extend 5 inches up my hair :( I am going to switch to SLS, but want to know what else I can do...what condition? Gleam? Thriven? I don't know what products are good. I have always used Biolage=yuck. Whats this 10,000 thing?
    You Rock!

  118. Phil,
    Forget the hair, do you have a girlfriend?
    You are just my type
    hee hee . . . . . . . .
    Hey one email like this in 2 years is not bad.
    Forgive me.

  119. Anonymous,
    Hey there, I wanted to respond to this, as you have one of my important messages totally mis-understood... I must CLARIFY.

    Using Sulfate-free shampoo has a little bit to do with retaining your hair color.....but the main reason all the hoopla? To ME?
    Is - - - - I discovered it went hand in hand with extreme hair loss and mild to SEVERE Hair thinning IN WOMEN.10,00HEADS demonstrated this to me. Not 10, not 100 not even 1000. But 10 thousand.
    THAT IS HUGE as right now in 2009 there are an estimated 60-70 million women experiencing this tragedy across our greaqt country and it does NOT need to be talking place.
    I'm not a fan of PUREOLOGY, which you can look up my many posts 'why', or better yet you seem like a great candidate for our GOOGLE GROUP we really should join. Lots of great info, plus you can read lots of old posts...I'm told it is a wealth of knowledge.

    All the stupid categories they come up with for shampoo, are really ridiculous....I want to know if one person has ever noticed a tremendous change between sub-categories in shampoo. As a matter of FACT I'm going to make a POLL out of it right now.!

    Thanks and watch for it....
    Buy any shampoo sub-category you want. If you don't believe me, check over your favorite shampoo SLS-FREE ( this is the MAIN and most important Category : Sulfate-FREE & ALS-Free Shampoo !)


  120. Anonymama numero Tres:

    Super Destroyed hair?

    10,000 HEADS is your ticket.


    There is a 10,000 Starter KIT, to make things easy.. & save a few bucks, which I have never offered before ... buy this.

    I'm telling you and everyone, to begin reading the BLOG at the very beginning. Only read a few "Days-at-a-Time" -- if you must! But, keep track and pick up where you left off. Some people save up and then spend an entire Saturday reading posts, I can't tell you the amount of people who become "obsessed with it" - - it would make a GREAT Reality Show. Although no one would believe it.

    Please read the 8 posts on 10,000HEADS - then, ask questions if you need to. All the info is there. Please join the Group.........GOOGLE : Killer Strands; Google Group, we have over 1100 members including many hair stylists and myself keeping an eye over things & answering questions.

    hope THAT helps you
    Thank You,


  121. Hey Killer C,

    I don't know if you ever tried this one, but it's called Desert Essence Replenishing Tea Tree Shampoo. It costs about $6 at the health food store. I use it as a body wash too, and when I checked the ingredients, it has no SLS or ALS. My hair feels great so far, and I only used it maybe three times. My skin feels good too. I was using Bath & Body Aromatherapy or Prell, but those have the bad stuff in them, so I've stopped, at least for now. I love tea tree shampoos, I wonder if you've ever done a blog about them? I'm new here, so this is my first time at your site. I did some research and found a lot of praise for tea tree.
    Thanks :)

  122. Hi KC,

    I was wondering if you had heard anything about this product made in San Diego called "Ovation Cell Therapy", which is supposed to make your hair grow longer, stronger, faster. I started using it a while ago, and pretty soon after, my hair started thinning in an all-over pattern (not in circles or in a pattern-baldness that my stylist said would be typical of a stress induced or hereditary hair loss). After I stopped using it, my hair stopped falling out! Any ideas? Coincidence?

  123. Hi, I was looking into some of the shampoos you recommended and I am confused a little about sulfates and silicones,are these ingredients OK in this pureology shampoo?: SODIUM LAURYL SULFOACETATE, DISODIUM LAURETH SULFOSUCCINATE, SODIUM COCYL ISETHIONATE, SODIUM LAURYL SARCOSINATE,AMODIMETHICONE,METHYLPARABEN, PROPYLPARABEN,METHYLCHLOROISOTHIAZOLINONE, METHYLISOTHIAZOLINONE,

    These seem like different types of sulfates and silicones.Thanks! Just trying to make sense of it all.

  124. Christina,
    never heard of "Ovation Cell Therapy", but with THAT story, that should give you all a red flag ON NEVeR-ever USING THAT..I will mark that down as big Fat -- "NO"!
    Have you tried 10,000HEADS? If you saw what I saw and listeneed to every day of the week, from hundreds of women across the country and around the world, you would immediately get your self THRIVEN, GLEAM, SUDZZ SHAMPOO,and the Secret Supplement....its not that hard, in fact its just a matter of using the proper products and adding that Secret Supplement at the same time as using truly is magical, I am not blowing hot air at you....I swear.
    If I spent a week putting all the positive emails I get from people...all the inspiring Testimonials people write in with...
    you would think I was making it all up...
    There are that many happy people using the program...
    I will pray that you give it a try...

  125. Anne,
    I was a Pureology Lover and I had every client using it, when it came out 10 years ago. But, as many Shampoo manufacturers do...they "sold out" to a Huge conglomerate. L'Oreal owns Pureology. As soon as it went from being run by a family into a corporate owned company I never bought a thing from the company, again. . I don't trust them and there are hundreds of Stylists/Colorist that don't.

    As you can see by the literature that accompanies the new SUDZZ line I am going to carry... They have printed on their bottle "NO SULFATES - or NO HIDDEN SULFATES".
    It doesn't matter what L'Oreal prints on the bottle, I just don't trust them or any product made by them. They are based in France, and as far as I have ever heard the French hate us.
    There are just better selections, that I would recommend trying.

  126. Hi KC,

    Thanks for the help. I found my empty bottle of Ovation, and here are the ingredients.

    Deionized Water, Stearalkonium Chloride (Derived from Palm Oil), Glyceryl Stearate, Cetaryl Alcohol (Derived from Palm Oil), PEG-40 Castor Oil, Panthenol, Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein, Cetrimonium Chloride (Derived from Caxtor Beans), Tocopheryl Acetate, DMDM Hydantoin, Methylparaben, Prorylparaben, Tetrasodium EDTA, Fragrance.

    Is there anything in here that could have caused the hair loss?

    My body reacts strangely to some medications, so I am not surprised that something that was supposed to make my hair longer and stronger had the opposite effect. Don't worry, I will NOT be putting this on my hair ever again. I am planning on using the money-back guarantee that DC Labs, the manufacturer of this product offers. I was taking a medication that my doctor thought might be the cause, but I stopped taking it, and my hair was still falling out. As soon as I stopped the Ovation, the hair loss stopped. It could still be medically related, but I have my doubts about that.

    I found your site b/c I wanted to know how sulfate-free products were different, and I had already bought L'Anza Healing Strength formula.

    Honestly, I am a bit afraid to do anything other than shampoo and condition it, b/c I don't want to lose any more hair. I used to have a lot of hair, though it is pretty fine, now it just looks like I have naturally thin, fine hair.

  127. I am so happy I found this site several months ago. I have very fine hair and my color was fading so fast I was having to get it colored every month which was getting exhausting and expensive! I have been using L'Anza for 3 months and my hair is still fine (inherent to me, of course) but it is not AS fine. And the best news? Well, I only have to get my hair colored every 2 1/2 months now. This has never happened for me all the years I've been coloring my hair. I just bought Brocato and tried it and I don't like it as much as the L'Anza. I was thinking of trying Alterna next...any thoughts on this? THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this site. My hair thanks you, and my wallet thanks you!

  128. Hi there! Thanks for your informative blog. I just had a pretty new process called the Brazilian Blowout done to my hair. It lasts 10-12 weeks and eliminates ALL FRIZZ. I have loved the results. You can read more about it on Supposedly in order to keep the results as long as possible, I am suppose to use the Brazilian Blowout Shampoo. It's sulfate free. My question is, can I just use any sulfate free shampoo or is there something special in this brand? If anyone can advise that would be great.

  129. Hi there! Thanks for your informative blog. I just had a pretty new process called the Brazilian Blowout done to my hair. It lasts 10-12 weeks and eliminates ALL FRIZZ. I have loved the results. You can read more about it on Supposedly in order to keep the results as long as possible, I am suppose to use the Brazilian Blowout Shampoo. It's sulfate free. My question is, can I just use any sulfate free shampoo or is there something special in this brand? If anyone can advise that would be great.

  130. the best sulfate free shampoo in my opinion is WEN by chaz dean.. this man knows hair better than ur self. i purchased the almond mint and have been using it for 3 months with fab tab results..i have terminal cancer and i go to dialysis 3 x per on various meds and have also done chemo and radiation...WEN has kept my hair soft full and th e way did i forget to mention i also have baby fne hair? buy it and u will LOVE it....ebay for 20-25.00 per 16oz bottle..which lasts me a whole month

  131. Hi!
    I also did the brazilian blow out and I am looking for a sulfate-free shampoo that is also sodium free to keep the blowout process longer... Can anyone help me?
    Thanks in advance for your help!

  132. Okay..heres a challenge. Im Mixed. Ive got extremly curly coarse hair. It looks great when its wet..but when it dries it what i would call crispy..but really its dried out. I use purology for the last six months but it hasnt fixed the problem of my thinning hair. I switched from pantein to purology back in march. While my hair when blown out looks very healthy, it is very tangled. I even tried switching from reconstruct repair purology to super straight...didnt make a diff. So whats a girl to do? ive got thining tangled curly hair. Also id like to know how products differ chemically when comparing one made for caucasions and ones marketed torwards african american. sorry so long..

  133. Hi KC,

    I am elated to have found your blogsite! Thank you so much for your willingness to share your haircare knowledge, it is much appreciated! I've got a couple of questions. A little background on me first: my hair hair type is that of an African American and it is VERY thick. I moved to the desert and now live in Arizona for 3 1/2 yrs now. Questions/issues:

    1- I am literally struggling to maintain a healthy PH/moisture levels for my scalp and fear that I am failing miserably, my scalp is constantly irritated at me and itches like crazy, especially at the top & center and along the front hairline-how can I fix this?

    2- I have heard that moisturizing my scalp with oil moisturizers can clog my pores and prevent proper ventilation/hair growth, which seems true but what other alternative is there to keep my scalp happy, healthy and moistened?

    3- I am also trying to allow my hair to grow and also tried Ovation Cell Therapy. It gave my hair body and moveability but that was about it. Any suggestions for a product that would aid in healthy hair growth?

    4- My daughter is still quite young, almost 2 yrs old, and I am very concerned about spreading my bad haircare habits/ignorance to her. What products would you suggest I use in her natural African American hair to keep it healthy?

    Thank you so much for any advice you can offer me...:)

  134. KC,

    Thank you so much for this site and specifically this article. I want to use better, healthier and organic products and I have learned so much and now know what to look for.

    After reading this article I realized that the no tears baby shampoo I have been using on my 1 year old daughter has sls. I quickly have found a better alternative.

    I learned I need to read the ingredient list. Since I am not a chemist how will I know if a shampoo or any other skincare product has preservatives or not?


  135. Hi KC,

    Have you ever heard of the Rusk relaxer system? I am considering using it on my african american hair but I haven't heard of it before, any thoughts on this product?


  136. To All,
    These questions you are asking do not fit this topic, if you could please join our group - - its a google group, so you can just Google: Killer Strands Google Group, and it will take you to the page where you sign up . . all these various questions can be answered there...
    thank you,

  137. Hi - and wow - what a great site for information! Thank you for taking the time and care for people like me!
    I am rebuilding my hair after giving birth. I have short, thin, medium blond hair and yep - oily, too. I live in the high desert so it gets really dry here - especially this time of year with snow beginning to fall.
    I would love a product - sulfate free, of course, purple and moisturizing but not oily. Is that too much to ask for? Also, I still color my hair but would love recommendations on what chemicals to use (or if you know of an awesome stylist in Park City, UT). I used to take breaks coloring during the summer but find after childbirth it is darker than it used to be.
    I know it's a lot to ask for, but any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  138. This is a good post overall. I've noticed that I have begun to lose hair, and everyone used to tell me I had really thick hair all the time. But now it's definitely thinning and there is some loss in the middle of my head and at the peaks. So I've decided to stop using shampoo that has sulfates in it. The only problem is I'm having trouble finding stores that sell sulfate-free/organic shampoo. That is the one thing this post lacks. Does anyone know of common stores that sell organic shampoo? Or is online the only way to to?

  139. I was in my local Bed, Bath & Beyond and they now have a cosmetics department including some organic and SLS free shampoos.

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  144. Thank you so much for your list of approved products. My aunt just got the Brazillian Keratin Treatment and your blog was very helpful in finding Sodium Chloride and SLS-free shampoos. I also learned about using SLS free shampoos. My follicules thank you.

  145. This post is really helpful, thank you so much.

    Great post, great products!

  146. Hello,
    Iv'e been trying to look into different hair care methods because I have noticed my hair becomeing gradually thinner for the last couple years. I have cut back on heating tools lately, and started useing better heat protection when I do use them. I am 19, and I have fine hair as well. I am also pregnant at the moment and know that the thinning will only get worse after I have my child.

    This article made a lot of sense to me, but I am wondering if it's too good to be true.. Of course, the only way to find out is to try.

    So, I am asking your oppinion on the best brand for adding volume as well as being harsh sulfate free. Also, if I could buy it in a drugstore type place it would be a lot more convenient.

    The only other question I had is that i've heard that organic virgin coconut oil is a good deep conditioner. Would you recomend that as well?

    Thanks for the help

  147. Hey Kc!

    I think you're bang on about a lot of the points you've made. I think there was something like a few people went overboard, put people in to fear, and they ended up following the herd mentality.

    Anyway, Glad to see this debate is still going strong after a couple years!


  148. Hello,
    My Hair Stylist just started using Keratin treatments to help straighten hair and I had one process last month. I was excited about it but noticed my hair did not seem much straighter! She also said it will help my color last longer and I purchased sulfate free shampoo (Enjoy) and conditioner. I just read that you said the keratin is not good for hair? not sure I understood why? also does it help with color or is it the sulfate free shampoo that helps? hope this makes sense!

  149. i tried organix shampoo/conditioner after reading your blog and i must say, it's been working pretty well for me. my hair is super soft and my seborrheic dermatitis is not as bad. i haven't been religious in putting medication on my scalp and yet it's still under control. less intense itching, less flakes = happy me!

    thanks so much for all the info you give us!


  150. It was extremely interesting for me to read that blog. Thanks for it. I like such topics and anything connected to them.

  151. Hi,

    Have you heard anything about TIGI's line of sulfate free shampoo called "S"? If so what do you think of it.


  152. Hi there, I work for a hair loss clinic, and we use various types of SLS and DEA free shampoos. We also have a few that are herbal based or ones that have a very low PH so they can be used every day but will still lather. I use these products myself and find they are way better than any other off the shelf product I have ever used. Amen to your research, because we have found the same thing, SLS is terrible!

  153. Hi KC! thanks for all the info. It has really prompted me to make some decisions and changes.

    I found another great website, too, that I'd like your thoughts on. It's called Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database. You can type in your product and the site returns a Hazard Score. Some of the products you recommend do not fare as well as others on the Hazard Score. I've chosen Aubrey shampoo and conditioner to start.

    Thanks again for all the discussion and recommendations!

  154. I just wanted to pop in and tell you that the link for the LHC needs to be updated to say archive instead of forums. Just in case someone pops in and clicks it. The current link takes you to a thread about shedding. Otherwise GREAT post.

  155. I use Sfree sulfate free shampoo and love it, thank you so much for turning me on to sulfafe free shampoos!

  156. KC,

    I started using SLS-free products years ago (at age 18; I'm now 24) as a result of tons of hair loss. The shedding has slowed, but there is no new growth. Every-so-often, I have to switch brands because my scalp will start to itch uncontrollably. I used Pureology until it turned my naturally blonde hair dark and dull. I have a love/hate relationship with the John Masters products because they turn my hair into a severely matted and tangled mess. Here's my question: have you ever heard of that problem with the John Masters products? I did use Kenra years ago...maybe I need to switch back (whatever I use must have some serious hydrating power).

    Side notes: I am a health nut- I have a very healthy diet, and I drink tons of water.

    Thank you for a wonderful blog!!

  157. I have used two sls free shampoos. WEN, and Thermafuse and I hated them both! They didn't clean my hair. I have always had dry hair and could probably go a week without washing it and it would'nt get oily or smell but after using the sls free my hair became oily and smelled unwashed yuck! What is a girl to do?

  158. Hello! I bought Pureology and have been using it for a month now. I recently switched to Rejuvenol. With both brands, I've noticed my hair is greasier than it used to be. I'm also showering with different water (relocated from US to London), so who knows. My question is - do you know the brand BC? They have a sulfate-free shampoo that I can get in London. Also looking for other options easy to find in the London!

  159. I'm currently on blood pressure medication. Is it safe to take your Secret Supplement alongside my blood pressure medication?

  160. So glad I found your AWESOME site ! I tried the Kenra Platinum shampoo and already see a difference after two uses. I have two questions: First, are there any ingredients to stay away from in conditioners? Second, what would you recommend for a daily use conditioner as well as a treatment/leave in then rinse type conditioner? I have straight fine long color-treated hair. Thank you for your time.

  161. what do you think of Aveda's Scalp Benefits? this is my favorite SLS-free shampoo that I've tried so far.

    By the way, it was thanks to this post that i've started using SLS-free products and it's really helped my scalp. i reviewed some products on my blog and linked to this post because i really think your info has been so helpful.

    thanks for all your hard work!


  162. Hey Killer Chemist, so recently i noticed my hair had all of the sudden started to fall out a lot more than usual. Reading this article reminded me that i had just switched shampoo's recently. But, the shampoo i switched to was Pureology, and i looked in the ingredients and it does contain SLS! Is there only a certain line of pureology that doesn't contain this?
    Thanks so much,

  163. Hello There killer Chemist I noticed you didn't respond to many of the recently posted comments, are you no longer blogging here? I read in the content above that the gentleman who sold his product to L'Oreal and that you do not trust them. Well I have scalp condition much like psoriasis and it seems that it's most likely the shampoos containing sulfates aggravate it tremendously. I am a single mother due to some pretty tragic circumstances. So I really cannot afford to try these high end shampoos that you have listed. But doing some research I found tat :'Oreal now makes a sulfate free line Called EverStrong. This could quite posssibly be in my price range. Have you tried this or know of anyone who has to get soe feed back on it?... Also I saw in a comment that you posted about Bio-Silk being a product of CHI... I used to swear by Bio silk.. LOVED it.. I had purchased the large bottle which lasted mevyears. I could swear that t was manufactured by Farouk??? Is that Chi's manufacturer as well?.. but anyhow when it was time to purchase a new bottle of Bio Silk the packagng changed and looks totally different... and it seems as tho they have changed something i the ingredients also because it takes much more than it used to and I don't get the amazing results I used to get either and am quite disappointed w/ it now. Do you now if they have in fact made changes to it's formula? An could you recommend something like this product. The only thing I have found that comes close to the results was a smoothing creme I found at Sally Beauty I believe it was the Ions line. Thanks for posting this wonderful blog and look forward to hearing back!
    ~Take Care,

  164. WOW! This is fantastic! I managed to stumble across it, while i was looking for some info on TIGI BED HEAD FOXY CURLS SHAMPOO and TIGI CATWALK YOU HIGNESS SHAMPOO - both claim to be sulfate free...would you say these were okay? have you tested them?

    Thanx, and great job on the site! :-)

  165. HEYA!!!

    Let me just say-this site is fantastic!
    I stumbled on it after looking for some info on TIGIs bedhead foxy curls and catwalk your higness elevating shampoo-both are said to be sulfate free.
    What do you think?


  166. First off thank you so much for all the information you've posted. I just recently had my hair colored by a stylist who is very well trained and I trust 100%. She gave me her stylist samples of AG cosmetics shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair and told me what made it a good product was that it was sulfate free. I just recently ran out of both the shampoo and conditioner. Within 2 days I noticed a difference in my hair from using cheap brands like herbal essence. I went to Ulta immediately to find something but didn't find any sulfate free shampoo that I could afford. I looked up the brands u listed because at this point, after reading your article, i don't care how much I spend! However, I have long thin hair that I have to wash everyday or else it gets very oily. I've noticed these products are in very small bottles! 8-10oz just isn't enough for my long hair that I have to wash daily. Any suggestions? and what about conditioner? is a cheap conditioner ok as long as you're using sulfate free shampoo? thank you so much!

  167. This BLOG is not all that I do, I also have a group ( with 1700 members!) that you all should join if you want answers to your questions...that is where I spend any free time I have,answering questions. I also have a full online store with all the sulfate-free shampoos I believe in, so hop over there to see the brands I approve of and if you are using Killer Strands info it is really helpful if you purchase from us.
    A great sulfate-free shampoo for a great price is the SOMA brand. The price is $16.50
    I have found if you price shampoo's by the ounce, then you are truly getting the authentic . Some companies try to trick you by the size of the bottle

  168. Hi there. Very interesting and useful blog you have here! I just wanted to point out, though, that NOT all of SOMA's shampoos are sulfate-free, so people shoul look very closely at each SOMA product's ingredient list before purchasing.
    Thanks very much for all the useful info!

  169. Hello Killer Chemist, I got the keratin treatment done and my stylist gave me a shampoo to use but it dries out my hair and tangles it and I'm afraid it will reuin/strip out the keratin. What shampoo and conditioner do you recommend (that would have the balanced or low PH as you said) given that I like to wash my hair and let it dry (wavy look).

  170. Hi, I am happy to stumbled upon this site. I would appreciate a recommendation for a good SLS free gentle shampoo for Asian hair. I sweat every day so I have to shampoo. My scalp is very sensitive. I have shoulder length naturally wavy hair that is cut in layers. I don't use any styling products, it is basically wash, dry, sleep and go for me. I am currently using PhytoProgenium Intelligent Shampoo, my scalp loves it but my hair tends to get dry with it. For conditioner, I alternate between Phytobaume, B&B Super Rich and Phitenbella. I have tried some shampoo from Whole Foods and Aveda, but they don't seem to work well for Asian hair. I wonder if you have any pointers. Thanks.

  171. You Rock! I have been trying to tell my friends how important it is to pay attention to their shampoos and soaps. They look at me like I am an alien.... thank you for such great confirmation!


    Bounce House

  172. AWESOME!! That's what this blog is. I cannot even explain how wonderful it is to find a site like this. My sisters and I all have long waist-length hair and recently my 21 year old sisters hair has been breaking off and thinning. She is very health conscious and couldn't figure out why this was happening! Now I have valuable info to give her on the probable cause! (she uses biolage) Also at 27 years old maybe I can finally stop this thinning that has been haunting me since my early 20's!! I go shopping FIRST thing tomorrow with a long list of options!!
    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! (did I say thank you?) THANK YOU!!! ^_^


  173. Wow, thank you so much I'm never going to use sulfate containing shampoo again!

  174. Hi!
    Someone submitted a post regarding sulfate-free cleansing for frequent swimmers and you recommended the Malibu Swimmers line. I checked out the Malibu Web site for more information and yes, it does say that it is sulfate-free. Then I looked at the ingredients list, typed CTRL+F to do a quick search for "ate" and many of the ingredients were highlighted. I read that anything ending in "ate" is a sulfate... a huge NO-NO. Is this true? My hair is naturally curly and I do swim and scuba dive frequently and I have been searching for a clarifying/detox/mineral removing hair care line. For daily use, I love the Abba Pure Curl collection.

  175. This was VERY helpful! thank you so much! i want to post this on my facebook but i don't see a link. i will anyways the regular way :D

  176. Hi KC,
    What you're doing is fantastic for all of us! what do you think of aubrey organics'shampoos. Iam mixed races and trying to find what is better for me.
    Thank you,

  177. Hey! My name is Luke and I am a young man with long locks! I have been using tea tree by Paul Mitchell for 2 years now, and am ready to get some organic shampoo. Two years ago I wanted to get organic shampoo and went to the local hair salon and they said this is the best on the market, unfortunately i believed them and never looked at ingredients until the last few months and goggled them, I was devastated by the harsh chemicals in my shampoo, so the last month have been searching. I found a website called bumble and bumble and called the site, the people would not tell me if it had sulfates in it and kept giving me the corporate number, so I called it must be based in Asia, because they hardly speak English and told me a chemist would email me back in 2-4 weeks with the questions I asked...... still no response!
    So do you know of any good organic shampoos and conditioners and some sort of styling product because my hair does get frizzy. I'm a 20 year old guy who has been growing my hair out for about a a year and a half!

  178. Hey its Luke again, Do you know a good organic shampoo that will bring out my natural curls?

  179. hi KC,
    This question may be a bit off topic but wondered if you can help. I've been having highlights for 15 years, always careful to only get the roots redone. In the last few years, my hair wont grow past my bra strap and has actually got shorter through breakage and it wont grow and it always dull and 'spiky' About a year ago my hairdresser said she would use a gentler bleach on it that was 20% vol but it has to stay on longer and she said this is gentler than higher vol for a shorter this right? thanks.

  180. Hi Killer Chemist!

    Firstly, I want to thank you for educating me about proper hair care for healthy hair. I'm newly natural since Oct 2010 and I've done a big chop to free myself of the creamy crack(relaxer). At first, all this talk about sulfates-free shampoos and what not was all gibberish/crazy talk to me. I know that you've already answered about this in an early post but I really thought that African American hair had to use specific shampoos geared toward our type of hair...I no longer think that way. I live in Montreal(Quebec), Canada and I stumbled upon this Shampoo while shopping in the "Natural Food" aisle in my local grocery store: Desert Essence organics - Hair Care/Soins Capillaires Italian Red Grape Shampoo - Protection for color treated hair.

    Well, I don't have color treated hair but was wondering if the product was organic/natural enough. Please rate and comment this shampoo since you’re a chemist. Here is a list of the complete ingredients.

    Priced At: 8 fl.oz.(237ml)►►►►10,29$ CAN...
    which goes for 8.99$ US
    .....Am I being ripped off?!

    Water/Aqua, Urtica Dioica(Nettle) Leaf Extract*,
    Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Fruit Extract*,
    Macrocystis Pyrifera Extract (Sea Kelp)*,
    Sodium Coco-Sulfate (Coconut Derived),
    Decyl Glucoside (From Coconut and Corn), Glycerin, Propanediol (From Corn),
    Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*,
    Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil*, Citric Acid, Benzyl Alcohol (Plant Derived),
    Potassium Sorbate (Fruit Derived),
    Stearyl Citrate (Vegetable Derived),
    Lauryl Glucoside (Plant Derived),
    Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Dehydroacetic Acid,
    Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate,
    Natural Fragrance (Parfum)
    *Certified Organic

    100% Vegan/Wheat & Gluten Free

    No: Parabens, Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates, Phthalates, Artificial Frangrances or Colors, Silicones, EDTA, Glycol, or Petroleum Based Ingredients.

  181. Personally I would not use that shampoo. $8.99 for a shampoo in my opinion is a red flag that the shampoo is not being made properly. A good shampoo usually is at least $10.00 for a normal retail size ( 8-11 oz.). That is a pretty general comment, but after reviewing shampoos everyday for 17 years....its just 1 common factor I have noticed. It disturbs me that people will spend ungodly sums of money on make-up,face creams, anything in the "make-up category....then when they get to their hair they want to scrimp on their shampoo. Isn't your hair MORE important to you? ? I know from my well over 10,000 HEADS of hair I have worked on....... that, all of you cherish your hair.... The shampoo you use should be the very best you can afford............Head to our store, when you purchase from our store and become a Killerstrander customer (which requires membership in the Group)....when you spend over $50. you can request 2 samples of Killerstrands products. There are wonderful advantages to being our customer. We have grown and become so popular, that now....questions are answered of Killerstranders only, There no longer is time to answer everyone that inquires questions. Please remember this and make your purchase with us, I have gone to a lot of trouble to write over 500 POSTS on my particular spin on HAIR CARE, that I refer to as: 10,000 HEADS (14 Steps to Killer Hair).
    You will receive a 4 digit invoice number at which point you may ask Your questions in the group.......... on this Blog....... or even through the store when purchasing. Thanks for your support and I would not use that shampoo and make a purchase through our store of any of our KC APPROVED Shampoos. Thanks, KC

  182. Hi KC!
    Your posts are great and really apprteciated. My question is "what products would you recommend for an oily sour like smelly scalp?" I know there are other websites and forums regarding this subject, but not with someone who has the expertise as you. Can you recommend a product or routine that will eliminate this awful condition? Thanks!

  183. Hi KC,
    Thank you so much for sharing your expertise. Your website is truly great!! I wanted to ask if you have ever heard of Dr Hauschka Skin Care products? They claim to not use any synthetic preservatives of any kind including parabens and SLS. Sounds too good to be true.

    What do you think?

  184. Hi KC,
    Thank you for all the information you've provided on sulfate free shampoos. I am just starting to try this out, as I was previously doing the "No Poo" method, which left me with completely limp and greasy hair. I was wondering if you have used the Redken Nature's Rescue (sulfate-free, paraben-free, and silicone-free) Shampoo? Would you recommend it?

  185. first, i just want to say "WOW". i absolutely LOVE this blog. i ran across it googling "sulfur-free shampoos" and i am just jaw dropped by what youre doing here. i love it!!

    anywho...on to what i really want...
    i posted this question on another site but have yet to get any responses. this is something that has bothered me for some time now as i started going natural in 2001 and have been natural ever black and i seem to have "good" hair...according to the masses...but i hate to wear it naturally (straightened) because of my curl patternS! the hair in the front of my head is tight towards the roots but turns into a looser curl pattern down the shafts. HOWEVER the hair down the middle and on top is sooo tightly curled...its sooo nappy its like the soft cotton stuff thats inside of some stuffed animals. is there ANY WAY to get the hair that's a tighter curl pattern to loosen up a tad without chemically straightening it?!

    i can post some pics if that would help :/

  186. Hi Killer Chemist,

    wt an informative blog !!..I am here to seek your valuable suggestion. I have dry hair, itchy and flaky scalp gets oily after two days of wash..have even lost the lustre :(..Also, I would like to inform I am suffering from severe acne problem too..and dandruff could be one reason for that..Can u please suggest me a true SLS free, organic shampoo to get of rid of my dry & dandruff hair and get smooth, silky problem free hair

  187. Great post - really clears up the issues around SLS. We've been getting some SLS question on our website, but have not had as definitive and good answers as yours. Do stop by and let people know about your website!

  188. Ever think about dog shampoo? I know it sounds CRAZY, but think about it...if the animal doctors go to school like human doctors (one). The canine products are milder, softer and more delicate (two)...and three, the dog shampoos don't contain these harsh chemicals. Why can't dog shampoo work for us? After all, hair is just hair. Please advise.

  189. Thanks for sharing our views in hair.I have beeen fighting my hair loss since 6 long years after a long research ang finally a struggle.I have managed to get a herbal and natural based products giving me a positive results in after 6weeks.

  190. Fantastic goods from you, man. I have understand your stuff previous to and you are just too excellent. I really like what you have acquired here, really like what you’re saying and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still care for to keep it wise. I cant wait to read much more from you. This is really a great site.

  191. This really help , for those people looking for very good hair treatment . And the factor about the hair loss when you're pregnant .

    hair loss after pregnancy

  192. Always be careful when purchasing organic care products, though. Unless the product has a government seal for being certified organic, or has a stamp that says it's 100 percent organic, it probably contains chemicals. Many natural and organic products have a majority of healthy ingredients, with some very nasty chemical ingredients mixed in

  193. I haven't read all of the comments, so I apologize if this is a repeat. I recently got the keratin treatment on my hair, and was told to buy sulfate-free shampoo. Now I noticed that they also sell sulfate-free conditioner. I looked at the back of my conditioner at home and it does not have sulfates in the ingredients. Are there sulfates in conditioner? Or is sulfate-free conditioner just to trick people into buying their product?


  194. Hi killer chemist,

    Thanks for the informative post. I just bought shampoo/conditioner duo of Herbal Essences today, but I am going back to return them tomorrow. I wanted to know what you recommend the most from the drugstore. I have my eyes on Yes to Carrots, Burt's Bees, and Loreal EverPure Sulfate Free products!

  195. wow, must you purchase it from the drug store? I would never feel good about recommending shampoos from the drug store. Because I know "for a fact" that some of the premium brands that have ended up there, are in fact, "Knock-offs" - a relative of mine has a wheel making plant in Tijuana, right across the street, they make knock-off Paul Mitchel and another line products. Looks the same, but the ingredients are not even close. Be careful.
    I'm guessing maybe the "Carrots one - be sure to check ingredient list, if I was forced to choose
    thanx for your post,

  196. I would love any suggestions on how to make hair grow faster. Is biotin or increased intake of protein the answer? From all I've heard, 1/4 inch a month is average.



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