June 28, 2013

How to Make a WaterFall Braid


June 26, 2013

Men Who Wear Long Hair

I completely hi jacked this article/photos from another website (schwarzkopf) because I couldn't do any better and it seems my favorite hair for men is the style finally again.......so mainly I just wanted these mens photos on my site !! HA HA

And the 1st winner is:
the most gorgeous man alive : Chris Hemsworth ( you watch 2 - 3 years he will be worlds sexiest man)

Every now and then, men like to change their hairstyle. There are plenty of haircuts to try. After trying all haircuts from conservative to super-short, long hair promises the desired change. Are there any prerequisites for males wearing long hair? What kind of effect does wearing long hair have, do women like it and what are the best styles? We show you prominent long-haired men and help you decide whether long hair is for you

  • Long-haired men stand out in any crowd. Men have their own reasons to let their hair grow long. One very pragmatic reason is to avoid the barber shop. Short hair needs trimming and therefore frequent visits to the hair salon. However, long-haired men are quite likely also ready to stand out and have their own style. Long-haired men will be noticed. There is no doubt about it.

  • Attributes and Qualities Long-Haired Men Must Have

    Men who change to a long hairstyle need sufficiently full hair and patience – plus personal qualities. Particularly difficult is the transitional phase, in which the hair is not quite long enough for sweeping it behind the ears. In this phase, the hairstyle looks and feels awkward. Only an iron will and baseball caps can help.
    It takes courage for a man to let his hair grow. Long-haired men attract admiration as well as stares from men as well as from women. Wearing a long mane therefore takes quite a bit of confidence. As we pointed out above, not every man has what it takes to pull off wearing long hair.

  • Long-Haired Men and Cultural Expectations

    Long-haired men stand out and for this reason alone many people in their environment have their own notions about long haired men. Dependent on the beholder, long-haired men are associated with rebels (unruly and unwilling to submit to societal norms), artists (unconventional and being different is his second nature), intellectuals (he is quite disorganised and does not bother with mundane attributes like hair), show-offs (getting attention is everything), free spirits (he has too much fun to bother with grooming) or pretty boys (with gentle or affected manners). Whatever the association, long-haired men are mysterious and often appear vivacious. Some men look younger wearing their hair long.

  • Are Women Attracted to Long-Haired Men?

    The reactions are mixed. It is not hard to understand the sensuous experience of touching the silky long hair of a man. While men always loved long-haired women it is not easy for many women to accept a male partner with long hair. The idea that he may have longer hair than she does is still alien in our culture.

    Hairstyles for Long-Haired Men

    For a casual look the long hair of men should never look freshly blow-dried. Men should therefore allow their long hair to air-dry. This keeps the hair healthier anyway. Use your fingers to comb the hair. Individual strands of hair may be accentuated using wax.
    Comb and gel should be reserved for parties and festive events. This allows you to part your hair in a straight line, comb your hair close to the scalp and sweep it behind the ears. Don’t worry if this slick style is not your cup of tea. The cool tousled look also goes well with your suit.
    Men with feminine facial features may like to grow a beard to match the long hair. Whether you decide to wear a three-day designer beard or a long beard, the facial hair is going to give you the desired masculine look. Wearing a beard for a more masculine appearance is almost required if you gather your hair to a ponytail in the neck.
    Long hair may interfere with athletic activities. Simply use a thin headband to hold the hair back or gather your hair in a neck ponytail using a scrunchy.
    Whatever hairstyle you prefer, hair needs proper care. Casual is not to be mistaken for a raggle-taggle appearance. Simply wash your hair twice a week using lukewarm water. Use a hair treatment once week. If necessary enhance the sheen of your hair by using extra-gloss products.

    and the winner ( because he is almost 50 and still looks like this is:)

June 23, 2013

How to Test the Porosity of Your Hair & Why Its Important

Porosity is the hairs ability to absorb liquid, and once hair has been exposed to alkalinity, it absorbs liquid more easily...the more damaged the hair the quicker it absorbs liquid.

If hair is damaged that throws the porosity off and many times will make for an uneven base (which makes for uneven color....so BEFORE you color a good idea is to do a 30-60 minute treatment of 1 of 2 things the Malibu2000 packet or INTENSIVE.

My normal "quick'' test for calculating porosity is  this: {Being as you have done all those wonderful things with color...you should know the answer to this question}  

If it  takes color easily or quickly....your hair is porous. Porous hair does better using Demi-Perm Hair Color

There is also the old "HAIR IN A GLASS TEST"
Pull one hair out of your head in the area u are concerned about. I mean pulling 1 out from underneath where it never gets exposed to any heat or damage won't tell u much. Pull one out from the top of the head, then fill a glass of water and set the hair on the water.....the porous part of the hair will sink below,while the normal resistant part will float on zee top of zee water !

Porosity of your hair is a factor that needs to be put into your formula when you are creating it. For example if you have poor porosity and you are trying to decide between 2 different Volume of developers you would always want to use the lower of the 2 for that instance.  

Choosing Demi - Permanent hair color as opposed to permanent on poorly porous hair is so the direct pigments can provide shine by coloring the rough cuticle; they are also more gentle for the fragile hair structure.


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Check out this Comment someone wrote today, its funny although I don't know what a PSA is, and the reference to the wig???

I had the yellow orange problem after doing a total hair lightening. I'm naturally dark blonde at 33 years. I have hair that is fine but abundant. You saved my hair! I looked like the epitome of trailer trash Barbie, the toning techniques you provided gave me the the bomb-est platnium. Literally as soon as I did my hair, I went to the supermarket and some man SLAMMED on his brakes to stare at me walking into the store. I am loving this blog, you said it KC- the stylist just wants you in the chair then it's a crap shoot. I have to walk around and live with my wig tho- that's the difference. You are like the biggest PSA around. Make your accountant get you tax exempt status or something. You saved my hair and I will be forever grateful- always! on    How to Bleach Hair At Home - Correctly

Killer Chemist
June 19, 2013

Go Blonder -- Not Dumber !

Lots of things make us feel like the summer has arrived.... longer days, no school, working while your friends are screwing around ! ...Warm Scents,. Va-ca...'s, and then the 1 thing that fits right into our sweet little Group, Blog and Store............ 

blonds...Blonder...BLONDest. . . . BLONDER - BLOND POWER . . ! ! ! ! !  

 So we will concentrate on Blonds for a little bit this month and I am so excited about them because they have finally come up with Blonde's that I have always wanted. #1... A brand new Bleach System by Schwarzkopf called Gel-Bleach System, which lifts 5+ Level in a Gel Form and then also the  9 + level Lift Powder Lightener is the new Rocket Bleach ( my name) and the lightening material is CLEAR in the Gel.... that way you can see how light the hair is as it turns, so that you do not leave it on too long, which can be a treacherous problem or Vice-Verse leaving it on too short which is the same problem (can u say Blorange) !

.....Don't you just Love Euro HAIR magazine??

I'm going to begin bringing in bits and pieces of Schwarzkopf's new line because the entire line has been re-formulated it is all non-ammonia but claims to not have lost a bit of its lifting capabilities (which have been the problems in the past ) so, to have gotten rid of that ....as a matter of fact they claim to have the best lifting abilities  . Which probably is accurate because Italy/Canada are producing the best in the world or the lightest nad highest I should say.

Recently I have been in a mission of testing and re-testing blonde's, using Strand Tests....once I get started I like to keep going until I test everything I hear is good. I'm very excited as all of you should be.....for the best highlift Blonde's I have seen in many MANY years. 

I was very impressed with  this OSMO line of hair color ...I had no intention of bringing in their color this is one of the biggest new "wow" lines in England and Canada.....both of those venues are  years ahead of us in knowledge of the hair industry...I don't know why but they just are....and always have been !

So I hope you are open enough to try these new brands. I know it may seem like I bring in and out a lot of products but monthly I am pitched so many lines of products ( not professional hair color ) ....so its a battle trying to decide the lines and brands I love 

We are giving out (BIG) 2 - ounce samples of the NEW ---> UNA Sesame - Oil Deep Conditioner u kno that Italian Line I brought in....A couple of Group members suggested UNA to me, well its here....and I love it !

 I had never hear of them before but this is what I found......... 
I slept with it in my bra-strap length hair Overnight  (2nd week of Chemo) and  my hair was so soft fluffy ...... my cousin asked if I had extensions in my hair looked so good  last night and I'm tellin' you it runs a close 2nd to my Beloved Thrive.n.. Request a sample....Free Samples going out this week, with orders.
I'm super anxious to try both the LINSEED OIL Conditioner and the COCONUT OIL, the story behind Una is a wonderful one. Its a family owned business who has been making healthy hair products since the 1950's !!!....you can't even find any other distributors........I love it ! and so will you.... 

Do you realize that you get 1 Sesame Oil Conditioner for $20 less than ( which is equal to 4 THRIVE'N's !! ) ...........which is :$34.20 !!

(now for the conditioners ....any of them.....you must get this comb !)

Now you also must consider this dynamite comb, which is very versatile. First of all you can always cut a birthday cake if your knives are all dirty because that is what it really is.............But, someone along the way figured out what a handy little tool this is for curly hair.....both a daily comb AND a Deep Conditioner Applicator.......and boy does it work good for both of those things.......I think - maybe I should have a small curly hair section....When I started out I asked the curly hair girls if they wanted to partner up and they turned me down because they had never heard of me.,......Well,  a year after that they came to me asking if I wanted to do it and I was over it by then......I don't know do we have any curlies here or not....please speak up if there are.....
I sell a decent amount of these combs so I am assuming we do have quite a few
 here they are... the "conditioner Comb OR the CURLY Hair Comb



The Blondes Are All Here ....Join Our Group if you are interested in learning, which takes reading and pl

June 18, 2013

Difference Between Demi Permanent & Permanent Hair Color

I feel everyone gets confused with the difference between Demi-Permanent Hair Color & Permanent color....in today's marketplace.

I could tell you technically what:
BUT, the hair color manufacturers don't go by what is technically correct.
We kind of throw 'Temporary Hair Color' out, because that is just spray in hair color that comes out completely with shampoo, no one really uses that, except on movie sets.

They have done Test studies on the public's perception of what they think....." Demi-Permanent hair color" is. . .  opposed to Permanent Hair color.  Something like 85% of you would prefer to color your hair with Demi-Permanent hair color OVER Permanent Hair Color.

I want to show you something to teach you what marketing by these companies do to your shopping habits.

Semi - Permanent Hair color is the only one that does NOT use developer
Therefore Semi-Permanent Hair Color is the one and only type of hair color that does NOT leave a line of demarcation
If you don't use developer, you do not create a line of demarcation  . . . which is that line where the virgin hair color and the NEW hair color 'meet'. Got that? That's important to understand to keep going.

Once you begin mixing developer with the Hair Color, it alters the virgin hair & that line of demarcation --even if you only use 3Volume. even if its only 1 Volume ! If you don't use developer, which is that little bottle of white liquid, there will be no permanent line of demarcation.

What developer does (even 3 Volume) when applied to the hair is open the cuticle in order for the new color molecules to go in and change the present ones to the new color - then during the processing it then makes the cuticle close and lock the new color in the hair...so that is what makes the action of the hair color change and stay vibrant. Using ZERO developer only colors the outside of the strands, the color never gets inside, therefore never releasing any of your natural tint.....and therefore not creating any line of demarcation.

So many of you say to me you want to begin with Demi-Permanent Hair Color......and then you will move up to permanent. The way things have gotten all out-of-whack is - -  as long as you are mixing developer with hair color of ANY Volume, that.... makes..... it...... "permanent hair color" because it makes that line of demarcation. Even though these companies print "demi-permanent" on the box, it simply is not true. 

I think many of you believe that  Demi- Permanent Hair color (once you apply it) will temporarily change your hair color to that swatch of hair Color that you chose and then after a few weeks your hair will go back to your own virgin hair color. 
That is not at ALL, what will happen, I'm sorry to say.
Once hair color that has been mixed with developer has been applied to your virgin or non-virgin hair it will be altered FOREVER !
 I just want you all to learn the correct and honest way that both professional and non-professional Hair Color works. I think you are owed that, so at least I hope my explanation makes sense. If not please ask questions and I will answer.

Here are our Developers

 Killer  Chemist
June 13, 2013

Hot-As-Hell Hair - Summer 2013

Hair Cuts I Am Loving  . . . 


                                          the Bob with 

        a  blunt fringe (bangs)

                                          for summer. . .

           same in Red:                 

in color its pastels... pastels... pastels...

Be sure to check out the new pastels that actually work with developer ! !  So they will last longer, By Schwarzkopf 

and always... ALWAYS follow any color service with INTENSIVE

have fun

June 6, 2013

Bitches And Their Buns ! !

If you have hair longer than your chin, you most likely 

wear your hair in a bun on many occasions. Chicks Love their Buns and that's all there is to it ! 

Most men hate them, hair stylists hate you to wear them ( they want you to show off their work!). But we all wear them anyway, its just such a quick, clean and clever way to get your long hair out of your way for the day  --- the fastest. I was one of those Hair Stylists who used to rake my clients over the coals for not wearing their hair down..... so to me....... it is really funny that I am now very behind this trend. It just happens to give my hair the perfect wavy loose curl and gorgeous volume I have never been able to get doing anything at all. So, personally I am in love with the whole affair {and even better? Put Gleam on just the ends and the result is MAG-NI-FIQUE.. Truly}

There are a million and 1 ways to do it but I believe the one my daughter taught me is the most effective if you are looking for a great bedhead volume look when you let it down. Her method is the trick in how to do it in such a way that if you put it up completely wet and let it dry that way, you really do get a beautiful - thick wavy - bed-head look when you let it down.


Now this next part I promise I thought of about a year ago but as with a lot of my ideas I just run out of time. There is so much that I alone have to do... so it becomes overwhelming at times...........
But, check it out  - they are called "BUN WRAPS"  at least some one has done it, and I bought a couple for myself and will tell you what to do to make one yourself.  The big store that my daughters & I buy a lot of clothes at - - came out with the first one and I sent for 2 as well there are "BUN WRAPS"s.....sounds like something from TACO BELL? well it isn't .Check it out on this model:

here is the one I ordered to see if they did anything tricky to them and they didn't its just a straight strand that has a hook and eye on each end............! !

 I happened to purchase this one up above you can get them at Free People.com.....reasonably + priced it was $14.00.

Then 3 weeks after I got that one and bought some supplies to make them myself look at the CLAIIRE'S web age: ha ha!!

I mean these are pretty cheesy but cheap.....the point is there is now a whole new category in hair accessories..which you can easily make yourself from some supplies from Michael's or JoAnn's ( those are cross country aren't they?)

and then to top my bun experience off my little niece who is a newly appointeed Hair Stylist came in with one of the coolest buns I have ever seen and she told me It was made out of an old sock.....here is a video that shows exactly what she showed me.....only not in this girls annoying voice....!!! So try a sock bun to.....have it look like this :

another idea for a bun wrap. ....just purchase some of that suede rope and braid it together .... add a piece of lace.....there is really nothing to it and it makes your bun look snazzy & cool  ! !

So enjoy and watch for a sale Saturday am getting rid of 2 lines so until we inventory it, it can't be on sale so check over  the entire L & M Line will be  1/2 PRICE .... so just head for the store Saturday morning.


Killer Chemist 

My love and prayers to Paris Jackson, as I watch my own girls go thru the loss of their father, nothing could be worse, my prayers are with you dear girl. ...as they are with my girls everyday....