June 19, 2013

Go Blonder -- Not Dumber !

Lots of things make us feel like the summer has arrived.... longer days, no school, working while your friends are screwing around ! ...Warm Scents,. Va-ca...'s, and then the 1 thing that fits right into our sweet little Group, Blog and Store............ 

blonds...Blonder...BLONDest. . . . BLONDER - BLOND POWER . . ! ! ! ! !  

 So we will concentrate on Blonds for a little bit this month and I am so excited about them because they have finally come up with Blonde's that I have always wanted. #1... A brand new Bleach System by Schwarzkopf called Gel-Bleach System, which lifts 5+ Level in a Gel Form and then also the  9 + level Lift Powder Lightener is the new Rocket Bleach ( my name) and the lightening material is CLEAR in the Gel.... that way you can see how light the hair is as it turns, so that you do not leave it on too long, which can be a treacherous problem or Vice-Verse leaving it on too short which is the same problem (can u say Blorange) !

.....Don't you just Love Euro HAIR magazine??

I'm going to begin bringing in bits and pieces of Schwarzkopf's new line because the entire line has been re-formulated it is all non-ammonia but claims to not have lost a bit of its lifting capabilities (which have been the problems in the past ) so, to have gotten rid of that ....as a matter of fact they claim to have the best lifting abilities  . Which probably is accurate because Italy/Canada are producing the best in the world or the lightest nad highest I should say.

Recently I have been in a mission of testing and re-testing blonde's, using Strand Tests....once I get started I like to keep going until I test everything I hear is good. I'm very excited as all of you should be.....for the best highlift Blonde's I have seen in many MANY years. 

I was very impressed with  this OSMO line of hair color ...I had no intention of bringing in their color this is one of the biggest new "wow" lines in England and Canada.....both of those venues are  years ahead of us in knowledge of the hair industry...I don't know why but they just are....and always have been !

So I hope you are open enough to try these new brands. I know it may seem like I bring in and out a lot of products but monthly I am pitched so many lines of products ( not professional hair color ) ....so its a battle trying to decide the lines and brands I love 

We are giving out (BIG) 2 - ounce samples of the NEW ---> UNA Sesame - Oil Deep Conditioner u kno that Italian Line I brought in....A couple of Group members suggested UNA to me, well its here....and I love it !

 I had never hear of them before but this is what I found......... 
I slept with it in my bra-strap length hair Overnight  (2nd week of Chemo) and  my hair was so soft fluffy ...... my cousin asked if I had extensions in my hair looked so good  last night and I'm tellin' you it runs a close 2nd to my Beloved Thrive.n.. Request a sample....Free Samples going out this week, with orders.
I'm super anxious to try both the LINSEED OIL Conditioner and the COCONUT OIL, the story behind Una is a wonderful one. Its a family owned business who has been making healthy hair products since the 1950's !!!....you can't even find any other distributors........I love it ! and so will you.... 

Do you realize that you get 1 Sesame Oil Conditioner for $20 less than ( which is equal to 4 THRIVE'N's !! ) ...........which is :$34.20 !!

(now for the conditioners ....any of them.....you must get this comb !)

Now you also must consider this dynamite comb, which is very versatile. First of all you can always cut a birthday cake if your knives are all dirty because that is what it really is.............But, someone along the way figured out what a handy little tool this is for curly hair.....both a daily comb AND a Deep Conditioner Applicator.......and boy does it work good for both of those things.......I think - maybe I should have a small curly hair section....When I started out I asked the curly hair girls if they wanted to partner up and they turned me down because they had never heard of me.,......Well,  a year after that they came to me asking if I wanted to do it and I was over it by then......I don't know do we have any curlies here or not....please speak up if there are.....
I sell a decent amount of these combs so I am assuming we do have quite a few
 here they are... the "conditioner Comb OR the CURLY Hair Comb



The Blondes Are All Here ....Join Our Group if you are interested in learning, which takes reading and pl

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