June 18, 2013

Difference Between Demi Permanent & Permanent Hair Color

I feel everyone gets confused with the difference between Demi-Permanent Hair Color & Permanent color....in today's marketplace.

I could tell you technically what:
BUT, the hair color manufacturers don't go by what is technically correct.
We kind of throw 'Temporary Hair Color' out, because that is just spray in hair color that comes out completely with shampoo, no one really uses that, except on movie sets.

They have done Test studies on the public's perception of what they think....." Demi-Permanent hair color" is. . .  opposed to Permanent Hair color.  Something like 85% of you would prefer to color your hair with Demi-Permanent hair color OVER Permanent Hair Color.

I want to show you something to teach you what marketing by these companies do to your shopping habits.

Semi - Permanent Hair color is the only one that does NOT use developer
Therefore Semi-Permanent Hair Color is the one and only type of hair color that does NOT leave a line of demarcation
If you don't use developer, you do not create a line of demarcation  . . . which is that line where the virgin hair color and the NEW hair color 'meet'. Got that? That's important to understand to keep going.

Once you begin mixing developer with the Hair Color, it alters the virgin hair & that line of demarcation --even if you only use 3Volume. even if its only 1 Volume ! If you don't use developer, which is that little bottle of white liquid, there will be no permanent line of demarcation.

What developer does (even 3 Volume) when applied to the hair is open the cuticle in order for the new color molecules to go in and change the present ones to the new color - then during the processing it then makes the cuticle close and lock the new color in the hair...so that is what makes the action of the hair color change and stay vibrant. Using ZERO developer only colors the outside of the strands, the color never gets inside, therefore never releasing any of your natural tint.....and therefore not creating any line of demarcation.

So many of you say to me you want to begin with Demi-Permanent Hair Color......and then you will move up to permanent. The way things have gotten all out-of-whack is - -  as long as you are mixing developer with hair color of ANY Volume, that.... makes..... it...... "permanent hair color" because it makes that line of demarcation. Even though these companies print "demi-permanent" on the box, it simply is not true. 

I think many of you believe that  Demi- Permanent Hair color (once you apply it) will temporarily change your hair color to that swatch of hair Color that you chose and then after a few weeks your hair will go back to your own virgin hair color. 
That is not at ALL, what will happen, I'm sorry to say.
Once hair color that has been mixed with developer has been applied to your virgin or non-virgin hair it will be altered FOREVER !
 I just want you all to learn the correct and honest way that both professional and non-professional Hair Color works. I think you are owed that, so at least I hope my explanation makes sense. If not please ask questions and I will answer.

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7 comments on "Difference Between Demi Permanent & Permanent Hair Color"
  1. Love your candor! Thanks for the great post AND the great blog!

  2. Great Article! Great Perspective! To piggyback, Demi-permanent color is typically not strong enough to lift, but a deposit will still have that line of demarcation that you were talking about. Also, demi-permanent color usually goes on before shampooing while the hair is dry versus semi-permanent color is applied to wet hair after the shampooing. Hopefully, you agree. Thanks for continuing to share your wisdom!

  3. Thank you for that....I forget the most important paragraph..........which I can't even believe !!! The paragraph that was the point of the whole story is this:

    The travesty of the above story is that all Boxed Colors that you purchase(one of the biggest reasons people come looking for my website)- that say DEMI-PERMANENT on the box, are actually PERMANENT....they change your hair color FOREVER ..... don't they???
    I bought 3 of them and keep them near my desk so I never forget to continue to talk about them.
    I just want the big hair color manufacturers not to prey on the "unknowing public". People who don't have the knowledge that I have written about numerous times in this Blog. They all should say PERMANENT on every single BOX of hair color because they all have a little bottle filled with a white/Clear Liquid.

    I would really like to hear what all of you think Demi-Permanent Hair Color Is? I'm going to ask this question in the group... but I really would like just a sentence or 2 from Blog Readers - so please answer ??????

  4. I get it. I recently asked my stylist for a SEMI-permanent color, I asked for something that would wash out. I'm not sure if she gave me permanent or demi-permanent but I have a line. How to do communicate what I want?

  5. I forgot the even weirder part of this story....I'll get it all up here eventually, pardon my brain fart as my kids refer to it, I can only think of one brand that even makes a true - semi-permanent brand of hair color..........CLAIROL...... Good ole Clairol and the Krazy Kolors you see,they don't need developer in order to work. The Clairol you can get at Sally's. If you want to get exactly what you want in a semi- permanent color, go to Sally's (boy I hate that word) they have swatch charts all in one spot look up the Clairol line called the BEAUTIFUL COLLECTION, buy your color and take it to your appt. and ask them to apply the color you have brought in. People do it all the time, they won't like it, but they will do it...then AND only then will you have a true Semi-Permanent Hair Color. Where it will color your hair the color you choose...oh yeah and you CANNOT GO LIGHTER.
    You may only go the same Level or a darker Level and Tone.
    Why? ....

    40Volume Developer..........lifts 3 to 4 Levels
    30 Volume Developer......lightens 2 - 3 Levels
    20 Volume ..................lifts 1 to 2 Levels
    10 Volume................ lightens 1 Level

    Now are We GOOD ? ! ! ! !

  6. This is why I just spent this week trying to bleach out the demi permanent jet black color I put in 2 years ago. The gal at Sally's told me it would be out in 12 shampoos. Yeah right! 2 color remover passes and 3 bleaches so far.

  7. NEver EVER NEVER listen to people at Sallys'. They are paid on commision and YOU know more than they do. NEVER USE BLEACH to remove hair color.EVER!


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