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Hi my name is Dakota, when I began this Blog in 2006 I immediately was crowned " KC '' {Killer Chemist} which I have come to love and everyone calls me. I'm not a chemist 'per se' nor a 'writer' but have studied Cosmetic Chemistry for a couple years after my Cosmetologist + Color education. I trained at the "Harvard of Hair Schools" ...... Vidal Sassoon Academy (my 3rd career). I have colored over 13,000 heads of hair & am a Specialist in 
  • Color Correcttion
  • Blonding
  • Healthy Hair Regimen
  • Hair Product Selection
20 years ago I began my career in a Salon in Malibu, California....which progressed wonderfully until I began having problems with my right leg. My knee joint would bleed endlessly, swelling,throbbing and for many years they just could not figure out what is wrong with it. I had 6 surgeries on things that made no difference at all. Finally, after 4 artoscopic surgeries (on the wrong issue) I was forced to see a specialized orthopedic who had the brains to send a biopsy to a lab....... the tissue biopsied & analyzed. Finally - - - - after 5 years of misdiagnosis & improper surgeries, I received a true diagnosis.

I will never forget the feeling.....it was one of relief and terror at the same time, it was an end to the puzzle. I was diagnosed with a rare Cancer: Synovial Sarcoma. To simplify: it is basically "joint" cancer. Tumors in the synovial lining of any joints in the body. Mine which began in my right knee, is now in the left. Standing and needing one's knees is very important in the art of doing hair.....so 2 years after being diagnosed my career was forced to end..

In 2013, Lady Gaga was diagnosed with it  (if you remember possibly hearing - she cancelled her last tour - she had her first surgery), so the disease in the last 2 years has a whole lot of research and solutions being tested with numerous clinical trials being run as I speak. I am contemplating signing up for one of them in the next few weeks.

Now here I was ........stuck at home.... with a year of doing nothing & hearing nothing but bad news from the world of medicine, which is about at the time the Internet began to grow. Many of you probably don't remember those days. But just 9 years ago - there were NO Blogs, hardly any stores and most large corporations did not believe the Internet would make it.

I don't know about others, but I began to take inventory of my life and what I had done with it. I had raised 2 beautiful... successful daughters but they were grown and gone. In taking inventory of my life and what I had done and what I had not done, I decided it was time to leave some sort of a legacy. Do 'something' I did for nothing.......no reason.....but to just "give back" to people I didn't know, for absolutely no reason at all. That was my one and only goal when this Blog was first started.

I had spent the first 20 years as a professional Stunt Woman, which really does not leave you with much to 'give-back' ! I could write a great biography about that end, but that was not 'giving back'.

So between the 2 jobs the only thing I could think of doing is to "give back" about the world of Professional hair care and teach the women of America how to color and care for their hair in the "professional" manner. Something that was "kept secret from" the everyday hair Salon client. It started to hit me as to "why" that was.... the way it was?? I don't know why it never occurred to me before....but it hadn't. I wasn't a writer and the information was nowhere in any book or video, the education I wanted to teach was exclusive because of my unique training and experience.

As I began writing the Blog, (which you can still read from almost the beginning I got rid of some of the earlier teaching which were horrific..!!) people from all over the USA began writing me personally and asking me if I would help them. Their hair was destroyed, colored awfully, how could they remove their old miserable color, they had no competent Hair Salon in their small town, and on and on. I would help a few and they would send their friends and the whole BLOG began to snowball....never in a million years did I plan on having a store, a group and even be around for a 9 year old Blog !  I thought I would be done in a year and that would be my legacy - period, that I had written a Blog and taught America how to care for hair in a professional manner AND most especially for all the people that lived in the many small towns of America -- I honestly didn't realize -- existed -- prior to beginning this Blog!

Please, for the best experience, start from the beginning and read the entire Blog Cover to Cover as they say! You will come out so much smarter and brilliant on all issues regarding your hair.
 I cannot tell you how many thousands of people have done that and how happy they all are when finished.

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  1. OK read the rules so two pretty simple questions. 1. Do your rules apply to eyebrow hair? 2. Do you deliver to the UK?

  2. Thank you for your efforts ;) I love your blog , I will be praying for your health...

  3. Thank you , I love your blog , I will be praying for your health...

  4. yes, we deliver worldwide. Yes on the eyebrow hair, but be careful of which way you go when changing colors. We have a kit and you can submit information and KC will give u the proper formula. KC

  5. Thank You Sherry, I appreciate and need every prayer out there. God be with you................... KC

  6. Hi KC, do you have a tutorial on best to dye your hair?

  7. I'm sorry but I don't understand what you mean???
    This entire Blog teaches you how to color hair.....read it from start to finish and you will learn how to color hair - well over a 1/2 Million people have done that, so that says something about the idea!
    If I misunderstood - please explain

  8. Really enjoying your blog and I want to first say thank you so much for all your hard work and your dedication to help us. I am trying to read the blog from the beginning, but there aren't any links to it the way most blogs have on their home page. I've been really frustrated! I was clicking around and FINALLY landed on one page that had the archives on the right, and I was using that as my starting point, then I accidentally closed the page. Am I missing something? What page do you have all your blog archives listed on? I managed to get to late 2008 before I closed that page, and now I've just been searching terms in your blog search window, but I would really like to go back to the methodical approach. I've already got a cart going and want to complete my order! Thanks again and hope you are well. I'm recovering from arthro knee surgery right now, hence the time to read your blog, but thankfully for me it was the surgery I needed.


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