February 19, 2010

Gold Medal Gold – A Tale of 2 Blonds

Can I be the color of ______ (fill in the blank)

badasshair166 Skimming this months Marie Claire, prompted me to actually purchase one. I feel sorry for the magazine industry, we have all turned to the Web for so much, I hope it never goes away, there is truly nothing like curling up to a good girly ‘zine. Christina Aguilera is on the front and she has never looked better, I used to tell my clients…once she gets a good Colorist and a great make-up artist, she is going to be stunning, it has just happened.
One of the most common questions lately ( and by my own daughter even) is why can’t I have this new “Blonette or Bronde” color that is E V E R Y W H E R E  - lately. If I could show you how this is all thought up and contrived in the boardrooms of companies across the nation, you would “get it”- and you may change your minds.  The big giant companies that make hair color ( which is a tremendous money maker – Billions $$) are always trying to come up with the opposite color they promoted last season. Why? So we all will look at the photos, yearn to look like them  . . . .and then DECIDE TO CHANGE YOUR HAIRCOLOR !  I mean it is not a totally bad idea, I just want you to be aware that it is happening, and not just accidently.
Personally, I love to see various hair colors – I love to see every color of the rainbow walking around. When I see the streets of Tokyo I feel sorry for them all having the same hair color…what sets them apart from one another? Yes, yes. . . I know what comes from “within” is what does -- but we all know that   “appearance”  is what first initiates that next step of wanting to learn “who” that person “is” on the “INSIDE” ! !
With that being said, the HAIRCOLOR “Question-Of-The-Month” is : why can’t I be that new color Bronde? Which is kind of a Brown-Gold…….and if you ask me brown-gold is BRASS! Every Colorists LEAST FAVORITE COLOR! I’ve spent a lifetime trying to get rid of Brass. Now they are promoting it as the new-hip-gotta-have Color? HHHHHHHHHHHelp.
Well, another thing most Killer Stranders hate to hear, and I’m convinced its because they don’t understand what it means, is the answer I most often give that question… because of your DURP…………..and DURP is?
Dominant Underlying Remaining Pigment
The pigment that is in your DNA and you are born with, is what DURP is. The DNA (and pigment) that makes you different, from that person sitting next to you. We all have a different personality we all have different DURP. That’s about all there really is to it.
Here is Christina and her blond
bombshell mops189
Doesn’t she look great? Obviously this blond is the 2-step:  bleach and tone.
The most upkeep there is in the hair biz, she most likely has her roots done like Gwen and that is about every 2-3 weeks depending on her growth speed. {This does NOT mean any of you should attempt this at home, she does this with a very experienced Top-in-her-field Colorist} it is too difficult to do to oneself that frequently without terrible OVERLAP.  Over-lapping bleach is what causes breakage, and used to actually be one of the steps of 10,000 HEADS - - that is how much it needs to be avoided. 
Now what those of you with this type of hair will ask . . . is why can’t have this color blond…………………
bombshell mops188 This is BRONDE…
and Yes, while gorgeous . . . you tell me this does not look brassy blond…….as a Colorist, it is……….. and if you put this color on a plain looking person with straight out – of-- control raggedy hair…. what would you think of it? I promise you , you would not think it was gorgeous….. its very brassy and I can guarantee you they altered this color with PHOTO SHOP . . . because her skin and hair are brassy and warm colored. Now this model has had her Level 6-7 hair lightened with about a Level 8NBG and 30 Volume…..( wild guess)….but with her DURP, something she was born with . . . her Colorist has achieved this nice color.
No, not everyone can achieve this ………my biggest Rule is :
I can make anyone’s hair this color for 1 day. ANYONE’S. But for it to last for a week or more is an entirely different story. THAT IS WHERE DURP comes into play, and that is where the models’ hair from us ‘everyday’ people differ.
I would make a pretty high wager that Christina CANNOT achieve this color. Just like many of you cannot. She is Hispanic, so she most likely has an ungodly amount of GOLD/Yellow in her hair so if she was to try to achieve a Level 8-9 NBG, she would end up with a brassy yellow dome. Just horrific- I’m sure.
What she has picked though is a wonderful 2nd choice, she looks marvelous. My only second recommendation would be to cut her hair into a bob….(one length just above the shoulders) - - why? Bleached hair can only look healthy for so long . . . being as she doesn’t use GLEAM / THRIVEN or the Secret Supplement… she needs a shorter length.
Remember I’m always about HEALTHY HAIR, no matter what. A long tested virtue of the Vidal Sassoon method of doing hair that I have incorporated into the 10,000 HEADS 14-Step Protocol of Hair  Health and my life.
Please visit our store or our Forum/Group for help with your color or your Blond…
In my mind both of these blonds are GOLD MEDAL, even though they are truly different.
Killer Chemist
February 15, 2010

Hair Jordan, Jump For Joy : Awesome Water Solution

Hair Needs Acidic Water to THRIVE

When people come to me in search for the reason and solution of their hair loss/thinning, at any age mind you, one of my 1st – 15 questions is about their water. Fully anticipating the strange looks I am to receive – I quickly – have to explain my own personal theory on how the miserable water we are forced to drink & shower in is one part of a many faceted complex problem. Water…..seems so simple, doesn’t it?
So with February being SCALP month,I have found another product that will assist in helping your scalp be as clean and clear and pH balanced as possible. When you have a clear/clean/pH balanced scalp those little teeny-tiny hair strands are happy : the result? They will grow faster, longer and healthier, because they will be able to live properly through the 3 stages of a hair’s cycle.
Am not going to lie, I have been super anxious to receive this little gem of a product. Why? Because this technology has been around for a while, but the price made it prohibitive. When I was at the Hair Show (last week) I saw the company that made the ONLY brand I had ever seen in all my trade magazines. I actually bought one, finally…. because I have wanted one for myself for years. The price was ridiculous. I won’t buy something to sell to you that I wouldn’t buy myself, I promise. The one I bought at the Hair Show would sell for $50.00 - $52.50. Just too much.
Lets face it, for a water spray bottle that price is just not going to fly, not in this economy, nor would I buy it at that price. I have been waiting for it to come down in price, I knew it would.
Well, that one is still set at a ridiculous price, but I found another. Its called the WATER TRANSFORMER. Here is what it says on the front of the clear container it comes in:
Water Transformer is a revolutionary system that transforms normal faucet water into acidic soft water. Acidic soft water helps to remove FRIZZ and adds shine to damaged hair. When sprayed onto skin, acidic water helps to tone and refresh the skin.
8 oz. Water Transformer Bottle (8062
Transform your tap water and help eliminate frizzy, dry hair! This revolutionary system transforms normal faucet water into acidic soft water, which helps to tame frizzy, dry hair while infusing it with shine and softness. This ingenious 3-stage transformer contains Jojoba Oil Resin, Ion Exchange Resin and Silver Coated Carbons to add nutrients and moisture to skin and hair while eliminating chlorine and calcium impurities. When sprayed on the skin, the soft water will help to tone, refresh and gently condition the skin, leaving it feeling hydrated and clean. When used on hair; shampoos and conditioners will lather better, hair color will last longer, frizzes are tamed and hair shines, see ……….why I have been anxious to have this arrive??
The Convenient 8 oz. size is easy to travel with.
Ideal for humid climates.
Use anywhere to enjoy increased softness, shine, and manageability.
An excellent compliment to ALL styling products.
What is in the filter?
Jojoba Oil Resin Nutrients to help skin and hair retain moisture.
Ion Exchange Resin Exchanges concentrated calcium and magnesium in water.
Silver Coated Active Carbon Helps to eliminate remaining chlorine and impurities in water.
Why is Acidic Water better for my hair? Acidic water helps to compact the hair cuticle layer. A compacted cuticle makes hair very smooth and shiny, preventing cuticle damage and tangling. Hair Coloring will last longer. Build-up and deposits of styling products can easily be washed off.
Why is Acidic Water better for my skin? Acidic water increases the skin's ability to absorb nourishment and nutrients from moisturizers and other treatment products.
How to use:

  • My Number 1 suggestion is to daily spray on your hair, use your common sense and work it in your own particular hair care routine. It will help static, shine and inner health of hair strands

  • Spray on hair in proper place when performing your color application and hair cutting appointments.
  • Spray on prior to styling.
  • Spray on skin whenever needed. Avoid spraying directly into eyes.

  • Caring for your Water Transformer:
    • Fill 2/3 of the bottle with water
    • When using for the first time, shake well and spray in the air about 20 times before use.
    • Clean bottle at least once a week by rinsing with normal tap water.
    • Clean and empty the bottle when not using for more than 7 days.
    • Do not use hot water
    • Keep out of reach of children
    • Store at room temperature
    • Do not drink water in the bottle
    • Do not eat substance in the filter
    The cuticle of the hair strand is one of the most important parts of a strand of hair. I don’t want to bore you but remember we are all about education here. When the hair is magnified you will see the “scales” of the strand, which almost look like scales of a fish only a zillion times smaller. Here is a strand of hair magnified:
    Copy of vis319989
    The cuticle is what opens to allow hair color IN the hair, once the hair color is IN, using IN-DEPTH or IN-TENSIVE assists the cuticle in closing ( compacting) and locking that color IN the hair strand. When that cuticle is compacted - - laid down – the result is : Smooth & Shiny hair, preventing cuticle damage and tangling. There isn’t a person I know who doesn’t want that. Your Hair Color will last longer when the pH is taken care of by locking in those color molecules at the end of the hair color process ………..LLLLLLLLLLLLLOVE IT ! ! !
    Another little benefit that requires 2 of our products is Shampooing with the SOMA Scalp Shampoo ( my new fav.) followed by spraying some Acid balanced water from the Water Transformer helps to relieve the aggravation of dry itchy skin, chapped skin and eczema. Residual deposits of styling products can also be easily washed off when this water is used.
    I throw out the term “pH levels” constantly to you when I speak of how both of our products IN-DEPTH & In-TENSIVE work to return your hair to its perfect pH levels, I have touted the benefits of keeping the pH at their natural slightly alkaline levels for years and am thrilled that they are finally paying attention and making products like this.
    SKIN CARE with Alkaline water
    Alkaline water is negatively charged and an "antioxidant." Antioxidants reduce cellular and DNA damage caused by free radicals so with tap dancing around branching out into the Skin Care market, this product is just the beginning…..to Killer Skin - - Sssh its a secret!
    Most people forget that the largest organ on your body is your skin. It is also the most neglected for the size it is, I am a perfect testament to that statement. Please, take care of your largest organ, when your skin that “houses” the rest of your organs is healthy and thriving – the rest of your organs will function better. The skin is naturally an acid organ, People who regularly use acidic water ( from water treatment) to wash their bodies - mostly have younger looking skin than those who use hard water.
    With this spray bottle, we will enclose a FREE WATER TEST Kit which has 4 strips to test 4 different faucets + the guide to see where your water stands, on request – in box at checkout please put code:TESTMY WATER that will signal to us you want the water Test Kit.
    Do what I did . . . I tested my water in the shower with my water filter, that way I can tell when I need a new filter…then tested my kitchen sink water ( where I rinse my clients hair – remaining few I have left) – where I have a Reverse Osmosis Filter .To just check and see the difference.
    So, I hope you are as excited as I am for this new product, make sure you use it for both skin and hair. A squirt on the face 3 - 4 times every single day will refresh your face and set your make-up just work with it, try different
    Used as a rinse for the hair and body, providing a silky smoothness
    Helps to relieve the aggravation of dry and itchy skin, chapped skin and eczema too
    Now for a completely GGGGGGGGreat price
    check it out:
    February 8, 2010

    Color Me Brass:Unqualified Hair Stylists’ Numbers Grow

    My Stylist Screwed Up … Now What?

    badasshair177 A rarely talked about subject; but a necessary one. After a recent conversation with a poor soul who walked out of a Salon in tears with orange hair, I just have to talk about this. I hope you understand my hesitation, I am breaking open a field I loved and worked in for 16 years. While there are many qualified and good stylists/colorists out there… unfortunately in my current situation I listen to a LOT of horror stories of Hair Color gone wrong at the hands of professionals. People are forced to take their hair color into their own hands and the place they go to is the Internet. So, by default, they are dumped into my lap.
    With hundreds of people having destroyed hair, come knocking at my door…we have become the home for “repairing your own hair color”. If you ask me for one rule to fix this problem the only thing I can think of is: Common Sense. Every single head of hair is different. Knowing that one fact I hope I can impact just a couple people to ‘think’ before you color your hair. If every single head of hair is different then purchasing 1 box of color, that assumedly is made to work on everyone, surely could not turn out properly. Common Sense. The % of success is small with boxed hair colors, but what other options are there? Well, all by myself (with help from all my newly trained crib colorists) I am trying to teach the masses the Level System of hair color. I hope to give you the tools by teaching you “HOW” hair color works so you may either fix the mistake on your hair, or color your hair from the get-go yourself.badasshair178
    Unfortunately many of you live in a town or city where you have not found a qualified Colorist. Let me reassure you that is not rare. When I was first diagnosed with my bone disease I was forced into taking almost 2 years off, then I returned to living in Santa Barbara near my daughter who was in college. I slowly began to do hair again, my disease was first in my right knee (now its in both) so I just stood on one leg to do it. You can’t believe how strong you are when the chips are down. My point being, people started coming to me in droves because in Santa Barbara ( home of Oprah,Rob Lowe, Ellen, and a million other super wealthy people) there wasn’t ONE Colorist that didn’t destroy hair. I only went back to work because people would see my daughters hair, and ask her who did it. I will admit though, having people beg me to do their hair color was very good for my ego when I had NONE. Chemo/Radiation/ and multiple surgeries really wreck havoc on your psyche. I believe all that adoration was responsible for me “not giving up”, whatever works! My point being . . . Bad Colorists are rampant, they are everywhere in this big country. But in my opinion they no longer have an excuse. As much as Hair stylists don’t like my BLOG, if they are lousy colorist, at least now SOMEONE has taught hair color out in the open. I have taught hair color the Vidal Sassoon method on this blog, something that was never made accessible to the professional or private world prior to my Blog. They can study my Blog, and become a great colorist….so NOW – they HAVE NO EXCUSE. As a matter of fact, why don’t you ask if your hair colorist has read KillerStrands? What’s wrong with that question? If they are qualified, they should have no problem with it. If they are not, then I would cancel my appointment. That shows you the type of Stylist you have. Writing this was always a 2-fold solution to me. To teach unqualified Stylists what and how to do it right and to teach you, the public, how to properly color your own hair.
    badasshair181  badasshair182
    Corrective Hair Colorist is the name of the Specialist you want to look for, if you recently left the hair salon in tears. However, most small towns + cities across this land I’m finding, don’t have one. . .it is a very specialized field that scares many Hair Stylists.  There really are no land mines in hair color, no undetectable elements that will sabotage a stylists efforts. It is a very mastered field, I promise. If the color result surprises the Colorist  then the Colorist missed something.To be honest I don’t know how you can properly do hair without knowing corrective hair color, it should be a mandatory part of hair education in receiving your License . If a Stylist cannot fix their own mistakes, why should they be left to do hair color on people ? It makes no sense to me. For those of you that are looking for a new stylist I highly recommend you make that a requirement in anyone coloring your hair. I’m very serious about this, think about how strange it is that people are coloring hair by just ‘guessing’. . . when I discovered that in taking my first Salon job I was so astonished, I remember (still) calling my mentor and asking her if it was legal that these people were allowed to color hair. She told me, to get used to it, it was the most common type of hair stylist out there. I had always used one of the people who started Sebastian products back in the 70’s-80’s to do my hair, so I had never known bad Stylists existed - - til I became one myself.
    Chemicals don’t make mistakes - - PEOPLE   DO
    Being trained at Vidal Sassoon Academy everyone that comes out of there fully understand hair color correction, no they have not had a lot of experience as brand new grads, but they will know more than Stylists working 10-20 years, from the hair color education one receives there. But, I will never understand why the education is not the same for everyone. Why can’t there be an across the board knowledge base that everyone must know prior to getting their license that involves being a color correction specialist. I promise you there is plenty of time in the year you go to school. I can’t imagine what they do in the other schools with all that time ? ? ? Sounds like a little too much screwin’ around is going on.
    Types of Hair Color Mistakes
    •  Miscommunication - Not asking enough questions, or the right questions I feel is the number 1 reason for mistakes. Without getting all the proper information, the odds of getting it right are slim. Always tell the Stylist EXACTLY what you want – as much as some of them will act bothered if you whip out a magazine photo, remember its YOUR HAIR. “YOU” are the customer – they should be thrilled you brought in a photo, so much is lost with explanations. I figured this out when I wasn’t exactly perfect at the beginning of my career. I figured out that when I said “level 6A” they had NO IDEA what I was talking about, and when they said , “I want layers” . . . they meant they wanted the hair to be “tapered” which means framing the face….MY solution to this was my famous Hair NOTEBOOK. It became the thing I was most famous for (well – that and my candy jar) …It was 5 inches thick and every 2 months I had the Assistants refresh the photos..So they were plopped on the sofa with sticky pads. Were told to mark 4 “loves” and 4 “hates”. I learned as much about what they hated as I did about what they loved. I suggest YOU do this if you are going to a Salon. Take in 4 LOVES, & 4 HATES. That way it is not left to her interpretation of the words you say. That just doesn’t work, trust me on this.
    • Insufficient Analysis – Neglecting anyone of the 5 key factors spells trouble. If a Colorist does not pay attention to 1) Virgin hair Level  2)  % of Gray  3)Texture of hair   4) Porosity of hair  5)Present Tint.  If a Color result surprises her OR you, she has most likely not taken all 5 of those points into account. If the virgin hair level isn’t taken into account the mistakes are too numerous to mention here, although the most common one is too much warmth (probably the most common mistake). If the amount of gray is ignored, the result may be too light or off-tone or the formula may simply not cover the gray. Overlook texture, and you may be surprised when coarse hair pulls more warmth or a fine hairline goes dark. If overporosity is overlooked the color result may be drabber or deeper than expected. If you miss that a person has previous tint on their hair (what most clients fib about) the result may be uneven, too dark, or less intense than expected on top of NOT working at all!
    • Improper Application --
    • ………….improper RE-TOUCHING – overlapping
    • ………….putting too much bleach/color in foils
    • ………….improper virgin application – applying to roots first instead of LAST
    • ………… too thin application – not enough color used
    • …………Not long enough
    • …………Bleach over-processed or under-processed
    Corrective Hair Colorist is the name of the Specialist you want to look for, if you recently left the hair salon in tears. However, most small towns + cities across this land called America I’m finding, don’t have one. . .it is a very specialized field that scares many Hair Stylists.
    If that is the case for you, your answers are here at Killer Strands. Join our group http://groupspaces.com/KillerstrandsHairClinic/  you will get a lot of support in there. Begin reading the archives in the group and the posts right here in this Blog. Yes, reading all the posts sounds overwhelming, so if you only want to fix your particular mistake do a SEARCH for the subjects that pertain to your problems – if you don’t even know what those are . . . then go to the group explain your problems and ask what you should SEARCH for. We are glad to help with that question. Remember if you have a huge mistake going on with your hair color, you most likely need me to help decipher it. Being as we have thousands of members now it is not possible for me to help every single person . . . so you will have to do some reading to solve your problem. But at least the information is here. Before my BLog, there was no where to go. So be happy you have this resource, and proceed with purchasing a brand new Kit called the “UP-IN-THE-AIR  Kit “. What that does is purchase 2 tubes of color only it doesn’t choose the colors. You then answer the 3 questions and I will pick out the colors you need to fix your situation. hellforhair104
    All Colorists have made mistakes ; it is part of the learning process. My goal was always to never make a mistake, I took Hair Coloring very seriously. Knowing that hair is extremely important to people always made me respect the art. No Colorist becomes 100% infallible but many do come close .The ones who are close to infallible are the ones who have learned from their mistakes, accepted them learned how to improve next time and moved on. If you can’t find one in your town, take up the hobby, many women/men are doing it….having fun and becoming very accomplished at it.
    Killer Chemist
    February 7, 2010

    TIA : Truth in Advertising Plagues My World

    Holy CRAP. . . . . . I was flipping channels and heard “ARGAN OIL” on the screen. Halted, backed up and saw that Home Shopping Network - one of those TV shopping shows was hawking some ARGAN OIL product. This lady said that they have sold 9 million of these little plastic capsules that you squeeze and oil comes out. . . she was screaming , “there is 25% ARGAN OIL” in these…and she had 50+ ladies on there that swore they looked like they did from using this magical mystical ARGAN oil, its called “Signature Club A Precious Argan Oil Night Caps” Do you know the stuff? I’d never heard of it before. As soon as I heard her say there was 25% ARGAN OIL, I wanted to see what the other 75% was…I had a very good idea. . . but I wanted to be sure. Here is the exact list taken off their website:
    Cyclopentasiloxane / Dimethicone Crosspolymer / Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil / C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate / Trimethylsiloxysilicate / Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride / Narcissus Poeticus Flower Wax / Methyl Methacrylate / Glycol Dimethacrylate Crosspolymer / Zea Mays (Corn) Oil / Melia Azadirachta Seed Oil / BHT / Centella Asiatica Extract / Myristoyl Pentapeptide 8 / Myristoyl Tentrapeptide 8
    Argania Spinosa : is Argan Oil - - - it is 3rd and it is 25%, which means the other 2 are the highest percentage of ingredients in the capsules. There is a “right” way to label Personal Care Products. You wouldn’t believe the rules written that have to do with “HOW TO LABEL” Cosmetic products. Remember I formulate products, I studied intently for 2 years, most categories of products are formulated the exact same way, there is no "new" technology as far as mixing the products. The “ingredients” might be new & innovative but the process of mixing them together is basic simple cosmetic chemistry and the same for every company. How products gain advantages is by having better, new, innovative ingredients.74329521
    There is not even any whipping of this product which can be involved in a lotion or creame, plus the heating and cooling of ingredients, meaning certain ingredients need to be certain temperatures at certain times when making an emulsion. That ‘can’ be a pressure cooker of an experience when making 'emulsions', but this…both of these are super simple – your kids could mix these together.
    Its a mathematical formula, pure and simple. So most likely the formula for her little oil capsules looks something like this (remember this is a very educated ‘guess’)
    Signature Club A Precious Argan Oil Night Caps
    ( seen on HSN)
    • Cyclopentasiloxane (silicone)……………33%
    • Dimethicone Crosspolymer (Silicone)….28%
    • Argan Oil ………………………………..…..25%
    • C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate (Ester)………….. 3%
    • Trimethylsiloxysilicate ………………… 1.5%
    • Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride ………… 1.5%
    • Narcissus Poeticus Flower Wax ……. 1%
    • Methyl Methacrylate ………………… 1%
    • Glycol Dimethacrylate Crosspolymer 1%
    • Zea Mays (Corn) Oil …………………… 1%
    • Melia Azadirachta Seed Oil ………… 1%
    • BHT ………………………………………..1%
    • Centella Asiatica Extract …………… 1%
    • Myristoyl Pentapeptide 8 ……………… .5%
    • Myristoyl Tentrapeptide 8 …………… .5%
    5 out of 17 ingredients are natural – earth grown – organic oils. The rest . . . ? Well The first 2 are pure silicone straight up….I worked with these oils…back when I first started and didn’t have a clue what was what, and didn’t really care what I used just as long as it worked. The cylomethicone is the "light" silicone, feels the most like vegetable oil ....but Dimethicone is the thick heavy one feels really yucky. All I used to care about until I learned Cosmetic Chemistry was if it worked or not...if it did, I liked it. Many of you might be the same way. I mean we can only be ‘so’ diligent about keeping up with the latest trends of what’s IN and what's “good for your hair or skin or heart,etc. ” & whats BAD for your hair or skin or heart . . .good for you / bad for you . . I mean you truly can drive yourself CRAZY if you listen to it all. Which is why I tell you all I AM NOT A FANATIC. So if that is what you are looking for..............wrong Blog. Remember: common sense, boys and girls.
    In California I was raised to watch out for everything good and bad health wise, and eating was always a topic I watched to make sure I didn’t put crap in my system, but when they started CHANGING crap……one year red wine would be good for you and the next year it was bad for you. . . . well, to me things needed to slow down and STOP. I began to quit the merry-go-round…..I don’t jump on new Fads anymore, it doesn’t matter. All those years I was a vegetarian for 14 years in the 70’s and 80’s and look at me I got a serious illness anyway. So, I’m just not too gun-ho about health trends any longer . I definitely don’t worry about it anymore, all that BS. That’s what I feel the difference is between my readers and my writing. I used to be how you are following the rules to the “T” . . . but that is not practical, not easy, nor is reasonable. So when one of you gets all bent out of shape because I have conditioners in my store when I say DON’T use a Conditioner. Remember this. Remember there is no 'one ' answer for hair. There are general rules, but exceptions to them.
    OMG - - - OMG . . . .They just ANNOUNCED they have sold 9 million of these bottles of GLOP
    You know I don’t like to do this (pick someone or some product and just tear them apart – even though plenty of people do it to me….Beauty Brains, etc. . . ) I just feel it is bad for my Health to focus on “bad things” . Or to have 'bad' energy in my life at all . As I have aged, I have finally learned how to reign myself in and not ‘go-off” on people, when I am wronged….which is a huge improvement on myself. Being a redhead and 100% Irish, well - - you can imagine - - I’m sure. But this lady and her products just spoke to me and the numbers of products this lady has sold is just crazy, under the pretense it is good for your skin.
    I just wanted to make as many people as possible aware of what she is truly selling. The ingredients are on the product – yes I realize that. . . but truthfully do you, the public, really understand that it is what I have displayed up above. That when she says 25% Argan Oil, “WHAT – IN – THE - HELL is in the rest of the bottle that is “oil...like” ? We are back to that same topic I always end up at when I am just slamming on my key board and I feel sorry for my laptops keys ;-) …..TIA: Truth In Advertising. Its just not fair. . . although I would like to hear from you in the comments section belowvdd ? Have you bought this product? If so did you know what was in it? Do you really care what is in it? or if you haven’t bought this lady’s Argan Oil products yet, would you knowing this ? ? Honestly, I just want to know the truth , how all of you feel about this ? Now that I have shown you in black and white how a formula like this really looks, do you care what's in it prior to purchasing? Are you going to buy it? If so, why ? ?
    We will be coming out with my new face oil drops this week, I have been playing around with it for months. . . but just was leery of making the jump into “skin”. I mean there are a dozen or so different types of Personal Care Board Licenses here in California. I had the choice of going for any of them at the time and decided to go for the MOTHER LODE the Cosmetology license, but, even though comedians make fun of us - - it was a worthwhile license to hold. It covers nails – skin & hair….while the others cover smaller subjects – So I feel privileged in
    r e p r e s e n t i n g ;-)
    Oh My Lord they just showed the Eye Serum . . . for around your eyes. . . ARE YOU KIDDING ME ? ? ? ?
    Dab a few drops around your eyes…..but holy crap. . . . look at the ingredients on this one:
    Signature Club A's Precious Moroccan Argan Oil Eye Serum
    24 ingredients in this 1 OZ . bottle that sells for $26.50! , wow I certainly hope I never hear complaints about my pricing. . . do you know what a grand deal GLEAM is ?
    In my book Silicone’s and Esters are “fillers”. When an “oil” is needed, cosmetic manufacturers who don’t really care about you or your skin or hair … use them. They are cheap and ‘’feel” like an oil.
    1OZ. of garbage in a blue plastic Genie bottle is higher priced than our PURE as the driven snow organic virgin natural oils… in side of a clean / crisp glass bottle. Just blows me away – the difference in the two.413134
    Signature Club A's Precious Moroccan Argan Oil Eye Serum
    • Poly-isobutene <<<< * * *
    • Sunflower Seed Oil
    • Neopentyl Glycol Dicaprylate
    • Tridecyl Trimellitate
    • Hydrogenated Polyisobutene
    • Tridecyl Stearate
    • Mineral Oil <<<<< ** **
    • Dicaprate
    • Isohexadecane
    • Glycerin
    • Polysorbate 20
    • Argania Spinosa Leaf Extract
    • Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil
    • Argania Spinosa Kernel Extract
    • 1,2 - Hexanediol
    • Caprylyl Glycol
    • Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate
    • Carbomer
    • Ethylene Propylene
    • Styrene Copolymer
    • Butylene
    • Ethylene Styrene Copolymer.
    This?????????This is disastrous. . . absolutely horrific. Some of these I’m not exactly sure of, I’d have to look them up, but it doesn’t matter……….why ? ? ? ?
    Remember, the ingredients are listed in the order of what percentage they are in the product, its a law. So when you become a big company like this, even though when you were small you might now have followed the law exactly, NOW IS THE time to straighten up and FLY RIGHT! ! ! Everyone in the Cosmetic manufacturing business knows this. So Her number one ingredient is in the 30-40-50% range, for an anhydrous (water-free) product that is about the norm.
    Poly-isobutene is an ingredient that I purchased in order to begin formulating and experimenting with Lip Glosses. You know when they starting producing lip glosses for the celeb culture that were just out-of-this-world shiny ?? ? I looked into what in the world was in them that was making them so shiny . . . Isobutene was the ingredient that kept coming up . In DIOR, Prescriptives, Chanel, MAC….all the top lip glosses Poly-isobutene was the first ingredient listed. So GGGGGGGGGreat you are putting lip gloss crap around the delicate area of the eye. Well isn’t that just a piece of cake !83080700
    I received this tub that weighed a ton, opened it up and it was the weirdest , most hideous substance I had ever seen.. it was a Clear, Hard, JELLO-Jelly like substance that just shimmey – ed when you shook it. You could not scoop it up with a spoon, it was impossible to work with…JUST IMPOSSIBLE. I made a couple little lip glosses and yep that was the ingredient that made such miraculous shine, but when you see these ingredients in their raw form, it truly scares you off of them. Just doesn’t seem like so many of them should be put on the parts of the body they have found for them. {anything for a buck – is how I see it}
    What else ? ? ? Mineral oil in the eye serum ? ? ? MINERAL OIL ? ? ? ? ? that crap is so nasty, I won’t even let my feet touch that stuff….it doesn’t absorb into the skin and has the consistency of liquid plastic. Its interesting these 2 ingredients she chose for her products, both are used for making RUBBER! If I were making a product and wanted a filler, there are others to choose from. For instance Coconut oil. While that may not sound like a decent filler to you, it is. The world has plenty of coconuts, so coconut oil is very inexpensive..Its a wonderful filler and has plenty of good qualities as well.
    But for her to put Poly-isobutene and Mineral Oil in her eye Serum and ask you to put it around your eyes. . . its criminal if you ask me. I’m just so upset by this, I just think it is soooooooooooo wrong.
    LOOK how far down the ARGAN oil is. . . more than the half way down,that means the percentage is most likely 5% - 10 % . . . maybe less…even. Sunflower Oil is second, but to say all that she is about ARGAN OIL and then for this to be the truth. . I couldn’t live with myself…..not when she is selling 9 million of these, she claims. She needs to be doing the right thing when you are affecting so many people ( in my humble opinion)
    I am telling you from my own experience, that the only reason she is doing it this way is so she can make more money off of every single customer. Without total regard for TRUTH IN ADVERTISING, she is BS’ing the customer to think they are getting a healthy decent product. She could make a very decent profit by using the REAL OILS and eliminating the silicones. 85274390
    Guess I will introduce “GLASS” the new ‘facial moisturizer this week. I’ve been playing around with it for months about 10 of us have ….everyone loves it. One girl I had to tweek it for. .. but otherwise people have gradually made the change – and like it . No harm i trying is.
    I have Glass & Glisten
    Glisten is for super Dry skin
    Glass is for Normal Skin ( face)
    the Post I WAS working on will be posted tomorrow night I just HAD to get that off my chest,
    THANKS for listening!
    Killer Chemist
    February 3, 2010

    Eyebrows Frame Your Face, Never Neglect Them

    Keep Color In Brows For a Balanced Appearance

    When you think of the important points of the face, what do you think of ? Most people say the “eyes”. Then nose, then mouth. Me….I say eyebrows. Eyebrows are front & center and seen as soon as you look into someone’s eyes, I feel they ‘frame’ the face and both the shape and color of them can completely change your look. Spend some time learning how to groom them properly, if you do not have an eyebrow specialist in your town – become your own. I will teach you how……….. I have spent years going to and being the best in eyebrow care.
    75940893I challenge you to compare photos of celebs before they became famous versus now. Oprah is a perfect example. Her brows before she became famous were completely different…its amazing what $$ does to the look of the face and I am only talking brows. I will keep my eyes open for comparison photos and will post and bring this subject back up once I find them. I have them its just in my files of 50,000 photos which are not organized/labeled and I can’t find them. But soon – soon. I’m not a fan of using celeb photos . . . as I’m sure you’ve noticed. People use celeb photos to get people to come to their website under false pretenses – something I try not to do. Besides, with a daughter who shoots celebrity photos I know how little of those photos are real, and feel it is an unfair photo to put in front of you, they Photo Shop the hair in every photo now . . . how can you ever hope to compare to CGI especially as we age?
    One of the more annoying problems of aging is not only losing the color in the hair on our heads, but losing the color in the hair around our eyes, brows and lashes more specifically. You know what the biggest mistake is on this photo above of the aging model ? ? ( which btw she would FAIL – BIG TIME - as a make-up ‘Aging’ test ) -- she forgot to change the brows….to be faded and barely there ! As a natural born redhead, I’ve never known the wonders of pigmented hair around the eyes, we have next to none since birth…so color-less is a way of life for me . I have been tinting my brows and lashes since I was 16 and could drive myself to a Salon.
    Melanin is the pigment that gives hair and skin its natural color. How light or dark it is and its natural tone, depend on how much and what kind of melanin it contains and how that melanin is arranged in the hairs. I feel the part of hair coloring that most people get confused on is understanding what actually affects the color change. Many seem to think if you apply color “A”, your result should look exactly like color “A” when you are finished and unfortunately that is just not how it works. High Dollar Colorists and fancy Beverly Hills Salons would not exist if it was that simple, everyone would be walking around as Jennifer Anniston hair clones.
    The color result depends as much on the natural pigmentation (DURP) of the hair as it does on the ‘artificial pigmentation’ used. In other words, if I was to mix up a batch of Level 8 Ash with 30 Volume and applied it to 5 different people with the exact same color of virgin Level 6 hair……..EVERY single one of them would have a completely different result.
    With a few Eyebrow Coloring Kits leaving this week & a couple new brow shaping products arriving, I re-priced the kits and added options in my never-ending attempt to make things as easy as possible for you. IMG_1126
    After the age of about 40 – 50 the color begins to drain out of the eyebrow hairs along with everything else and being as gray truly is pigment-less hair not actually gray – it looks so much better if once 1-2X a month you tint those brows. I want you to feel better about your situation – For the last 15 years every Sunday I have had to tint my eyebrows and every 4th would tint my albino lashes…it has SUCKED…big time. 96% of people have pigment in their brows, and lashes, so remember how lucky you are.
    I have been tinting my own and all my clients eyebrows for years, what do the rest of you do? I know there are the stubborn grays on brows which many time begin in the early 20’s, but from the 30’s on… most people deal with squirrely grays, flailing whites and generally misshapen fence-like burley brows. I’ve always taught the brows are the most important part of the face. They are front & center … and seen as soon as you look into someone’s eyes, I feel they ‘frame’ the face and both the shape and color of them can completely change your look. I urge you to spend some time learning how to groom them properly, if you do not have an eyebrow specialist in your town, learning the art ‘of’ is not really that hard and will start with tinting and trimming.
    For humor I thought I would relay to you that the clients that elected to go to the big eyebrow specialist here in our hot-shot Salon (Anastasia) would spend anywhere between $300. - $600. per shape & color appointment. Funny….huh? Plus a round trip of at least 4 hours to accomplish. That’s life in Malibu / L.A., we’re a million miles from anything & everything.
    Eyebrow Tinting
    STEP 1 Tinting
    If you begin the process by tinting the brows, all the little hairs have color in them so you don’t miss them - - I’ve made it easy – all you have to do is to pick the “Level” Kit you want -- providing you are not wanting any ‘red’ in the end result -- you will receive 2 tubes of color that you need to mix 50 - 50 plus the appropriate developer for Brows comes with. You receive the 2 best brushes I’ve found for applying that color, as you want the color to saturate the wiry hair strands…the color needs to be heavily lopped on, yet painted on precisely in the shape of the brow. Getting the color on the skin will stain, and I have never even tested it, as I can’t imagine anyone wanting the Tint stained right smack on the front of the face…so cleaning the color off the face right after applying it, is just as important as the application. Hair color itself -always “expands”as it processes . . so color just “INSIDE” the lines of your brow with the color product, the liquid will expand/swell and cover the entire brow once you get it brushed on. Clean up around the shape of the brow “after” 15 minutes and swelling subsides with Q-Tips and water, toner or alcohol. At this point the color should be on the brow crisp and cleanly shaped ; the exact shape of the brow. Now, go make yourself lunch . . . leave the brows alone, while the color fully develops… at least 45 minutes – 55 is better.
    In the Kit you receive 1 tube of an “N” series color and that is the tube that you will vary according to the amount of gray or the stubbornness in your hairs. A good general rule is to use the percentage comparable to the percentage of gray you have. 50% Gray? Use 50% “N” series. . . and then just add the opposing color until you get to 100%. 40% N use 60% “B” color or whatever we’ve sent. Its actually pretty straight up.
    The color is done processing you grab a paper towel or tissue, run under warm water….and wipe the color off with just water. Keep rubbing till all the color is off and the tissue is clean. Use a little muscle! Poof you are done that part!
    Eyebrow Trimming
    The next important part of eyebrow care is the tweezer/scissor part. The first step to trimming the brow is to “COMB”….(yes, comb) the brow hair straight up toward the forehead as you see in my half-assed renderings here. . . .
    001brow1 001brow2 001brow3 001brow5 Comb the hairs straight up with a cutting comb, then trim along the line of the existing brow as shown in #5 & #6 …holding the scissors perpendicular to the floor. Continue to comb straight up with comb and trim a little at a time, watching result and be sure to NOT overdue.
    Once trimmed, begin tweezing. Again – start and continue process by combing brow upwards ( which is where the hair in your brows should be heading - - always upward ).
    Tweezing should be in the middle above the nose and as little under the brow and on top of the brow as is possible – too THIN of an eyebrow never looks right, I promise you. Shaping the brow will be a while other post. I have to get a couple stencils in order to do that one justice. . . but we won’t be through with brows until we have another 5-6 Posts on the subject.
    I’m really excited about the new tweezers and scissors I have IMG_1121 come across, I’ve always known they can make the same quality for a decent price…they are on their way here, check them out in the store along with the Eyebrow kits.
    I happened to find both that are Stainless Steel and work as fine as the super pricey ones. I KNEW THIS COULD BE DONE. That is the problem with “good finds” they are so damn hard to ‘find ;-) .
    Just trim and groom your eyebrows once. . . give it a chance. . when I’m waiting in lines I notice so many people who never touch their eyebrows ( yet, they really need to ) . . I cannot imagine what I would look like if I didn’t do my own.
    Killer Chemist