April 25, 2010

Oils and Your Hair - Part 2

Ayurvedic Medicine and Your Hair

From what I gathered about this new technique : of adding oils to a world I had tried to keep them away from for years, it seemed going slowly at first would be wise. They use both internal addition of oils and external …. THAT is how much they believe in them. Which never stops amazing me, if you are like me you searched high and low for oil-free products for everything… hair, skin, lips, legs, arms, you name-it oil was “bad for it”. The day I realized what all these major companies were using IN PLACE of oils ( silicones & esters) I promise you I nearly cried. I still think people do things for “good” not just for $$.
Its a tough one to crack………….. a 30 year habit…………..…the funny part is: that more people haven’t realized what I have,  way before me. Regardless . . . we now have the knowledge. So with GLISTEN or GLAZE or one of the other new oils that will slowly be showing up in the store begin doing a slow massage on your own body for just a few minutes every day. That can go a long way toward promoting health and natural radiance…so try to make time for it everysingleday. Remember that one Step of 10,000HEADS that is SO important that I rarely speak of . . .Stress-relief. This ‘oil’ addition will add so much to the health of your hair and skin that I may be moving it into its own step.
Dryness according to ayurveda, is hazardous to your health . It can cause dryness & roughness in the body in the form of dry skin, coarse & THINNING HAIR ( hello ), a hoarse voice, arthritic joints and mental disorders.  The Dr. I met said , “ A dry stick is easy to break - - - -  but if the same stick is put in oil - - it becomes bendable and flex’s easily” - - I will never forget that comparison.  Oil inhibits dryness, plain and simple. Its always so fascinating to me when I discover that so many of the tricks I have learned throughout my journey with hair, always seem to go back to the basics, back to holistic – healthful living . . .  and the really funny part is, that when you do???? They actually work. GLEAM., GLISTEN, GLAZE. . . . all  miracle workers if you ask me.
Since I started massaging my legs/arms with Glisten everyday - - I promise you the skin has cleared up almost completely all the skin deformities of my history ( radiation – 14 surgeries – the leg was a mess) they gave me at least 5 different prescription creams – non of which worked . Its been 2 months and I now look forward to the application, I must be honest > I didn’t the first week. But the change in my skin was so nice, the improvement so overwhelming – I would be a fool not to crave it. Truly.Oil inhibits the drying qualities you get, there is nothing else that would do that. The Indians believe that all parts of the body are connected, much more than we do, but we must try to learn from them. They believe if you are to cure a problem on your skin with oil massage it will travel through the body’s intricate system and repair other parts that are out of whack. Make sense? I thought it did.
Glisten also has this crazy – wonderful scent to it ( my own concoction) Whipped Creme + Fresh Orange Dreame (which is 94% organic ingredients) , that is just slight & mysterious enough to catch a whiff of for about 3-4 hours. Usually am not a fruity person, but I feel this might surprise you. I have been working on my natural perfumery works that I plan on bringing to you in the  near future as well.  I fully realize its nothing to do with hair, after I saw the list of what goes in a perfume . . .it was another “oh no” moment for me. Now with having this Blog if I am going to do it for myself - - I might as well take you with me on the journey to find wonderful natural scents I might as well take you along for the ride.
Even though there really isn’t any equivalent to these oil treatments in western medicine, the results of ayurvedic treatments are so helpful for stress-related problems there really needs to be. I cannot tell you the amount of times clients would sit in my chair. . .  I would take one touch/see/feel of her hair after 6-7-8  weeks and say ‘what happened this month’ ?  I could tell by their hair if they had a rough month, because once everyone was on 10,000HEADS: their hair was superb. Any rocks in the road were because they fell off the wagon for a month, couldn’t get the Secret Supplement where they were traveling  but 9 times out of 10 it was because the STRESS for the month was just over the top. The correlation between STRESS and hair thinning is real….VERY VERY REAL, in my opinion – which is why 3 of the Steps really do pertain to getting you and your head into a peaceful Level while awake. I feel it affects the health of your hair. On the other hand using the S/S, GLEAM and THRIVEN can honestly solve the hair thinning repercussions from that, so never think there isn’t a solution. Which truthfully works fairly quickly. 
                                                                                                       Oil eliminates the build-up of toxins in the body and strengthens the body’s vital energy . Oil nourishes the internal energy responsible for a radiant appearance.  BEAUTY IS BALANCE AND PEACE OF MIND. In order to achieve that you must  attempt to achieve balance in mind, body and spirit.

There are specific oils that the Indians use for Oleation, but I am just going to recommend that any of you interested in adding an extra boost for helping hair loss / thinning and damage to use 1 Tablespoon of either Olive Oil or Flaxseed Oil. These are the 2 oils we have been testing the past 3 months and everyone feels an improvement of one kind or another. Whether some were skin – others were hair, me? again I had both improvements.
One month I used Flaxseed, now I’m on Olive Oil, 1 Tablespoon in the morning and one at night.  Because of my illness I have this lackluster to my hair. . . and although my hair is to my elbows and of medium thickness and yes, red…..there was very little of its own shine. Of course I know how to give it shine….all the tricks. What I noticed personally ( I realize this is as about as far from scientific as it comes – but at least its 100% honest) was some of my old shine returning after about 40 days of ingesting the oil daily . . . 2 out 8 friends agreed with me……2 men really felt like their hair filled in, in the area I have always called the “bowling alleys” – where men’s hair tends to recede first. So you might want to note that as well. I would definitely say  ingesting 2 Tablespoons of either Olive or Flaxseed oil every single day will do nothing but improve the head of hair you have. All of us have been on 10,000 heads for years, so we aren’t exactly the perfect people to be testing this. I would love to test it on someone who has not been following the 14 steps – but I can’t find it in my heart to even say those words! you know though - -  Just for comparison.
The one part of this I simply don’t have the time – space or room to go into here is this: the Indian culture believes that all of us have a basic ‘constitution’ of our body that is determined at the moment of conception . . . and it relates to your genetically inherited physical and emotional qualities. I believe strongly in genetics and the strength of them so this system they have I believe whole heartedly in.
They call it DOSHA’s.      There are 3 DOSHA’s : VATA – PITTA and KAPHA.
I encourage you to take this test to find out which Dosha you are? Please click on this link and take the test>
I’m a VATTA-PITTA . . . . why don’t you see what you are ??

Dosha’s specifically relate to those qualities, characteristics and tendencies that are stable. For instance, while you may experience temporary changes, like gaining or losing ten pounds, feeling nervous or irritable, developing a cold or flu, etc., in the natural course of life you will never gain or lose five inches on your height or experience a change of eye color. 

There are three main doshas or forces: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These are loosely translated as Air, Fire and Earth, respectively. Each of us has all three doshas in our constitution, in unique proportions. In Ayurveda, seven dosha-predominant Prakritis are described: Vata-predominant, Pitta-predominant, Kapha-predominant; three dual Prakritis, where two doshas are equally , you know what lets forget this . . . . . . Now its getting too confusing and THAT is what I don’t want to do. TOO confusing and you lose people, especially ME!
TEST Your Dosha Here
Knowing your DOSHA can help you maintain optimal health and by following this link you can take it ONLINE and it will give your DOSHA, all computerized. I could not transfer the test to this small space. So you must leave to take it but then you can return. Truthfully it does not need to be that complicated either. If you simply add a GLISTEN massage to your  legs/arms/belly morning and night 1 Tablespoon of Flaxseed oil and Olive oil you are good to go. Just wanted to put the DOSHA test in for those that want to get more involved. Personally I’m just doing the mellow version, the versio I just described. Maybe we have an Indian member that would like to add to my post or write a post  educating us even more on this for us . . . please email us KillerTrinity3@aol.com ( or maybe even correct me if I have something wrong).
I read numerous stories about people having difficulties sleeping receiving a 7 day course of Panchakarma from an Ayurvedic  Physician. All of them were cured. The treatments included the following : morning and night oil massages {arms,legs & belly}, + oil enemas ( with specific oils) one of my test subjects found oil enemas online and she tried them ( no fancy oils were added) which worked wonderfully for her(!), and then 2 Tablespoons of drinking GHEE (Indian oil – clarified butter) substitution: Olive or Flaxseed Oil daily for 7 days.  All reports were they had never slept so soundly and had a hard time rising in the morning. TTTTTTTTTTTTTTry this PLEASE if that is an issue for you. No drugs, no crap that is bad for your body.
In PANCHAKARMA, soothing and detoxifying oils are used to penetrate the body’s largest organ - - -  the SKIN. This releases toxins deposited in fat cells and drives them to the colon for elimination. The goal is not only to detoxify the body but to regain harmony between the body’s three subtle biological forces or DOSHA’S : VATA, PITTA and KAPHA. Insomnia is a VATA disorder once you make the VATA go down… the body is in better balance. This system has been at work within the Indian culture for way over 5,000 years, I am a believer in: ‘the longer you work at something the better you get’. . . The Indians have been working on this 4800 years longer than we have even been in existence. There is nothing wrong with listening to another culture, especially one that looks and sounds so healthy .
We must learn that JUST panchakarma won’t permanently cure insomnia or high stress ( both imbalances of a DOSHA) – You must also borrow from the other steps of 10,000HEADS and be sure to get exercise ( preferably YOGA, walking – am a huge believer of walks with no electronics….and cardio of some sort . .whether it comes from a brisk walk of 40 minutes . . . or bicycle riding is another Gold star recommendation of mine ) 
All of those are imperative . . .the body is going to become imbalanced now and then - - you cannot stop stress from the outside. You have to develop daily routines that help you body and mind cope. . . . when your body is in balance your skin and hair will THRIVE - - I promise you.
So many of us are so strict with ourselves – pushing so hard at work, at family… at everything but what we should be doing and that is taking care of our body so that we CAN take care of all the other things easily and healthfully.
DONT PUSH YOURSELF SO HARD that you are FORCED TO relax because you CRASH.
In Ayurveda, lifestyle has a direct influence on the balance of the DOSHA’s and your susceptibility to disease. Maintaining a home OIL routine is important but it can’t replace eating well, exercising and getting enough rest. Your home routine can, however, strengthen your defenses during periods of intense stress.
The Indian system also emphasizes respecting your body’s natural rhythms by eating and sleeping at regular hours. Ideally, meals are to be eaten with no distractions and late nights avoided. Both of these are steps I must constantly remind myself of, I hope you will to. Adopting just these simple little practices will pay off, both physically and emotionally. Not only will you feel better and LOOK better, you’ll also enjoy the soothing and rejuvenating effect of oil application. 79395014
OIL MASSAGE CAN PREVENT AGING FOR A VERY LONG TIME , says Ayurvedic skin care expert Pratima Raichur. . . and here you thought you needed to save up $800. for a BOTOX shot ! I have been terrified of those my entire life, the thought of shooting toxic parts of a cow in my face just truly horrifies me, I’ve never been brave enough….although I am probably the only person in my area without them!
There are 6 main types of OLEATION
1) Self massage. As we have spoken about . .  using GListen warmed up a little – massage in small circles on the limbs and on the joints especially. The abdomen & chest should be massaged in clockwise circular motion. You can do this before your shower . .  even if you only do it for 5 minutes, the magic has begun.
2) Head massage 2-3x weekly ( for all DOSHA types) – rub warm Glisten / Gleam / Glass ( coming soon) into the head all over massaging the scalp with the fingertips. You can also take small sections of the hair and pull them taut to give yourself a bit of a jolt. This enables the oil to get into the root and hair bulb giving the growth sequence of the next new hair a healthier base to form on. This is best done when you can leave that oil on the hair for a minimum of 1 hour prior to showering for ultimate benefits.
3) Nasal massage  this clears the sinuses performed 1-2X per week. Lie down, face up, with your head resting on the side of the bed so your nose is at a lower level that your throat. Use a dropper ( request one with any oil from KS) to insert 2-4 drops of warm oil into each nostril. massage the sides of the nose in an upward direction. Remain still for one minute so the oil doesn’t drain in the throat.  Helps many with sinus problems . . .  give it a try . . . .
4) Ear Oleation  Oiling the ears keeps your sense of hearing in top shape and helps balance VATA. the oil also calms jaw tension. Use little finger to rub a drop or 2 of oil on the openings of the ear canal. Or apply oil to a cotton ball and rub the ear openings
5) Oil mouthwash ! Yep you read it right! BEFORE brushing your teeth gargle with a teaspoon of warm GLAZE (our Sesame oil either with or without lemon). Swish it around in your mouth and rub the gums with your index finger and the oil. Doing this daily is wonderful for the teeth and gums.
and lastly is the
6) Internal Oleation – which is ingesting 1 Tablespoon of oil either Olive or Flaxseed. Both excellent. Now the oly reason you would NOT want to do this …. is if you have high cholesterol . . . so if that is an issue for you please hope over to your doctors and ask them – I bet you can even call the nurse and she would be able to tell you.
Using the proper oils for your skin type… just a few minutes each day… can go a long way toward promoting health and natural radiance
nothing is better than NATURAL RADIANCE
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April 22, 2010

KillerStrands Blog- 3 Year Birthday - Comment

April 21, 2010

The Inside Track to Hair This Summer

Hair That Bares It All

A whole lotta Amazing photos of superb hair, just enjoy and let them inspire you . . . inspire you to change and grow. . .step out of your comfort zone and get a new cut or a new daring color. You only live once… and the best thing about hair if you change it…
Crown n Glory251
Texture is ALWAYS in fashion, this is a cut I’ve been cutting for 15 years and it still remains one of my favorite just a Rockin’ Crop. 1/2 the look here is the wax used as a styling product. This is Water Wax from Redken I would bet highly on….
Crown n Glory244

Sweet- Demure & Delightful a humongous Fringe Sets off and CHANGES the stationery look of plain long hair….If you are bored with your long locks and aren’t ready to give them up…trying the fringe is the perfect solution.
Crown n Glory232

I can’t talk many into Red hair, but I always feel EVERYONE should try one shade of red ONCE in their lifetime… this girl is a natural redhead, but you could choose between a huge variety of Reds, its universal knowledge that Wella has captured the most Dynamic and long lasting reds in the biz…so start there….
Crown n Glory229

That is an awesome cut…its called a “midi”- - be brave, find the best Cutter in your town and take a copy of the picture, THAT’s how much I like this….go get one!
Crown n Glory235
Braids are “IN” big time this summer. . .little Braids – big braids – especially fishtail braids……..mmmmmm those are the best
Crown n Glory230
Now this is one way of adding a little interest to thin hair. BUT…. this girls is a model, and as cute as I think this is, I bet ‘she’ doesn’t like it. Just like you Jamie, she has thin hair, got a great cut “FOR –HER –HAIR” but if the client doesn’t like it then it is a terrible hair cut. Which is why I encourage people in taking photos and photos of OPPOSITES to your hair cuts. When you say LAYERS, the Stylist may have a complete different interpretation of LAYERS than you do. If you have a photo, and say I like this . . . I “don’t like this….
Crown n Glory237
Crown n Glory234
Crown n Glory246
Tangerine Dream

Crown n Glory231 BLONDE
BOMBSHELLSCrown n Glory233
Crown n Glory240
Crown n Glory241
Crown n Glory239
Check out the Violet Framing technique, on this BobCrown n Glory242
Crown n Glory247
Rose Beige & Coral Rose Slices . .
Crown n Glory236
Crown n Glory250
I’m pretty sure this model is the same one that last month had …………………………………….
Pink ????
hair ? ? ? ? ?
bombshell strands221
maybe not……….
oh well fun to compare. . . .
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April 9, 2010

Healing Body & Hair Oils:Rejuvenation For Hair & Skin

Ayurvedic Hair & Skin Healing

I86514854 spent 3 years of my life deeply involved in YOGA,  I was hoping it would work internally to fight off my medical issues and for 3 years I almost  thought I had beat it for life ( unfortunately, not true). But, for those 3 years ( and to this day) I was enveloped in a form of medicine followed in India for over 5,000 years and many people in southern California find to be extremely effective, called AYURVEDIC Medicine. The one main point that gave me that push I needed to give it a try was the fact that it is over 5000 years old, it was based on almost exclusively natural theories  and the entire Indian race uses it with extremely positive results .
The main texts from which the medicine is drawn analyzes the human body in terms of earth, water, fire, air and ether as well as the 3 bodily humors (wind, bile and phlegm ). I can’t tell you how hesitant I was, but every celebrity I knew was and is …deeply involved in it. For some strange reason Celebrities get first hand knowledge on new - effective and immaculate beauty-health-skin & hair treatments wwwway before any of us. As a perfect example of this, I grew up with Melanie Griffith as my best friend since the age of 19 her boyfriend and mine were best friends – so we ended up living together for a couple years ( a very long time ago). We would workout together 3-4 days per week the drive from Malibu to Hollywood was a minimum of 1 hour and when we were together we never noticed the length of the drive. You know what we did 35 years ago?   
we took the class from the husband & wife team of  Mr. & Mrs. Pilates (don’t remember their first names!)BXP158329
About 8 years ago when the trend hit the masses, I laughed & was completely stunned. I have my reasons why I think that happens but it really doesn’t matter. Just remember this when in 10-15-20 years you hear about AYURVEDIC medicine. I have a feeling it will take 10 years {or less} to sink into our society. . . . so that is why I am bringing it to you now. It works and its on its way to main street USA. Let Gleam be your first example and if you haven’t tried GLeam I would highly recommend you do, no matter what type of hair you have….its a miracle in a bottle and it works on all types of hair -  yes, it even works on Oily hair…..its the Number 1 Selling product at Killer Strands!71086796
Jump on and begin the practice early, although Ayurvedic medicine did not cure my highly rare bone disease  - -   many people with this disease don’t live past 1 year and I have had 9 years – and I do attribute that to following Ayurvedic medicine practices.   So for all of you and YOUR HAIR . . .lets just tap into what they have learned and make the most of it for a healthy body and healthy strong hair!
Oils are a mainstay
       in  Indian  households
Ayurvedic medicine is a popular form of health care in India, where it is taught in over 100 colleges. It has gained recognition in the West as a form of alternative medicine with both USC and UCLA  building new and growing Ayurvedic medicine Centers to work alongside Western medicine. The last time I was there, they set me up with an Ayurvedic Therapy appointment in between my regular appointments, and I swear I almost fell off my chair. Now, I reveal my little trick that I never really explained in detail. OILS – real earth grown oils are a main part of the AVURVEDIC Medicine basis. That is why I developed GLEAM. If you have ever see any Indian Women 97390475 they all have incredibly healthy – strong – shiny- gorgeous hair. Being as they believe so much in oils in and ‘of’ the body, I just put 2 and 2 together and decided that had to be a key factor in why American women do not have healthy – strong –shiny  head of hair..  as well as moist – glowing SKIN.  So about  7-8 years ago I came up with my first version of GLEAM, it has evolved into what it is today and the stories I receive DAILY from people all over the world . . . make me feel I have  finally mastered the formula.
002 Oleation description
Now, I feel it is time to work on the skin which I firmly believe will help many of you solve other issues in your bodies. Please, I am not so bold to think I can cure anyone’s cancer or anyone’s severe life threatening diseases. NO, that is not what I am referring to. About 2 months ago, I began using Killer Strands new product, GLISTEN , the new body oil to the outside and taking 2 Tablespoons of oil per day, – internally.. and with just 1 person – ME, I am convinced this works. I just didn’t want to ask people to “injest things” until I tried it myself.  (I’m like the mad Dr. Frankenstein of hair repair! ! ! ). . . ( the ingestible oil name remains a secret for another 3 weeks while a couple of my friends give it a test run……!
one remains nameless for another couple weeks !! ) 86483336
I applied Glisten twice a day to my arms and legs . . . and drank 1 Tablespoon of the (G) Oil morning and night . . . . for 2 months. OK, boys and girls soon we will have hair like the Indian women!
The reason I say this is, I am a very sick human being, if this is working on me….I just cannot imagine what it will do for a healthy individual ! I am very excited to find out though!
This oil is completely different than GLEAM, its a lot more “oilier” definitely not for the hair – so I see why certain oils are used for certain parts of the body.56961651
Oil is as essential to ayurveda as it is invisible in western health /hair & skin care, which sometimes advocates that we avoid oils in food and skin/hair care products. In Ayurveda, affordable and accessible medicinal oils are a central component in treatments and are considered the secret to well-being and longevity. Even all Hindu rituals are based on ayurvedic medicine says Dr. Vasant Lad (an ayurvedic physician I actually met when I was in the middle of the  time-frame I was heavily involved in studying and following it. He says that in Ayurveda, oil used externally and internally not only can prevent illness in the first place, but can also keep diseases from recurring.G2_01_17_06 119
Oil massage lubricates and nourishes the body from the outside – IN. It enhances skin tone and improves circulation , digestion and elimination. It helps release toxins from the body and induces sound sleep.
When cells become dry, they look OLD”     In Indian philosophy….oil fuels ‘agni’ (fire) the biological force responsible for metabolism. Health and vitality begin with a strong AGNI, which helps us break down food and assimilate nutrients. Without it, body tissues don’t receive the nutrients they need and immune system cannot function. fdc922971
Agni can be nourished internally by ingesting oil in teaspoons, which nourishes nervous tissue and enables the mind to function. Agni can be nourished externally by oil massage (snehana)  In fact, massaging the skin with oil  is as vital to ayurveda as ANTIBIOTICS are to western practitioners. A famous ayurvedic scholar with degree in chemistry & botany tells us that according to ayurvedic physicians, substances absorbed into the skin affect the dhatus ( or bodily tissues). All 7 dhatus ( which range from blood & muscle to reproductive tissue) are functionally linked to each layer of skin. Because a problem with any body tissue shows up on the skin, oil massage also directly benefits these dhatus.
Personally I think the combination of both is what will finally make health care system in the USA own the perfect medical solution to many diseases…I’ve always felt we need both.   I have seen so many people healed from just Ayurvedic medicine alone. So am very excited to bring the concept to you – in the manner that will benefit your hair and skin. To be honest if you have been following 10,000HEADS, as best you can. . . . you are following Ayurvedic medicine. I worried ( a long time ago) that people would not be as open to the name “Ayurvedic” so I tweaked the  name and what it stands for by coming up with the 10,000HEADS name and its 14 Step Regimen.fst079014
The more one becomes involved in Yoga, the very natural next step becomes to learn as much as you can about Ayurvedic Medicine . Ayurvedic medicine emphasizes hygiene, yoga, herbal preparations, exercise and oils.
Essentially, the theory says that the human body was filled with four basic substances, called four humors, which are in balance when a person is healthy. All diseases and disabilities resulted from an excess or deficit of one of these four humors. These deficits could be caused by vapors which were breathed in or absorbed by the body. The four humors were identified as black bile, yellow bile, phlegm, and blood.
Ayurvedic physicians rely heavily on oleation, using medicated oils for treatments such as shirodhara, often prescribed for nervous system disorders, as well as panchakarma. Although these treatments should be supervised by an experienced practitioner , ayurveda allows you to take your health into your own hands with simple oil treatments done at home. Using the proper oils for your skin type just a few minutes each day can go a long way toward promoting health and natural radiance.
Even though Western medicine has no equivalent to oil treatments, these ayurvedic therapies are powerful medicine for the stress-related problems pervasive in our culture. 
I was really trying to do this whole message in 1 post and it is just not going to make it, I will really try to finish this over the week-end . . . if not then – then beginning of the week .78022271
What I have finally produced is one of 6  Total Body Oils for the skin. There is nothing like oils for the skin of the human body and hair for repair and rejuvenation I’m sure you all see that now. Both of those body parts  do nothing but flourish with certain properly chosen oils for specific reason are used on both the external parts in a massaging method of application and the internal parts which merely need a tablespoon in the morning and in the evening swallowed.  If you really can’t handle it, you can put it on some lettuce and make it a oil & vinegar salad dressing with some lemon squeezed on top ! But it needs to be downed twice daily.
I will complete this post as I still have a way to go and I want to get part up tonight. We have a brand new oil that is  a partner to this post.  GLISTEN .
GLISTEN is a combination oil of 2 oils, 6 Herbal Extracts with an oil base, Aloe Vera, 2 Forms of Vitamin E, and is scented with 2 types of Orange essential oils – Blood Orange and Valencia Orange essential Oils.
Watch for the remainder of this post so you get to hear the entire picture. . . . . am exhausted……..
Chocolate chip cookies in a bowl with a glass of milk.
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