November 8, 2016

Why Do I Have (very expensive) "Gray" Highlights?

Does this problem haunt you? Gray highlights? Why and how to fix it....It stems from a Stylist OVER HIGHLIGHTING your hair.....and a few other reasons.

Many 'new' to Killerstrand's write in with a question off my List of "Future Post Titles" therefore the age-old cliche: '2 birds--one stone' fit the bill.

Its an excellent question, & as I told her, for great general questions I am going to have to ask you all to post the question in the COMMENTS section or in the Killerstrands GROUP Forum. I have started to generate an extraordinary amount of email. In order to keep up with the quality of my advice I am going to need to answer more in the Comments section of any post or the Killerstrands GROUP.

How common are Gray highlights?
Even here in LA, I was just in the post office behind 2 women with the dreaded head. I wanted to hand them my card with the comment, please...let me fix your hair. In order to avoid decapitation, I decided against it.

Its nice to hear someone admit they have them so its not just Colorists that see them.

The problem stems from one or a combo of these 4 issues which are all interconnected:

  • too-white highlights

  • hair color Basic Rules not followed

  • "over-busy" Stylist

  • Using only 1 Color

  • too many foils 
  • greedy colorists ( highlights is the process that generates the most money, as it takes the longest to do and it makes us look like we are going to a lot of trouble so the hefty price-tag MUST BE WORTH it !    
  • There are more striking techniques, 
  • that if you have your clients best interest in mind you would consider them. If you weren't educated some where cool and brilliant like Sassoon, you can buy DVD's, Books & all sorts of training materials to learn. Never stop learning in anything you take on - especially hair..
  • If you just cannot and won't take on Crib Coloring be diligent about finding a qualified Colorist. Call Sassoon in Santa Monica/Chicago/Florida Academies and ask for Students trained There in your area.

1.)Too-White Highlights: The number one reason for 'gray' appearing highlights is having too 'white' > highlights. How do they get too white ? The bleach is left on the hair too long, pushing the color of the hair past the lovely golden blonde stage and over to the bright white stage.                                

I will gamble that most of you that have this problem have a brown base. You've gone into the Salon and asked for the Jennifer Anniston color and come out with something more on the line of the Golden Girls, sound like you? If you place too many white highlights on top of a brown base...the overall appearance is "gray" . That is just how it looks, and I know it confuses the client. What colors make gray? Black and white. Brown is the closest color to black and close enough within the context of hair to give the effect of gray. Brown and super white highlights -appear 'gray'. Now if you have your base tinted brown first, you have an even higher chance of having that "gray effect".

gray dispaly2

What stage comes after the too white stage>? the 'breakage stage" which I am sure many have discovered that have this problem - so if you are here - stop the madness and get off the train. Put your foot down, ask for a change or you change Stylists. Please see the decolorization chart posted here. Which shows "how" color comes out of hair as it is lightened. If you understand the process it will make it easier for you to solve the problem.

The second reason they would be too white? Using the heat of a hair dryer. Especially when it says right on the package of every bleach I have ever seen, DO NOT USE HEAT. Heat speeds up the processing, which in turn speeds up the lifting action .. again zooming it right past the "golden blond" stage and up to that old "white" blond stage. Whiter is not better in highlights, nor is yellow the desired color either. Its those couple levels in between, and its not that hard to hit them. Just takes a little practice and using the proper rules and techniques.

2.) Hair Color basic rules that need to be followed - there is a reason Stylists are required to attend a specialized school for 1 year. Even if they did not learn it there > right on the package of almost all colors and bleaches it will say "DO NOT APPLY HEAT" . I was so shocked when I moved from the Academy to the Salon and saw this trick in action. I would say 90% of all hair color specifically says not to use heat. Most color that is professional says right on the package: DO NOT USE HEAT... in giant -- all capital letters, in many different places. Yet, in the Salon every single Stylist I watched in action was shuffling their clients in and out of hair dryer chairs, does this happen to you? .........JUST SAY NO, if you're timid say you are allergic to hair dryers... ! ! ! Just don't sit under them if they have used bleach, bleach works plenty fast ON ITS OWN.....!. Most Stylists are buying time until they have time to work you in....right ? 

I would worry greatly if a stylist is not even following something as minor as directions on the package. By using heat on a product, especially bleach, you speed up the action of the product which in turn will make those highlights go from a nice golden blond to a raging white. WHITE highlights are a huge no-no by anyone with any sort of artistic vision and eye for the health of the clients hair.The highlights are white you have a brown base ....Brown + transparent white hair gives the appearance of "gray".......the answers are always in the theory of the color wheel ! Yes Black and white make gray but brown is very very very close to black....and that is the entire reason they "appear" gray!

Its also dangerous to apply heat to chemicals not designed to take heat. That is a very basic hair color rule being ignored by these people.

3.) Over Busy Stylist: This person is overbooked, has clients coming in every 1/2 hour or even every 15 minutes -- with no assistants. They "buy time" by slapping clients under dryers ... making them think they are getting something accomplished - by sitting under a dryer, instead of sitting in a chair with nothing "going on". This buys her time to juggle the next client/clients. By leaving the product on the hair too long OR too long PLUS with the heat ... again...they create the "too white" highlight. This stems from being over-booked with too many clients.71555693

. So to use a hair dryer as a means of stalling so they can cram in more clients, is the base of the bigger problem. Too white highlights. They need to plan their day better, clients deserve individual attention, they can hire an assistant ...there are many ways around those issues.

I would rather rinse the color off at proper stage, then apply a deep conditioner, if I need to buy a little time. Everyone benefits from an extra dose of deep conditioner! Especially the hair. Care about the hair.

4.) Using only 1 Color in Highlight formula. Another simple rule to achieve a standard Jennifer Anniston-type highlight is, to use more than 1 color. I never use under 3 colors, with 5 thru 10 my normal array, its just not in my make-up to not use a variety of colors. I don't know how any Stylist can arrive at a decent look without at least 2 lights and 1 dark if not many more. A variety of tones are needed for a natural look.

The idea in hair color is to go for the color of a child's hair. That has been a great goal in all my work and one of the reasons for my success. A child's hair color has dozens of colors in it and that is why it is so beautiful. That would need to be part of the formula for any Stylist/colorist that you see. If the stylist is using only one color, you should ask for at least 3 and if they balk at that you are in the wrong avoid the confrontation in the chair clarify this when making your appointment. If you have gray highlights, do not put up with them... that is terrible that you are paying good money for a huge mistake200474281-001.

5.) Too Many Foils. Along with the other 4 reasons, I have noticed that these Stylists put hundreds of foils in clients hair. Yes, that justifies charging more money, but there is no reason to put that many foils in the hair. It will never make the hair color look better if you are using one color, bleach.

If you are only using one color you are making more white stripes which adds to that brown plus white equals gray 'look'. Therefore, too many highlights/foils will only exacerbate the problem.

If you are one of the many people out there with the Gray Highlight issue. Try to figure out which of the 5 issues is the root of your problem, one or all will be I can guarantee you. Either speak frankly with your stylist, get a new one, or join the many that are starting to learn the basics of hair color and beginning to figure out how to professionally color their hair at home with us on Killerstrands. This is not a subject anyone really talks about, but isn't that what Killerstrands is all about.
Talking about any and every issue that no one else will in regards to hair, hair color or anything hair related.

Today in 2015, I truly feel the solution to this is to go one color go Level 6 light brown Cool Neutral.... NO ONE HAS THIS COLOR , but celebs and models!
They have it because it is rare, beautiful and can be easily shiny... ! In the summer you can add a few light ribbons around the face and in winter just go back to a beautiful level 6, I'm telling !

Think about it

Remember always Highlights are history......Think New ..........

Use some of our Color enhanced Shampoo's & Conditioners ....... 
................Called BOOST and BURST in 35 unique and long lasting colors

Killer Chemist "KC"
35 comments on "Why Do I Have (very expensive) "Gray" Highlights?"
  1. I HAVE THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM! I have been crying for two days straight since I came out of the salon, should I go back for them to have it fixed? I'm I going to have fried hair until it grows out? what treatment should I use? What should I ask for them to do to my hair?? (I just got joico K-Pak shampoo, conditioner and treatment....) will it work? I know theres lots of questions but I'm sooo desperate and depressed!

  2. IEM,
    I knew this was a common problem, wow girl...I am so VVVVVery very sorry. What did you pay, if you don't mind me asking?
    The problem with going back to the same person is....they just don't get it - if they did they sure the hell would not be doing it to begin with.
    I wish you were here I would use you as the model fix your hair and film it for this site. Wouldn't that be the best?
    But, lets deal with reality.
    Conditioning won't help the look. What I would do is call the owner of the Salon, print out my post on "gray highlights" take it with you.
    Show the owner what you think is the problem with your hair and being as you have paid ______ amount of $$ - you feel you should not be left crying as a result.

    My work was 100% guaranteed. If one person was not happy they were encouraged to come in and explain why & I would do everything in my power to fix it. Use me as your example I am a board certified Cosmetologist in California which is the toughest state. So whomever your stylist is, we both have the same standards we are supposed to strive towards.
    Our work should be guaranteed, the client should be happy. Don't you agree? I'm sure the owner of the Salon would also agree that you should be happy with your new hair color. Use my article to show her what you feel is the problem with your hair - its perfect timing for you, my dear!

    You have "GRAY" highlights

    I knew when I wrote this article that I was going to be opening up a bag of worms. This is something that has been going on for years, another one of those "little things" that no one talks about, no one brings up.

    Exactly how the Boxed hair color kits are Job Security for Hair Stylists. If they didn't exist Hair Stylists wouldn't have appointments every month, for "fixing" the mistakes they create - secret.

    I am the first one to bring these little "no-no's" up to you all and I knew it was not going to be an easy road for me. There are going to be some hair stylists and hair industry Reps that turn on me + be furious with me.

    But its time.
    Its not fair to you, it truly is not.
    It should NOT BE ACCEPTABLE.
    I never did any of these things, but I knew they existed. So by me 'keeping quiet' I feel I was just as guilty.

    Its time the public learn the truth and that these little secrets are let out of the bag. All of them. I plan on opening up this entire world to all of you. You all will get to look INTO the professional world of HAIR.
    Why not?

    Its terrible that you are that upset with your brand new hair and its time these huge mistakes are brought to the surface and out to the public. I am sure I am going to get a whole lot of flak from a whole lot of Hair Industry people....but I just don't care anymore.
    I want to do some "good" in my life, I want to be remembered for standing up to the "powers-that-be" even if it is "just the hair industry".
    Hair is important to every single person I know.

    I think that a whole new road needs to be taken and I want to open up the secrets to everyone. Why can't everyone know all the tricks to having great hair?

    That is what will happen right here.

    Now, Please read through the article so you understand which one of the problems caused your gray highlights. Then write me back and I will help you figure out what to say to the owner, please don't just settle for having lousy hair.
    But you must call the Salon ASAP - I have a 7 day limit on my guarantee (someone always abuses the generous rule).

    Killer Chemist

    I paid a little more than 200$ dlls and they didn't even blow dry my hair, because The whole process took so long I didn't have time that particular day. (The next day I went to my regular salon to get a hair cut and my hair styled, it does look better) I Think the problem was that the stylist was doing 3 highlights at the same time!, he applied heat! and even re-applied bleach in some areas!...The highlights are TOO WHITE HE ONLY USED 1 COLOR!!! andddd too many foils!! and I had brown hair... My hair is managable now because it has been styled. But I'm afraid to wash it and see what I'm left with. I feel like an old lady with white hair.. (can I send you a picture to your e-mail?) I cant say how grateful I am for all your help and attention. I would be happy if the stripes of the highlights were not so contrasting with my brown base, and an overall more natural that possible now?

  4. lem,
    Please join our GROUP
    there is a space to post your photos there as well... its brand new and just off the ground, but your problem is exactly what I hope to address there.
    With the use of photos and better technology to post back and forth... its much handier for communication between us.

    Did you mean he was doing 3 highlight clients at the same time?
    I never understand that?
    I understand the greed, but I do not understand the rudeness & un-professionalism it shows.

    I had forgetten to post the chart of decolorization...its up there now. Take a look at it.

    What that shows is how the color comes OUT OF THE HAIR as it is being lightened. I have already thought of how to explain this even better with some more examples, but that won't be till tomorrow.

    See the chart...the hair starts out at brown...once a lightener is appplied to the hair, the color is "lifted" out of the hair or lightened. It doesn't just go from brown to white. It goes in stages- say after about 5 minutes the hair is at the #2"red-brown' stage...then after another 10 minutes its at the #3'red' stage...another 5 minutes and its at the #4'red/orange' stage....and so on....
    With the goal for the stylist to be checking the highlights all along and noticing when they are at the # 7"Gold" stage or #8 Gold/Yellow stage, at which time they are ready to rinse the product off.
    In order to have "too-white' highlights, they have left the product on TOO LONG so the lightening has gone PAST even #10 stage of Pale Yellow and they have hit the stage that has no number WHITE and is told and warned in every cosmetology school in the land not to get anyone's hair to for fear of breakage and the complete wrong effect.

    Don't ever let anyone do this to you again.
    If he is charging $200. for highights, YOU NEED TO GO TO THE OWNER. period.
    you do not have to be mean, you do not have to get can be done in a very diplomatic, business-like method.

    Its wrong and you would never get one (decent)licensed stylist not to agree with you.
    At that price his work should be guaranteed.

    Join the group and post the photos, before we go over what to say.
    But I would suggest that you call the Salon tomorrow and leave word you would like to speak to the owner of the Salon. ( mondays they are usually closed). What was the guy like? Do you think you can talk to him without him having a heart attack?
    Its simply a matter of paying top dollar for poor work.

    How can a decent Stylist use only one color? That will be the worst results on the planet....
    Pay attention girls
    If you see your stylist do this....ask them very politely if they could please use 3-4 blondes. Tell them you would like a Level 8BG (brown-gold) a level 10NB(Neutral brown) and a Highlift 12A(Ash)- - THAT IS WHY I WANT EVERYONE TO LEARN THE LEVEL SYSTEM !!!! Its so very very simple...and if you learned it then even if you were to go to the Salon you would be able to "ask" for what you want. The way it is now, the Stylists act like you the client don't know anything about the Level System how can you pick your own colors. WE have to pick them because we are the only ones that understand the "LEVEL SYSTEM".



    Sorry to go off on that tangent Lem, but I am trying to get everyone to see why its important to me.

    Killer Chemist

  5. I got the same problem withmy hair! And I was wondering if there is any way to get it fixed without dying it?

  6. Anonymous,
    There are a lot of options listed here, did you read them all? You should. Without dying? Use the shampoo Train method of decolorizing the hair. Which is basically shampooing the Living hell out of it... and then use VANISH if you really want to Zap it. {All in Decolorization.}

    There are 2 posts on DECOLORIZATION and the Google Search feature works very well on the site USE it, boys & girls!!

  7. I've just come from a pricey salon that I was sure I'd get what I paid for...a good color/highlights and cut. I am 53 with dark hair going grey all over lightly. I had half a head of foils and I came out looking older than when I went in. Many many fine grey hairs. I am returning to the salon Friday as everyone is telling me how grey my hair looks.
    I think she used a platinum high with a few choc but all I see is my older sister. Hoping she can use a different toner. I wonder if my hair will be dead! I did thank her at the salon as I hoped once outside my hair would be...well...anything but grey..and I did like the cut...but I feel like hiding. One of those "Why do these things happen to me" moments. So glad to hear something can be done!

  8. hmmm...i am actually thinking about intentionally getting gray highlights. i have very dark hair and i think silvery/gray highlights against dark hair is beautiful. i go to an amazing salon in NYC who i know will do an exceptional job. i think it'll look awes, and to boot i think it's going to become/or is becoming somewhat popular. to each his own, i guess :)

  9. I'm going for gray highlights myself! Whats the matter with you people - when did gray, or silver become an unacceptable hair color? Who started that anyway? - some people even go gray at 21 naturally - its gorgeous - Gray is the new black - get in tune...

    1. It has nothing to do with gray being "unacceptable." It's the fact that we asked for a natural BLONDE, but instead came out looking like striped skunks riddled with grey.

  10. Yes, Miss anonymous....
    You are 100% correct ! No one loves achieving the colour 'silver' more than I ! In our store we carry 3 or 4 different methods of tinting the hair silver.
    There is a big difference between intentionally going silver..and accidentally having a gray-green cast in the quest to become Blonde.

  11. yesterday i went to the salon to get highlights done and ended up coming home with horrible greenish grey highlights! Please help!! in my case many of the possible problems you listed above apply. i had a brown base, the bleach was left on for way too long, too many foils were put on the hair, and the "stylist" used only bleach. i am really disappointed with the result and my question is if i can die my hair black to get rid of this mess? i'm really done for now, i'm not interested in going back to the salon i just wasn't my hair back :-(

    thank you,

  12. Unfortunately that is the million dollar question, so many people get their hair destroyed at their local salon and then end up in my lap. If you don't want to do any reading about how to fix it, I'm afraid you will be more sorry than you are now. People here learn to take control of their own hair by learning how to color it themselves.
    Right now you are depressed. Don't do anything foolish. The most common thing people do in your predicament is to dump a box of black hair color on your hair. You will be very sorry.
    If you would like, you may look up our Killer 14 questions....that I use to help people describe what they have AND WHERE THEY WANT TO GO IN A MANNER THAT WE BOTH ARE ON THE SAME PAGE. (excuse the caps!)
    I will be happy to help if you can give in and learn the Level system really is not that hard.
    Level 1 is BLACK and Level 12 is Platinum. There are 10 other Levels /Colors. Please make your way to the 14 questions
    head there,
    then either fill out the FEEDBACK button in the store with the answers or email to me the address is on front of the store....... I will be glad to help you...
    Don't do anything silly like buy boxed color........

  13. I began coloring my hair in my 30's. Not to cover gray, but to keep my brown color rich. I am fortunate to have been born into a family of people who age well. Most of us look 10 year younger than we are. However, I am now 67 and it is time to make some changes. I would like to introduce gray highlights into my hair color because I feel it would be more flattering at my age. I would like to gradually make my hair gray by adding highlights every three or four months. I can't find a stylist who will do this. They tell me it is a time consuming process and they do not like making hair gray. One told me it would make me look 10 years older than I am. I talked to a colorist at a shop that sells hair and beauty products and she told me I could use the highest level peroxide (7?) with a level 20 developer to make the lightest blonde strands to blend with my light brown hair to make it appear gray. I haven't tryed it yet because I read that you can buy toners that will change the blonde (white) to gray. If I ever get to gray, I will still color my hair with a gray or silver that looks natural to my skin coloring. Although, I still have my black eyebrows so I will have to consider that with the color. Any suggestions for me with ths endeavor?

  14. Yes, grey highlights is expensive and even worse upkeep....they are very hard to even accomplish so I applaud your hair Stylist.
    There are no Colorists at 'shops'. If she is a true Colorist she would be doing hair color at the highest end salon around, it is a very tough area to become super good at. So when someone has reached the "Colorist status" they are coloring hair at the top Salon and barely have time to sleep !

    My suggestion is to come up with a completely different plan I'm afraid. Unless you have a personal Colorist(which many stars and Malibu-ites - 'do') the cost of your idea would be a LOT ! Even if you got it, it would fade so qucikly, you would need your Colorist - 'on-call' !


  15. OMG! I had my hair highlighted yesterday with my salonist of 28 years. My hair was dark blonde and now I have grey hair. I guess there is a fine line between golden highlights and white highlights that I didn't realize. I asked her to take the grey out but instead I have white highlights on dark blonde hair. Im looking for an immediate fix. Is there any over-the-counter product that can put some color back in my hair. I don't care if it washes out with shampooing...I have an interview tomorrow... thank goodness it's a phone screen instead of in person. But Tuesday, i have to go to work "looking my age"---not funny.

  16. Help I have the same issue. I have grey highlights that were suppose to be blonde and they also have a green tjnt to it. I don't know what to do

  17. Well, just have I explained above it is because she left the lightener on too long ( did she use a dryer? - never let her do that again - just say "I don't mind sitting here without being under a dryer") FYI : Bleach is ABSOLUTELY NOT supposed to be used with a dryer! It is suppose to process naturally.

    What you need now is a toner.
    The highlights themselves must be toned down to more of a golden blond....... you can go back and see whoever did this and ask for them or do it yourself. Toners are the easiest hair color to apply. I would try by using Wella Color Touch in 9/73 BG and 6 or 13Volume, just color all the highlighted area, try to just get it on the highlights but if bits get on the darker area it won't show up so don't worry....

    That will give them a warmer appearance instead of the highlights being so white, which is your current problem. Good luck on that let us know how it comes out.


  18. I got ash blonde highlights yesterday and now they are completely gray I paid $100 for them and I am freaking out I believe she used to many white highlights! help!!!!!!!):

    1. See my answer below...........

      She didn't use white highlights, 'white' highlights are created by using powder bleach and 40 Volume developer which is a lot of lazy Stylists, if you ask me.
      Its using 'too much'......... 'too fast'...... and 'too long'......
      But, to be honest $100. is too much for this method. If she were to use 2-4 colors so that you had a very natural looking result, well, that's a different story.

      Either go back and ask for a Demi-permanent Toner to 'tone-down' the white into more of a beige blonde.............or purchase BOOST or BURST in Sandy Beige and Shampoo it into the hair, which is probably the easiest solution and you wouldn't have to sit in her chair again.

      Don't go there again.

      She probably put u under a dryer...........which you are not supposed to do......Bleach and heat is a NO-NO! Creates damage.

  19. Replies
    1. I'm not sure what the email address is for. ? You have gray highlights because yourcolorist left the lightener on TOO long or used something TOO strong. When the hair is lightened 'past' the nice light beige blond is goes to 'white' . White highlights on top of brown hair - give the ILLUSION of GRAY. Mix black and white and you have GRAY.
      So with dark hair underneath and white on just "appears" gray.
      The solution out of that is to tone down your highlights. Just purchase Wella Color Touch in 9/73 + 6 volume .
      Just apply on top of highlights. It should take away the gray appearance - in 35 minutes!

  20. Ok so my comment has nothing to do with grey highlights, but you seem to really know what you are doing so I figured I might as well ask.

    Yesterday I went in to have my hair dyed from a brown to a cool blonde, I was told that they would not be able to completely dye my hair blonde but that they would do heavy highlights that would leave me with a blonde look. I sat for 4 hrs, and was deep conditioned where I could clearly see that my hair was now blonde, she then proceeded to put an ash toner on my hair. All in all, I paid $220 and left with the exact same color hair that I had originally came in with. I have shown countless people my before and after pictures, where I am always asked which one was before and which was after. My family didn't think I had even gone to the salon. I am very dissatisfied, and am wondering is this normal or should $220 have gotten my hair the color blonde I had wanted.

  21. Go back, if she/he is any kind of a decent hair stylist of course they should fix it. I wouldn't harp in the money part of it ( because that is the going rate nationwide) But, you SHOULD have what you want at the end. Especially if no one can tell any difference. Just go in there and be as pleasant as you possibly can and first talk to your Stylist. Tell her how you feel and that you are unhappy, be polite...she may get an attitude about her, but ignore it.
    You deserve to get what you paid for, just like in anything else you do. If you went to a very expensive restaurant and they burned the hell out of your steak and u couldn't eat it, wouldn't you complain? you should...and they will bring you another.
    People are so scared to go back into their Salon's and complain if they did not get what they want.
    YOUR HAIR COLOR IS HER BUSINESS CARD OUT THERE WALKING AROUND, when I was in the Salon I wanted every single last person that sat in my chair to have the hair of their dreams, and she should to !
    If it gets down to it, use that line,
    if all else fails go to the manager, but make that last.
    Put your ''big girl shoes'' on and go in there ! ;)

  22. I have definitely experienced this (and many other hair errors and disasters). I have been reading your site for a couple years and love it but something comes up often that I don't understand. This post is a good example. Highlights Are Over is soon followed by:
    "Using only 1 Color in Highlight formula. Another simple rule to achieve a standard Jennifer Anniston-type highlight is, to use more than 1 color. I never use under 3 colors, with 5 thru 10 my normal array, its just not in my make-up to not use a variety of colors"

    It seems like you are saying you do indeed still do highlights? There are also some tutorials on the site that seem very much like highlights to me, like ribbons and glow strips. Maybe I am confused about the definition of highlights? Aren't highlights small pieces of lightened hair? Whether they are painted on, placed in foil or on cotton (or, god forbid, plucked through a cap in the 80s), aren't they all highlights?

    It looks to me like most celebrities DO have highlights, though often more subtle than what we see walking around the rest of the country. Sometimes even examples you post of beautiful "all one color" hair appear to me as hair that has been expertly and subtly highlighted. Please do not take this as criticism. I defer to your expertise! This site is a wealth of information and I love it. I am just so confused!

  23. The color results seen with celebrity hair is intended to look 'highlighted' - think of what natural, never-dyed and lovely hair looks like, whether we're talking about a rich mocha or a sandy blonde, in the sunlight you see variations in the color naturally occurring. When hair is dyed 'all one color', without the subtle tonal variation, it looks like the person spray painted or dumped shoe polish on their head - its flat and blah. Some improvements have finally come along in terms of hair coloring, but the results one achieves are only as good as the person using these products ability to learn and follow the precise directions for.

    My assumption on the "Highlights are over" statement is regarding the old way - the one that tended to leave clients with obvious stripes on their hair by the time they exit the salon - should be dead and buried at this point. From the products now available, to new techniques that can be employed for a non-stripey result (unless you want stripes, which is totally fine if that's your hearts desire) not to mention the growing body of knowledge and access to better supplies/products that we're seeing becoming available to the public interested in doing their own hair without disastrous results - the hair world landscape is a-changing.

  24. Hi - I also have had blue/grey come through overnight after highlights (I was brown originally)
    Is there anything I can buy myself in terms of toner to get this through to the blonde... I can't go back as I go away today :-(

  25. I have very expensive grey looking hair. My stylist works at one of the most expensive salons in town and i paid over 100 euros for very expensive white highlights (one color only), and he used heat. I am especially annoyed as i told him that i found my highlights to have an overall grey ashy appearance and he arrogantly asked if i had used too much 'silver shampoo' and proceeded to foil me up saying that he could leave in the bleach less time but my highlights may look brassy. So now i have grey looking hair which looks terrible.

    My natural color is medium ash brown - a level 5/6. I will not be going back there, however until i decide what i will do with my hair when i have re growth i need to breathe live into my hair as it also looks dull. As I live in Europe can you suggest a color shampoo (semi permanent), that i could purchase here?

  26. Hello,
    Please help!!! I wanted a change for my coming 40th birthday (nov 7) so I went to a stylist saloon and show her the picture of the hair I wanted (by the way she is the owner!!) she said done. I spent 3 hours with the ammonia in my hair! So you can tell what the result was, I have very dark brown hair, so I ended up with grayish, greenish, copperish, and gold strands. I told her this doesn't look a bit like the picture and she said yeah that's exactly what it is 😕😖 Please help! My birthday is coming, I need to fix it, how? Where can I send you a picture? So you can tell me what colors to use to get the result as close as possible to what I wanted? Please help! Thank you!

    1. Ruby,
      Well unfortunately owners of Salons many times are not the best at doing hair, they spend the majority of their time running a business, to findd a good Colorist try to find someone who only does color and if at all possible someone that is Vidal Sassoon trained, but its too late for that now.

      Send your photo to and I need the answers to the Killer 15 questions in order to do it correctly , no one wants a blind - uninformed Colorists I promise you.... Get that done immediately sdo I can give you a formula.


  27. Thanks for sharing us such a great post! The photos are amazing!

  28. I have been coloring my hair for years to cover the grey and want to stop, but don't want to look like a skunk for a year. Is there any way to do silver highlighting on purpos?

  29. No, that way doesn't really work, really, because highlights will then lighten the hair you're trying to let grow out.
    One method that may work is to use BOOST AND BURST in Silver Bullet or SILVER-Brass bullet. Search them....but FIRST READ ALL ABOUT THEM. Those and also The Sassy silver page, there is some silver hair color out there on our SILVER'S page by Kenra -- check that well. You did not answer the most important questions about your hair....
    Review the Killer18 questions and answer them all when asking questions.

  30. Please help!! I went to the salon wanting golden blonde highlights with a dark blonde base and illumination to my face and I got the total opposite...I got dark green highlights and it makes me look dull ..what can I do or put on my hair to strip the green and add gold in the bleached highlight please daughter's wedding is in one week and my hair is a total disaster :((

  31. If you are serious and you will listen, write me at this email:
    You have to do some research on this Blog in order to be able to help you answer the Killer 16 Questions. I have 16 Key questions that I need you to answer,so that I may help you. It doesn't work just piling more color on top a disaster, that is not how one repairs a mess. . . I promise. you.
    Please answer the Killer 18 QUESTIONS ??? - I FOUND THEM!

    The Start of the Crib Colorist Militia ! The Killer 18 Questions!
    If you would like to joinGET ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS REGARDE - begin using our products and I will give you my formula to the answers you give ... to the following "Killer 18 Questionnaire!"

    The Killer 18 ...........Questions for hair color formula for me to use to analyze your hair and future formula Selection when you have previous hair color on, I need to know the answers to these questions in order to give you a better formula

    1.) Texture ?
    2.) Length of hair ?
    3.) Ethnicity ?
    4.) Is Hair VIRGIN?
    5.) Hair Bleached ?
    6.) Porosity ?
    7.) Boxed Color?
    8.) How many?
    9.) Percentage of Gray?
    10.) What Type of Color is on ...Box?
    11.) Professional? Straightener? Ever?
    12.) D.U.R.P. - Dominant-Underlying-Remaining-Pigment ?
    13.) Your opinion ...Resistant? or Not?
    14.) Used HENNA/NATURAL claim' products that don't work??
    15.) Virgin Color - Level & Tone ?
    16.) Current Color - Level & Tone?
    17.) Desired Color - Level & Tone ?
    18.) Send photo of color u desire?
    For the best help... PLEASE send me 3-4 photos of hair profile/back/roots/long distance
    in "NATURAL Light ! "

    \Thank You, KC


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