November 28, 2016

Cyber Monday : America's Marketing Machines' Last Push to Get You Spending ! 20%OFF - Kenra NEONS Today Only

Well, if you haven't heard enough 
BLACK FRIDAY Advertising
(you must be living in a cave, btw) 
they have come up with 
CYBER Monday 
to finish off the Push
 to Get You Spending

Therefore we thought we would give you the opportunity to purchase the New Kenra NEON hair color
at 20%OFF 
 being as they are so popular now 

Code for your discount is: CyberMonday 
( shocking right?) 

We are super excited about a new product in the works here at Killerstrands Hair ......which is complete and in the testing stages. It is your answer to "metallic Hair" upkeep and color period. "Metallic hair" is at the top of Google "search" words - currently - for hair color and we have tested all metallic hair color on the market place. Some are great, most are not.

Our single most successful product is BURST, it has changed everything for us and I am grateful to every one of you that has purchased and recommended it to others, Thank You for that. The new product is also a conditioner but we are using a metallic pigment instead, we will begin with 12 of our top colors, only these will be metallic, with an ultra-fine metallic cast to them........they will be called :


Watch for the announcement !

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