November 2, 2016

Flatten That Fricken Frizzy Hair - #1

The Smoothest Route to De-Frazzling The Nest

Rid Your Noggin of Frizzy/Curly Hair

After your shampoo & shower be careful not to towel dry the hair. Especially not a rough wild scrub with the towel I see so many do, you are roughing up the cuticle. Gently blot the water out if need be, leaving it alone is the single best choice and shaking your head back and forth side to side in the shower just before exiting is an old Hollywood trick. (The deep shaking also helps with root lift - promise).

An important part of the trick to getting rid of frizzy hair is understanding the "cuticle" of the hair strand. The cuticle has scales which lie along the surface of the hair like tiles on a roof with their free edges directed towards the tip. They cover the hair surface all the way along its length.
 Hair strand magnified - Cuticle visible
If you could look at a hair under a powerful microscope you would see that the scales growing over the youngest part of the hair (the part that grows closest to the scalp) are smooth and unbroken. 
Further along the hair, you would be able to see that they may have been damaged by cosmetic treatments ( flat irons, over processing, etc).

When the hair's cuticles are smoothed down and going in the same direction the appearance will be shiny and smooth, therefore lessening/eliminating frizz.

Remember this theory for other things you do to your hair such as : putting clothes on over the head, wearing hats, swim caps, brushing hair upside down(that's a 'no'). The roughing up that the towel drying creates sets the entire styling process up to fail for you, its a very easy step, put a post-it on the bathroom mirror right now if you must.

Included will be 10 of my Tricks + 5 product recommendations. What you have that sets you apart from each other ..........are your tricks and product finds that you try to keep secret. That is why people seek you out, along with the obvious : artistic flare & knowledge of hair.
3 comments on "Flatten That Fricken Frizzy Hair - #1"
  1. Thanks for this. I have really frizzy, dry hair and I'm at the end of my teather. I normally do towel dry my hair, but after reading this last night this morning I didn't. I look forward to reading the rest of this series, especially the product recommendations.

  2. Sorry for the delay this week, the series will continue into next, bought my first "router" and tried to go "wireless"! After 6 calls to India and 2 slight heart attacks.. I think its all set now. What a nightmare.

  3. Just wanted to say how great your blog is. I discovered it last week !
    Took me forever to get to the beginning of it with my slow internet but it sure is worth it.
    I have extremely frizzy curly fuzzy hair although I flat iron it 2 or 3 times a week and this info is wonderful. Look forward to making my way through your blog and learning learning learning.
    Had some real jobs done on my hair color-wise LOL



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