September 16, 2016

10,000 Heads, 20,000 People and a Blog - - Changed My Life Forever -- I'm Here To Help............. YOU !

Don’t ever think Hair is a “little” thing, 
I found a computer 
a comb 
and found I could change my outlook on the world

The beginning. . . .
About 16 years ago, I made a turn off the path I was on ............
working in a extremely busy Salon, with an overloaded booking of clients, 
there was just not enough of 'me' to go around. 
The turn initially was not taken voluntarily ...I came down with a rare bone disease..............
 pushing me into a year worth of treatments,
 I wouldn't wish on anyone. 

In the course of that year, I too lost 1/2 my hair, 1/2  my weight and 1/2 of my mind !  

To me this major event in my life “meant something”…. it was driving me towards becoming an expert on female hair thinning and loss. This issue of female pattern Hair Loss (FPHL) was becoming a way too common occurrence in the Salon . . 18 – 20 – 36 year olds were all coming to me with the problem. That was petrifying to me at the time.
?  ? ? ? ? ?
Which was a revelation to me that I was supposed to be working on .....

 [ I became driven to solving the subject of women's hair loss. ("womens hair loss" is entirely different, than men's). 

There is plenty of research and clinical trials concentrating on the male world of hair loss, very little was being done to help women. I knew from my own clientele the problem was bad and getting worse. 

That is when I began my journey into Cosmetic Chemistry and Trichology

I spent the next 2 years in classes, studying and apprenticing under one of the top cosmetic chemists in the country. 
That was the start of my goal in solving the problem of temporary hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) in women.
 I wanted to understand what every single ingredient was, what its chemical make-up is and how it works on the body.. . .. so I could try to figure this out.....I know I am not a trained rocket scientist,
 but I felt I was lucky enough to be in the whole...............

"RIGHT TIME. . . . . .
The idea of chemistry frightened me in high school but when I realized that cosmetic chemistry was simply organic chemistry ... I was disappointed in myself for not taking it, a way back when. 
So many of you come to me with destroyed hair health.
All I want to do is to have you read every single POST on this BLOG that has the 10,000 HEADS words in the title or the writing.
Please do a SEARCH & read the POSTS, I have forgotten and letgo of the fact that I mUST FIRST help the health of your hair, BEFORE we do anything else.
I have 3 products that can completely vchange the health of your hair and you may start over.
I HAVE concocted 
I came up with a little
10,000HEADS started with 20 steps. Over time I added, refined, subtracted, altered and finally... perfected... the individual steps. With the final critical discovery: the protocol works its best {with the highest success rate} when it is worked synergistically. 

In other words; 
each step depends on a-nother,
 in order for all to work to their potential. 

Skipping steps is not allowed by anyone committing to the protocol, 
the first 90 days.
It depends where your results are at, 

that 90 day test period, as to what you can let up on and what you can't, so it is not a lifetime of commitments. 


There is an end!

Fully aware that everyone wants a 'quick-fix' pill to solve this problem, I'm here to tell you...that simply does not exist in todays world. All the hair loss kits and pills and lotions and potions that you see are out there PLAIN and simply: DO NOT WORK. If they did, they would be approved by the FDA ( Federal Drug Administration) and the news would be all over the papers, news and TV. 
What does work is LASERS

They are very very expensive at this point....... 

I promise you, solving hairloss and obesity are 2 of the top researched areas in every Lab of both the pharmaceutical & cosmetic industries. Solving hair loss is more important than solving cancer. Many cancer patients die, ending the need for their product, if they could get America a drug,cream or pill that solved hair loss they potentially would be a client for 50 years. Those industries are big business and any good business looks at the "bottom line" 

and profits.
I have absolutely no intention of badmouthing companies for their efforts to solve the female hairLOSS4 (hair loss, hair thinning, hair fall & hair damage) that is not my goal here. The more people that work on it, the higher percentage rate we have in solving the problem. My concern is with the false advertising, its just not fair to the consumer . . they simply have not cured anything. I have heard the same from hundreds of clients, but more importantly I have tested all the weird products myself, in my own personal quest to improve my hair. Hey, I am no different than anyone I want the quick fix pill as well. 200544402-004
There are hundreds of companies that exist on a one time sale of a product to a other words - no repeat business. I experienced this at a Salon I worked in, the owners daughter was the single worst hair stylist I had ever seen touch a head of hair. She would burn hair, send clients out crying, colour hair gold when it was supposed to be red.
It just blew me away.
Yet, she had been working there for 3 years prior to me coming and still works there today.
Why, is what I asked over and over and over.
It took a full year to figure out.
She did only "one-time clients" they never came back for repeat business. The following appointment was either with someone else or they never stepped in the Salon again, they ran for the hills!

Same theory for hair loss products on the market. These companies survive on the millions of 'one time buyers' out there. 

The 10,000HEADS Protocol was developed when everything else failed. Its not easy, it takes commitment  & it has a 85-90% success rate (on androgenetic alopecia or temporary hair loss). That is a fairly high number, to most.

Over the next month I hope to return to helping everyone get healthy hair................


I will be concentrating on helping everyone get healthy hair #1
and whatever subjects you ask me to write about down BELOW  ! ! !! ! ! 1

Thanks for all your support Gang……………


September 15, 2016

A Problem That I Find One of the Single Most Disturbing - Society-Wide Issues - That NO ONE IS EVEN TALKING ABOUT. PLease read this and think about it.

This Blog is definitely a Unique MONSTER.


Because I began writing it 10 WHOLE YEARS AGO. Its hard to remember, I know but 10 years ago, people's faces weren't surgically attached to the face of their phone as they are now.


Do you know your face is attached to all of your digital screens in your life ---> 20 weeks a YEAR.

20 ! weeks a year. There are only 52 weeks in a year. Whats next. I think we should come up with a plastic surgery technique for getting them removed and then film that taking place.
 LOOK AT THIS.................................ITS INSANE, 


What are we going to do about this?
Doesn't anyone care?


So for everything I speak about on here and I will go back to talking about hair tomorrow......

But I just had to plant this seed, if I can reach even a couple people I will be happy.

please go back to speaking to one another 

I beg you

September 3, 2016

Violet Metallic + Succesful Highlift Blond - BOTH from Kenra

Guy Tang and Metallic series of Hair Color

OK many of you have been obsessed with the "new" to you.....SILVER hair Technique. I refuse to call it granny hair whoever thought that techniques name up needs to go back to doing hair not naming things.

But just today I saw a color Demo that has me super excited, I have the color ordered, it will be here Monday, then will do some of my own testing..... but what I saw was the BOMB! ! ! 
I have absolutely nothing against Guy Tang I actually am becoming a Big Fan of him & his videos'  . . . someone from this Blog suggested I watch him color hair and she wanted to know what I thought about the way he worked.................
 I will be completely honest and first, I was very PUZZLED as to his whole "persona" and why in the world he wears T-shirts that are 4 sizes smaller than his actual size....he is such a fantastic Colorist, someone needs to be a true friend to him and tell him. All he needs is a Stylist and to go shopping with her...1 day and the "clothes" part of his display will be solved. That was the fantastic thing about being educated at Sassoon  : They had experts come in and have us work with them on HOW WE DRESS.........What Tools we use...........The name we choose to use............SO MANY little points you just don't think about that matter. I jump started the way I dressed and just bought a lot of black clothes.

Ever wonder why hair stylists appear in all Black much of the time? If you wear any other color than black you will look like you were rolling in the dirt all day. I tried it and then was forced to wear an apron to protect a major part of your clothes. You end up with crap on just the part showing, it was a ridiculous fight I had in trying to fight the all Black thing, I was never an all black type of person and "dressing up" truly is the opposite way I lived the first 40 years of my life .But I needed a job and this was the only course I had open at the time.
I wish I was still doing hair in Malibu was the best place EVER to work....I had the best clientele in the whole world and  I miss them all sooooooo much. You become very close to your clientele. They come and talk to you and many times I would have some of the moist insane secrets that some hot shot had told me. I remained loyal to them all even all these years later!

 I am pretty sure I know exactly where he shoots those videos and its.......near West Hollywood.( if you don't know....West Hollywood is an entire city that is gay. Yep L.A. has had one of these for a very long time - businesses, homes, apartments, every single person is gay!.) When I was a stunt woman in Hollywood we would avoid that area. In those days and with what I did, we had no gay people in our field - or if they were they were in the closet. I didn't meet my first gay person one on one till after I was 40 !

That in and of itself is a pretty remarkable feat.

I am now....warming up to his unique voice and inflection and now I try to watch at least one of his videos per week - he keeps me a bit more fresh on current trends plus he does hair almost exactly like Sassoon graduates - - which is a huge complement..

My specialty for 20 some years has been silver hair....I did a couple guys hair metallic Silver for my daughters prom in the year Silver is my specialty and always has been... but now Kenra has come up with these metallics in both silver and violet VIOLET METALLIC, which from the models hair was beautiful today. 
There is;
  • Silver Metallic Series
  • Violet Metallic Series 
The Kenra Color Silver and Violet Metallics Collections NOW includes 6 Permanent and 6 Demi-Permanent shades that are designed for pre-lightened hair. The Silver and Violet Metallics offer artistry and creativity while providing a blue or violet reflection. 

The Metallics Collection can be used to add dimensional highlights or for overall cool steel look. Experience trendy elegance with the NEW Metallics Collection. I guess that ombre specialist from out here in wacky L.A. who is wacky as all Hell [guy tang]( I should talk !) has folded and been bought out by Kenra.....which means everything he does and uses has to be from that one company. Its common in the upper echelons of the hair color world to be "bought out" by a big hair company. I will never forget when my mentor told me she was trying to decide between L'Oreal and Paul Mitchell ....- they do things so differently and not near to the standards of V. Sassoon Academy it was really hard for her. . . .because she was with Sassoon for 15 years..........So she was bought up by Paul Mitchell. . . .  she said the money was so good there was no way she could ever make that much doing clients hair. If I was still in the Salon and got the offer I think I would have taken it as well. Top Colorists make 7 figures.

Kenra Color – Metallics

Get OBSESSED with Guy Tang and the Kenra Color METALLIC Collection ! 

Designed for pre-lightened hair, the Silver and Violet Metallics offer artistry and creativity while providing a blue or violet reflection. The Metallic Collection can be used to add dimensional highlights, an overall cool steel finish, or added into other shades for a smokey look.
I have absolutely nothing against Guy Tang I actually am warming up to his unique voice and inflection and now I try to watch at least one of his videos per week - he keeps me a bit more fresh on current trends plus he does hair almost exactly like Sassoon graduates - - which is a huge complement..            
Before, if you remember there was only the demi permanent Silver metallics so there is now both Demi & Permanent in both:
Right now we can get "Permanent" in both Silver and Purple Metallic, which I am super excited about - for you......

Then we have 
Boost & Burst
(our Color-tinted Shampoos & Conditioners)
in a wonderful complimentary color :