May 16, 2011

The Little Hair Color That Could – Krazy Kolors Reappear in Every Hair Magazine this Month

We Have Added The Best Krazy Kolor Line of Hair Color This Week: FUDGE
The trend that I absolutely will never tire of and am so happy to see everywhere in this months Hair trade magazines – across the board – was the Krazy Kolor application. You know…. those bright – almost comical – bold hair colors that have been around for over 20 years. The first time they came out was right when I was winding my way through Sassoon Hair Academy, all the instructors were just giddy about using them  - - as was I. I would have bet a lot of money they would only be around for a little while. See what I know ? ? ? Nothing.  I actually love the unique-ness of the color – and the many various methods of application as you can see by the enclosed photos (from this months MODERN SALON mag)  Crown n Glory016
I can’t say I would ever use this exact technique as so many Stylists try “too hard” and “FOR ME” that method can be deadly. I feel you want to see the individual Kolors to make it an effective application. . .but art is a funny thing….there really is no “right”……………and no “wrong”. The interpretation is in the observer. . . .  just like a painting on the wall. In hair the Interpretation is in the Client and the Colorist’s Point of View – if that is the case – Again………there is no RIGHT and no WRONG. Only opinions.                                                            Crown n Glory017   Now, what do you all think of this Krazy Kolor application? Please submit your feelings on this below on the suggestion areas.To me, this is a desperate attempt to “be different” the girl looks like a person who would never wear Krazy Kolors to begin with . . therefore, setting that one issue aside the application to me does not ‘flow’. There is a unique method of applying K.K.’s so they blend & don’t look as though your 5 year old applied it. It depends on the length of hair, the color, the cut, and how crazy one wants the look to be. There are 2 ways to use Krazy Kolors  ………….either bleach out the hair pieces you want to color first, that way the base is white….having the base white…..will make any of the krazy kolors you choose to use so vivid you need sunglasses!
In the photo above my bet is they have applied the KK on top of pre-colored hair as it is not SUPER bright. It also depends on the brand. Which is what I would also like to point out. . .I made a huge mistake and was carrying  Paul Mitchells line of Krazy Kolors . . called INKWORKS . . . UNTIL>……… I finally broke a couple out to test them on our Staffer Cassy and was just floored at how poor they worked. . . Within 24 hours I had trashed all of them and returned to the best line next to Renbow. . . and that line is FUDGE. Some of the lines I want to carry are just not very easy to acquire. . . usually they are from a foreign country  - - for some reason the Europeans & Aussies are ahead of the USA’s technology and produce a better product. To me the extra effort is worth the quality.                                   
 Crown n Glory018      Crown n Glory019                                           .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
                                                                                    Crown n Glory021
I have to apologize, I finally had a chance to use the Paul Mitchell KRAZY KOLORS we were carrying and I MUST be honest and tell you I had never tried them. Renbow had been discontinued - and my mentor ( from Vidal Sassoon) had moved to Paul Mitchell and was designing their new color line. I truly felt they would be fine, as she was my mentor and she had taught me everything I knew about Krazy Kolors.. She was the head of color for Sassoon those last 2 years….But, sadly that was a serious mistake. I recently tried them on a staffer and was horrified. Absolutely horrified. They just didn’t have any color to them . . . they were a waste of time to apply and that is not what we are about here at Killerstrands. I like to think we are about perfection and the best of the best. Now that we have FUDGE ‘s Krazy Kolor Line called PAINT BOX I can sleep much more peacefully.
Pravanas line is pretty much PERMANENT Crazy Colors and the thought of that still makes my skin crawl.... So it hit me. . . what was I using when I was forced to retire? ........FUDGE. After a lot of calls  - - I had found a *USA distributor , and can proudly say they are now available to you... for information on the trick to making PASTELS, just enter your request in the box at check out.
Fudge Paintbox - Go hard or go home for a total color transformation. Paintbox Semi-Permanent Hair Color electrifies dull, boring hair that lasts for 3 to 30 washes.
  • Fudge Paintbox provides vibrant, dramatic results on pre-lightened hair
  • Fudge Paintbox provides more subtle tones on natural hair
  • Fudge Paintbox conditions as it colors, giving the hair increased shine and luster
  • No ammonia, no peroxide, no lift. Make a statement with Fudge Paintbox. 
Crown n Glory022
Crown n Glory023
So, with these ideas. . . and lots more posted about 10 Posts ago . . . come up with a way of just applying a whisp of Pink or a block of Green as you see here. . .How gorgeous are these and they DO wash out . . . there is a simple trick for removing them completely ( no not VANISH – VANISH is made ONLY for oxidative hair color – which means PERMANENT hair color)……….With your order, ON REQUEST we will enclose the slip of KC Directions which include 3 of her secrets . . . .
  • the Best way to make PASTEL Krazy Kolors out of FUDGE Paint Box Krazy Kolors (not possible with Pravana)
  • how to remove Fudge Paint Box Krazy Kolors – clean,clear and healthy method
  • how to apply FUDGE Krazy Kolors using the best and most healthy for the hair method
here BXP153651is the link to our new line:
which I am proud to present . . . and I want those of you that have never ever had a little whisp of a Krazy Kolor to consider applying one to yourself. I mean for a very reasonable price you can purchase the color & Kit to apply to your own hair. Just put a bit of purple whisp in your fringe(bangs) – or Green if you have dark hair… much fun would that be? I don’t care if you live in po-dunk Iowa or  Washington DC . . . it doesn’t matter. Liberate yourself. . .  so many of you have gotten tattoos I feel this is even a better method of artwork on the human body. Nothing could be more personal than your hair. The best part about this artwork? It comes completely out and you can change your color AND design as many times as you want. So go ahead give it a shot. You have nothing to lose and everything  - -  EVERYTHING to gain . . . 

Be sure to use IN-TENSIVE after every application of FUDGE PAINT BOX COLORS.
000009009yKiller Chemist

May 14, 2011

Why the New FOAM Hair Color Will Be Disastrous

Its Not As Easy As The Hair Color Manufacturers Make It Sound
The ads – the commercials – the celebrities they use to dupe you into thinking if you use the new FOAM hair color that I have been seeing everywhere you will look like a gorgeous model. It seems the newest “wave” of boxed hair color is to offer you all this screwy “foam” application. Anything, to make it “seem” easier – quicker—& simpler to color your hair, the problem with that theory - - is that in my lifetime I have always found that taking short-cuts when trying to accomplish good quality results - - NEVER WORKS.  Anything done well and done professionally takes time, takes training and takes education. The theory of hair color application and formulation is no exception.
foamy 3456
Just this past month I had a couple clients that came to me with boxed hair color on their hair and they wanted “out”. They felt their hair never looked shiny except for about 1 week after application, which would always compel them to want to color more frequently (sound familiar?). Can you see why that color is not advisable? With Professional Hair color, the color remains pretty much the same for 5-8 weeks depending on % of gray – porosity and the proper formulation that you mix up prior to applying ( which is why you can learn all of that in previous Posts all logged here on Killerstrands Blog).
Its why I have written this Blog, there are lessons on how to formulate your color, how to apply the color properly, how to care for the hair immediately after applying the color so that it lasts a very long time and looks as though it was professionally done. Its really not that hard. I have written this so that all of my readers can become educated on the professional method of hair coloring, please take advantage of it. The 2 girls that came to me would do what these FOAM applications are showing . . . applying your Re-touch to the entire head of hair. That is the complete WRONG way to apply a Re-touch.  What is the difference you ask?
If you have never applied hair color to your hair, you have what we call VIRGIN HAIR. Nice name , huh? Once you decide to color your hair that very first time, you will lose that term being applied to your hair ever again….unless of course you were to stop coloring and/or have the colored part of your hair cut off. Please do not look at that as a bad thing. I honestly and truly feel that using the hair color of todays technology (professional color only I’m referring to) your hair will be in better condition, will feel and style ‘better’ than VIRGIN hair and last but not least will give your color the boost it needs to look rich, healthy, and gorgeous. I had so many of my clients that would have me tint their hair the color it was, just to get those extra features I describe. Even I color my hair the color it is, and I am one of those rare birds that has no gray at all. I do it for the advantages today’s color brings hair. Remember though, you will NOT HAVE this great experience from Boxed Hair Color. Especially when they promote you apply the hair color to the entire head of hair at each application, which for many of you is about every 4-6 weeks.
hair color2132441
To educate new Cosmetologists we teach the different types of hair color:
Lighteners or bleaches is really a hair color process that defies these 4 categories… which should really be taught that way and it isn’t. Many people (including many licensed hair stylists) think that going Blond or Lighter is an actual Hair Color – when in fact it is the diffusion of the natural color pigment, you already have, from the hair.
color 9989
Now from talking to many of you ‘out there’, the number one mistake I think these kits mislead you with is that every time you color your hair they make it seem as though you should color ALL of the hair. When, in fact, you should only be re-tinting the “new growth”. There couldn’t be a bigger mistake, and that rule holds true for both those of you going “lighter” as in High-lift blonding, going darker and covering gray. The goal when touching up your color for the month should be to color the NEW GROWTH….ONLY! 
Coloring the entire head of hair with hair color is wrong, so if that is the case then how could those foam hair color kits possibly work, correctly? They are applied in a manner such as shampoo, which is what they are trying to entice you with “ just shampoo the foam into your hair and POOF your hair color is done. Yet, if the proper method is to only color the “new-growth” – how could you possibly do that with a big bowl of FOAM?
If you are going blond and using bleach <> that would be just disastrous . . which is why most of you with highlights have ended up with an entire head of blond. Instead of just touching up the new growth . . . a large majority of hair stylists will apply bleach to the entire head of hair so there is a large amount of “overlapping” involved. Once you have lightened strands with bleach, lightening them repeatedly will bring one thing - - - BREAK-AGE ! ! The thought of how many of you get duped into that scenario really makes my blood pressure rise . . . I want to empower you with the knowledge of how and why this should not be done so you can understand the concepts and ask questions of your Colorist, or even better color your own hair so YOU have control of your own haircolor.
If you do go to a Colorist, there is not one thing wrong with asking how they plan on applying your re-touch. Ask them, make them answer you so you understand. Come armed with the knowledge that there is no reason for them to apply foils on top of foils when your hair is already very very blond….. be clear and tell them you only want the base colored (or roots) nothing else.  hair color 245346346
There are 2 reasons they want to give you an entire head of foils. . .  and they do not want to just do a few random set of foils on the base ONLY:
  1. Money ………they get the most money out of doing a “full-set” of foils
  2. Skill………….They do not even understand what I am explaining to you here. This is more common than one would think.
So, my goal here is to educate as many of you as I can so that you will be armed with the proper haircolor formulation knowledge possible  - - that way you can exit out of any mistakes you may have now . . . and begin coloring your own hair to the level you want it. I promise it is very very possible, and not even that hard . . . just begin reading the BLOG from the very first day --- forward . . . You will be surprized at how smart you will become. I have watched many a person become a Crib Colorist of epic proportions . . . look at all of my managers . . . they amaze me.