July 9, 2011


I was just flabbergasted to see this photo in this months "FITNESS" magazine, with an explanation of how this is the newest and most gorgeous hair color technique!

Well, as much as I adore this color, our local name for the technique for the past 6-7 years is/was Paint Drips, my name is always just "Drips". I feel hair technique 'names' should coincide with the ACTUAL application.  Look at the color. . . doesn't it look as though someone has dipped the ends of her hair in a very VERY light shade of blond Paint ?

Apparently in France, the word "ombre" means : 'gradual color change from darker to lighter'  or 'lighter to darker' !  For some reason their terminology has been universally accepted and this is the new "proper name" terminology now. So I will be changing my wording to go along with this. . . being as I speak about this technique a lot and have numerous inquiries about it....just wanted to clarify the switch so we are all on the same page !

Its so funny............ about 5 years ago and even today . . . many people think this look is just someone who has not taken care of their roots for 8 months, and its just outgrown hair.  

The wonderful part is that the hair color industry continues to change and attempts to come up with new and innovative color techniques for everyone to enjoy. I truly hope I have had something to do with that, although it honestly doesn't really matter...just as long as they keep their eyes and tint brushes OPEN to new techniques. . . I'm happy!

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