September 29, 2015

12 Habits That Clearly Will Destroy Your Hair


..........not asking anyone to be a martyr here, but if you have problems with your hair's thickness/health or shine....
 (unless its genetic)
try stopping your vice,
begin drinking one ''secret supplement'' every single day - Slap on THRIVEN overnight one night a week
and soon 84% of you will notice a significant change.......

September 10, 2015

7 Reasons - "Removing Old Hair Color" Should Be Learned By All Crib Colorists

7 Reasons Removing Hair Color is an Art 
Every Crib Colorist Should Master

Knowing How to Remove Hair Color is An Art and I feel Everyone Needs to Know How to Master It Correctly. 

  • have damaged hair that you want to repair you must remove the color first and start over with a better quality hair color.     
  • changed your mind about the color of your hair? if so and you would like to go lighter again I receive lots of emails to this effect, then you must remove the old hair color first.
  • you have hair color that is just unbecoming to you, you must remove the old hair color first. You do not want to just overlap hair color on top of hair color. Removal will give you a feeling of  "oh wow my hair hasn't felt like this in a long time" !!
  • do you want to go lighter? The only "healthy" way to go lighter is by removing old hair color 1st ! Remove it ALL THE WAY, when this process is complete I never hear people happier following any Salon Experience ! Now you have the knowledge and products to perform the exact same experience we use on celebrities.
  • Do you have crappy hair color-in-a-box hair colors that are in every store from Walmart to the Gas Station to 7-11 ? If you have this color in your hair..............get it out ! 
  • would you like to try out the new Pastels everyone is so excited about? Remove your old Boxed hair color FIRST, otherwise you will never see anything ! 
  • Does Your Hair feel like Straw? and not like real hair anymore? Has it been years since you have felt silky shiny hair? Remove your old hair color 


    Removing Old Hair Color is More Important than Everyone Realizes, it is the KEY to regaining Healthy Hair For Most People

    Killerstrands “Old-Hair-Color-Removal-Process”
    .........the road to shiny Healthy Hair
    So you’ve been dying your hair with box dye for years and in the process have created what we here at KillerStrands like to call DD or“delayed damage” to your hair. Your hair is now dry and straw-like and possibly a weird color that you don’t know how to fix or re-color. We can help you change all that and get back to having healthy hair if you just follow our Killerstrands Method for OLD HairColor REMOVAL Process
    We MUST begin to remove old hair color and you have 2 choices in which to do it, GENTLY AND SAFELY…..they both use VANISH a remarkable product patented by a guy who is a genius as far as I am concerned!
    1. Either use MULTIPLE boxes of Vanish (KC’s ONLY recommendation for color removal) for those not wanting to go through #2 process……………... OR
    2. Click Here
      Start the “Shampoo Train/Color Correction Packets Process” which is a process KC came up with when she was doing many celebs hair color who wanted to change color safely - frequently. She would have them begin to shampoo it at home or ‘ON Location’ until they could get to see her. This method also works for those who want to try to save some money on “How many Boxes of VANISH u need to purchase to get all your old HairColor out”
    1. Purchase 1-10 Boxes of VANISH - KC will recommend the # of boxes you will need.   Follow through on All VANISH applications till color is removed - using 10 Volume Check Process.
    1. The first thing you’ll want to do is work on getting the box color out of your hair, as much of it as you possibly can, and the best way to do this is with a shampoo train. To do a shampoo train, you will need the following:
    • A few Malibu2000 Color Correction packets (available in the KillerStrands store). These come with a plastic hair cap, which you will also need. They now have CPR packets which are Color Pigment Reducer packets. Which also helps remove the color.
    • The lousiest shampoo you can find with sulfates in it - look under your sink is usually a great place to try!!!.
    • To help speed the process up, get a “TRAVEL” hood dryer like the “Travel Hair Dryer (hood system)” (reasonably priced) also available in the store, which hooks right to your blow dryer and works really well and almost exactly like the professional hood dryers at the salons. 

    Once you have those products on hand, do the shampoo train as follows:
    • Wet your hair and apply your sulfate shampoo, use plenty of it.
    • Scrub hands together ferociously with strands in between. Do this for a few minutes. You want to try to loosen up the color molecules so they will wash out.
    • Leave suds lathered on hair and apply plastic treatment cap - apply heat, let stand on hair for 1-2-3-4 hours!
    • Use the Travel Hair Dryer hood for heat to help the color molecules loosen.
    • Leave suds on 1-2-3-4 hours ;-)   and then rinse.
    • Apply Malibu2000 Color Correction packet and follow directions only leave on hair for as long as possible  ’’up to 2 hours’’…....
    • Rinse and repeat.
    You can do the shampoo train up to 5 times in one day or over the course of a few weeks, and we promise that your hair will already start to feel better just after this step, especially after the Malibu2000 packet, because those always make our hair feel amazingly soft.  They remove toxins from the water and old styling products.
    The next step is to condition. When you’re done with your shampoo train for the day, apply Gleam and Intensive and leave it in for at least 45 minutes to an hour OR apply Gleam and Thriven and leave it in overnight. This will help re-condition your hair and get it ready for coloring. 
    Click here

    If you still have box dye left in your hair even after you’ve done the shampoo train several times, you may have to use Vanish. You will just follow the instructions that KC includes when you buy it from her store. Doing the shampoo train first, though, decreases the amount of boxes of Vanish you’ll need, which will save you money.
    Now that you’re ready to color your hair, you’re going to want to make sure you have Gleam and Intensive on hand.
    • BEFORE you apply your color, coat the hair with Gleam. When the developer opens your cuticle to allow the dye to enter, the oils in the Gleam will go in with it.
    • Use only professional dye from the KillerStrands store because we can guarantee that you are getting fresh, authentic products. Old and/or fake dyes will do more damage than good.
    • AFTER you apply your color, apply Intensive and leave it sit for as long as you’re able to, but for at least 45 minutes. This will help your hair return back to its natural, balanced pH and helps to lock in the color.
    • When you’re all done, if you REALLY want to pump up the moisture and softness of your hair, use Thriven overnight.
    • ALWAYS and ONLY use sulfate-free Shampoo unless you’re doing a shampoo train.
    • Click here
      Use Gleam daily to keep hair nourished.
    • Use Thriven overnight (or all day) once a week or bi-weekly.
    • Use a shower filter (available in many stores) to keep damaging minerals out of your hair.
    • Get on KillerStrands 10,000 heads program and follow it to the letter. It’s the best way to achieve your absolute healthiest hair.
    September 8, 2015

    Color Trends for the Remaing Year of 2015

    So lets talk about all the newest trends in haircolor for autumn 2015 . . .  the names the trends are almost funny to me there are so many....


    First of all in order to get some of these crazy colors and unique trends....FIRST your hair needs to be whats called :

    Which is what our OIL BLEACH KIT is for..............

    NOTHING I MEAN NOTHING bleaches hair as blonde as our oil bleach kit.............and as healthy as our Oil Bleach Kit.
    I would put our little old OIL BLEACH KIT up against any product made on planet achieve platinum hair. 


    Because our Oil Bleach Kits Base is a Cream Base with a unique oil added to it, to be sure that oil and moisture is added to every single step in order to protect your hair strands from the strength of hair bleach. But the best part is the bleach still lightens enough so you can achieve platinum light hair....with moisture-moisture-moisture added to your strands along the entire path.Cream lightener is used a unique Oil combination is then added to each stage so the moisture content of this lightener is beyond any product on market !

                             1 Oil Bleach Kit has 2 APPLICATIONS
    Killerstrands Oil Bleach Kit

    So be sure to use our Oil bleach Kit first. Get the lightest hair possible and the healthiest lightest hair on planet you can use every color we have in BOOST & BURST....if I was healthy and younger I would set on a mission of trying every single color.....

    Just sounds like so much fun to me.......

    try some of these new styles



    Gallagher describes sombre as "soft ombre and more diffused and sun-kissed." It's more of a grown-up, more discreet alternative to dramatic ombre. The color blends in with your natural hair color and is way easier to maintain.


    And joining the summer of quirky hair color trend names: Bronde. Bronde is "a great step for brunettes who want to add a little 'oomph' to their color." It's the perfect marriage of blonde and brown and will give you a gorgeous "beachy, sun-kissed blonde." See more celebs like Jennifer Lopez that are rocking the blonde trend...



    Gone are the days of thick, striped highlights. Babylights are all the rage and are "tiny highlights meant to replicate the sun," says Gallagher. They require "a very skilled colorist to meticulously apply the lightener without bleeding onto other areas." Jessica Alba's babylights add delicate accents to her natural color, creating healthier-looking locks. They call them baby lights, I've called these Ribbons of Light, because Sassoon has a "exclusive" technique called Slices and Ribbons, techniques no one else had.... that give the look as if the sun lightened the hair.


    This is 
    a Beauty

     Dark Metal
    can be achieved by using Silver Bullet

      pastel can see it in BOOST & BURST called 

    So lets take Colombre

    Colombre (hello, Rainbow Brite!) is the latest hair trend to go viral for summer. Think "rainbow-colored end lights à la mermaid hair trend," says Gallagher. It's just like regular ombre, only you add color in place of going lighter at the ends. 

    Whether you go pastel or go all out with every color imaginable, it's a gorgeous statement look for summer.
    September 5, 2015

    Killerstrands Products and Why They WORK - 1st . . . Lets Talk About the Wonder of GLEAM

    Its Funny after 8 1/2 years of products and Posts and Sales and Blogs and everything that is Killerstrands...... I am finding that I do not talk enough about our own products enough so that people understand what they they work....and what to do with them so you will have wonderfully soft............ beautifully shiny........ hair, once again ! !

    People are puzzled as to why our products actually do work on the hair as compared to all the products you have bought up to now and tried over and over on your hair with absolutely nothing changing.

    WHY DO THESE PRODUCTS WORK, you want to know.....don't you?

    Its taken a very long time.....but finally all of our hard work is paying off. All of you are discovering that our products - each and every one.....WHEN USED AS DIRECTED......WILL ACTUALLY CHANGE YOUR HAIR ......... and make it :
    • silky
    • shiny
    • soft
    • rich in color
    • feels normal again
    omg where have we been??? 
    is what people keep commenting to us... which is why we need to address it.
    so this week we are going to talk about GLEAM....
    it is GLEAM week 

     Its not that hard,
     if I can do it 
    many of these companies who spend millions on R & D (Research & Development) can do it !. None of these companies think "outside-of-the-box" is what I feel is the most common problem. They design products after one product happens to become a hit.

    For example: Argan Oil.
    I'm sure many of you remember when you had never heard of that oil. Now, it is in every single product on the cosmetic shelves - as they always do, they have drilled it into the ground where it doesn't mean much anymore. 
    Do you know that a company can put 1/2 of 1 % out of the 100% of the ingredients in a formula and they can claim it is an ARGAN Oil product. 1/2% would be so little that it would not make any difference to the product and it would not help AT ALL, it simply is not enough to do anything to hair or skin.

    Well, 10 years ago we had Gleam.... it wasn't as good as it is today because I became much wiser about the use of lipids and then I spent one full year studying all types of oils.
    I spent a couple years studying oils and ingredients that were supposed to help hair and then I began playing around with them on all various hair types I had in my chair. I was lucky that all the people would take oils home experiment with them and then come back and tell me how they had worked in their hair or not....
    So instead of just reading in a book which oils "might" work on hair.......I spent all that time asking people which oils they liked .................changed the combinations around and then decided I didn't need to use cheap oils - the only way to get people's hair truly repaired would be to use the best oils - which just happened to be the most expensive oils.

    I actually had clients of mine test oils I had sent home with them for a month or longer....  Normal Cosmetic chemists who come up with a new hair product......or a hair oil, they sit in a a book that suggests a list of Oils - then they create a hair product according to what the boss of a hair product company wants them to make. 

    You know how there are a million and 1 Oils  - like products out there right now??? and they all think that combining oils with silicone's is the only way people, like you, like them....?

    Well, a very long time ago I whittled the list of oils that were truly GOOD-FOR-THE-HAIR down to a list of about 8 or 9. Which is what has ended up being in GLEAM. It may seem like a lot of different ingredients, but I truly feel the combination of oils as the product the reason for such success with GLEAM. 

    I learned from helping my manager of the Group that I had never even told her one of my trickiest secrets for repairing hair : when damaged from either: 
    • bleaching 
    • the sun
    • over-proccessing
    • over-lapping
    • wrong product used
    • boxed hair color
    • etc....
    but when you have hair that feels fried. . . .damaged. . . .frizzy and/or just plain yukky. Take Gleam and apply a LOT to the area of damaged hair, the ends, or wherever you need to repair your hair - apply a metallized cap (to create warmth) & process for as long as possible. The longer the better. . Apply it to DRY hair.....and as much as you can spare, the caps ( creates heat ) - which helps the product soak in deeper. Now either sleep with it in or leave in for at least 6 hours. April, my Group manager did a brilliant thing and braided her hair with her hair: soaking in Gleam. After she went from Dark Brown hair to Platinum..( and had gone back and forth for years before that )....well - you can imagine the result I'm sure...
    watch this photo demo of her going from Brown to Platinum to playing with the BOOST AND then using BOOST &  BURST COLORS....its reversed.....(sorry)

     Photo #12
     she has had some beautiful combos of BOOST  & BURST

    Photo #11

                                                   PHOTO #10

    the difference is apparent even in a photo
     PHOTO #9

    this is where she finally applied an entire head of GLEAM and was amazed at the difference
    PHOTO #8
    PHOTO #7

                                       PHOTO #6
    PHOTO #5 

    PHOTO #4
       PHOTO #3

     PHOTO #2
                           PHOTO #1 Which is Where April Began

    Gleam is a very special bottle of oil if you ask me.  The manner in which a cosmetic chemist makes a personal care product for the public, was taught to me by a pretty famous cosmetic chemist who taught cosmetic chemistry to those of us who were 100% fascinated by the process about 9-10 years ago at the beginning of the INTERNET.... He was ahead of his time and was a french man named Maurice who did what I am doing only with the field of Cosmetic Chemistry.....we were all so privileged to get to learn from him. He didn't make it through that last year, but I suppose he died doing what he loved. He just opened up all his knowledge and taught a few dozen of us the correct manner in which to make "PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS".  Which includes :
    • shampoo
    • soap
    • conditioner
    • lotion
    • cream
    •  lip balm
    • liquid soap
    • mineral make-up
    • etc.............this is what a cosmetic chemist makes
     I happened to spend the first few months studying oils, as I read a lot of European magazines having to do with hair and trichology ( which is the study of hair and its health). I even tried to become a licensed Trichologist ! I actually did all the work....the only thing I didn't do was the formality of taking some ridiculous test that was over $1,000. just to take the test. I thought that was such a scam.....just so I could attach a little sticker to the name of my store....Basically that was all that you received. Not one other thing, or at least that was all I could figure out! ! 

    Just like recently I wanted to join this " WOMEN WHO OWN SMALL ONLINE BUSINESSES" Group....because I had just received a letter saying Killerstrands had become one of the TOP 1% of ONLINE Businesses that began in 2006. Which I was quite proud of....but to join this silly little group is a couple thousand dollars !  They are missing the part that says "SMALL BUSINESS"... I think.and missing the concept that we are not huge companies that can drop thousands on joining a club, with no apparent redeeming qualities. Just seems odd to me so I declined............of course I could pay it.......but truthfully, you get nothing for that $2 Grand... but the ability to slap a little sticker on that says I am a member of it....... which seems to me, it is doing the opposite of what it is preaching.

    So, I hope you will try Gleam, it is 100% returnable if you are not happy but I truly do not think that will happen, it is a gem of a product...
     the 2 main oils are:
    - Rose Hips Seed Oil
    - Abyssinian OIl
    - Plus 6 other carrier oils
    - Aloe Vera oil
    - Calendula Oil
    - Vitamin A
    2 Vitamin E's
    and a wonderful Amber scent that takes me 2 months to make from soaking /amber blocks in Argan Oil !

    Even if you you only have frizzy ends or split ends - you will notice a difference when using GLEAM, the reason it creates such change in the hair is because I chose NOT to add a single drop of Silicone to it. Silicone's are great for (making your profits silicone's are super cheap, and to me and those who know, they are used as a "filler" not because they are a better ingredient than any carrier oil which is what they try to lead you to believe, but I promise...the silicone's they use are just very cheap fillers and they look and feel like oils so they can get away with it....unless a big giant explanation like this POST is made, which most people would never take the time to to do !

    I hope you enjoy and we really do want photos and comments and reactions to our products so we may learn and understand if we should be making any changes ! ! ! ! !

    September 2, 2015

    Prolong Hair Color With the Power of pH

    Fight the Fade 


    pH value is between 0 and 14, a pH value of 7.0 is considered neutral; 

    all values below neutral are acidic 
    all values above are alkaline.
     An acidic solution has a positive electrical charge (+), and an alkaline solution has a negative electrical charge (-).

    Healthy Hair Vs. Damaged Hair
    Normal, healthy hair has a pH value of between 4.5 and 5.5 and is therefore considered acidic. Hair in this state will be positively charged (+) and has a compact cuticle structure. The outside cuticle layer is closed and smooth, promoting a natural, healthy shine. The internal cortex is protected, and moisture levels are maintained, ensuring good strength and elasticity. Healthy hair has even, normal porosity and provides a good base for chemical services.

    Damaged hair has a pH value above 7.0 and is negatively charged (-). The cuticle layer is raised with a dull/matt surface. The raised cuticle layer can catch, resulting in tangled hair with a high susceptibility to mechanical damage – caused by combing or other external influences. In addition, the cortex will be exposed to further damage, in danger of losing essential moisture and becoming dry or brittle. Damaged hair will be very porous and provides a poor surface for chemical treatments, with potentially uneven results.

    pH and Products
    As the majority of hair products are a solution, and therefore have a pH value, it follows that this can influence the condition of hair.

    Chemical treatments, such as a lightener, perm or color, are deliberately alkaline, or have a pH value higher than the hair’s natural value. This causes the cuticle layer to open up, allowing the product to enter the inner hair structure. It is therefore essential to thoroughly rinse the hair following a chemical process and apply a good re-structuring conditioner such as INTENSIVE.

    Whereas,care products such as THRIVEN & INTENSIVE are predominantly acidic, and have an astringent effect on the hair, closing the cuticle layer. Shampoos will typically have a pH value close to the hair’s natural level, promoting gentle cleansing. Conditioners and treatments however, have a higher acid value, helping to return damaged, hair back to a normal, healthy condition.

    When hair is colored, the pH increases from an optimum value of 4.5 – making it more alkaline and during color development, the outer and inner hair structure is loosened up in order for color pigments to penetrate the hair. For this reason a conditioner or treatment after a color service helps to reset the hair to the optimum pH value of 4.5. Which is why I stress so much that you use INTENSIVE, the product turns your hair to velvet.....and that is because most people's pH is damaged a little and when returned to normal the entire feel of the hair changes.

    This article is mainly from Schwarzkopf - - I happened to be reading their site and saw most of this....which I wanted to share with you...