February 24, 2008

Highlights Are History, With Photos To Prove It

 This is a Post I wrote back On Feb. 24, 2008.

I wanted to update the photos and re-post this with newer photos so those of you who still go in and ask for highlights, think about going to one color. There isn't a celebrity alive who gets highlights, that little fact should tell you something...

Your Stylist May Not Like This News, ( the reason for that feeling may be the old cash cow)

Highlights are the most expensive procedure on that long menu of prices at the Salon

Eclipse Technique: Bleach half the head leaving the lengths the virgin color, if needed refresh the ends with demi perm Level 6BA(brown-ash). A very tricky procedure and very expensive - but > OH .... SO .... WORTH.... IT!

Hidden Ribbons technique: MAGMA colored Bleach & Tone in one step. Great for all virgin Level 1-6 Hair (ethnic hair). Applied in minimum amount of 3/4" Ribbons - using foils to separate

Paint Drips Technique: Ends are colored/lightened or darkened. Huge in UK & Germany, Very easy to apply. Use tail comb to separate out the pieces...apply bleach or lightener of choice use foils to separate .All over color the rest of hair.

Hidden Frame Technique: 1 inch of hair along hairline separated away and barrier creamed off from remainder of hair. Lighten or darken according to needs. Color the bulk of hair other color ; here a 7RG.

Single Pirouette Technique: Star shape on top of head parted off. Remainder of hair lightened to Level 12. Star tinted a 7RG.

Block Color Technique: One big block of ASH (deep green-blue)applied to one big panel of hair.

Little bit of a few techniques. A few PAINT DRIPS . . .One All Over color.......then one foil with one layer of highlights and a ggggggreat cut!

Framed Technique : one simple ribbon on each side of the face. Something as simple as this give the feeling of having lightened hair without the dreaded "highlight" routine

Dark Framed Technique. 1 inch along hairline tinted dark.
. Paint Drips Gone Wild

 This technique is SLICES which is very different than highlights............ this we like

 This is a Post from 2008 and I still stand by my title.............VOGUE magazine copied my title 1 year after I wrote this !