February 1, 2008

Damage Control - Save Those Locks

90% of women use hair conditioners -
75% say their hair is damaged
Come on girls, what's wrong with this picture? Does this show you clearly now... how pointless a daily conditioner is ?

My dream when in the Salon was always to open a HAIR HEALTH SPA. A spa where the one and only concern once you walked in was the health of your hair - not skin, not body...but hair! I've heard of just a couple in the whole United States, just like spa's take care of skin, salons should take care of hair. Hair needs to be analyzed, deciphered and given an RX so the client learns how to take care of it the proper way. I have spent my entire career teaching my clients what I know about taking care of their hair and I seem to be the only one doing it. When I get new clients that come to me from other stylists they have never heard of any of my advice or knowledge, it blows me away. So I hope to impart on the world what I have been teaching my clients for the past 14 years, that works. It really works.

I am in utter amazement 1/2 the time, why am I the only one trying to figure it out?

A stack of surveys notes that 79% of women are on a quest to solve their damage problem, a hefty amount of people in my book.

After spending 2 years learning Cosmetic Chemistry, I came up with what I feel is the one and only deep conditioner that truly does work to repair hair damage: THRIVEN.

After running tests and surveying Clients opinions for 2 years I am confidant in recommending it as a solution not just a cover-up to damaged hair. No, it does not take a completely dead, lifeless & destroyed hair and give it life, that is not possible. There is a line, a line where the hair can be helped - I've argued to within an inch of my life with chemists that don't agree with me...its hard to define in 'words', I can tell you the minute I feel and look at the hair...which is what makes dealing with hair "online" the most difficult for me. So much of it is visual and in 'touch' and I never realized how much until I took this on. When I feel hair I can tell you whether it can be revived or not...you can feel 'life' in it or not.

What THRIVEN does help, is hair that is:

  • malnourished

  • damaged

  • over-processed

  • lifeless

  • dry split ends

  • fragile

  • frizzy

  • kinky

  • over flat ironed

  • dull

  • not growing

An 8 ounce jar is $50.00, it can be purchased from Killerstrands through PAY PAL, by sending an email to Killerstrands@gmail.com and placing "PRODUCT ORDER" in the subject space. I don't recommend anything I do not fully believe in, have not tested through my "own" research & lab work and most importantly the results I gained from the over 10,000 heads of hair that have sat in my chair .

I have witnessed this conditioner give shine and luster to hair with none - over and over. If you have any of the above problems and apply this conditioner (at least) 1-2 times a week using the "slumber" method, ------> 'sleep' with it in

It will begin to be repaired.

Watch the magic.

* * * * * * * * * I've been asked about the ingredients of THRIVEN. . . if I was being thorough, I would have posted them up-front, my sincere apologies * * * * * * * * * *

To Purchase THRIVEN and info on the Secret Supplement : the cornerstone of 10,000HEADS..... simply click here and visit KillerStrands new Store :
7 comments on "Damage Control - Save Those Locks"
  1. Hiya,

    Im really interested in this THRIVEN conditioner - never heard of it (new to ur blog) not really reading about hair colouring as such just more about getting healthy hair. What are the ingredients in this conditoner? Do you sell a shampoo with it? Do you ship to the UK?

  2. Hi Darmelle,
    Welcome and thank you for your question. I have plenty in the blog about healthy hair, that would be my number 1 main mission in my career.
    Not much else really matters if you don't have healthy hair...
    No, you wouldn't hear of THRIVEN, it just comes from this one little source in Malibu, california - Killerstrands & me...I used to only sell it to my clients as part of my 10,000 HEADS-HEALTHY HAIR PROTOCOL.

    Would you like the entire list of ingredients? Do you want the full technical list...on second thought I will make up a label and add it to this post - I'm sure others will ask, just give me a day.

    THRIVEN contains a FIBER strengthening Complex, a very cool conditioning complex that penetrates deep in the hair shaft. . .the FSC contains Ceramides known as Lipid Replenishing molecules which enters the hair fiber to replace natural shine properties...
    Ceramides are more common over there in Europe, but I have been formulating with them for a couple years and LOVE what they do to a strand of hair. Truly remarkeable. They are just very expensive to use.

    As long as you don't mind paying the fee to ship it there.

    I adore and recommend John Masters ORGANICS shampoos and have it available if you'd like one.

    Thriven is a deep conditioner, you understood that right>? I have a little different theory on the whole shampoo routine. I don't believe in a daily conditioner. I feel (if necessary) use a spray detangler..otherwise it loads the hair up with gunk.

    Let me know and thank you
    Killer Chemist

  3. Hiya, oooh sounds fab yh id love the full list of ingredients - but seriously woooow it sounds very exotic...lol


  4. Hi Killer Chemist. I have been reading this blog for some time now, and never before have I come across such a comprehensive and relevant source of information on hair. And I thank you for it.

    With the gushing out of the way, I was wondering if you ship Thriven to Australia? And if so, how much the shipping would be?

    Also, you mentioned that by feeling a client's hair you can tell if it can be saved. After years of flat ironing like crazy, and bleaching it blonde (hairdresser)late last year, my hair is trashed. I got a huge chop but the state it's in now is completely depressing me. My hair feels: crunchy, fagile, rough, dry and when it's wet sometimes feels stretchy. My hair looks very dull, especially the ends. It looks course and really unnattractive. And, if I look at individual strands they either have small waves in them, little breaks, and don't lie flat to each other.

    I have purchased the Ojon line, which has helped a great deal, but still in terrible condition.I would appreciate any and all advice you can give me,and would be very interested in trying Thriven if you believe it would help.

    Sorry for the long post, and thankyou for reading.


  5. I hear that one should use a shampoo and conditioner of the same brand because they are supposed to be complimentary to each other. Do you know a very good spray detangler(s) that's kind of... neutral to all kinds of shampoos? Or what important (good/bad) ingredients to look for when finding a spray detangler? Do you make your own line as well?

    -Vang :D

  6. Vang,

    Thanks for the question. I feel the whole shampoo and conditioner theory is a 'marketing act' more than anything.The one and only reason you need to put anything on the hair after "cleaning it" is if you cannot get your comb through it. I know I have very tangly hair - personally, so I get it - loud & clear. As far as the shampoo and conditioner working synergistically ?
    There is no technology like that - not yet.
    One has nothing to do with the other and the ingredients of one do not jive with the second.
    What I will say it is....
    is plain and simple - Good business.
    If you owned a company and made one product, it sold very well and then you decided to make a second product that could be used in conjunction with the first successful one - why wouldn't you? In BUSINESS 101, it tells you to market it alongside your first product :
    tell your customer that if Product "A" works so well cleaning your hair, can you imagine what will happen with Product B on top of it??!!
    If you have had great cleaning effects from Product A, most people are going to logically think that Product B will be "twice" as good.
    I have found that to be rarely the case.
    It comes from experience and clients input, which cannot be replaced with anything better in my opinion.

    Within the Cosmetic Chemistry field Chemists have specialities. Some specialize in Emulsions(lotions & creams), some in Color Cosmetics(make-up)....some in Shampoos and on and on.....
    then there is me....Hair Conditioners. I spent 3 years working on hair conditioners(also an emulsion).
    When you want to perfect - you must specialize.

    That and a Body Cream. I think I make the single best body cream on the planet. It's made for dry skin and it actually cures dry skin. Something the others don't do.

    I have the my formula's all ready for an entire line of products, I was jacked up by this....because my line would be a true break through in the field of hair products I felt. My products are organic, natural, and every single ingredient is added because it works not because it is cheaper or covers something else up, or any weird-bizarre reasons.
    {ran into a little problem called illness - that no matter how damn strong I was I could NOT break through the barrier}
    I've never understood why none of the large hair manufacturers do not make up a line of products like mine. They have chemists that can dance circles around me ??
    Makes no sense...
    I have my theories why, but honestly I really & truly don't get why they don't just make one line of top notch hair products. There is not one line that is like that.
    John Masters Organics shampoos are Fantastic but his Conditioners & other products are lacking....they just need to be re-formulated with about 8 more ingredients, simple to do I just think he doesn't know that.
    Kera Care has a great conditioner-- one of my favorites - this line is great with their pH, another rarity, if it would just take Glycerin out of the formulation....it would be perfect...Their shampoo is almost perfect, but they use SLS...so I cannot say they have it all the way....THIS IS MY PROBLEM with even my favorite lines.
    One line that I love is KENRA.
    KENRA has a Sulfate-free shampoo that rocks - great ingredients AND they have a fantastic Detangler - also great ingredients.
    Vang I truly think you will have the best luck if you head over the Naturallycurly.com - they have made a concerted effort to carry really top-notch products. I admire them for keeping the crap out of their store. Yes, its for Curly hair, but you know what that means?
    That means they care about their hair and need more conditioning than the rest of us.
    Curly hair and straight hair are virtually the same thing they just have a different shaped strand - THAT'S IT!!
    If I was buying single products, that is where I would buy my products, or at least get the names of them and buy them locally.
    Killer Chemist

  7. Hi there Killer Chemist,
    I received my first bottle of Thriven, and have used it twice.
    Already, my hair is no longer frizzy, and it also has shine to it, the first time in probably 5 yrs. This product is awesome! I have spent so much money on so many conditioners, but this is the BEST. Vickie


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