February 24, 2008

Breath of Fresh Hair : Stress & Its Effect On Healthy Hair

Do you really feel that stress can manipulate something as physical as hair

Wow. What a difference a year makes.
Here is Step 3 of my 12 Step protocol (10,000 HEADS) I finally put down on paper a year ago, I was combing through some old files & stumbled upon it.
I read this and decided - wow there was a time when I was not so edgy and frantic.
The progression of this damn disease - is very apparent now - - even to me.
But, forget that
and read it . . . at one time I could write a helluva lot better than I do now.
This is a decent article and I think tells me I need to roll out the whole Protocol - it really is an excellent protocol and there is not a doubt in my mind I could solve at least 50% of all the hair loss in women in the country.


Yoga and Hair Loss

Stress and relief of it is a very individual subject.

A lot depends on where your stress comes from. Its almost crazy that as a rule I am suggesting everyone has it. Do you? I am of the belief that everyone has it in one form or another. One person’s stress may be another’s relief, as is the case with children. Some clients will claim their children are the entire cause of their stress and others use ‘hanging with their children’ as a form of relief. So it’s an entirely individual subject.What I’d like you to do if you have a problem clearly defining where your stress comes from is to get a small notepad carry it in your purse for 1 week. Every time your blood starts racing, your anger level rises or you begin yelling at someone -jot it down. Becoming aware of your stress triggers can be a huge help if you don’t know what they are. Once you know what they are, begin the process of figuring out how to combat each one. My suggestion would be to log on to AMAZON.com and find a book dealing with your particular stress trigger. Amazon is great, with one of the most user friendly sites available – so much so , sometimes it scares me by suggesting books I might like…and I DO! Typing in“road rage” or “ dealing with an overbearing mother”. . . it will give you a list of the top sellers in that category. Buy one book for every stress factor in your life and read it cover to cover. It’s a lot cheaper than therapy and they are normally written by the top professionals in the fields you are looking in.

There are 2 parts to this step & that is one.Stress produces many types of mental and physical illness in our society. Some of the symptoms of prolonged exposure to stress are headache, brain tissue damage, high blood pressure, weakening of the bones, depression, anger, fear, nervousness. The list of stress related ailments is truly staggering .The abuse of drugs or alcohol are used as common coping mechanisms with chronic stress. There are scientists out there that feel stress can even cause cancer and I have a tendency to believe them. One of the absolute necessities of this step is Part 2: Yoga. Every client that wishes to have healthy hair is required to practice YOGA at least 3 times every week, I prefer 4, 3 will do. YOGA can have a profound effect on stress and on your hair. YOGA offers many techniques which are designed to release the tension of accumulated stress. The use of hatha YOGA postures, specific yogic stretches, as well as the breathing exercises can thoroughly wash away the symptoms of stress. YOGA also provides the psychological means for releasing your stress with the use of techniques such as Pranayama (breathing) and Meditation. Even more important to the cure of stress is the philosophy of YOGA. When YOGA is truly fathomed it can dramatically alter your view on life and the world thereby restoring your feelings of self -worth and personal meaning…which gives you a feeling of deep power and control.

According to the world expert on female hair loss, Elise Olsen MD, she has written that she is undecided about whether or not stress affects hair loss. I am not. She is a doctor and works in a Lab, I admire a lot of her work and if it wasn’t for her there is a lot we would not know about hair loss, especially female hair loss… …she just does not see the amount of hair clients that I do and in my opinion there is nothing that beats HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE…nothing. I certainly am not smart enough to acquire an MD certificate so I do admire most everything else about this woman. She has written the only HAIR LOSS TEXTBOOK in existence which I have read twice and study all the time.

When I give clients the 10,000HEADS Protocol I ask that they follow all 12 steps religiously. I even have them sign a “commitment paper” as a mini-ritual that hopefully gets them hyped up and committed. Being a little more than stupid, I know that everyone does not follow all 12 steps religiously…if they did they would be truly remarkable people, it is an extremely tough task…most follow 6-7 maybe 8 steps. For the 85% success rate I quote, an individual needs to follow all 12 religiously. After some Trials I ran out of my mini-Lab over the course of 6 months, I came up with the numbers I quote.

3 weeks ago I had a long time client come in with a completely new head of hair and I was stunned. This is a 52 year old female,w/ a super high stress job, but with an otherwise very comfortable upper middle class life. She started the program because of the terrible hair ‘fall’ issues; she was losing hair in her brush, on her pillow and was freaking out about it. “Appearance” is part of her very successful job. She was doing all the steps except Step 3 & 12. Stress & the Secret Weapon supplement and I knew it. Plenty of clients end up with Step 12 as the “one” that makes the most monumental changes, it deals with what the body is missing as far as vitamins & minerals. Step 12 is the one step that changes the most peoples hair. This is the first case I could pin the dramatic change to YOGA. I didn’t know it, but she had started YOGA 3 months prior to her coming in, so it turned out Stress was her trigger point {Trigger point is what has triggered your body into shedding hair}.If she had practiced all 12 steps right from the beginning, she would have had a full year of great hair, but there was no way of knowing that .She is on Cloud Nine now…she has better hair than she has had in over 25 years and I am thrilled for her. She also has said how wonderful YOGA has been for her overall general health , her marriage and her overall happiness and was very grateful for me continually bugging her to go to a class.With YOGA you are empowered by a deeper self understanding and personal value with this new attitude you will find that you are able to cope with stress more effectively.Mental control, intellectual acuity, stress free psychological health, physical health, vitality, plus emotional healing and balance, area all the wonderful by-products of YOGA practice.

Yoga should be the primary component in your stress management program.If you do not have a yoga studio near you then head on over to http://www.yogajournal.com/ and look up what their recommendations are for a good DVD or VHS tape. My one suggestion would be the Ana Forrest YOGA – DVD. I found her style pleasant although am not sure if she has a beginning version or not. Everyone needs to get permission from their physician before beginning any type of physical activity. YOGA was my saving grace after radiation, I was super weak, and the best part was there was absolutely no pressure to be any better or to keep up with my neighbor, it is the only activity I have ever done that has not an ounce of competitiveness involved in it. You participate at your own level no matter what it is.

Added bonus: Within the practice of YOGA there are many position where you are upside down they are called INVERSIONS. Being inverted for a few minutes at a time has the blood in your body rushing to your head, That blood in your head nourishes the hair follicles, which in turn after a month or two will begin to make a difference in your hair.

In addition I have a couple of Pro-surfers that see me for their hair loss issues, both have studying Yoga for over a year, alongside the hair thickness side effects > they both claim it has improved their surfing more than any other activity ever has – these 2 are in the top 20 Professional surfers in the world.

The delights and treasures that YOGA bring to your life are vast….having yoga work on relieving your stress should be what you set your mind to. Physiological advantages of YOGA· Stable autonomic nervous system equilibrium, Pulse rate decreases· Respiratory rate decreases· Blood pressure decreases· Galvanic skin response (GSR) increases· EEG-alpha waves increase (theta, delta, and beta waves also increase during various stages of meditation)· EMG activity decreases· Cardiovascular efficiency increases· Respiratory efficiency increases (vital capacity increases, breath-holding time increases)· Gastrointestinal function normalizes· Endocrine function normalizes· Excretory functions improve· Musculoskeletal flexibility and joint range of motion increase· Posture improves· Strength and resiliency increase· Endurance increases· Energy level increases· Weight normalizes· Hair health improves· Sleep improves· Immunity increases· Pain decreases - your life changes it truly does.

I have decided to devote one month to a step with February being STEP 3 - STRESS - I know there is only a few days left, but I can also see losing people interest on this step... a lot was said in just today's post. We shall see.
There are 12 Steps, I will double up on one other month then each month you will be given another Step until we are completely finished in December.

You will solve a lot of your hair health when you get real with yourself & with life, as well.
NO B/S, I don't have time for that so I hope you please try to understand that.

I am going to apologize for the crappy writing I am producing now...after reading this I realized that at one time I had it a little more together than I do now.
I just hope you all understand....maybe I will slow it down a little.
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