March 28, 2013

The Power of Purple. . .

The power of purple collides w/ the battle of brass  -- for Blonde's. 
Too often, the Brass wins and you are stuck using toners, purple shampoos and purple conditioners. They all work but for a short time. Enter....purple developer .Yep, violet developer. No, it does not turn your hair any shade of purple/ lavender or violet.  It is used solely to mix with either hair colors in Level 8 thru to high-lift blonds.One of the biggest problems for most of you trying to achieve a beautiful shade of Blonde, is the ongoing battle with Brass/Gold & Blorange. 

Many of you use high-lift blonde's to lift many more Levels than some are capable of. Most have not developed the technology to lift more then 2-3-4 levels using a hair color (of course you can with powder lightener), but now you can fight the brass issue with this very strong Violet based Developer that is mixed with your hair color mixture, then applied to the hair.  All of the companies "lie" boldly about how many levels of Lift they can lighten....I don't know why...but they do (its not like we won't find out ! ).

Enter a product that works to help in this never-ending battle of the Brass. Violet Developer. Which we carry in many different capacities. Why would Violet Developer help?

When is the one and only time you have entrance to the "inside of the hair strand?" When you color the hair! The hair Strand opens up and lets the color molecules inside the strand in order for the hair color change to take place. As you see in the below illustrations.

So if that is when the cuticle opens and lets color in....why not put VIOLET developer inside of the hair strands when applying any type of blonding effect? Its brilliant actually. How many of you purchase Violet shampoos...or Violet Toners...? This works even better, you know why? In the hair color process that cuticle opens and lets both the developer molecules and the color molecules - inside...then closes trapping them in there together. 

When they are in their together they stay working together - continuously. I  colored my Assistant Kelly's hair who's hair pull's more brass than the Philharmonic orchestra!  Its been 3 weeks (!) now and its still a lovely shade of beige blonde, which means this will work wonders on everyone else. I was making a mistake and using it at the wrong strength, you will get proper proportions with each order, be sure to request.

So in closing, if you use any type of blonding from Level 8 and above in hair colors, all high-lifts, and bleach (for sure) the Violet -toned Developer is a huge MUST-MUST-MUST ! I sure wish they offered a 10Volume, because mixed with Toners could be simply DANGEROUS ! ! ! for those of us that like to C-R-E-A-T-E !
........and its right in time for Easter!
Link to this Developer click here
Killer Chemist

March 20, 2013

Men & the Art of Hair Great UTUBE video

Well leave it to the South American's to get a commercial right........Really? The South American's? Really?
Check this sweet-crazy little video out, it is about damn time they have a men's hair commercial aside from that over-hyped - Just For Men - Crap-in-a-box you see all the time. Too bad they began on the South American continent, so we could enjoy it. Well, they thought of the next best thing ....."Shock-Value".

Plus, the big controversy is not what you think.....the big flack is Feminists think it is offensive to women. ! !?? wwwwhat?
No idea what they are referring to, but I have brought it to you below .... this isn't even about women.
What do you think?  
Here is the copy from Huffington Posts analysis of the video - - again I have opened up "comments" so you all may comment, please do.

We've always admired Dove ad campaigns which often spotlight diverse body types and "real beauty." But the beauty brand's latest ad, a Brazilian commercial for Dove Men & Care shampoo is just downright confusing.
The video spot, created by Dove and Ogilvy & Mather Brasil, stars a dude with gorgeous Kate Middleton - like hair. It's so luscious and toss-worthy that it draws attention from a male co-worker: "Did you do something to your hair?... It looks like those slow-mo effects from women's shampoo ads."
And in reality, it really does. This guy's girl-hair is awesome. But the point of the ad is that it's too awesome: The man immediately sprints home and washes away his lovely locks with manly Dove Men + Care shampoo because, as the tagline states, "Women's shampoo is not made for you."
Some may find the stark masculine/feminine dichotomy & as Jessie put it "OMG NOT LADYHAIR, EVERYONE WILL THINK I AM WEAK AND HELPLESS." But we're distracted by the idea that this ad is for men's shampoo, seeing as it showcases the most awesome head of women's hair. Seriously, what kind of "women's shampoo" was the guy using before? Because we want a bottle (or seven).
When you know the hair in that commercial is a wig, how does that make you feel about buying the product?    
Killer Chemist                                                                                                                
March 13, 2013

Hair SOS - Mane Emergency - Watch Out For Boxed Hair Color

Vidal Sassoon Box Color is Same Ole Crap-In-A-Box
I'm tired of sugar coating the word for Boxed hair color - all boxed hair color is Bull Shit.
I am just horrified that a new boxed hair color has been rolled out. First of all . Leave it up to Proctor Gamble to wait til the master is dead so he couldn't SUE their ass. 
Because he surely would. 

Lately there has been a barrage of Vidal Sassoon commercials for hair color and I'm sure they are using the death of the man as a way to bring attention to their product, it hasn't even been one full year. Such poor taste Proctor and Gamble, such poor taste. The story that was told in school was the following: The words Vidal Sassoon were sold 2 ways back in the late 80's (when people thought you retired). #1) was sold as a package of the Salons and Academy's to this couple in London.....Annie Hartley and Tim Hartman, they acquired the name Vidal Sassoon and #2) he also sold his name to Proctor and Gamble for hair products, something that makes ZERO SENSE in today's world, because Proctor & Gamble makes the cheapest, lousiest products in the market...I don't know how they get it sooo wrong....I even tried them way back when I was in school because they encouraged it.
Apparently Mr. Sassoon tried for years to get out of his deal with selling his name to Proctor and Gamble.  No one has higher standards than Vidal Sassoon Academy.... as did the man. So the lousy products that have been turned out by Proctor and Gamble, just never met the standards that Mr. Sassoon signed up for, he tried and it was not reversible. My hypothesis is that there was a deal for hair color when he passed. Good for him  - -  but bad for us.

I just want everyone to know that boxed hair color is boxed hair color.
I stand by my initial analysis of it....there is no way that product can work. 
Think about this...........
   1 brunette
   1 redhead 
   1 blonde &
   1 black haired person walk into the Grocery store or Target or Walmart , to purchase 1 box of color. Lets Say Level 8 Blond like this 

Which one of those 4 people will end up with the correct color?

The answer..............only 1 out of 4 people will turn up with a sort of close color  - everyone else will have a disaster on their hands. Even that one person has to be so very careful about their hair color, it is just NEVER EVER choose a box and use..............ever!.

No one knows that, do they? They put a little directions on the box, but no one reads them. So the hair ends up destroyed.

Please do some reading and learn how to color the hair. This Blog covers it all, we have so many successful Crib Colorists!
Killer Chemist

March 9, 2013

Silver Hair.........Sexy or Not???

There are a lot of mixed feelings on gray hair, ........
                 should you keep it or should you cover it up?

Over the years I have tried many different options on women with gray hair .......of all percentages.  Now that I am having my first few grays pop up, the question is becoming a little more personal. But what I will teach you is what I have learned from all of these women over the years.

1. Women that have very dark hair Level 5 thru Level 1 (Level 1 being black and Level 12 being platinum) ........constantly battle the question over covering it or letting it go gray. Why? The regrowth once the percentage of gray gets over 40% is tough. After 2 weeks you feel like you need to think about re-doing it. That way you can never let your hair color "go".....out of your thoughts! When it pops up after 2 weeks, the "line of demarcation" becomes so distinct - that you really have to decide one way or the other....

2. So with approx. 1 woman per month, she decides to go gray... getting the old color a treacherous task. Can anyone say : VANISH??!! and with the formula needed to cover these silver haired vixens, the job is 2 X as tough! But is doable. Many times I will have to cut an inch or 2 off the bottom, but gray it turns out after about 1 week of procedures. The pay-off is you never have to color again.
What I will say about this decision is...almost every single person decides to go back and re-cover the gray .......and I am not sure if it is just because of where I live and Malibu being Celebrity-central...?? So please write in your comments at the end, if YOU have gone "all-silver-all-the-time" and let us know how you like it???

So with those results being so vivid in my mind , I know for right now that all I want to do is cover my few little gray hairs up...I don't know what I will do when those few hairs become "MANY"... but for now I happen to know a person who knows exactly how to cover gray hair - and it lasts 6-8 weeks when it needs to be done because of re-growth. If you are having problems with your formula for covering gray hair, remember.,,,these 3 tricks:
  1. Use permanent hair color only
  2. Do NOT shampoo your hair for 48 hours after you color hair.... ( just rinse when finished coloring hair, the only reason Stylists shampoo your hair after coloring is to either (a) start the color fading right away or (b) poor education.
  3. Always mix a Neutral Color and a Tonal category. Using the "neutral" or (N) color to "fill" the gray hair ( gray hair has no color in it) with a base . Then adding the tonal color you wish to become.

I have yet to discover a method to recover the gray beneath the scalp !! ha ha... That will probably be the next thing on the hair color market..."We have now discovered how to color your hair "IN" your head.." How many of you would want that product? 
Be sure to write your comments below I will post them as soon as I delete all the spam this Blog attracts for some reason ... promise!

"Would you use a product that guaranteed to cover your gray hair before it grew out of the scalp?

Killer Chemist