March 13, 2013

Hair SOS - Mane Emergency - Watch Out For Boxed Hair Color

Vidal Sassoon Box Color is Same Ole Crap-In-A-Box
I'm tired of sugar coating the word for Boxed hair color - all boxed hair color is Bull Shit.
I am just horrified that a new boxed hair color has been rolled out. First of all . Leave it up to Proctor Gamble to wait til the master is dead so he couldn't SUE their ass. 
Because he surely would. 

Lately there has been a barrage of Vidal Sassoon commercials for hair color and I'm sure they are using the death of the man as a way to bring attention to their product, it hasn't even been one full year. Such poor taste Proctor and Gamble, such poor taste. The story that was told in school was the following: The words Vidal Sassoon were sold 2 ways back in the late 80's (when people thought you retired). #1) was sold as a package of the Salons and Academy's to this couple in London.....Annie Hartley and Tim Hartman, they acquired the name Vidal Sassoon and #2) he also sold his name to Proctor and Gamble for hair products, something that makes ZERO SENSE in today's world, because Proctor & Gamble makes the cheapest, lousiest products in the market...I don't know how they get it sooo wrong....I even tried them way back when I was in school because they encouraged it.
Apparently Mr. Sassoon tried for years to get out of his deal with selling his name to Proctor and Gamble.  No one has higher standards than Vidal Sassoon Academy.... as did the man. So the lousy products that have been turned out by Proctor and Gamble, just never met the standards that Mr. Sassoon signed up for, he tried and it was not reversible. My hypothesis is that there was a deal for hair color when he passed. Good for him  - -  but bad for us.

I just want everyone to know that boxed hair color is boxed hair color.
I stand by my initial analysis of it....there is no way that product can work. 
Think about this...........
   1 brunette
   1 redhead 
   1 blonde &
   1 black haired person walk into the Grocery store or Target or Walmart , to purchase 1 box of color. Lets Say Level 8 Blond like this 

Which one of those 4 people will end up with the correct color?

The answer..............only 1 out of 4 people will turn up with a sort of close color  - everyone else will have a disaster on their hands. Even that one person has to be so very careful about their hair color, it is just NEVER EVER choose a box and use..............ever!.

No one knows that, do they? They put a little directions on the box, but no one reads them. So the hair ends up destroyed.

Please do some reading and learn how to color the hair. This Blog covers it all, we have so many successful Crib Colorists!
Killer Chemist

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