December 19, 2011

OMBRE HairColor Technique (Paint Drips) - Brief Demo

This is a photo by photo display of how to accomplish the OMBRE technique, which I can now see is not going to be nearly as easy as I thought to describe & teach on the Web. 

Depending on the level you are and the level you want the color to be...will determine the volume of developer you use with either the bleach or tint. Here is another example where "bleach" comes to the rescue. Bleach goes in the foils to lighten the pieces, do NOT worry about it, its only a small portion of the hair. Remember your new mantra: " I Must Learn To Love Bleach "...." I must learn to love Bleach"...!! 

Part of the specialty of this technique is "blending" them and "placing" them so it looks natural and fun.

Here is the front large Paint Drip....parted away from rest of hair, then applied bleach & 40 volume ( the hair on this mannequin is pretty dark

Fold up the Foil and seal . . . the heat that is generated from being folded up - helps the bleach work faster/better/etc. on a real person the heat from the scalp helps

Look at the paint drips on the beautiful girl above.... That look is very easy to get and very fashion forward

See how I part away the hair. Being sure to keep the hair you do NOT WANT COLORED, away from the foil. You are using the foil to keep together the hair and the bleach, so it may work together. Separated from the rest of the hair, is what creates a lot of the cool looks in hair, I hope to show you that in stages this week.

I am showing this for one reason only, (stubborn hair only).... generally the rule is to NOT use heat with foils and bleach.....The rule is NO > Do not use heat on bleach.
I will be perfectly honest and admit there are just times when you will need to mildly ( NOTICE THE WORD MILDLY ! )warm-up the foil.....especially in the cool of the winter!

There is stubborn hair, there is hair that is so resistant not only heat won't work -- sandpaper won't either!
As in everything there are exceptions to the rule... and that is exactly how it is with hair....

REAL human heads with real human hair are not like that, unless there is artificial color on it you are trying to remove. Normally you will watch the hair turn very fast, no heat needed ...Just open the foils, smooth the bleach off with your finger and look at the color of the hair. Yes, this takes experience but, you might as well start now. Be sure to Re-Apply the Lightener on wear you scraped it off....

Experiment with one small piece of hair underneath all of your hair, to just see how it works. There will be no harm done on one little piece of hair that can be covered up, if need be.
Stay tuned!

Happy Holiday's from Us All ....Alex, Haley, Betty, Adem, Nikki & KC
December 16, 2011


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December 1, 2011

Best Hair Conditioner on Planet Earth...

I just have to relay this wonderfully classic statement about THRIVEN (Killerstrands conditioner)

by a young woman on a web site I have not even heard of....

                   "Thriven is the best thing can sleep with it on, you can use it as a styling creme. I plan to be buried in a vat of it. It's not cheap, but a tub last 6 months and my hair is like silk "
I think I will lower the prices of my oils and of the conditioners as those products of mine are truly what help so many of you achieve healthier hair - - - faster!!  they make the bigger difference to most of you....they help everyone repair their hair and maybe if its less money more peop