December 12, 2013

Shock At the Popularity of Their New Hair Product ( Not me !)

This is a wonderful new product, that people have been shocked at how well it works. So shocked that a couple of the colors are sold out for a week ! When a product is brand new that never happens as they have to ordered 10's of thousands of products for a 'first run' ...well, Schwarzkopf has come out with a dream product.

 It is a 'true' SEMI-PERMANENT hair color. Remember, the category "semi-permanent" is color without the use of developer. That is a true Semi Permanent so all those boxed hair colors are guilty of FALSE ADVERTISING that claim that on their boxes of color....and I think those companies should be taken to court for it. 

 How many of you women have had their hair ruined because you believed that it was TRULY Semi-Perm ???  If there is any type of liquid besides the color......that liquid is developer adding that 2nd white liquid that turns the color into Demi or Permanent Hair Color - you create all the problems so many of you have and its NOT YOUR FAULT!. There is NOTHING wrong with Demi or permanent color AT ALL ! The fault lies in the deception to the consumer that they think they are buying one product and they are not.

Demi Permanent hair color and Permanent are very important color categories but NOT if you are looking for Semi Permanent hair color and expecting NO line of demarcation and no permanence to the color. This mousse is absolutely Semi-permanent hair color, hallelujah!

Also a great point of this product is that it is made for professionals to apply to their clients hair, so it is made of top quality ingredients and it is the only truly Professional Semi Permanent Hair Color on the market. It is highly useful in so many ways. In our Group  I can't tell you how many people I have recommended it to and they have loved it. 

Each has used it for a different reason.. My manager uses it because she has dark hair (Level 3  and lots of silver hair) So many times she can't get around to actually coloring her hair and she actually mixed a squirt of 3-0 and a squirt of 5-0 to make a 4-0 & it worked like a dream. . .she doesn't put it any where else but in the front around her front hairline and on her part. She's come up with a cool way of using it so it really lasts as well. She squirts the 2 puffs of a little mousse in a tint bowl ( mixed it well with a small spoon/or stick and uses the sponge we have in the store to apply, which washes out and can be used again. the sponge for some reason makes the color last longer - we are not sure why but it does!

There are a few other tricks you may do with this...that are not mentioned above:
  • Toning, now this it what quite a few people have used this for 9.5.1 - is a wonderful beautiful tone that conquers beautiful non-committal color and shine without re-growth.
  • Practice-Run for permanent color. If you find you like one of the Toners colors Schwarzkopf has all of these colors in permanent and demi- permanent  shades to bump it up ! 
  • Pure Gloss- to intensify the base color.
  • Neutralization - for perfect blondes & grey
  • Color Correction - for a slight tonal direction change
  • Pre-pigmentation - ' filler ' - for certain cases

 You have 13 colors to choose from.
Now in professional hair color, the companies make it so you don't have to have every single color by using colors that can be mixed.... every Salon I've worked in has a much too small color room there just isn't enough room for every single color. So if you need Level 6 mix 5-0 + 7-0.......= which equals 6-0. What ever you have left can be used at a later time.
You can do that with all of these colors.   9.5-1 + 8.77 = Level 8.5 Red/blond (in this equation you would use more of the Level 9 color than the 8.77...because the darker color is stronger, therefore always put more of the lighter if you are mixing colors.

How to use: 
  • Analyze and choose appropriate color
  • Shampoo Hair , towel dry lightly
  • Apply Gloves
  • Shake Well
  • Dispense holding the can upside down
  • Moisten sponge and squeeze water out  till damp'
  • process for 5 minutes for refreshing & conditioning
  • process 20 -30 minutes for intense color & deep conditioning
  • add a little water at the sink.....emulsify into kind of a gooey mess (gloves) let sit for 1-3 minutes
  • Rinse till water runs clear
  • Apply Killerstrands INTENSIVE to lock in color and return pH level to normal to protect hair.
This is a great product, I highly recommend it.


December 9, 2013

Homeland Star Colors Hair To Match Her On-Screen Love....Brody....Now What?

How Will That Work in the story line of the show?

If Claire Danes is doing it.......

the trend I like to see hit the "HOT" List is finally here to stay

How many of you are Homeland Fans? 
Around here I don't know anyone who isn't !

Well, Claire Danes does the absolute best job, ever, of acting. She deserves all of her accolades....I just wonder how they will write her hair color change into the story line. She hardly wears any make-up on the show and her hair is always a mess (apropos for her character) - but on the Today Show her hair was a spectacular Level 8.5 Red/Blonde and it looked amazingly better. 

 Having Red hair myself, I am used to not seeing many Reds around. The Percentage was 1-2% of the entire population on earth, I think that is crazy. Now, to see more and more people turning their hair to match Jessica Chastain's I am completely thrilled . {I am convinced it is her who has started the craze}.What she will have to do is to apply the red on more time as it is looking as though its fading already !


November 23, 2013

The Blonde's Are Coming . . .

and they have a Big Surprize For You !
November 20, 2013

Cheap Shampoos Will Destroy Your Hair -

I'm not screwing around with the subject matter today.  I'm a little hot under the collar..........
Large shampoo manufacturers that have millions of dollars are the only companies that can afford to advertise on TV, magazines, and on the Internet. I want to tell you how some of these things work so you understand why you have been using cheap (miserably-made) shampoo your whole life and you never knew how much it is completely destroying your hair - strands, roots and condition. The other day here in Los Angeles there was a big controversial story about YELP on the local networks.

 The fact that an older company found out that the businesses and products and stores that received high ratings were the ones that PAID the company and that was the ONE & ONLY way to get high ratings on the company! I though, maybe people don't know how this is run..... - its just like Google.....I  love Google, because for a teeny tiny company every once in a while they will throw me a bone. BUT MOST PEOPLE SAY TO ME : ''where have you been hiding I have been looking for someone like you for years. I'm here, I just don't have thousands of dollars to be #1 - when you SEARCH......or advertise so you can find me. This couple was FLOORED that YELP was not honest and not organically true to the  comments it received. I decided it was time to come out of my hole and tell you all the 100% absolute truth about what goes on in the advertising industry, for those that don't know.

First of all this all relates completely to the hair industry. I receive hundreds of emails that I gladly read everyone of .....why? ....because  still after 8 years LOVE TO HEAR WHAT HAPPENS to each and everyone of you with your hair. Never stop writing me.  But, from all of these emails, I hear on a daily basis ............ that you have been using shampoo you get in Target, Walmart or the Grocery Store and none of you ever had a clue that these shampoos were creating hair loss, hair destruction, drying and crumbling of the hair strands, and general loss of hairs per square inch on the head of all women and men. Who wants this??? Do any of you want to have destroyed......dry.....falling out hair? Well, I promise you after 8 years of continuous emails, that is all Grocery Store Shampoos create....and they do so because they all have the money to advertise on this very INTERNET that you are on. The TV you watch on your giant screen Television set, and the magazines you throw around your house and your bed. 

BIG GIANT HAIR SHAMPOO manufacturers Pay thousands of dollars to become #1-10 on the Internet. Right now I want you to Go open another window - - - -up to the top there .. ^ ^ ^ ^ the window and go to GOOGLE.......then search for "Shampoo"......all those people on that 1st page have paid 10's of thousands of dollars to be in that position on the page, I want you all to realize that none of the Search's you perform on the Internet (using Yahoo, Bing, Google..........any Search engine) THAT IS HOW THEY MAKE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS by being 1st thru 20 on the search engines. They are not there because they are truly GOOD shampoo's. Everything quality on the internet is small and hard to find.

I was brought up by a very successful businessman which is why I kind of naturally understood this when I started this whole thing. My purpose was to try to write honest-true-stories about hair products that would KEEP-YOUR-HAIR-ON-YOUR-HEAD + keep it in good condition + soft + shiny....DO YOU KNOW THAT by simply spending a few more bucks on shampoo every month you can totally CHANGE THE CONDITION OF YOUR HAIR.....I have been trying to teach anyone who would read, how and where to find good shampoos. That was my first ambition and then I switched over to trying to teach the majority not to use the same companies, who also ruin your hair with BOXED hair color. Not to ruin your hair with bad hair color.

IN HAIR................

QUALITY COUNTS.....and its only a matter of a few dollars, to make the difference in a bottle of shampoo that doesn't trash your hair, than for one that does. I used to tell my clients that if they would just buy 2 less coffees, or 2 less beers a month they could afford a great shampoo.  . .  and for every person I have ever met in my entire experience in the hair bizness. . . . EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU  - - - LOVE THE CRAP out of your hair, so why wouldn't you want to switch to something you put on your hair ALL MONTH LONG that can make the difference in more hair on your head or not.....I mean come on boys and girls.....

Right now I have a small group where I teach people one at a time how to get that Boxed Color out of the hair......and each and every one of they begin to remove the Color begins to have LIGHT/LIFE & HAPPINESS in their voice with how their hair feels. They cannot believe that just by removing Boxed Hair Color your hair begins to feel like it did .... 10-20-30 years ago ....soft,shiny - like a real child's hair, even ! I listen to this all the time and I think I get sooooooooooooo used to it that I become immune to the heartbreaking and wonderful stories....they are in writing now in the Group if you want to read about them. With my last Groups I didn't go to the extent of helping that I am now, which is why we have the small fee . . . but I think most feel it is well worth it.

Back to the large corporations, Shitty shampoo's and the fact that the lousy shampoo's are the only ones who can afford to advertise and the advertisements are what you see as you sit on your sofa's at night, which inspires you to choose a shampoo. I mean I saw a lousy commercial tonight and it set me off....I'm sorry.....if I talked one person into buying a SULFATE-FREE SHAMPOO or any shampoo in our store. . . . it all will have been worth it !


November 14, 2013

Everyone Should Color Their Eyebrows...Period!

I've written a few Posts on Coloring Eyebrows but I feel they have been confusing and complicated so I am going to put a number of girls up and tell you the formula's to their eyebrow color . . . so if that is you? You can just purchase those 2 colors and have the same color. I have had very good lucky with using Wella Koleston Perfect color for eyebrows OR if you have purchase other color from us you can try doing you brows in the same color....I just happen feel that brows should NOT be the exact same color, but about 1-2 shades darker. 

When mixing the colors you must make the formula with 2 colors. One that is a NEUTRAL or a '0'.....for example 7/0 N.........or 4-0 N..... as you see here

 to be 1/2 the formula 

 and the other half being the "tonal quality" you want.

The thing about tinting eyebrows is if you mix the formula..........brush it on, shape it clean with Q-Tip....... let it process for an hour will last about a month!
If you purchase 2 tubes of Wella Koleston Color for eyebrow Tint, you may request a 'complimentary' Addition:
  • Eyebrow brush to apply color

Here are some more examples of color formula's:

 if you need a formula and don't see it, here, join our group. . . . put up a photo of your brows & hair color and I'm happy to give it to you!

November 6, 2013

Flakes, Flakes, Lots of Flakes and they are Not In My Cereal

A Wonderful manner in which to fight your dandruff is a great little kit we call the Hairmergency Kit

This problem is way more common than you would think, it is super contagious and if you don't have it and you use someone else's brush or comb, you WILL HAVE it. So I would highly suggest NEVER using anyone else's grooming tools, you cannot see it when it is on their as it is microscopic in size.....yes it grows and becomes large in size....but if someone has rinsed

I have put together this little kit if your problem is just the average size which will help get rid of  it at home under your own care. It involves using four products we carry or you you can purchase the kit which helps on the wallet.

The main product is Malibu2000 Shampoo for Scalp Wellness,

I have had quite a few people just use the shampoo and solve the problem, but the biggest point, is becoming AWARE OF IT. That way you watch all of these points I will tell you.

#1. Do not use ANYONE elses' comb or brush or styling tools of any kind which means Flat Iron or Curling Iron or even bobby pins. STOP USING OTHER PEOPLES products if you have this issue.

 #2 Use  shampoo Malibu2000 Scalp Wellness Shampoo or LANZA has a great Scalp Remedy

set which is also wonderful we carry in the shampoo section. Just be very sure you use a Scalp shampoo that has an "active" in it.

#3 Then next get the Kaaral Scalp Scrub, it has very fine wonderful feeling (kind of tingle-y) on the scalp, you know like menthol.....and AFTER your shampoo and very thorough RINSE ( oh btw a big cause of dandruff on people is people not rinsing their shampoo out Rinse 2-3 minutes longer than you normally would! Then use about 1/2 dollar size of the scrub and put it on your finger-tips and rub it into your scalp with the TIPS OF YOUR FINGERS, let it sit on there for 4-5 minutes and then rinse out { it is also a sweet Conditioner!}.

#4. oh....btw, in the shampoo stage and the scrub stage you must use the SCRUB brush as you see to the left here .... intermittently - remember you do NOT want to irritate the area either.... so go slow at first and increase the amount you use it over time. Your skin will get use to it.
Surprisingly enough this  little inexpensive way will get rid of most minor-medium cases of dandruff, it really will. You just cannot stop, stay ON IT.  You do not have to do the whole routine every day....for one thing don't shampoo every day any way. That is too freequently....BUT, be sure to at leas to Shampoo every - OTHER day and apply the Scrub/.

#5. Malibu 2000 Scalp Wellness Packet.
These packets are little works of art....POWDER is inside
the envelope you put the powder in a small bowl, add
Add caption
water.. . . . . then the mixture EXPANDS
and turns into this Gel - lots of gel, people are always astounded
at the amount of Gel that it produces. Then you take your figer tips and get the Gel on the Scalp.....LEAVE IT ON THERE for
at LEAST 10 - 20 minutes. Rinse off. Go to Bed. Its a great way to really care for the scalp then let it do its work throughout the

There you have it, you should have your dandruff completely
solved and diminished and a matter of days with this kit!

November 3, 2013

Hair Feel Like Straw? Damaged Hair Repair

Whoops so sorry..........
I wrote the title then got completely distracted....
So ANYWAY.............

Lately we have had quite a few woman go through this wonderful transformation and I had no idea I had not talked about it in a long long time. What happens when you use boxed hair color or Sally's hair Color is a very low grade of hair color that has less than desirable ingredients in it gets deposited on the hair strands and for some reason slowly works on them to begin to feel like sand almost. Feel your hair right now....does it feel soft and shiny....does it blow in the wind like it should? The people who have used this low grade color start to have their de-grade over a very long and slow process. . .  it is so slow and so low, that they don't notice it right away. It takes about 2 years minimum for the person to wake up to the fact that their hair longer....feels like hair any more.

 I have never quite figured out why Boxed Color/or Sallys Color doesn't act or react like good professional hair color....I have tried for nearly 9 years now to get everyone I can to change over to professional hair color. What you will experience when you do take this adventure in removing the old hair color ........ in and of itself will be exhilarating to you.......BEFORE you even 're-color" your hair you will be thrilled at how your hair feels. Your hair will feel like it hasn't felt since you were young ......once you go through this.

 I have so many women go through this, that I get used to all the wonderful comments, but every once in a woman's story stands out that it hits me like a train and I remember it is time to go over the process to you, the public, once again.

Now it is not that expensive of a process I don't believe for the joy and pleasure you will get out of this. Currently we have a Group ( that you may join if you wish - its less than $1.00/daily) and in this group a number of the women have gone through this process I am going to lay out....
These woman keep talking about how they haven't felt their hair feel as it does now since they were in high school, etc... and that is what woke me up to the fact that it was now time to review the process to the public.

Here is your shopping List:

  • 1 King Size bottle of the cheapest lousiest SHAMPOO that HAS SULFATES in it !
  • 1 dozen plastic caps - minimum ( that we will give you with any order over $25.00)
  • 4-6 Malibu 2000 Color Correction Packets
  • 2 boxes of VANISH - Hair Color Remover from our site - yes it is pricey - but the miracles it performs are worth every teeny-tiny Cent. I would highly suggest you purchase the VANISH KIT  - otherwise you will have to drive all over town to get the items yourself in order for VANISH to work correctly. VANISH IS NOT FOR BLEACHED HAIR. DO NOT USE IF YOU HAVE BLEACHED HAIR. In each Vanish box is 2 applications so you will have 4 applications of Vanish - TOTAL !
  • INTENSIVE - which you will need after each VANISH application and prior to all hair color and or after all hair color, in Intensive is a porosity equalizer, evens out the pH level.
  • Gleam ...Unique Oil we make with 15 ingredients (ZERO silicones only oils & Vitamin E's) and truly reboots your hair into being the hair of your dreams, the only oil on the market that does NOT have silicone's in it. Therefore it replenishes the lipids that are missing from the lower quality hair color you have been using in the past.
  • Lastly....THRIVEN - A deep OVERNIGHT Conditioner, + the information that you will need to buy to purchase the Secret Supplement. Once you purchase 60 of those, take 1 a day for minimum 60-90 days, those 2 items will be the magic that is not on the marketplace anywhere. This product is always in our top 3 sellers and will replace the life and vitality to your hair that has never been found in another product on the market place.. You will sleep with this in once a week and your hair will be REVIVED and you will have the hair of your youth with this Protocol.
Now the 1st process is to take that lousy shampoo and perform something I call the shampoo train. Where you shampoo the hair in your kitchen sink for about 5 minutes....scrubbing the hair's end and lengths with your 2 hands for another 5 really want to try to get that shampoo INSIDE your hair strands. Then you will LEAVE the SHAMPOO ON YOUR HAIR for a few hours which is why you need the plastic bags. The plastic bags will generate heat and make the shampoo work deep inside your hair strands to help loosen the hair color. Why do we do this? Because the people who do not do the Shampoo Train must use 3-4 sometimes 5 boxes of VANISH, which makes it get very expensive. The Shampoo Train eliminates multiple boxes of VANISH. So I suggest doing this step with Vim and Vigor.

Next Step will be applying the Malibu2000 Color Correction packets in between some of the 
shampoo Trains to help eliminate and loosen up the old color molecules... So Do a Shampoo Train or 2 - then do 1 Color Correction packet..

Some people like to get this all over with and you can do this all in 3-4 days, but it will be all you do.
So I suggest you spread it out over a week or 2. It really is up to you but you will notice a little bit of change at each step and that is what will make you go to the next step so you can increase the softness and shine of your hair.
After each VANISH box.

If you have any questions or you want to others stories you can always join the group, if its even for a month the info you learn and get to listen to is priceless I'm sure you feel.

Your hair will feel like silk and blow in the wind like satin.....when you are finished with this. I can't wait to hear even more stories i NEVER ever GET TIRED OF THEM.....

Killer Chemist
October 31, 2013

An Honest Comment From a Loyal 7-Year Customer (& Crib Colorist)

. . . . a poignant email I received today that I feel many of you will learn from....

-----Original Message-----
To: KillerTrinity3 <>
Sent: Thu, Oct 31, 2013 8:40 am
Subject: Re: Schwarzkopf Igora Royal

I just tried using Schwarzkopf Igora Royal for the first time, and want to pass along my experience and comments. This is the first color I've found that I love for toning pre-lightened hair since Renbow went out of production. I like to tone with a  blend of level 9 ash and neutral permanent color mixed with 10-volume developer. I used to use Renbow Colorissimo 9A and 9N and loved both the depth and tone. Since I've tried equivalents from Lakme Collage, Kaaral Baco, and Wella Koleston Perfect and just haven't been as happy. The toning qualities of these three didn't produce a dark enough depth, and usually required a second application to get the right results. Compared to Renbow Colorissimo, these three produced lighter results, as if they were really level 10 colors. 
Don't know if this makes sense (maybe it's because they were mixed 1 oz color to 1.5 oz developer, versus Renbow and Schwarkopf's 1 to 1 ratio?)
Whatever the case, I'm thrilled with the results of Schwarzkopf Igora Royal. I've attached a photo of the results (color may be a bit off due to color correction setting of computer). FYI, my formula: pre-treat hair with Gleam, then Kaaral Cream Bleach with 40 volume developer, then tone with mix of 3/4 oz Igora Royal 9.1 and 1/4 oz 9.0.
 I'm about a natural level 5, very ash (me and my friends call the tone "pencil lead"), with 30-40% gray on top-front. Since I have my hair cut short every 4-6 weeks, I apply the bleach all over every time, not just to roots. I do see where the front takes the toner more since it is more porous from previous lightening. I the past I have heavily conditioned this section before toning, and that does seem to help equalize the toning from front to top (didn't do that this time). Anyway, wanted to pass along my experience and thank you again for being a pioneer in home hair color education and product availability in the digital age. 
Best wishes.


That is exactly the experience I have and your color looks phenomenal, very good for a Crib Colorist...actually very good for a professional Colorist (truly)
You have been with me a very very long time and I appreciate your loyalty.
You really have learned a lot , just in the way you speak about it shows what a great student you are. Again so many 

many thanks....

I am going to use your email as a Post on the BLOG I get dozens of emails daily, but certain ones, really speak to me in the way I want to come across to the public..

So many thanks for taking the time out to write that.

It is deeply - deeply appreciated, as is your 7 year loyalty!


Check out his color:

October 18, 2013

Gray Hair . . . No More? ? ?

I will tell you one very interesting piece of news I have found out from my Cosmetic

Chemistry magazines....
A Pill has finally been approved for eliminating gray hair. BUT it has a HUGE must take it for 10 years before it works and it will not get rid of current gray hair is one piece of news I heard then I read this in Forbes: and for those of you that are petrified of putting hydrogen peroxide (or developer on your hair) will notice that hydrogen peroxide is produced by the body ITSELF so it is a 100 % natural ingredient made by the body itself, you can't get anymore organic than that !

In the past three years, the concept of popping a pill to prevent gray hair has been fast-tracked from fantasyland to almost-reality. First came the groundbreaking British study published by FASEB (the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology) in 2009 exposing the mechanism that governs loss of hair pigment.

Researchers in the UK demonstrated how over time, accumulated oxidative stress leads to the overproduction of hydrogen peroxide in the hair follicles. In other words, the hair begins to bleach itself from the inside out. The buildup of hydrogen peroxide begins to block the production of melanin, the pigment that gives hair its blonde, red or brown color.

Underlying this process is a series of complex chemical mechanisms involving the effects of oxidative stress and follicle damage on key enzymes. One is catalase, which is supposed to break up the hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen so the body can eliminate it. But catalase levels drop as we age, allowing hydrogen peroxide to accumulate unchecked.

Would Emmylou Harris have taken a pill to prevent gray hair? Would you? 

Two other enzymes, known as MSR A and B, are supposed to stimulate hair follicles to repair the damage, but levels of MSR A and B drop with age as well. Without enough MSR A and B, the body can’t produce enough of another enzyme, tyrosinase, which is directly involved in melanin production.

 A New Consumer Market: Gray Hair Prevention
All of these enzymes give drugmakers new targets for medications and supplements aimed at boosting levels of catalase, MSR A and B, and tyrosinase. Cue the rush to market.
One such drug has already been announced by L'Oreal, which promises a 2015 market launch. A fruit extract about which little else is known, L’Oreal’s product acts on the production of tyrosine-related protein TRP-2. Of course, there’s no need to point out that a no-gray-hair pill could make L’Oreal a great deal of money. L’Oreal researcher Bruno Bernard was quoted by the Christian Science Monitor as saying the company already has a “watertight proof of concept” and will be in full production by 2015.
Smaller companies and supplement manufacturers aren’t waiting in the wings, though. They’re mounting online sales campaigns and putting new products on health food store shelves everyday.

The best known of these, having mounted an impressive viral marketing campaign, is Go Away Gray, manufactured by Rise-N-Shine LLC. Go Away Grey, which has been covered in a plethora of women’s magazines and newspapers, contains 5000 IU of catalase and a cocktail of L-tyrosine and tyrosine-boosting plant extracts, with the promise that boosting catalase and tyrosinase levels will prevent graying. I don't suggest falling for these.

More catalase-based supplements are arriving everyday. Other contenders include Anti-Gray Hair 7050, No More Gray with Catalase, and Anti Grey Pure by Absonutrix.
Do they work? Hard to say. The road is littered with discarded vitamins and minerals that made perfect sense but proved to be digested and excreted without effect. Some experts have suggested that it may be more effective to supplement the minerals such as zinc and selenium that the body uses to produce catalase, MSR A and B, and tyrosinase, rather than take them directly. Spinach, avocados, and liver are rich in catalase, so you could always try adding these to your diet for a more natural approach.
Next Step: RISK Warnings from Docs 
Of course, we’re talking about important enzymatic reactions here, and doctors immediately reacted to the L’Oreal announcement by cautioning that there may be significant areas to meddling with basic biology in this way. Without a product available from L’Oreal to test, however, it’s hard to argue for or against health concerns. One would hope that the anti-gray supplements already on the market have been proven safe. But there’s no way of knowing that, either. Supplements are not subject to the same regulatory scrutiny by the FDA that new drugs must undergo.

Don’t Throw Away Your Hair Dye Yet
Unfortunately, if you’re already gray or quickly getting there, the new pills won’t help you much. They have the potential to stop the graying process, but so far no one’s suggested any ability to reverse it. In fact, L’Oreal’s Bruno Bernard specifically warned that people will likely need to begin taking L’Oreal’s new supplement well before (as much as ten years before!) they would expect to begin turning gray to see the full effects.

I would say the 3 hair colors that work the best for the "Exceptions" are

IGORA ROYAL by Schwarzkopf as long as you are using a "double Zero" in the Level of your goal 
Essensity by Schwarzkopf and the most remarkeable color of our Library coming soon.... the Organic Line of Color entry by Schwarzkopf has turned out to be a real winner.

Remember any help you may need in coming up with your hair color formula
     if you are in the unique category . . . .
            or just having a hard time. . . . . . . .
                    please join our brand new intimate Group, in which you pay a . . . . . .
                         nominal fee to get help and watch others get help in figuring. . . . . .
                               out  their NEW COLOR + can ask for help with yours - 
                                     there is no pressure please sign up and join here:  . . . . . . . . . .

                 Join Our New Group 1 Month At A Time
October 1, 2013

Government Down....Hair Color UP ! !

It was brought to my attention that the color swatch charts for all our hair color lines were not working correctly for many of you...We are in the process of putting up all Color Swatch charts for: 
  • Wella ILLUMINA ....................................................Done   X
  • Wella Color Touch...................................................Done   X
  • Schwartzkopf IGORA ROYAL.................................
  • Wella Koleston Perfect............................................
  • Schwartzkopf Organic ESSENSITY Color ............. Done X
  • LANZA....................................................................
 and any toners, etc....that are new....

The rest will be up as quickly as possible and we are sooooooooooo sorry....... I would encourage everyone to check out the new Essensity line from Schwartzkopf it is soooooooooo gorgeous, the 'tones' are divine. Its a lot more beautiful than I realized !


Might As Well Strip & Re-Color Your Hair .......Being As The Govt.Is Going To Close Up

Can You Tell I Was Watching John Stewart Last Night?
if you don't watch John Stewart you must 

#1 Quick Method of Stripping and Re-Coloring Lousy Hair Color, in other words a Quick-Fix
Stripping hair color is a weirdly worded "topic", because I don't really call it stripping hair color in the manner in which I approve doing it. 

It is REVERSING Hair Color. Reversing BAD Hair Color;
 I admit it is very time consuming using VANISH and you can kind of go around it now with IGORA ROYAL & Wella's Illumina. . But when I started writing this Blog there were many people who could not afford VANISH...pretty much anyone can afford the Color Correction packet & do the Shampoo Train...while you save up to purchase can be doing this. I promise - IT WORKS ! !

Of all the Treatment Packs this one is Great for alternating with VANISH -- when trying to get old syrupy mollasses-y Boxed Hair Color out of the Hair.   Now the Shampoo Train experience comes from trying to take actors who wanted different colors all the time ...and do it safely and gently so this is my own little treatment that stems from my training at Sassoon... it works well. There is the wonderful Color Remover called VANISH we recommend. But, doing any hair color process, even removing your color is just not healthy to do every day or every week. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of room to play...and we will go into all the ways when someone poses a question they want answered.
The last trick for stubborn color

      Using the Malibu2000 Color Correction packet !   + Intro  to KC's "Shampoo Train"
    This packet is the one I recommend to so many of you who end up here at Killerstrands in hopes of repairing and re-coloring your old horrible hair color or/ Sallys horrible ION Hair Color (which destroys hair) or Boxed Hair Color. You must get  those types of hair color OUT-OF-YOUR-HAIR, first so you have a stripped down base ! !
    1. Do the very best you can to REMOVE the old DULL Hair Color by applying 1-2-3 packets of this.
    2. Purchase the Travel Hair Dryer as it works even better with the heat ....... it will work 4X as well !
    3. Use Cheap PRELL Shampoo or the cheapest lousiest shampoo you can find under the sink to remove your old dull hair color .........then when you have a nice clean faded BASE.............
    4. Use one of 2 Hair Colors either ............SCHWARTZKOPF IGORA ROYAL or ESSENSITY..........both add so much Shine or
    5. Wella ILLUMINA ..........this line works great as well but focus' on Level 5 thru 10 ONLY!
    it is about the toughest project you can take on in Hair Color - there almost always is one "Hair-Color-Correction Specialist in every town. But I have taught thousands of people to strip and re-color your hair...............
    Stripping is what is so important to the Re-coloring portion of the process.

    This is my favorite packet for Strip and Re-Coloring the hair, if you truly cannot afford  VANISH

     The Color Correction  particular packet is used for a multitude of applications, let me pin-point the important ones:
    • old hair-color removal
    • mistake's in hair color
    • Shampoo Train step 
    • Prepping hair for NEW color
    • Remove 'many' of various Krazy Kolor brands
    • removes chlorine, metals, build-up - prior to coloring ANY color                        
     As the title says it helps Correct hair color mistakes...sometimes not completely... but it loosens the molecules in your attempt to remove hair color undesired.  I have been using these packets for 15 years, they make such a difference in both coloring results AND in the health of your hair....they are very reasonably priced and we include a Cap with ours free of charge ... they work much better if used with cap - the cap helps generate heat on the head for optimum results. This tip and trick has been kept hush-hush for many years, from the head Colorists at V.Sassoon. The difference it makes in the coloring of your hair is wonderful. You may use this packet as well as any in the Malibu 2000 line to keep the metals & gunk in all water now, out of your hair. Many people love the light and clean feeling of their hair. Try one, you'll see. 
     The Shampoo Train is my little cute (effective) trick for helping change hair colors semi-often. Depending on the procedure of course, and I remind you - everyone is different.                              The SHAMPOO TRAIN  goes like this :
    Purchase or use that one bottle of sulfate-shampoo you have hiding in your cupboard or you purchase one at the drug/grocery store.. You are only using it for this one process so there is nothing to worry about. Then as frequently as you can : shampoo the hair ferociously (not scalp - just hair strands!) -- being sure to spend 4-5 minutes -- scrub - scrub - scrubbing ! ! scrub the hair in your hands with a back & forth scrubbing action - like a washboard almost. The last step is to either:
    •  leave the shampoo on the hair  for 30-45 minutes with a cap or 
    • if you are really trying to have it work fast... you will need the heat of a Hair Dryer... and dry it for 15-20 minutes.
    • Now you may do this procedure 4-5 times in one day or over the course of  1-2-3 weeks - its all completely up to you and how big your project is. ..... and all these applications are why the "train' reference.......... as it just keeps going and going !
    • This is the description of the most radical Shampoo Train  - - then you may condense it down to your situation ! OK? Get it? Questions? Use the FEEDBACK buttons in the store.
      Now, the most inexpensive/compact version of a blow dryer was this little Dryer system you see ( click it to purchase).....They come in silver & black -- so don't expect any particular color.....but they last a long time and work well for this and a multitude of things. * dry velcro curlers * deep condition with Thriven or you deep conditioner * Hot Oil Treatment with Gleam * Heat up your hamburger !! j/ watch all the reasons you find for this! . . . 

    Everyone tells me they love it - - - we carry this great compact version in the store for this and for deep conditioning which you should do when completed with this entire procedure PLUS use INTENSIVE to save the pH.  This contraption turns a blow dryer into a hood dryer - they fly out of here because they work for a multitude of hair applications. After that you  shampoo.  What this does is loosen the color molecules that are lodged in your hair.  
     OR... If you are having problems lightening a color a little that way ...then you next add this Color Correction packet, do the complete application as stated on the packet....then the shampoo train -- then the Color Correction packet -- and back to the Train and on and on.... one then the other... and for the perfect Color Removal process you would Shampoo Train for a few days in a week ....Isn't it funny... so many of us color our hair and do everything possible to get it to stick and stay in the hair.. now here we are trying to get that same color out ! ! 
    The advantages of the Shampoo Train procedure are :
    • lessens the amount of Vanish you have to use
    • Most Gentle method of shaking up molecules you plan to remove
    • Boxed hair Color can be next to impossible to remove, this helps the process not cost so much.
    So, if you need to do the most 'thrifty process' available buy 1-2 packets of Color Correction, hop on the Shampoo Train and follow that.....and you will be well on your way to new hair color !

    September 28, 2013

    Tip of the Year - Regarding Hair Color -Counterfeit Hair Color

    Colorists across the nation (from both home and Salon) have been noticing a troubling phenomenon lately that can impact your hair color results. 
    The application of color has been coming out spotted or uneven and chemists from a few of the large corporations have sent their Chemists out to figure what is wrong.

    The answers have come up as 2 completely different reasons for the same result.

    Apparently a lot of you have been purchasing Wella Color Touch and Koleston Perfect on Amazon and they are counterfeit hair colors. You are buying what is typically a $11.-$14.00 a tube product for $2-$6. Now wouldn't you think that would be your first clue? Anyway what you are purchasing is counterfeit Hair color, its hair color manufactured in 3rd world country's such as Mexico/China/ and Indonesia apparently. The quality of the hair color is very poor using ingredients not even close to what are in the original formula's. 

     I know this story to be 100% true and for a very long time........ as about 3 years ago I had a friend who manufactured car wheels and his plant was in Mexico near.....Tijuana. His company shared those big large trash bins with the company in the same building next to them....that had NO sign on the outside and all the employees acted very funny. One day his employees brought in a couple of boxes that were from next door they had WELLA and PAUL MITCHELL and their logos printed on the box.

    Wella and Paul Mitchell have no manufacturing plants in Mexico.

    Counterfeit hair color again.

    With so many reports of spotted applications of color, and hair color not turning out the same, the chemists took samples, analyzed it and came out with the findings it was all counterfeit hair 
    Be careful where you purchase your hair color..............the Wella company is located 30 miles from Killerstrands Hair Clinic and I would NEVER in a million years consider purchasing from anywhere but them