October 31, 2013

An Honest Comment From a Loyal 7-Year Customer (& Crib Colorist)

. . . . a poignant email I received today that I feel many of you will learn from....

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I just tried using Schwarzkopf Igora Royal for the first time, and want to pass along my experience and comments. This is the first color I've found that I love for toning pre-lightened hair since Renbow went out of production. I like to tone with a  blend of level 9 ash and neutral permanent color mixed with 10-volume developer. I used to use Renbow Colorissimo 9A and 9N and loved both the depth and tone. Since I've tried equivalents from Lakme Collage, Kaaral Baco, and Wella Koleston Perfect and just haven't been as happy. The toning qualities of these three didn't produce a dark enough depth, and usually required a second application to get the right results. Compared to Renbow Colorissimo, these three produced lighter results, as if they were really level 10 colors. 
Don't know if this makes sense (maybe it's because they were mixed 1 oz color to 1.5 oz developer, versus Renbow and Schwarkopf's 1 to 1 ratio?)
Whatever the case, I'm thrilled with the results of Schwarzkopf Igora Royal. I've attached a photo of the results (color may be a bit off due to color correction setting of computer). FYI, my formula: pre-treat hair with Gleam, then Kaaral Cream Bleach with 40 volume developer, then tone with mix of 3/4 oz Igora Royal 9.1 and 1/4 oz 9.0.
 I'm about a natural level 5, very ash (me and my friends call the tone "pencil lead"), with 30-40% gray on top-front. Since I have my hair cut short every 4-6 weeks, I apply the bleach all over every time, not just to roots. I do see where the front takes the toner more since it is more porous from previous lightening. I the past I have heavily conditioned this section before toning, and that does seem to help equalize the toning from front to top (didn't do that this time). Anyway, wanted to pass along my experience and thank you again for being a pioneer in home hair color education and product availability in the digital age. 
Best wishes.


That is exactly the experience I have and your color looks phenomenal, very good for a Crib Colorist...actually very good for a professional Colorist (truly)
You have been with me a very very long time and I appreciate your loyalty.
You really have learned a lot , just in the way you speak about it shows what a great student you are. Again so many 

many thanks....

I am going to use your email as a Post on the BLOG I get dozens of emails daily, but certain ones, really speak to me in the way I want to come across to the public..

So many thanks for taking the time out to write that.

It is deeply - deeply appreciated, as is your 7 year loyalty!


Check out his color:

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