November 3, 2013

Hair Feel Like Straw? Damaged Hair Repair

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Lately we have had quite a few woman go through this wonderful transformation and I had no idea I had not talked about it in a long long time. What happens when you use boxed hair color or Sally's hair Color is a very low grade of hair color that has less than desirable ingredients in it gets deposited on the hair strands and for some reason slowly works on them to begin to feel like sand almost. Feel your hair right now....does it feel soft and shiny....does it blow in the wind like it should? The people who have used this low grade color start to have their de-grade over a very long and slow process. . .  it is so slow and so low, that they don't notice it right away. It takes about 2 years minimum for the person to wake up to the fact that their hair longer....feels like hair any more.

 I have never quite figured out why Boxed Color/or Sallys Color doesn't act or react like good professional hair color....I have tried for nearly 9 years now to get everyone I can to change over to professional hair color. What you will experience when you do take this adventure in removing the old hair color ........ in and of itself will be exhilarating to you.......BEFORE you even 're-color" your hair you will be thrilled at how your hair feels. Your hair will feel like it hasn't felt since you were young ......once you go through this.

 I have so many women go through this, that I get used to all the wonderful comments, but every once in a woman's story stands out that it hits me like a train and I remember it is time to go over the process to you, the public, once again.

Now it is not that expensive of a process I don't believe for the joy and pleasure you will get out of this. Currently we have a Group ( that you may join if you wish - its less than $1.00/daily) and in this group a number of the women have gone through this process I am going to lay out....
These woman keep talking about how they haven't felt their hair feel as it does now since they were in high school, etc... and that is what woke me up to the fact that it was now time to review the process to the public.

Here is your shopping List:

  • 1 King Size bottle of the cheapest lousiest SHAMPOO that HAS SULFATES in it !
  • 1 dozen plastic caps - minimum ( that we will give you with any order over $25.00)
  • 4-6 Malibu 2000 Color Correction Packets
  • 2 boxes of VANISH - Hair Color Remover from our site - yes it is pricey - but the miracles it performs are worth every teeny-tiny Cent. I would highly suggest you purchase the VANISH KIT  - otherwise you will have to drive all over town to get the items yourself in order for VANISH to work correctly. VANISH IS NOT FOR BLEACHED HAIR. DO NOT USE IF YOU HAVE BLEACHED HAIR. In each Vanish box is 2 applications so you will have 4 applications of Vanish - TOTAL !
  • INTENSIVE - which you will need after each VANISH application and prior to all hair color and or after all hair color, in Intensive is a porosity equalizer, evens out the pH level.
  • Gleam ...Unique Oil we make with 15 ingredients (ZERO silicones only oils & Vitamin E's) and truly reboots your hair into being the hair of your dreams, the only oil on the market that does NOT have silicone's in it. Therefore it replenishes the lipids that are missing from the lower quality hair color you have been using in the past.
  • Lastly....THRIVEN - A deep OVERNIGHT Conditioner, + the information that you will need to buy to purchase the Secret Supplement. Once you purchase 60 of those, take 1 a day for minimum 60-90 days, those 2 items will be the magic that is not on the marketplace anywhere. This product is always in our top 3 sellers and will replace the life and vitality to your hair that has never been found in another product on the market place.. You will sleep with this in once a week and your hair will be REVIVED and you will have the hair of your youth with this Protocol.
Now the 1st process is to take that lousy shampoo and perform something I call the shampoo train. Where you shampoo the hair in your kitchen sink for about 5 minutes....scrubbing the hair's end and lengths with your 2 hands for another 5 really want to try to get that shampoo INSIDE your hair strands. Then you will LEAVE the SHAMPOO ON YOUR HAIR for a few hours which is why you need the plastic bags. The plastic bags will generate heat and make the shampoo work deep inside your hair strands to help loosen the hair color. Why do we do this? Because the people who do not do the Shampoo Train must use 3-4 sometimes 5 boxes of VANISH, which makes it get very expensive. The Shampoo Train eliminates multiple boxes of VANISH. So I suggest doing this step with Vim and Vigor.

Next Step will be applying the Malibu2000 Color Correction packets in between some of the 
shampoo Trains to help eliminate and loosen up the old color molecules... So Do a Shampoo Train or 2 - then do 1 Color Correction packet..

Some people like to get this all over with and you can do this all in 3-4 days, but it will be all you do.
So I suggest you spread it out over a week or 2. It really is up to you but you will notice a little bit of change at each step and that is what will make you go to the next step so you can increase the softness and shine of your hair.
After each VANISH box.

If you have any questions or you want to others stories you can always join the group, if its even for a month the info you learn and get to listen to is priceless I'm sure you feel.

Your hair will feel like silk and blow in the wind like satin.....when you are finished with this. I can't wait to hear even more stories i NEVER ever GET TIRED OF THEM.....

Killer Chemist
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