November 14, 2013

Everyone Should Color Their Eyebrows...Period!

I've written a few Posts on Coloring Eyebrows but I feel they have been confusing and complicated so I am going to put a number of girls up and tell you the formula's to their eyebrow color . . . so if that is you? You can just purchase those 2 colors and have the same color. I have had very good lucky with using Wella Koleston Perfect color for eyebrows OR if you have purchase other color from us you can try doing you brows in the same color....I just happen feel that brows should NOT be the exact same color, but about 1-2 shades darker. 

When mixing the colors you must make the formula with 2 colors. One that is a NEUTRAL or a '0'.....for example 7/0 N.........or 4-0 N..... as you see here

 to be 1/2 the formula 

 and the other half being the "tonal quality" you want.

The thing about tinting eyebrows is if you mix the formula..........brush it on, shape it clean with Q-Tip....... let it process for an hour will last about a month!
If you purchase 2 tubes of Wella Koleston Color for eyebrow Tint, you may request a 'complimentary' Addition:
  • Eyebrow brush to apply color

Here are some more examples of color formula's:

 if you need a formula and don't see it, here, join our group. . . . put up a photo of your brows & hair color and I'm happy to give it to you!

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