November 20, 2013

Cheap Shampoos Will Destroy Your Hair -

I'm not screwing around with the subject matter today.  I'm a little hot under the collar..........
Large shampoo manufacturers that have millions of dollars are the only companies that can afford to advertise on TV, magazines, and on the Internet. I want to tell you how some of these things work so you understand why you have been using cheap (miserably-made) shampoo your whole life and you never knew how much it is completely destroying your hair - strands, roots and condition. The other day here in Los Angeles there was a big controversial story about YELP on the local networks.

 The fact that an older company found out that the businesses and products and stores that received high ratings were the ones that PAID the company and that was the ONE & ONLY way to get high ratings on the company! I though, maybe people don't know how this is run..... - its just like Google.....I  love Google, because for a teeny tiny company every once in a while they will throw me a bone. BUT MOST PEOPLE SAY TO ME : ''where have you been hiding I have been looking for someone like you for years. I'm here, I just don't have thousands of dollars to be #1 - when you SEARCH......or advertise so you can find me. This couple was FLOORED that YELP was not honest and not organically true to the  comments it received. I decided it was time to come out of my hole and tell you all the 100% absolute truth about what goes on in the advertising industry, for those that don't know.

First of all this all relates completely to the hair industry. I receive hundreds of emails that I gladly read everyone of .....why? ....because  still after 8 years LOVE TO HEAR WHAT HAPPENS to each and everyone of you with your hair. Never stop writing me.  But, from all of these emails, I hear on a daily basis ............ that you have been using shampoo you get in Target, Walmart or the Grocery Store and none of you ever had a clue that these shampoos were creating hair loss, hair destruction, drying and crumbling of the hair strands, and general loss of hairs per square inch on the head of all women and men. Who wants this??? Do any of you want to have destroyed......dry.....falling out hair? Well, I promise you after 8 years of continuous emails, that is all Grocery Store Shampoos create....and they do so because they all have the money to advertise on this very INTERNET that you are on. The TV you watch on your giant screen Television set, and the magazines you throw around your house and your bed. 

BIG GIANT HAIR SHAMPOO manufacturers Pay thousands of dollars to become #1-10 on the Internet. Right now I want you to Go open another window - - - -up to the top there .. ^ ^ ^ ^ the window and go to GOOGLE.......then search for "Shampoo"......all those people on that 1st page have paid 10's of thousands of dollars to be in that position on the page, I want you all to realize that none of the Search's you perform on the Internet (using Yahoo, Bing, Google..........any Search engine) THAT IS HOW THEY MAKE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS by being 1st thru 20 on the search engines. They are not there because they are truly GOOD shampoo's. Everything quality on the internet is small and hard to find.

I was brought up by a very successful businessman which is why I kind of naturally understood this when I started this whole thing. My purpose was to try to write honest-true-stories about hair products that would KEEP-YOUR-HAIR-ON-YOUR-HEAD + keep it in good condition + soft + shiny....DO YOU KNOW THAT by simply spending a few more bucks on shampoo every month you can totally CHANGE THE CONDITION OF YOUR HAIR.....I have been trying to teach anyone who would read, how and where to find good shampoos. That was my first ambition and then I switched over to trying to teach the majority not to use the same companies, who also ruin your hair with BOXED hair color. Not to ruin your hair with bad hair color.

IN HAIR................

QUALITY COUNTS.....and its only a matter of a few dollars, to make the difference in a bottle of shampoo that doesn't trash your hair, than for one that does. I used to tell my clients that if they would just buy 2 less coffees, or 2 less beers a month they could afford a great shampoo.  . .  and for every person I have ever met in my entire experience in the hair bizness. . . . EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU  - - - LOVE THE CRAP out of your hair, so why wouldn't you want to switch to something you put on your hair ALL MONTH LONG that can make the difference in more hair on your head or not.....I mean come on boys and girls.....

Right now I have a small group where I teach people one at a time how to get that Boxed Color out of the hair......and each and every one of they begin to remove the Color begins to have LIGHT/LIFE & HAPPINESS in their voice with how their hair feels. They cannot believe that just by removing Boxed Hair Color your hair begins to feel like it did .... 10-20-30 years ago ....soft,shiny - like a real child's hair, even ! I listen to this all the time and I think I get sooooooooooooo used to it that I become immune to the heartbreaking and wonderful stories....they are in writing now in the Group if you want to read about them. With my last Groups I didn't go to the extent of helping that I am now, which is why we have the small fee . . . but I think most feel it is well worth it.

Back to the large corporations, Shitty shampoo's and the fact that the lousy shampoo's are the only ones who can afford to advertise and the advertisements are what you see as you sit on your sofa's at night, which inspires you to choose a shampoo. I mean I saw a lousy commercial tonight and it set me off....I'm sorry.....if I talked one person into buying a SULFATE-FREE SHAMPOO or any shampoo in our store. . . . it all will have been worth it !


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  1. But you don't list the ingredients of shampoos in your store. "Everything quality on the internet is small and hard to find". It is IMPOSSIBLE to find ingredient lists for products you sell.
    How do we choose a shampoo from your store?
    At least at the grocery store you can read the lists and choose the lesser of the evils.


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