October 6, 2009

#3 Questions When Answered, Will Solve Your Hair Color Woes

Hair Color At The Highest Level is Much Simpler Than it Appears

Who knows why, but I make my job and writing these Posts much harder than they need to be. As a Top Colorist you get stories of how your clients got to where they are... that at times can be so long, I cannot believe it is one person. Truly, they are mind bending. I know you all think that how you got there will help us, but here is the absolute truth : all of that doesn't matter. It doesn't matter that you went from boxed color to Sally's and around the corner to the best Salon in your city... and you have spent thousands of dollars and hours of time - - and your hair is horrendous. It simply : DOESN'T MATTER, however meaningful to you. Isn't your goal : better hair color, truly? CNI0764161_Veer
Ouch, did I hurt anyone's feelings?
Boy I hope not, that is not the point. What I hope to do is to clean up the Home hair coloring world so the stigma's are gone. . . the truth is told and the Salon experience for those that choose that method is understood. There is something that comes from being raised in California {don't worry I know you all think we are nuts...and bonkers} - a freedom, a 'who-gives-a-shit' lifestyle, a healthy yet -- many times NOT so healthy existence in a world gone mad. Hardly seems worth it sometimes, especially if the planet is as doomed as we keep hearing. But anyway . . . see how I too, can get side-tracked. Which is what I am trying to teach you NOT TO DO. Stay on point, when speaking to me or yourself, the Group about your hair color dealings. If you do that one thing it will get you an answer on how to fix your mop. How great would that be?
THE POINT HERE IS SIMPLICITY when dealing with trying to straighten your hair color out, which is why so many of you happen upon our little struggling BLOG/GROUP & STORE. The reason I want to teach you this? IS to get you the answer you ultimately want - - only faster.
Drop the long stories, drop the lengthy-ass history . . . and "cut-to-the- chase" ( my personal favorite line ) and you know why ? ? You will get a better, more cared-for, more efficient answer to your puzzlement about your hair Color problems.200544342-001
When I was training a very long time ago... she would give me a line-up of 15-20 clients.... I would have 15 minutes to go down the line and come up with the heads of hair "FORMULA's for all the clients. Now if each one had a long drawn out story . . . we would still be there. That is not how Sassoon works, they are a Hair Color BOOT CAMP, that's what I called them as I never quite had an experience like that before and I truly felt like I was in Boot Camp of some sort. The only information I could have would be the answer to 3 questions and 3 sentences written by the client and that was it. The 3/3 Method of Hair Color Formulation I would later teach all my assistants.hairr076
You would be surprised how that is all we needed. . . many times I got to the point of not needing the 3 sentences. But when I moved from the Academy setting to the Salon I gave every single client that sit in my chair a Questionnaire prior to me ever laying my hands on them. hair103
That is what I want you all to work on, when you come to the group and ask questions. . . or in any future Consultations I conduct. There is one key word in each sentence...can you tell us what that word is? Please enter in the Comments section below.
The 3 Questions
1.) What is your virgin Level and Tone ? __________L _________T
2.) What is your present Level & Tone? __________L _________T
3.) What is your desired Level & Tone? __________L _________T
Now those 3 sentences . . . what would YOU choose to tell a top Colorist, if you could. If you were in this situation? For so many of you with Color issues, can you shorten your story down. I would hope that by hearing that this is not as complicated as so many of you think . . . that maybe you will take the plunge and give home hair coloring a shot. Its really not that hard, its really a very simple hobby. As with all things complicated in your life - research and study . . . I have 2 years of POSTS - right here in front of your face. new112
I have opened up the stigma of the Hair Color world for you to learn, and you know what I know for sure....??? Is that it works, I have hundreds of Crib Colorists that have taken the time, to read through the entire Blog and they are all successfully coloring their hair at home. No, you will not learn it all in a night.... not even 2 nights. Its not hard - - but is not just a 20-30 minute read either.
Anything good, does not come easy . . .
if I have learned one thing in life - is that 1 sentence is true. I don't believe there are any free-rides. You want to home hair color your hair and have it look like Gwen Stefani's or Gisele's. . . first you need to learn to "lower your standards" to who is exactly standing in front of you when you are in front of that mirror. Look at the "type" of hair you have, then IF you would like to have a celebrities hair, which can very successfully be done at home - be sure you pick a celeb's hair that is similar to your your type. Do they have the same texture? Do they have the same type of hair YOU have. If not, get over it - - and move on till you find one that does. There seems to be more celebrities than people now a days - its pretty ridiculous.
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I am enjoying learning what a wonderful knowledge base Killer Strands has born... so many of our members can spout off Levels,Tones and procedures in the Group and wow it makes me proud of all of you that have taken the time to read what was very difficult for me to write. I now know why people 'teach' . It can be very rewarding ... what a wonderful warm feeling to see and hear a group of people spout off some of your very own verbiage, teachings, etc. It is just inspiring to me. . .truly inspiring.
Remember my number one recommendation if you are an old member a new member. . . or just a member. Start at the beginning and read forward. . .go a week at a time - if you can't handle anymore. Read the entire Blog, that one suggestion has retrieved the most compliments . So there is your project for the week. . . set goals, even with your hair, get it in the best shape it has ever been. Have day after day of GOOD HAIR DAYS.... it's not that hard, I promise.


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