May 31, 2008

THRIVEN : Birth of a Real Hair Conditioner

Holy Grail of Hair : Sometimes an accident is the Best Solution

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A recent review from a Killerstrander (who is worthy of the CRIB COLORIST AWARD am thinking of giving out) who recently received my own concoction hair conditioner . . sparked an idea, to tell you all the story I tell my clients that have sat in 'the chair" <> or how the old 1-2 punch of 10,000 HEADS was born.
Here is the most recent review of THRIVEN my Overnight Deep Hair conditioner and 2 part system for damaged and thinning hair, which was the beginning of the 10,000Heads protocol.
MrsM May 30, 5:07 am
From: MrsM <>

Subject: Re: About Thriven
If only everyone could be as thorough, focused, and ethical in their
chosen profession as as Dakota the world would be a much better

Hands down, Thriven is the best conditioner ever to grace MY spoiled
goldilocks. My first reaction when I twisted off the cap and breathed
in the fresh aroma of Thriven to the delicately clingly consistency
was that it was "Alive". And sure enough, I swiped my fingers across
the Cap of Thriven and it covered all of my hair and made it instantly
pliable. IMPRESSIVE! And it smells so great and it doesn't drip! Also,
it feels great after rinsing it out not like other conditioners that
feel great under the water in the shower and then leave hair totally
dry after rinsing.

I laughed at all of my high-end conditioners that basically feel like
clumps of lard being combed through my hair. Bottom line here is that NOTHING else has worked on my hair regardless of price. I have paid exorbitant amounts of money on my hair and it is broken in the back of my head from high end hairdressers frying it off. Which is precisely when I quit the salon except for haircuts and started doing my own hair which is on the road to recovery. Anyway, I forsee Thriven saving me tons of money in conditioners because I will no longer purchase them and the amount of Thriven I need to use is so tiny in comparision to other products. I can't think of one product I have ever used that was a "dime size".

Oh yah, one last thing, my husband is NOt allergic to it and he is
highly allergic to fragrance

I think KC's name should be changed to KGC, Killer Genius Chemist
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
How sweet is that? I've had dozens of compliments and that one encapsulates them all. Thank you Mrs. M.
About 6 years ago, my daughter was struggling with damaged and thinning hair ( at the age of 19-20). At the same time I had just gone thru my radiation treatments and was in the same boat, so within my chemistry studies I started playing - the more I read and studied - the harder it DID NOT SEEM. The light bulbs came from reading about the similarities in hair and skin, I'm sure most of you realize that skin care products are loaded with all sorts of new and creative "actives" "vitamins" and ingredients for moisturizing the skin and replacing lipids lost from sun and age. The moisture loss process in skin, is the exact same moisture loss in hair . . the exact same way, but to date no one was putting any of the slick new tricky skin ingredients in the hair products. The large companies just don't think people notice the difference in hair conditioners, and I do not understand why. I believe there are thousands of people just like Mrs. M who buy and continue to buy hair conditioners up the YING-YANG in search of one that works, I used to do the same thing and I'm on the "inside". Being just one little person out here in California trying to solve the above described hair conditioning problem for myself and my daughter, why in the world can't the big companies with all their chemists do it? Which is why I went on the mission in the first place.
By having some of the more expensive ingredients in the formulation of THRIVEN it only made sense after about a month that it needed to be left on the head and hair for more than 30 or 60 minutes. The top-of-the-line face creams are put on for 8 hours at night, and hair is the same make-up as skin. That was my **BREAKTHROUGH**I wanted to start treating hair more like skin, as good as skin. We don't think twice about a $30.-$40.-$50. cream for our face, then a $20. Wash and a $10.Toner then a $40. foundation makeup with vitamins and mineral makeup for $40. and on and on and on. Most don't spend a fraction of that on their hair. RIDICULOUS I say....totally ridiculous.
BE FAIR TO YOUR HAIR AND SHARE THE $$$..If you want your hair to be healthy you must consider this theory, it has worked for most all of my clients out here. I'm a healthy hair fanatic, I turn hair down to color if it is over colored, damaged or not ready...its rare to find Stylists that will do that.
I truly care about your hair, its just IN me, to.
A couple months after we first applied THRIVEN we went to the slumber party method. Applying it overnight and letting the hairs enjoy themselves ;-). Once we began the Slumber method of application, our hair began to change. Both my daughter and I had put our hair through Hell, hers was every color on the color Wheel, putting 'black' in against my judgement and needing it cut out, my main issue was all the drugs, radiation and surgeries I had just gone thru. We both started to notice changes with damage and tangling and frizz.
My daughter has a husband who is a Stunt Man (big surprise) and he has lots of professional athletes around him as a result. They had a group of Olympic athletes staying with them and the athletes had heard the problem of my daughter not eating breakfast her whole life. She's a beautiful, very thin blond, funny, Malibu surfer, movie producer (now 26) and not eating the best meal of the day just was not a wise move on her part, especially with the hair issues and trying to resolve them. The athletes made a suggestion to her to begin eating breakfast by taking this particular supplement that is available at Target (even) , every day, which is the last half of the 1-2 punch.
At this point I knew nothing about this.
She came to get her hair done 6 weeks after this and I nearly dropped my drawers. WHAT IN THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR ? ? I think were my exact words. Her hair looked like it did when she was 12 . Long, thick, gorgeous, it was the single best turn-a-round in hair I had ever seen. Truly remarkable.
After discussing everything we had been thru with THRIVEN and then adding this new supplement...we decided it was the combo of the 2 and WHAMM BAMM, BINGO . . . .
I don't think she bought my theory at the time, but the minute she left I ran to Target and got my stash
It took 4 weeks .
My hair did the exact same thing.
I truly felt I had discovered the Holy Grail of Hair.
We were enjoying our yummy delicious hair for quite some time, until all the people sitting in my chair were complaining of hair thinning / loss. One of the most common complaints a hair stylist hears now-a-days, that when I came up with the protocol called 10,000HEADS - Hair STRENGTH System. Taking all the experience from working on over 10,000Heads of hair over the years, the chemistry knowledge and then the THRIVEN/Supplement Accident to come up with 12 Steps for 10,000HEADS System.
Step 2: SECRET Supplement ---> both of these are mandatory
sb10063609e-001 the next 10 need to be followed as closely as possible. Do not brush off, please.
> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >
Step 3: Nutrition ( 12 points)
Step 4: Shower Filter + Shower Water
Step 5: Smoking (nothing should be smoked for healthy hair)
Step 6: Hair Color
  • must be professional or best color one can afford.
  • NO BOX HAIR COLOR KITS (other ways to go cheap)
  • the blog is here to teach you this step, no excuse
Step 7: Shampoo - SLS-Free - buy the best you can afford
{remember how much you spend on make-up}
Step 8: Stress -this includes getting rid of all electrical devices and walking in the sand or dirt or grass ALONE. . . all alone. No IPOD. No phone, no nothing. Un-stress your life, please. This is mandatory 40 minutes per day 3-4 days per week.
Step 9: Drugs / Alcohol -- None to Social if need be. I know there are lots of younger people...but I have had a group of pro surfers quit their drinking as they came to me with tears in their eyes about their hair loss. We reviewed everything and they were doing the normal for that age and group : smokin and drinkin. I had them quit and take up YOGA. It cured 2 out of 5 + improved one other guy.I felt that was significant. If you are testing your triggers, to try to figure out what your is, quit drinking for 90 days,that seems to be about the shortest you can get away with for testing "triggers" longer is better but you should be able to make an honest truthful guess.
Step 10: Hair Tools . Limit the use of all Hot electrical tools. Flat Iron, Blow Dryer, curling iron, etc.. Especially the flat Iron.
Step 11: Yoga and Exercise
Step 12: Water . Drink at least one Liter per day. Every single dayvortex.jpg.
Take care of your hair FIRST . . . boys & girls.
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May 23, 2008

Reasonably Priced Powerful Products

Tea Tree Aid

Remember my recommendation of ORGANIX HAIR as the best-least-expensive-shampoo that is SLS-FREE, which has all terrific ingredients to clean that mop on your head??
Remember? Well . . . . tea tree3
Organix has introduced Tea Tree Mint, a collection of hydrating, scented milk protein-infused hair treatments for over-processed tresses. Products include shampoo, conditioner, leave-in moisturizer mist, and a shea butter treatment.
Within the shea butter line is a new Liquid Glass Serum which is a blend of organic shea butter to instantly protect your hair with the unique nutrient infusion & hydrolyzed proteins, which protects, smoothes, conditions and shines your hair.  Yogurt proteins, shea butter and vitamins smooth, seal & shine, conditions & detangles dry damaged hair while preventing frizz . All this while giving your hair the radiant glow of glass.
These products are not going to be the caliber of my top recommendations (that are at least twice the price) , wouldn't it be marvelous if they the list of ingredients in each one of them they are extremely impressive, I have no hesitation in recommending them. For those of you that try them, please be sure to let everyone know how you like them, by writing in.
All available at select Target, Kroger, Safeway, Longs, CVS, check your local drug store.

Running with Color . . . Formulation

Killer Kolor Table

Stumbling across a formulation Chart from another company, I realized how helpful this might be to many of you. The more you understand about the entire procedure ...the better YOUR hair will turn out. Print it out on Cardboard and enlarge it, if you have the capability, studying this might give many of you a feeling of how the whole "color formulation" trick works.

It is not easy and will take a while for the "aha" moment, but I hope you will plod on. Study this...over and over and over. I disagree with a couple of their numbers. Having very rarely seen a Level 6 hair be properly lifted to a pleasant Level 10 leads to my conclusion that a couple numbers are wrong..BUT...I am hoping the whole chart in general gives you a broad picture of how color formulation works. If you have any questions about it, please ask in the "comments" section at the bottom of this post. If you are a Level 5, 6 or 7 and are looking to go to a Level 10 - Please ask a question about it first. These companies like to think their colors lighten MORE than they do. I have tested 10 companies High lift blonds ( Level 12's) and its nice to see they dream a lot in their Labs, I would post them but the differences are slight and do not show up in my photos. You need professional lighting and camera's for that, so I ask that you just trust me...maybe someday I can wrangle my daughter to do a technical photo shoot for me, but I don't have my hopes up...she's a busy busy bee.

May 8, 2008

Bob's Yer Uncle : Looks As If The Bob is Back to Stay

For Jaw-Grazing Glory Choose a Brilliant Bob