May 8, 2008

Bob's Yer Uncle : Looks As If The Bob is Back to Stay

For Jaw-Grazing Glory Choose a Brilliant Bob

7 comments on "Bob's Yer Uncle : Looks As If The Bob is Back to Stay"
  1. This is such a classic cut - beautiful for all hair types. You don't see many pictures of them for "girls with glasses"... do you think the "fringe" should touch the top of the glasses? How to work with the frames and still get the beautiful sweep?

  2. Hey K chemist, you know you are too bad with what you do!! You will be blessed. My question is: How can I lift my 15 yr daughter base brown highlights to maybe a level 6 red?

  3. anonymous,
    look at the girl with the sunglasses....I think it would work wonderfully...I truly do.. the great thing about this cut? Works with thin - thick- wavy all types of hair. Give it a shot.
    you only live once

  4. Angie,
    I don't quite understand the question..? Is it your 15 year old daughter? or 15 year old highlights ?? Clarify please? little more info. If you want to continue on with the questions, you're welcome to join our Google group
    Killer chemist

  5. Hi Dakota,

    It's Anji. I'm lovin the thriven! Thanks. Hey, what level and tone would you say the hair in the first picture is? I think it's the same girl that is in the picture that says fully fringed. I can't really tell from my computer. Thanks~Anji

  6. Renbow rocks! Why haven't I heard of it before now? Why don't hairdressers use it? ITs AMAZING! Comparitively speaking it smells almost good. It smells like a menthol beeswaxy light chemical smell. It smells so much better than anything else I have ever used and the highlift was perfect. I also used it on my ends and my hair looks the most natural it has ever looked since it was virgin hair. LOVE IT! Although, it has ammonia in the formulation the smell is nothing like the other brands and I felt like it conditioned my hair. I will never use anything else. Thanks a mil!


  7. Mrs. M . . .
    THank you Lordie,
    Finally someone that has used it and gets it....Isn't that the best hair color ever????
    Yes, it has a beeswax base and is the most mild haircolor you can get and works better than any other brand....Its big with fashion hair big-shots in Europe the chemist/owner is Italian, although moved the business to PA. 10 or so years ago?? he's not into big marketing ....because of his PRIVATE LABEL business. RENBOW MAKES the entire huge PAUL MITCHELL hair color line...everything in their professional line of hair color is a takeoff on RENBOW...
    They would never make it as good? Why would they?
    That says more to me than any sales figures.

    Mrs. M uses the high lift blondes which I speak of, they produce the best one on the planet.100Ash is absolutely gorgeous....all the ASh's are a knockout.all of them...they are the more gorgeous shade of blond on the planet....even working on Hispanic hair well.

    Now you need to try to RENCOLOR + COLORISSIMO combo!


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