April 30, 2008

It Takes a Smart Brunette : To Play a Dumb Blond

Gorgeous . . . absolutely smashing

Nothing more awesome, than a beautiful brunette
3 comments on "It Takes a Smart Brunette : To Play a Dumb Blond"
  1. Hey everyone,
    I am a Colorist/Salon Owner/Color Educator with 24 years of continuing,very expensive education and experience. I stumbled on Killerstrands by accident and check back often because I enjoy seeing what D. comes up with.
    You are all getting the benefit of a World Class Colorist with an education as costly as a mortgage. If this woman wasn't disabled by a very serious illness she would be in Malibu or Hollywood making obscene amounts of money!
    She loves what she does and is trying to make a living sharing that with all of you. You are saving hundreds of dollars by doing it all yourselves with D.s help, the least you can do is tip her well! Use that donate button! Bombshell Beth

  2. That last pic is smokin'! I could see myself wearing that...

  3. Wow. . . .
    Bombshell Beth,
    That was quite the compliment....thank you, I'm not to sure what to say. you are too kind. too kind.
    thank you,
    killer chemist


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