April 8, 2008

Step-by-Step Demo of Hair Color Technique : Ribbons #5

The Ribbon Technique as demonstrated by Killer Chemist for you to replicate

pink foils =bleach - blond

blue =4BRV- dark brown-red-violet

orange = 6RRV -red-red-violet

basically there are 6 thin slices of color that's it!

After the development time has been met . . .peek & check inside to be sure things look O.K . {may take you a while to know what you're looking for. . . . but start lookin'!}

Take foils out... one at a time and rinse over sink

Rinse . . . Rinse . . Rinse

This is what the 2 first bleached pieces look like . . . and I refer to when I say "frozen butter" ;-/

rinse all the foils clean of product and till water runs clear

Apply INTENSIVE to your hair and let soak in for 20 minutes(min). re adjust's hairs pH - sets color - yada yada

Rinse INTENSIVE out. . . .
the results are right around the corner
Yee Haw
3 comments on "Step-by-Step Demo of Hair Color Technique : Ribbons #5"
  1. Hi!

    My question is about touch-ups! How hard are the touch-ups, and what's the best way to do this?


  2. TD,
    Touch-ups are not hard . . in my opinion, because everything is outlined in colors. You can see where the slice is by the color of the hair. So using the same colors used previously...one simply foils it the same way and apply on the new-growth only - FIRST. Then the last 15 or so minutes, you apply to the lengths to rejuvenate color.
    No, this is not a super easy technique, but I also do not feel it is super hard either.

    coming up I am doing a photo-demo on doing this same type of project in a little different way. stay tuned.

  3. So I know these are old posts. But I think the out come is really cool. My question is... when you did your partings/slices, did you weave them, or just apply color to the whole thing, It doesn't look like you weaved at all, but it can't hurt to ask. Thanks!


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