April 12, 2008

Rock the New LA Hobby : Hair Color

Nearly 80% of women are coloring their hair at home, how many know how to do it correctly ?


Hair COLOR ~newest home hobby that can:

  • conquer the creative urge

  • clobber thirst for knowledge

  • solve 'unqualified' Hair Stylist factor

  • hit the kicks and giggles button at a 10

  • finally, solves the McCheap-y factor in us all,

Something hit me this week as a result of the comments and questions on the site. What is so wrong with making Hair Color a legitimate hobby for the women of America? You know, how the age old task of "cooking" has popped up and changed on the scene.

10 years ago there were no cooking TV shows (even my kids watch habitually now ) - there was no Top Chef > no Rachel Ray > no Emeril, there was no "FOOD" network channel. Cooking, a necessity of life, has become an extremely popular hobby, a grand production, an art

that people of all ages and types are taking to staggering levels. What I grew up with, being a mandatory part of the daily regimen, has turned into a beautiful little art that people of all ages are learning and mastering. Hobbies are wonderful and economical escapes from the drudgery of everyday life. Yes, everyone has to eat, but as the most recent numbers hit hair trade magazines, estimates are now close to 80% of all women, color their hair. So, although hair color is not mandatory like food and eating..with the numbers at the levels they are, you would think they almost are.
Over 12 Billion dollars is spent on home Hair Color, therefore, hair coloring is closing in on the levels of cooking -no, not every single person has to do it (like eating) BUT... a whole lot of people are taking part in it - they are performing the process anyway, why not refine the habit into a fully detailed and organized hobby?

why not take Haircolor
and reclassify the action
as a hobby ?
By following a designed course of learning...
say, beginning with the basics of :
  • color theory

  • the chemistry process

  • hair & scalp properties

  • the Level system

so that when those 80% of women are doing what they already DO, they would now be doing it correctly, so they do not damage their hair . . . nor do not end up with it , under or over processed.

What a concept
The Boxed hair color business is now worth over $12 billion worldwide for home -use hair color - in addition to $1.8 billion to $2.5 billion in salon color sales, according to James Robinson Ltd., one of the world's leading manufacturers of dye components, based in West Yorkshire, England. The total amount is a couple of billion greater than America's missile defense budget for 2006! Lets throw that up there at the presidential candidates and see what they have to say about it, wouldn't you LLLLLLove to hear each one of their answers, even if it was just a skit on John Stewarts DAILY SHOW ! I sure would.

P & G Proctor & Gamble, whom I talk about a lot, owns quite few hair companies: Clairol, Aussie, Head & Shoulders, Graham Webb, Pantene, Wella, Natural Instincts, Pantene, Herbal Essence, Nice 'n Easy, Sebastian are just a few....P & G is the top Advertiser in the entire USA, what do advertisers run? EVERYTHING. They steer and control TV, Magazines, Google, I'm sure you have noticed how the Internet went from this wonderful place you could look up everything free and join groups and research stuff all free, well that seems to be gone forever. Every damn thing on the Internet ( including me) now involves some form of advertising - it is so very sad, as much as I believe and support capitalism and democracy...Its sad when it steps in the way of something like I am attempting to do here. {wait till you see what I have to throw at you next}
By L'Oréal's reckoning, 60 percent of women in the United States color their hair. So do a growing number of younger teenagers, pre-teens, men of all ages and older women - who used to give up on hair color around the 60-year mark. Consider one of today's hair-color role models, Martha Stewart, who is 63. 20 years ago no one would have ever said or thought there would be a 63 year old hair model. 60 year olds used to just let their hair go gray and forget it.

This is a brilliant idea and a positive turn in direction for me on this Blog. So that will be one of our new directions Hair Color:the Hobby - so> Crib Colorists commence! You may find it hard to believe, but my college degree is in fashion marketing, I have this knack...it was something I was born with it, for picking out trends, styles, products - even music...way before it is ever popular. Used to drive my kids nuts, no kids like seeing their parents have that type of skill. For their entire childhood I could hear a song once, and tell them it was going to be a hit. I would pick it out way before even my kids wanted to listen to it...then a month or 2 later the song I chose would be on the top 20....then the top 10....then the top 5.....and damn if it didn't end up being number 1 almost every single time for weeks and weeks....it was the weirdest thing. My kids would get so mad, they hated the fact that I was right on "current" music... Same thing with trends in clothes, shoes, styles...it was a weird talent, didn't know what to do with it, but I had it.

It still works, not nearly as well, but its there. I can see I was taking the wrong road with trying to put Hair Color Kits down, nothing works correctly when you choose the negative road - lets head down the positive road and focus on Haircolor the HOBBY, for the movement to work.


Having Killerstranders coloring their hair this way already is what set this train in motion. Have you ever noticed how those hobby stores like Michael's never are at a lack for customers? People love hobbies, activities to entertain the mind, the heart ,the brain and the creative juices. Scrapbooking has gone out of this world with 10 million different ways to paste pictures into an album . . . come on how much more constructive would it be to learn something useful like coloring hair?

If the women of America can spend hours learning how to rivet a metal flower into a piece of cardboard so it looks 'purdy', damn it... they can learn what Level their hair color is.
Its just so much more constructive and useful...don't you think? Those stores are so busy that the recession has most likely been a good thing for them, we all need some form of entertainment...it just changes levels - we need escape - need more hobbies, a more economical method of it is most likely the reason, that's OK.
Recently I overheard many women coming together once they get their products from KS and performing the techniques with kicks, giggles and fun. Its a tremendous feeling, accomplishing gorgeous hair color, even if its only covering gray roots. I've caught Killerstranders doing everything from Paint Drips to Bleach n' Tones, to merely covering gray roots -- kudos to everyone - - I'm so proud of all of you. A lot of you are listening, reading, studying and preparing correctly. There is even a substantial amount of you purchasing a doll head or two, to practice on it before going at it on your own hair - brilliant - you will not regret it.

You know, its not only fun ...its an investment... and now > a hobby. What I have discovered is there are a great many of you that do not live near a big city and what that problem holds for so many is not having availability to a qualified hair stylist. That is not quite fair, in my book - just because of where you live - you do not have the same ability to have great hair, undamaged hair, gorgeous color? Nope, that's not cool, nor is it remotely fair. Funny the things you learn from a project like this. I was a Stylist for many years that would not even say the words "home hair color" - ridiculous, was my response for years. What an uneducated creep I was, what a stupid ridiculous comment - at this age I am still making "blunders-of-a-lifetime". Thank the Lord I have the time and the platform to try to make up for it.

So, lets make it a hobby, what fun. . . when your kids get of age - you'll be able to 'color' their hair. Let them see how great your own hair looks -- why wouldn't they let you do theirs? With the popularity of "Highlights are History" and the decline in multiple heavy foil work - there is more of an opportunity for Crib colorists to advance. Foils are difficult - even for the most talented Hair Stylists. Learn the new hair color processes with your best friend or neighbor,even lots of husbands are participating (love it), so you can perform the magic on each other, which is truly the perfect situation, to have a hair color partner >> Swap procedures on each other.

While doing your own hair, the number 1 method consumers choose, reaching around and tackling the back of the head is so much easier when you are doing it on another person as opposed to yourself. Its possible, its just a helluva lot harder.

I had never thought of Hair this way before and wanted to throw it out there to all of you. My mission here is not to take anyone away from qualified Cosmetologists, as a matter of fact - quite the opposite. Once I learned about and totally absorbed the staggering numbers of people coloring at home - I realized this was an entirely different category of consumer . This is aimed at the women that spend 10 billion dollars every year to color their hair at home - anyway and they aren't ever going to a Salon -- period. I salute you and hope we can all merge in the mission to promote:
Hair Color the Hobby: Learn the hobby and perform the magic just as the Pros do.

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  1. Killer, I love your site. You are a master...

    I will be soon entering a treatment where I will loose my hair, and would like to have some last ditch fun with it before it goes. I'd like to discuss some ideas with you. Can you please contact me privately at nielsen at spamcop dot net?

  2. Anonymous,
    Thank you, that is very kind
    I'm confused. . .?? my email address is posted in many places: Killerstrands@gmail.com
    thank you,
    aka Killer Strands


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