April 6, 2008

Step-by-Step Demo of Hair Color Technique : Ribbons #2

Page 2 - RIBBONS


Fig.2 With Ronnie being a pretty ordinary Level 7 , we decided to go for some spark, sparkle.....and contrast - so it would be able to be seen in photos for purposes of this Demo! ;-)
From Fig 1 we chose a Level 6 Red Violet
from Fig 2. we chose neutral blond which was accomplished by using bleach ( your friend - remember ??!!)
From the last chart we chose a Level 4 Brown-Red (very dark)

The red : 66/46 + 30 Volume
Most developer ratios are 2:1
One of the big differences in many color lines which also needs to be calculated into the 'quality' of the product. If you are using twice the developer than brand "B" it does not have the same coverage (its more watered down)

2 comments on "Step-by-Step Demo of Hair Color Technique : Ribbons #2"
  1. So luv some of these colors by illumina. Have been lookin for an icey blonde. We'll has always been one of my fav color lines. :)

  2. 10/36..........10/......both are beautiful !


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