February 20, 2016

Hair Styles & Colour Techique PHOTOS from Europe - Spring 2016

 They call the technique above ( which has had multiple names over the years..............this year it is:
 it can be accomplished with our
  • Creamy Oil Bleach Lightening Kit
  • Balayage Paddle & Tint Brush
  • BURST  in  Mauve.A.Less ( just paint the tips with BURST let it process for 5-20 minutes ( different for everyone) 

  • Girl on the right has ''Tangerine Machine'' on top

February 15, 2016

200-WATT KIT Finds Its Momentum & Has Crib Colorists Raving

Many years ago KC was completely frustrated in the fact that she could never find a conditioner that actually worked. They say they'll work - they spout all this BS language that makes you think you better try this one or that brand. Finally after spending from $5.00 to $500.00 ( yes there is a $500.00 hair conditioner) and never being even closely satisfied and being diagnosed, she decided to study Cosmetic chemistry on the web to keep her mind busy. So she could possibly figure out HOW & why these products work --- and then maybe figure out WHY they don't work. Hell, our scientists can fly to the Moon and back, but they can't even condition & de-tangle our hair,  she just did not get it ! 

So what began as a one month project - - turned into 2 years of deep intense study and camaraderie with a small unique set of people in the early days of the Internet and a fantastic Chemist, who actually developed what we all know as MASCARA for MAX FACTOR many years prior ! !  He was open and willing to teach us all anything and everything he knew, which was one of my earliest mentors & models for how I was going to run my Blog.  In the Hair Industry you are taught to keep your knowledge and tricks in hair color formulating -- TO - . . . .  YOUR  - SELF !!!! That was your bread & Butter and you should NOT give it away ! ! ! 

But, the more she watched Maurice teach and educate this small group of dedicated people through his BLOG.......the more she learned there really was more fun and more knowledge learned when everyone OPENED UP - SHARED WHAT THEY KNEW. . . or didn't know (tricks + education AND ALLL!  !) and talked to each other. That was when she decided to & to just "GIVE BACK TO EVERYONE SHE NEVER KNEW AND NEVER WOULD KNOW -- Just for the HELL OF IT. 

NO, its not solving Cancer

but its what SHE KNEW and it whats a lot of people on earth struggle with and are very consumed with.................SOOOOOOOOO  -  she could Teach. .....and plenty of people needed the Education.  That is how her pride and joy conditioners:
  • THRIVEN - DEEP Overnight Conditioner - Sleep in it  !
  • INTENSIVE - pH & porosity equalizers - soothes scalp an all around miracle
  • GLEAM - A bottle full of the richest most vitamin-mineral& amino acid packed bottle of OILS that exists on planet earth.Price any product with the same ingredients....???? Its well over $200.00 for an even smaller bottle than her 2 ounce !
  • THRIVEN-Lite - Truly a secret weapon, works excellent as a daily conditioner, solves frizz, hair loss (read the reviews)+ pH neutralizer - truly an ALL-IN-ONE-MAGICAL SOLUTION to Jacked-up hair!

Make Sure Your Hair is ON POINT

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#1. Educate
#2. Educate
#3. Educate................oh and Condition !

February 14, 2016

Great Music and Great Hair - Dedication to the Grammy's Tonight!

Great Hair and Great sound couldn't resist.
February 9, 2016

'' 50 Shades Of BACK to Gray '' OR ... How To Return to My Virgin Hair Color (Silver) ?

 Well, this is A common question this week. . . and while I admire every single one of you for wanting to return to your Natural SILVER Roots - it is not as easy as you may think to have a healthy shiny outcome.

A lot has to be put into your plan to return to your silver hair and there is just no simple way to do it. Many of you are asking for short-cuts ...... from me. I think you need to read more of my Blog. I will never-EVER recommend short--cuts in hair color. This whole Blog and store is built on the mistakes of others - WHO ALL TAKE SHORT CUTS - while applying hair color or hair color removal. The Art & application of Hair Color Removal is just as important as Hair Color. If you perform it incorrectly you will damage your hair more than an improper hair color ! So think about that sentence for a couple minutes.

NO.......you cannot just grab hair color you have sitting around the house, because it is convenient. THAT IS HOW YOU END UP NEEDING my E.R.Hair Phone call, which is a new Emergency 5-10 minute phone call with me. Think about the fact that I even have to offer something like that. This is only for emergencies if you feel you cannot get it fixed in your town. Its something I suggest you do before running to a Salon and having them perform a Corrective color procedure (many I hear are incorrect). The reason that is all I hear about is because people with proper color are not looking on the Internet about how to "fix-their-hair color". . . it's already FIXED ! Nothing was ever wrong .... so they are all shopping on Bloomingdale's instead ! ! 
There is no smooth transition on this procedure ...if you were in my chair it would still be challenging.
If you have Level 1 thru 7 hair color on the hair, that means until the date you decided to turn around and show your silver hair you have been spending a lot of money and/or time on trying to cover it up, so therefore, it will not be easy to remove that color and the very last thing you should use is Bleach. Why? Bleach will alter your virgin hair forever/permanently and in that case the only way out is by GROWING YOUR HAIR OUT& a careful balance of BURST Silver Bullet.

If you have Level 8 thru 12 hair color :
Everyone of you has a different set of statistics...but if you have blonde or bleached hair, you will have to give that up immediately. Bleach removes all color from the hair and Leaves a very big line of demarcation.....even if you have silver hair there is still a very small amount of color in there. The goal is to have grown out EVENLY colored hair. If you want to do that you must work on getting it there using the PROPER techniques and products, your goal should NEVER be: SHORTCUTS.... Because if it is. . . .  you will have something GO Wrong I promise you.
So you will now want to begin using a combo ( like I said) of applying Kenra in 8SM permanently ( unless of course you have found another one to work better as they have 6 SILVER colors now !) and Silver BOOST & BURST.. The thing about BOOST & BURST is, you may shampoo - - towel dry and then apply BURST all over, the very first time only let it process a few minutes, after that you will most like be like others who leave it on 20-30 minutes once a week, then use it once or twice a week while you let it grow out....

VANISH (Color Remover) & Shampoo Train (Google it) are your only plans of attack for those with darker color on.... you want to get all the color out as gently as possible and those 2 methods are your only choice. 
Begin now and don't stop until the color is GONE ! ! !
Once the color is gone you may begin with a combination of KENRA's Silver Metallic color and I have a swatch Test completed which shows you that using 8SM in Permanent and using 10 or 13 Volume gives you the best color by far .... of all of them. That and by using BOOST & BURST in either Silver Brass Bullet ( for those with some brass) OR SILVER BULLET for those with no brass. That is the only way to go from Blonde to SILVER ....safely.  
Everyone also is asking me how to apply BOOST & BURST during this process which the next Post will deal with exactly and in more detail....as this one needed to be first written so stay tuned for that. 


As your hair grows out to its natural phase, its going to be completely different hair, you may never get those "special curls" you described again....it all has to to do with the texture change. Bleach blows out the cuticle and makes the texture of hair feel and respond completely different than in its normal state.

Also, Remember every single state that I have heard of has terrible water you will always need to use Chlorine and mineral removing agents....which means : A) a shower filter + 2) Malibu 200 UN DOO GO Shampoo - use at least once a week - when you DO use it....leave it on hair for minimum 4-5 minutes 10 is best,That will remove almost all green. C) Hard Water packets by Malibu 2000 once a week. When water is bad you must do everything possible to remove the never-ending minerals that are in our water ( bad & good). They deposit on the the hair in odd colors, so you must just factor that into your weekly hair color, unless you get your hair water permanently Reverse Osmosis treated you will continue to have the problems which will ALWAYS ALWAYS effect The Color SILVER as well.
February 5, 2016

Knowing the 4 Distinct TYPES of Hair Color is Super Important... Or You May Get In Trouble When Choosing

 I have a number of Consultations going on at any one time and you will be surprised why I do them really. I like to keep very up-to-date with what everyone is or is NOT understanding as far as my hair color Education Posts on this Blog go.  Therefore when I go through a couple Consultations and I listen to what the people do and do not understand it makes me try to RE-TEACH a subject so that maybe if I approach it from a different angle then maybe more of you will understand it better and more clearly.

For example the "types of Hair Color"
 - right when I feel I have taught it from every single angle possible a person in my  consultation explains how they don't understand what the difference is between Semi-Permanent hair color and Demi-permanent and that could create a gigantic problem that I certainly don't want to be the cause of.....

So when I repeat subjects it is because I want you to read this description from another angle....

1} Temporary Hair Color
Temporary color is what many of you use at Halloween, it can be sprayed in and shampooed out. The pigment molecules in temporary color are large and therefore don't penetrate the cuticle layer, allowing only a 'coating action' ... these color molecules may be removed by shampooing...
This type of hair color only makes a physical change not a chemical change in the hair shaft.
Temporary hair colors are available in a variety of colors & products such as:
  • color rinses applied weekly to add color
  • colored mousses & gels used for slight color/dramatic effects
  • hair mascara
  • special effects
  • color-enhancing shampoos/conditioners : like Boost & BURST

2} Semi Permanent Hair color 
 Semi - Perm is color formulated to last through several shampoos, depending on the hairs porosity. The pigment molecules are small enough to partially penetrate the hair shaft and stain the cuticle layer, but they are also small enough to diffuse out of the hair during shampooing and thus fade with each shampoo. It lasts only 6 - 8 shampoos. It cannot lighten hair, so the change is minor and it does not require the maintenance of "new growth". It is formulated without AMMONIA and is generally as gentle to the hair as shampoo. This is exactly what BOOST & BURST our color enhanced shampoos and conditioners are....

Many Semi-Perm colors can be used straight out of the bottle, some require an activator - which bothers me as I feel it should stay on the side of Semi-Perm.....or not. The activator develops the color pigments within the formula and helps to swell the cortex and open the cuticle for color penetration, which begins the difference between semi and demi permanent colors.
In order to understand why the BOXED HAIR COLOR Kits do not work, it is necessary to thoroughly understand 'what' : Semi....Demi....and Permanent Hair color is. So many of you will purchase one of the boxes that claims to "shampoo out in 8-10 washes and find out it doesn't. you wonder 'why'.... so many of you figure you must have done something wrong when you applied it, when in fact you are "set up to fail" to begin with by companies that truly do not give a damn by turning out a product that does not and could not work in a million years.

3} Demi Permanent Hair Color
 The #1 and most important difference between Semi & Demi is..............Demi is when you begin using Developer. Semi = THERE IS NO DEVELOPER, they are sometimes calling it "Direct Dye" even though that is not really an appropriate name.
The newest classification Demi permanent is also called ''deposit only'' and referred to as 'semi' permanent by some manufacturers which is 100% incorrect. It is similar to semi, but more long lasting. Some of the European companies have chosen to use super low volume peroxides to differentiate the semi from the demi lines. Honestly, it depends on the manufacturer, the Colorist or the school as to how it is defined. My education is Vidal Sassoon based which is known as the "Harvard of Hair Schools" so I think you'll be safe using my criteria.
I like to think of Demi Perm Colors as any color line that uses 3 to 15 Volume is Demi-Permanent. Which makes this the perfect category to be used on men's and any hair that needs to be strengthened- colored- add depth to and most importantly SHINE. Wella's Color Touch line gives hair soooo much shine you will be dancing on the furniture after you use it. It is my number 1 line of hair color out of every line and every category.

With those numbers of developer, the only action that will happen is Deposit of color - no lift <> no lightening.
I am of the belief that depositing color in the hair strands of either gray, white, or simply middle-aged (weak) hair can add:
  • strength
  • shine
  • illusion of thickness
  • reduce frizz & tangles.....just try it once, you have nothing to lose.
IF YOU HAVE lots of gray : the perfect manner in which to color the hair is to use Wella Koleston Perfect on the base and Wella Color Touch on the Lengths......I cannot wait for you to try this! If you need a conversion of your formula - call me I will give you one
This formula generally imparts vivid color results, and is ideal for covering un-pigmented hair, refreshing faded permanent color, depositing tonal changes without lift, corrective coloring and low-lighting.
By their very nature, demi's or deposit-only hair colors darken the natural hair color when applied. They cause little or no damage to the hair and are generally positioned as gentle and mild due to their low ammonia or no ammonia content.
 In recent years, many top colorists will apply demi to the 'lengths' of the hair while permanent is applied to the roots. This fights the build-up effect that can occur on previously colored hair and is also less aggressive, resulting in less damage.

The single best line in this category is WELLA's Color Touch Line, to date... I have tested most every line aned this line is the single best line of hair color in the world currently HANDS DOWN !


Permanent hair color is mixed with developer ( hydrogen peroxide) @ 20 Volume and above and remains in the hair shaft until the new growth of hair occurs. It is used to match,lighten and cover gray hair. Permanent hair color products generally contain ammonia, oxidative tints and peroxide. The single best line that exists on planet earth is Well'a Koleston Perfect . . . I have seen this line cover the toughest of tough gray hair to the most gentle of gentle colors.......all with grace, and shine.....

The tint formula contains uncolored dye precursors, which are very small compounds that can diffuse into the hair shaft. These dye precursors also referred to as aniline derivatives, combine with hydrogen peroxide to form larger, permanent tint molecules . These molecules are trapped within the cortex of the hair and cannot be shampooed out and that is why this is considered Permanent color.You have a line of demarcation on the hair once one uses this type of hair color and so it is referred to as PERMANENT HAIR COLOR.

Now here is a chart I used a lot when I was doing hair I would show it to clients if they were really confused about which color they wanted....I would ask them to just point to one or 2 colors that they loved. Maybe all of you can also use this chart to try to figure out which way you want to go with your hair color as well.......

Now if you use permanent hair color and you make a mistake I just want you to know that I can solve almost every single problem there is with hair color ...and as big as a sentence as that is I am very confidant I can back it up....so I don't want you to worry if you are considering becoming a Crib Colorist for the first time.... I am here for you.... We have a $49. EMERGENCY Help Phone Call ......if you have just come out of a Salon and your hair is:
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Gray AND NOT THE "good gray"
  • Etc................its the ER FOR HAIR  
There is now an emergency help phone call Item you may purchase in the store. I would hope it would not be any of my Crib colorist Militia - but maybe some of you new to Killerstrands......Its called ER FOR HAIR - A 911 Service for any and all hair color disasters   

Yes. we have hair color removers and all sorts of tricks that I have accumulated over the course of the last 17 years and I can help everyone with almost every problem or question there is in regards to hair coloring. But, in order to avoid having to use that bag of tricks for all the various problems that permanent hair color seems to grow, I highly recommend that each and every one of you take the suggestion I have made and read the Blog Cover to cover....because








February 3, 2016

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