February 9, 2016

'' 50 Shades Of BACK to Gray '' OR ... How To Return to My Virgin Hair Color (Silver) ?

 Well, this is A common question this week. . . and while I admire every single one of you for wanting to return to your Natural SILVER Roots - it is not as easy as you may think to have a healthy shiny outcome.

A lot has to be put into your plan to return to your silver hair and there is just no simple way to do it. Many of you are asking for short-cuts ...... from me. I think you need to read more of my Blog. I will never-EVER recommend short--cuts in hair color. This whole Blog and store is built on the mistakes of others - WHO ALL TAKE SHORT CUTS - while applying hair color or hair color removal. The Art & application of Hair Color Removal is just as important as Hair Color. If you perform it incorrectly you will damage your hair more than an improper hair color ! So think about that sentence for a couple minutes.

NO.......you cannot just grab hair color you have sitting around the house, because it is convenient. THAT IS HOW YOU END UP NEEDING my E.R.Hair Phone call, which is a new Emergency 5-10 minute phone call with me. Think about the fact that I even have to offer something like that. This is only for emergencies if you feel you cannot get it fixed in your town. Its something I suggest you do before running to a Salon and having them perform a Corrective color procedure (many I hear are incorrect). The reason that is all I hear about is because people with proper color are not looking on the Internet about how to "fix-their-hair color". . . it's already FIXED ! Nothing was ever wrong .... so they are all shopping on Bloomingdale's instead ! ! 
There is no smooth transition on this procedure ...if you were in my chair it would still be challenging.
If you have Level 1 thru 7 hair color on the hair, that means until the date you decided to turn around and show your silver hair you have been spending a lot of money and/or time on trying to cover it up, so therefore, it will not be easy to remove that color and the very last thing you should use is Bleach. Why? Bleach will alter your virgin hair forever/permanently and in that case the only way out is by GROWING YOUR HAIR OUT& a careful balance of BURST Silver Bullet.

If you have Level 8 thru 12 hair color :
Everyone of you has a different set of statistics...but if you have blonde or bleached hair, you will have to give that up immediately. Bleach removes all color from the hair and Leaves a very big line of demarcation.....even if you have silver hair there is still a very small amount of color in there. The goal is to have grown out EVENLY colored hair. If you want to do that you must work on getting it there using the PROPER techniques and products, your goal should NEVER be: SHORTCUTS.... Because if it is. . . .  you will have something GO Wrong I promise you.
So you will now want to begin using a combo ( like I said) of applying Kenra in 8SM permanently ( unless of course you have found another one to work better as they have 6 SILVER colors now !) and Silver BOOST & BURST.. The thing about BOOST & BURST is, you may shampoo - - towel dry and then apply BURST all over, the very first time only let it process a few minutes, after that you will most like be like others who leave it on 20-30 minutes once a week, then use it once or twice a week while you let it grow out....

VANISH (Color Remover) & Shampoo Train (Google it) are your only plans of attack for those with darker color on.... you want to get all the color out as gently as possible and those 2 methods are your only choice. 
Begin now and don't stop until the color is GONE ! ! !
Once the color is gone you may begin with a combination of KENRA's Silver Metallic color and I have a swatch Test completed which shows you that using 8SM in Permanent and using 10 or 13 Volume gives you the best color by far .... of all of them. That and by using BOOST & BURST in either Silver Brass Bullet ( for those with some brass) OR SILVER BULLET for those with no brass. That is the only way to go from Blonde to SILVER ....safely.  
Everyone also is asking me how to apply BOOST & BURST during this process which the next Post will deal with exactly and in more detail....as this one needed to be first written so stay tuned for that. 


As your hair grows out to its natural phase, its going to be completely different hair, you may never get those "special curls" you described again....it all has to to do with the texture change. Bleach blows out the cuticle and makes the texture of hair feel and respond completely different than in its normal state.

Also, Remember every single state that I have heard of has terrible water you will always need to use Chlorine and mineral removing agents....which means : A) a shower filter + 2) Malibu 200 UN DOO GO Shampoo - use at least once a week - when you DO use it....leave it on hair for minimum 4-5 minutes 10 is best,That will remove almost all green. C) Hard Water packets by Malibu 2000 once a week. When water is bad you must do everything possible to remove the never-ending minerals that are in our water ( bad & good). They deposit on the the hair in odd colors, so you must just factor that into your weekly hair color, unless you get your hair water permanently Reverse Osmosis treated you will continue to have the problems which will ALWAYS ALWAYS effect The Color SILVER as well.
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