July 31, 2007

Hair Coloring BASICS

Types and Application methods of HAIR Coloring

Temporary Colour

Semi Permanent Colour

Demi Permanent color

Permanent color

Methods of Applying those 4 types of Colour




Block or "show" Colour technique
July 27, 2007



These are merely suggestions for highlights and lowlights.... I have had this chart for over 15 years, which shows you that Hair color may seem to change dramatically to you, but in all actuality it simply goes through phases, exactly the same as "fashion" does.

A new client called the Lab today and asked if we knew anyone that does that "NEW LOOK" of bleached white-blond hair with bright pink highlights surrounding the face...sound familiar? Its been done a lot....what we have to do and as a good hair stylist we 'should' do is come up with "new' ways of presenting the same thing.
Which we do - year in and year out.

July 19, 2007

GOOD HAIR = Life / Death /even worse:...your Job !?

The Pitfalls of

Crappy Hair Has Even Seeped Its Way
Into The Work



July 9, 2007

7 Tips to speedy hair

we will get to this shortly
Photo shoot of my work. . . .
July 5, 2007



The one trick to rejuvenating hair which provides extraordinary growth, is with a conditioner... but,

not a daily one.

What makes a hair conditioner work? Do they work?

Personally, I feel the daily conditioner should be axed - - totally.

9 out of 10 people want to know what to use to help their hair grow..... One of my Top 10 Answers?

Deep Overnight Conditioner.

What makes a hair conditioner work? Do they work?

Personally, I feel the daily conditioner should be axed - - totally.

Ask every female you know if they use hair conditioner, the result will be a resounding, yes...on the other hand take another poll ask how many of them have dry, damaged hair and feel they need better conditioning the numbers would hover around 75%-80%, ironically.

Its silly, like most things in the hair world.

I have a completely different theory on the whole daily shampoo trip and its nothing like they do back on the ranch. Sorry. But it works and it works well.

My theory half of Malibu uses:

  • Shampoo with a sulfate-free shampoo ( no ALS no SLS ) shampoo once and rinse a minute longer than you think is necessary.

  • If you don't have hair that is a tangled mess at this point, thank your lucky stars and skip this step. If you are like me and have a tangle-wangle nightmare, spray detangler or leave-in spray conditioner after the shower...coat just enough to get the brush through. We recommend SOMA Leave-In Conditioner, which is the consistency of water... yet de-tangles the hair better than most conditioners.

  • Here is the twist <> you must find yourself a great deep conditioner or you can use just about anything > the turbo-treatment result comes from the length of time its on the hair. Once a week - every Sunday for me & many of my clients you take a bath, do all the weekly goodies shampoo - rinse and then after you are out of the shower you plaster your hair with the conditioner. Make sure it is at least an hour before bed - giving the goop time to dry ( hit with hair dryer a few times the heat helps the conditioner soak in deeper).Place towel on pillow, sleep. Serious cases use heating pad on low on/under towel, in the AM rinse hair out in sink - style and enjoy a yummy day of luscious locks.
The difference? No daily conditioning which has sparked a whole new problem of "gunked up hair" that needs DETOXING. Who the hell heard of detoxing your hair, the result of useless conditioner build-up and lousy shower water - nationwide.

Comments - comments come on girls. . . .

July 3, 2007

Frizz-Free Friday - Unique Weekly Post for Frizz & Curly Hair-monsters

How Long Does Your Hair Grow and Why?

July 2, 2007

Summer & Spring Break Hair Care

Coming from a stylist planted and raised in Malibu, I would have to say “summer” is my season, like it or not.

Every year when Spring hit us and my clients started jetting away to every hotspot on the planet I had "Tropical Hair Care" cards printed up (so I had less to fix when they returned). Not that I minded fixing their hair, I just truly was and am a stylist that cares about the condition of hair, all hair. With the history of Vidal Sassoon as my home and heart there really isn’t any other way I would or should’ve ended up, they stress condition-condition-condition there and not till I was fully wrapped up in Salon work did I realize how that would pan out.

For most Stylists I notice they pay it no mind, I mean if a client doesn’t care why should they . . . That’s not how I work or think. . . I am forever teaching and instructing on how to take the absolute best care of your hair, I guess it will never go away. Which again is OK, the people that listen get the benefits…and Remember my silly goal of wanting to fix all the "bad hair" on the planet...

KC's "Tropical" Hair Care Card...said the following:
  • Chlorine from swimming pools or salt water from the ocean can destroy and damage both hair and hair color.

  • Carry with you or be sure to purchase on landing a 6-12 or 24 pack of “soda” water that can be purchased in any city of any country I have ever had anyone go to.

  • Purchase as much as you guess you will be in the water. If you are going for a 3 day weekend to Cabo, purchase 2 -3 bottles per day you are there.

  • Each time you exit the pool or ocean after cooling off or swimming if there is no clean water shower handy, pour a bottle of the soda water on the hair. The carbonation stops all action of the chlorine, chemicals and salt from doing any damage to the hair and as soon as is practical without disrupting the day, get yourself to a shower and shampoo with Malibu 2000, either UN DO GOO, WELL WATER or SWIMMERS shampoo that you brought with.

  • The last important thing I think should be done ? ...the vacation should NOT be altered or ruined because of “hair”. That’s silly and ridiculous, especially because most people I know are so focused on career that if they ever do take the time to get away, for Jiminy Christmas - E N J O Y IT Bozo!.... the last thing you should do . . . is worry about hair. You know I can fix anything.
Part of healthy hair, is plenty of rest relaxation and having fun in life. So this is a method I have tested and determined works efficiently without disrupting the trip…. The one headache: stopping at a store on arrival which most of us do anyway. 

I had people do this for years with pretty good success and still remember the one week a Law student from Pepperdine went to Puerto Vallarta… this was a girl who had very long - very blond hair, & was going a full week . I was sure she would have some light lime green in the hair, her hair was just so very light blond and she was young and partied a lot. To my surprise, she was completely green-less, I was dumbfounded, and still remember thinking wow she must have stayed out of the pool.
Only to find out she had gone in 3 times every day as well as at least once a day in the ocean, " I followed your soda water routine - when we landed I bought a case and just made sure every single time I went in the water I had some bottles with me," she said!

There was the lesson of my life! There was the proof I needed to know how really truly well my plan worked, if she was 100% completely green-free as well as the condition of her hair was truly remarkable, it was like she had never left. To this day I am thrilled this was such a great answer, mainly because I came up with it before I ever began my chemistry training !

Hip Hop Hooray, remember this trick this summer as you cruise to the beach with nothing but a surfboard and towel on your back . . . . . . .

its such a simple trick to the destructive and damaging forces of chlorine, Sun, salt water and UVA & UVB rays on the gentle hair strands.