July 5, 2007



The one trick to rejuvenating hair which provides extraordinary growth, is with a conditioner... but,

not a daily one.

What makes a hair conditioner work? Do they work?

Personally, I feel the daily conditioner should be axed - - totally.

9 out of 10 people want to know what to use to help their hair grow..... One of my Top 10 Answers?

Deep Overnight Conditioner.

What makes a hair conditioner work? Do they work?

Personally, I feel the daily conditioner should be axed - - totally.

Ask every female you know if they use hair conditioner, the result will be a resounding, yes...on the other hand take another poll ask how many of them have dry, damaged hair and feel they need better conditioning the numbers would hover around 75%-80%, ironically.

Its silly, like most things in the hair world.

I have a completely different theory on the whole daily shampoo trip and its nothing like they do back on the ranch. Sorry. But it works and it works well.

My theory half of Malibu uses:

  • Shampoo with a sulfate-free shampoo ( no ALS no SLS ) shampoo once and rinse a minute longer than you think is necessary.

  • If you don't have hair that is a tangled mess at this point, thank your lucky stars and skip this step. If you are like me and have a tangle-wangle nightmare, spray detangler or leave-in spray conditioner after the shower...coat just enough to get the brush through. We recommend SOMA Leave-In Conditioner, which is the consistency of water... yet de-tangles the hair better than most conditioners.

  • Here is the twist <> you must find yourself a great deep conditioner or you can use just about anything > the turbo-treatment result comes from the length of time its on the hair. Once a week - every Sunday for me & many of my clients you take a bath, do all the weekly goodies shampoo - rinse and then after you are out of the shower you plaster your hair with the conditioner. Make sure it is at least an hour before bed - giving the goop time to dry ( hit with hair dryer a few times the heat helps the conditioner soak in deeper).Place towel on pillow, sleep. Serious cases use heating pad on low on/under towel, in the AM rinse hair out in sink - style and enjoy a yummy day of luscious locks.
The difference? No daily conditioning which has sparked a whole new problem of "gunked up hair" that needs DETOXING. Who the hell heard of detoxing your hair, the result of useless conditioner build-up and lousy shower water - nationwide.

Comments - comments come on girls. . . .

  1. Thank you for all of the info. Which leave-in spray conditioner or de-tangler works best in your opinion?


    it has taught me a lot about hair care and a lot about what i have always wondered about.

    i used to love natural and organic products, but when i read the ingredients with your info in mind, i notice one thing that many people seem to say is bad, SLS

    I have one question about hair loss and conditioners. I've read that if there is too much natural hair oil will sometimes cause certain hormones and chemicals produced by our own bodies to stay on the scalp and root while the oil is there. i'm not completely sure on this theory, considering there are so many theories out there. but for conditioners, will it cause the same thing?

    also are you a true chemist? if so then i may have more questions lol

  3. a,
    confused by your post a bit...
    ?? what does your SLS statement mean?
    are you saying that in some organic and natural products you buy they have the ingredient SLS?
    why wouldn't they?
    you need to read more, I go into how we have no standards, rules or regulation of our products in the USA, so they can put cat hair in natural prodcuts if they want to and not get in trouble. They are just words "NATURAL" and "ORGANIC"...all chemists will tell you that every ingredient that is in any product is natural. The word "NATURAL" just means its from nature and chemists believe anything & anywhere on our planet is nature..I believe it as well.
    I go into this in-depth in a few different posts....keep reading (I cover this) I think you will get lots of your answers if you start at the beginning and go forward, I have revealed many things I was originally saving for a book.

    I think you need to re-read --- then re-word your question . . . it doesn't make sense to me, so it is difficult to answer.
    Yes, I am a chemist, that specializes in
    >Hair Loss
    >Hair Conditioners and
    >Hair Health
    I do Microscopic Hair Analysis for hair loss and hair thinning.
    Revealing to clients why and when they are losing their hair by the analysis of one hair. I got sick and could no longer work in a Salon, while I went through treatment I began studying.

    Reword your question a little so i can answer it for you.


  4. I have a question please. Could you explain why you promote the leave-in but also post about Devacurl's and Aveda's conditioners and other conditioners that are so great? These aren't deep treatments but regular conditioners. So I'm confused....yes to conditioner or no? Is it only a yes if you need it? I'm trying to figure my hair out right now, which is why I ask. I have coarse curly hair that is very fine. I've used conditioner only washing for the past 6 months, and my hair was perfect. Now I'm getting oily roots, dandruff, etc. So alas, I'm on the search for a safe shampoo once again and maybe scrapping the conditioner altogether. Thanks for the help!


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