July 27, 2007



These are merely suggestions for highlights and lowlights.... I have had this chart for over 15 years, which shows you that Hair color may seem to change dramatically to you, but in all actuality it simply goes through phases, exactly the same as "fashion" does.

A new client called the Lab today and asked if we knew anyone that does that "NEW LOOK" of bleached white-blond hair with bright pink highlights surrounding the face...sound familiar? Its been done a lot....what we have to do and as a good hair stylist we 'should' do is come up with "new' ways of presenting the same thing.
Which we do - year in and year out.

2 comments on "WHAT'S....YOUR.....IDEAL.....HIGHLIGHT......HUE ?"
  1. I wonder what hair color tone is flaxen blonde hair 9.5 from Clairol perfect 10? Whether it's a warm or cool tone? And which skin complexion is perfect for extra light blonde hair?

  2. I don't know anything about the garbage they sell at Sally's....I ran it all through my battery of test when I began this thing and the results were sooooo horrible I just couldn't put my name on them.,.... Check there - they should have a chart..


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