February 20, 2015

Hair Colors + Cuts + 2015

What we have today is: the newest Hair color trends & styles that I have chosen from you to become inspired by...... 

So what I have now is a string of photos of hair colors and styles that I feel should influence your next years hair styles & cuts & colors......

SILVER HAIR is a very hot color currently!


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LOVE THE LAVENDER SLICES through a brunette and platinum head of hair

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Killer Chemist

February 9, 2015

Become a Crib Colorist : Learn the Level System of Hair Color

I receive a tremendous amount of emails with many of you being worried over "trying to calculate your VIRGIN Level color" . . . especially if you have gray mixed in with your virgin color. It should not be anything that worries you. If you have a pretty recent computer & monitor or I-pad, the colors you see on this Post will be very close to what they are in person. If you have salt & pepper hair many times you may need a friends (or husbands) help so they can look at your hair on the back ... underneath... for an accurate Level. But truly, if there is that much gray then just do your best using the last Level you remember it being. Having that much gray should be a very important part of coming up with the formula.

Understandingg the LEVEL SYSTEM of HAIR COLOR

Everyone MUST understand a few of the basic rules of Hair Color, they are not difficult, they are easy. I want you to understand them so a much larger percentage of women will be able to color their hair at home and it will come out correctly. There are just too many people having their hair destroyed by BOXED HAIR COLOR KITS...they should be destroyed - in my opinion.
It involves more flexibility, so you are not given a set bottle of hair color with a set bottle of peroxide ( that come in those damn Kits).

The Most Accurate Level Chart Level 1 thru 10 ... I have online
LEVEL is the unit of measurement used to identify the lightness or darkness of a color; it is sometimes referred to as value or depth. Colorists use the LEVEL SYSTEM to analyze the lightness or darkness of a hair color

(see above).
Hair color levels are arranged on a scale of 1 to 12, with 1 being the darkest and 12 being the lightest ( not too long ago it was 1-10 some new HIGH LIFT Blonde's added 2 more light levels). The names for the natural hair color levels may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer but they each use this chart as the base.What I want you to learn here is simple....try to get very comfortable with these Levels and especially:  

KNOW YOUR OWN VIRGIN LEVEL OF COLOR (without color on it) we sell a great little chart that I made and laminated so you could use it for years. This is an important piece of info and will be important for the rest of your life (even though it will change as you turn grey!)

If you are a redhead (as am I) its a tiny bit more complicated, you still use the same chart to figure it out, you would just draw your finger across the chart to the different "hues" it goes from Gold/Red to Red to Red/Gold to Red/Violet and keeps going as well.
For example:
which means my virgin hair is a LEVEL 8  and my tonal categories are: Gold/Red (or Light Copper). Knowing that piece of info helps me be able to figure out more accurately what to use to color my hair with success.

You will impress the Hell out of your Hair stylist as well, if you go into your next appointment spouting off the "levels" - they will be very impressed. I have run into many a Hair Stylist that still have not memorized them (but they should).

Using and knowing this chart really well, is what you need to learn in order for you to become a good CRIB COLORIST.

February 7, 2015

Healthy Hair Begins When It's Free From Stress, Reduce It, Simply

I have never done this (Post something written by another person) before {only because I haven't finished teaching what I know !} but I respect the man that wrote this Post tremendously. We disagree on a few points, but I believe that is only because he has never had the training and experience of actually changing hair color himself. When you sit in a lab or office and develop hair products (many don't even have hair !) and then proceed to make big huge statements about 'how' hair products work, 'should' work and should be made. It ruffles my feathers ... I feel they are missing a large portion of the education needed to do what they are doing. By not working on real people's hair. 

Regardless, this post is by Philip Kingsley - he is a hair loss specialist in the UK and he is the worlds expert in the who's - what's & whys of the hair loss problem for women. I've read everything he has ever written (which isn't much) but I think that is because he so busy he doesn't have time to.
I have a 14 STEP protocol for women on how to repair and rejuvenate hair for women experiencing hair loss, that is based on my experiences with over 15,000 Heads of hair I have worked on. . . and 2 years of the best training on planet earth in the world of hair. One of my Steps is : REDUCE STRESS, and he explains exactly how I feel as well and he does an excellent job. So, please read this Post on Hair Loss and how stress DOES contribute to it.

Stress can and often does result in hair loss due to a number of factors. One of the main reasons is that stress, through a convoluted route, can increase your body’s production of adrenaline. This can then be converted into cholesterol, which is capable of raising your body’s levels of testosterone. Testosterone is a male hormone (androgen) that has huge implications on hair growth, frequently causing hair loss and/or thinning in people who have follicles sensitive to circulating levels. However, too-high levels can also impact the hair growth cycle, especially in women.

Another important point is that when we are stressed we often do not look after ourselves as we should. For instance, we may skip meals or eat more processed foods than usual – which while convenient have little nutritional benefit. Diet has wide-reaching implications on hair growth, with improper nutrition being a leading cause of hair loss in women. This includes vitamin imbalances, iron deficiency, inadequate protein intake, and meals that contain too few calories. Stress also impacts digestion and the absorption of vital nutrients, reducing their effectiveness.

Furthermore, stress affects our immune system, making us more susceptible to illness. Like diet, general health is closely linked to hair health, with the flu, high fevers and systemic upsets often triggering hair loss approximately 2 months later. Stress can also trigger dandruff in individuals who are prone to it - and research is increasingly showing that flaky/itchy scalps can worsen or lead to hair loss.

Treating Stress Related Hair Loss

Unfortunately, there is no absolute cure for follicle sensitivity, and so the best ways to tackle and improve stress and stress related hair loss is to use preventative measures. We suggest reducing your stress levels with yoga, meditation, pilates or moderate exercise. Mindfulness has also shown to be very effective, providing tools for coping with day-to-day stress and feelings of being overwhelmed. You may also want to talk to your doctor about alternative treatments, such as acupuncture or herbal remedies. In relation to products, use a scalp treatment that helps to block the affect that male hormones can have on your follicles. 

In terms of diet, do not skip meals and try to eat at regular intervals with a snack in-between. Those of us at Killerstrands have found a supplement (called the SECRET SUPPLEMENT) that has an 80-85% success rate ...you get the information as to what it is with our Deep Conditioner - THRIVEN. Which is a well formulated nutritional supplement just taking one of these a day. In 30-90 days you will know if this will bring you completely awesome results as it has  everyone in my family it can be very helpful, providing your body with a boost of essential vitamins, minerals & protein. This may also aid in immune system function. While there is no fool-proof method of preventing illness and the spread of germs, if your doctor approves get a yearly flu shot.

It is important to note that stress will not cause hair loss straight away. Any hair loss you experience will present itself anywhere from 6 - 12 weeks later due to the nature of your hair growth cycle.
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This Post was written by PHILLIP KINGSLEY

Philip Kingsley coined the phrase 'bad hair day' and is the world's most respected authority on hair and scalp health. With over 55 years of Trichological experience, Philip Kingsley's past and present clientele include politicians, royalty and celebrities. 
He is called the 'Hair Doctor'