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NOVEMBER 24, 2014
Hello KC

First off I just wanted to say thank you for refunding the shipping charge on the 2nd order, and yes it was bright enough.
And second I wanted to update you as I finally dyed my hair yesterday. I can not thank you enough! The color is wonderful! I wore the new color to work today and I have not gotten this many complments on my hair in my life! I am so glad I stumbled onto your site! I had only ordered the sample of thriven just in case I didn't like it and I know you have probably heard this a hundred times, but I am in love! My hair looks and feels wonderful!! You have definitely found a forever customer!!

Thank you soooo much!!

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July 2014

to me
Thanks for the quick reply KC! I have all the other supplies... I have toner and am also going to try schwarzkopf ice as a toner. As for my length it's still platinum so no need to do anything except Thriven! Thanks so much for your time... You seriously are an amazing woman keep up the killer work. 
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  LOVE the products I've purchased. Just wanted to say thank you for your fun and informative emails and everything you all do.  I live in Panama and your products keep my hair looking great. I wish I could have taken advantage of your July 4th sale with 15% off but my internet is patchy at times and I missed it. Hope you have another sale soon! Thanks again for all you do to educate us and develop great products.

Best regards,
Mendi Carney

July 5, 2014
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Ahhh, your so refreshing to read! I think you are just the bomb, kid, THE BOMB!! LOLOL....
from Gina Marie


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3:38 pm......6/26/2014

......Would like target eyebrow shade lighter than my current virgin eyebrow level 5 ....light enough to compliment   6.5 to 7 hair color...without going too light.. ..whatever You think best KC....eye color is medium  Brown..  LOVE YOUR ADVICE AND YOUR SITE...

Thanks, Vicki ......

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............Thanks for taking time for sharing this post, it was excellent and very informative to caring skin care. Its really very useful of all of users. I found a lot of informative stuff in your blog. Keep it up.

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  1. was on a tram once, sitting next to a girl who was obviously training to become a hairdresser and had all her notes out in front of her. I remember looking at her notes and wishing I had a way of accessing that knowledge without actually training to be a hairdresser, and now, here you are. I'm so excited :-)
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  2. Gorb9 and Gypsy Amber cat,

    THANK YOU both . . I have been working on all of these things ever since you mentioned them . . from a new design for the overall look ( to help with needing a bit more room) - - by finalizing a new header design.
    I have begun my endeavor into FACEBOOK, wow now there is a whole new world....people from my past have been emailing me daily...
    So slowly here & there. . you will be seeing some of these changes added to the Blog.
    I know it sounds easy to do all that stuff to you that are healthy but being the unhealthy being I have become, I'm not as fast at it as I wish I was.
    I appreciate your suggestions and your points and you are correct. . . .
    We have a contest going on in the "GROUP" if you want to win $150.00 Gift Certificate in relation to this . . .
    but I want you to know I am listening and working on everything...THANK YOU! ! ! ! !
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  3. Hi Everyone

    I have also discovered and read EveRY post and couldn't stop reading until the very last one. I agree with the Facebook idea. I am on FB everyday myself. Also you could consider making say 2 videos, maybe of the lighting process on the dolly and maybe the ribbons (just as an example) and put them on Youtube. Those can then link to your website. I have watched uncountable many hairdressing videos on Youtube and always 'subscribe' to the good ones. People can 'subscribe' to your name too and if you make another videos thay are notified. Just another idea you can consider.
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  4. Hi, I wanted to let you know I've recently become a fan of your blog and would like to feature you in the coming few weeks on my own blog. I am also starting a blogroll.
    Just wanted to drop by and let you know!
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  5. good blog about beauty more.
    BPO work from home
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  6. I just LOVE your post on the level system! So simple and easy to understand. I totally agree that theory repition is important. And the need for a universal level system chart would make life so easier for so many out there! Your blog is very informative in so many ways.
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  7. Lisa              November 9, 2010 at 6:41 AM
    Dear KC,
    THANK YOU!!! It was only until yesterday that I thought I knew, as do most women, about hair colour. However, I must say, and with great humility, that until yesterday I truly knew nothing...and apparently so did (didn't) my hairdressers all those years. I spent almost $300 at a very high end 'famous' salon in Toronto a couple years back and ended up getting the worst so-called hi-lights anyone has ever seen. She honestly didn't know what she was doing. But the worst part is that I didn't know that she didn't know what she was doing...until I found your blog.
    Why are we women kept in the dark? Is it solely for the very few hairstylists who do have this 'secret knowledge' to make a lot of money? The ones for the celebrities? In a way, I was pleased but also angry when I read that there is a level and tone system that the boxed colour manufacturers do not explain at all to the consumer. We just get that silly and useless swatch and photo on the box. If we don't know what the numbers mean then how can we make an informed decision. We know what to put on our skin; why don't we know what to put on our hair? Either way, they think we're stupid, and I don't like that type of selling. It's patronizing and dishonest.
    Now I can order your kits in confidence knowing that my hair will look like a celebrity's.
    Thank you again.
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  8. Excellent Blog..!!!
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  9. Anonymous         January 21, 2013 at 8:04 PM
    Is it not illegal for you to be selling professional products to consumers for a profit? Education and info is a great thing to have, but seems to me your telling people to do very drastic things to their hair w/o the proper training, and you wont be there to fix the mess. But hey, atleast you made some money. If its about customer knowledge you would be telling them tips on how to buy a product they are legally allowed to. Does wella know your doing this?

    1. I am curious why you are implying some illegality without providing any information to back up your query. How many women and men, every single day, apply hair color to their heads using only a one page instruction sheet contained in a boxed hair color? And who is the legal entity that prevents ordinary citizens from buying beauty products? Please, tell, I'm curious. It is not surgery or practicing medicine. (By the way, if you are going to stand out and present an accusation such as this, how about at least using proper grammar and spelling.This might be petty but your post is annoying enough.)

  10. Dear Anonymous,

    Luxiana Anderssen


    1. Well said, Luxiana. I agree completely. Besides, you can buy most of the pro colour brands on ebay anyway! I choose to buy from KC because her knowledge has been invaluable and she deserves to be supported - seeing as she supports us.

      We love you and stand by you, KC.

      Tracy/Marry Poppins from the group.
  11. Sorry if i was rude last night. I was just wanting to know if its legal. Ive been looking at this blog actually for yrs. Forgot about it until i got on the computer at my moms house and saw it under "favorites". I was just a little disappointed bc it seems like most things its turned into trying to sell products instead of inspiration and knowledge. Just my personal opinion, and maybe i came about it the wrong way.To Luxiana, sorry you have had horrible experiances but i still dont think its technically legal, and there should be a difference between the products sold to the public and the products sold to professionals (who invest in education and earn a living this way. ) again, sorry to have spoke my opinion in an offensive way, i actually never comment on stuff, i was just intrigued by how much the blog has changed. Do u still have the photo one? Maybe thats the onr i need to stick to looking at :)
  12. Dear Anonymous,

    L. Anderssen has dealt with all of your questions in her excellent explanation above. I too have finally learned how to achieve healthy and beautiful hair by following the valuable advice on Killer Strands. This is the first blog that actually empowers women, and men too, to achieve hair color success on their own. Before Killer Strands, some of us had only two choices -- supermarket boxed color that will never come out, or our small town's only salon, which had already ruined our hair. I have never gone wrong following the advice on Killer Strands, and I hope this blog and store continue for many years so that I may keep my Hair Color Independence.

  13. Well said, Anderssen! And for your info, Anonymous, KillerStrands has been helping many women (& men) fix the mess that the beauty industry has caused, what with all that box crap color and sulfate shampoos. I'm in my 40s and ever since I followed this blog closely and using KillerStrands products, my hair looks even better than when I was in my 20s. My friends can't believe that I do my own hair while they spend a small fortune every month at the salon and their hair still look dull and lifeless.

  14. I can tell you are a very new... young... Stylist, hoping to make a good living in this Industry....
    BUT, I lost my ability to.

    I was writing a Blog to leave a tiny legacy, that I helped out a few people for no reason. Turns out this Blog, and these people gave me the strength to fight back to a disease that has NO cure.

    People were having to help me live, now, I can do it myself. Isn't everyone allowed to make a living as the person above so eloquently put?

    I find it odd that someone can tell you........ 'you may not make a living teaching hair color in A CERTAIN WAY'. That seems a little like communism to me...doesn't it?
    Who governs that?
    There is no 'one' person or group who heads up the hair industry. We are an industry of independents, which is 'why' we have no power.
    Think about that.
    I never realized these things, until I got into this particular situation. Then I learned about thousands of women who had nowhere to get their hair colored correctly and by my estimations the numbers are in the millions.

    MILLIONS of women, find themselves in the above situation quoted by "L. Anderssen". MILLIONS ! Personally I don't think that is fair. What if your "mom" was one of them?
    Wouldn't you want her to have this opportunity?

    What if it was YOU ?

    What if you had no access to a decent Salon?
    There are Millions of people who live in small remote towns across every state. They have 1-2 Salons and those have no qualified Colorists. Then what? Box Color? We both know that is just a set-up to send them to the Salon to get it fixed. In our Salon we had a list called "Boxers", and we would rotate the Boxed color disasters between Stylists, one of us would get whomever walked through those doors with orange frizzy destroyed hair at a time.

    One little person with a Blog should make absolutely NO difference in your business or your clientele if you are doing a good job. Do you know how much I wish I was able to stand and do hair? ? ? ?
    I would give A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G ! To just be able to live normally and go back to my clients and my Salon - - I MISS IT SOOOOOOOO MUCH, every single day.

    You, should be investing in Education so you may become the best hair stylist you CAN BE. Try to plan a trip to the Sassoon Academy right here in Santa Monica, Calif. go to the 7 day Advanced Color Week and you will be so good you won't have time to be looking at the computer, and giving me a hard time you will be too busy.
    Every Stylist could be that way. If not that purchase one of their Series on Advanced Color.
    I feel every Stylist should do these things to give you a leg up on the competition.

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  1. Good day KC,
    Did the big chop 2 months ago to get rid of all the chemically processed hair, now my hair is healthier than its been in decades. However my 4b curls are off black with a silver Halo around the front. I recently colored it with a semi permanent color of darkest brown, now I realize how much I love my silver. What can I do to get my natural color back without harsh chemicals?

  2. Good day KC,
    Did the big chop 2 months ago to get rid of all the chemically processed hair, now my hair is healthier than its been in decades. However my 4b curls are off black with a silver Halo around the front. I recently colored it with a semi permanent color of darkest brown, now I realize how much I love my silver. What can I do to get my natural color back without harsh chemicals?

  3. The one and only product you should use which we just added to the store because of all the people using Direct Dye ( semi-permanent hair color ) is called De-Cap by Dikson. This product works to revers the manner in which the hair color chemically was deposited into your hair. Or in other words it shrinks the color molecules so they go back out the way they came in ,using ZERO bleach - ZERO developer....Its the same as our product VANISH. But, Vanish does not work on semi-permanent color.

    With all the people using Direct dye these days, I recently brought this product aboard and was thriled in finding it as I always like to have the product needed to repair every single situation ! This would be the one and only process I would use.
    hope that helps,

  4. My name is Cindy,

    Dear KC. Last night the angels sang!! I rec. my order of illumina, thriven & thriven lite yesterday. I was going to color my hair but thought - I need some ribbons of light to show off the 7/35 more. My hair is naturally the most gorgeous copper with gold lights but at 52 needs a refreshing now and then to banish the blahs. I had a 'dreaded box' of pull through cap highlights under the sink and though......what would KC do.....(well, you would throw it out ;-))? I mixed the bleach mixture but left out about half of the developer and used one packet of powder, the other half of developer was changed to thriven lite. I free painted this on with one of your fabulous brushes and voila!!!!! The softest, most gorgeous, perfect ribbons of light I have ever seen!!! My hair is so soft, damage free and just amazing. I have NEVER had the perfect gold soft 'highlights' in my hair in all of these years. Also, for readers, I put a small amount of Gleam oil on my hair before I highlighted. After rinsing and shampooing I used the regular Thriven for a couple of hours. Wow, amazing products, I can't believe how well they work.

    For the younger readers, at menopause your hair thins - I have found a solution and it is Thriven Lite, my hair feels identical to when I was in my twenties. Just thrilled and impressed - Good job KC.


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