May 23, 2008

Running with Color . . . Formulation

Killer Kolor Table

Stumbling across a formulation Chart from another company, I realized how helpful this might be to many of you. The more you understand about the entire procedure ...the better YOUR hair will turn out. Print it out on Cardboard and enlarge it, if you have the capability, studying this might give many of you a feeling of how the whole "color formulation" trick works.

It is not easy and will take a while for the "aha" moment, but I hope you will plod on. Study this...over and over and over. I disagree with a couple of their numbers. Having very rarely seen a Level 6 hair be properly lifted to a pleasant Level 10 leads to my conclusion that a couple numbers are wrong..BUT...I am hoping the whole chart in general gives you a broad picture of how color formulation works. If you have any questions about it, please ask in the "comments" section at the bottom of this post. If you are a Level 5, 6 or 7 and are looking to go to a Level 10 - Please ask a question about it first. These companies like to think their colors lighten MORE than they do. I have tested 10 companies High lift blonds ( Level 12's) and its nice to see they dream a lot in their Labs, I would post them but the differences are slight and do not show up in my photos. You need professional lighting and camera's for that, so I ask that you just trust me...maybe someday I can wrangle my daughter to do a technical photo shoot for me, but I don't have my hopes up...she's a busy busy bee.

1 comment on "Running with Color . . . Formulation"
  1. God I wish I had known this when I started coloring my hair. It might have actually worked more often then! Thanks for enlightening us KC.


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