May 31, 2008

THRIVEN : Birth of a Real Hair Conditioner

Holy Grail of Hair : Sometimes an accident is the Best Solution

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A recent review from a Killerstrander (who is worthy of the CRIB COLORIST AWARD am thinking of giving out) who recently received my own concoction hair conditioner . . sparked an idea, to tell you all the story I tell my clients that have sat in 'the chair" <> or how the old 1-2 punch of 10,000 HEADS was born.
Here is the most recent review of THRIVEN my Overnight Deep Hair conditioner and 2 part system for damaged and thinning hair, which was the beginning of the 10,000Heads protocol.
MrsM May 30, 5:07 am
From: MrsM <>

Subject: Re: About Thriven
If only everyone could be as thorough, focused, and ethical in their
chosen profession as as Dakota the world would be a much better

Hands down, Thriven is the best conditioner ever to grace MY spoiled
goldilocks. My first reaction when I twisted off the cap and breathed
in the fresh aroma of Thriven to the delicately clingly consistency
was that it was "Alive". And sure enough, I swiped my fingers across
the Cap of Thriven and it covered all of my hair and made it instantly
pliable. IMPRESSIVE! And it smells so great and it doesn't drip! Also,
it feels great after rinsing it out not like other conditioners that
feel great under the water in the shower and then leave hair totally
dry after rinsing.

I laughed at all of my high-end conditioners that basically feel like
clumps of lard being combed through my hair. Bottom line here is that NOTHING else has worked on my hair regardless of price. I have paid exorbitant amounts of money on my hair and it is broken in the back of my head from high end hairdressers frying it off. Which is precisely when I quit the salon except for haircuts and started doing my own hair which is on the road to recovery. Anyway, I forsee Thriven saving me tons of money in conditioners because I will no longer purchase them and the amount of Thriven I need to use is so tiny in comparision to other products. I can't think of one product I have ever used that was a "dime size".

Oh yah, one last thing, my husband is NOt allergic to it and he is
highly allergic to fragrance

I think KC's name should be changed to KGC, Killer Genius Chemist
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
How sweet is that? I've had dozens of compliments and that one encapsulates them all. Thank you Mrs. M.
About 6 years ago, my daughter was struggling with damaged and thinning hair ( at the age of 19-20). At the same time I had just gone thru my radiation treatments and was in the same boat, so within my chemistry studies I started playing - the more I read and studied - the harder it DID NOT SEEM. The light bulbs came from reading about the similarities in hair and skin, I'm sure most of you realize that skin care products are loaded with all sorts of new and creative "actives" "vitamins" and ingredients for moisturizing the skin and replacing lipids lost from sun and age. The moisture loss process in skin, is the exact same moisture loss in hair . . the exact same way, but to date no one was putting any of the slick new tricky skin ingredients in the hair products. The large companies just don't think people notice the difference in hair conditioners, and I do not understand why. I believe there are thousands of people just like Mrs. M who buy and continue to buy hair conditioners up the YING-YANG in search of one that works, I used to do the same thing and I'm on the "inside". Being just one little person out here in California trying to solve the above described hair conditioning problem for myself and my daughter, why in the world can't the big companies with all their chemists do it? Which is why I went on the mission in the first place.
By having some of the more expensive ingredients in the formulation of THRIVEN it only made sense after about a month that it needed to be left on the head and hair for more than 30 or 60 minutes. The top-of-the-line face creams are put on for 8 hours at night, and hair is the same make-up as skin. That was my **BREAKTHROUGH**I wanted to start treating hair more like skin, as good as skin. We don't think twice about a $30.-$40.-$50. cream for our face, then a $20. Wash and a $10.Toner then a $40. foundation makeup with vitamins and mineral makeup for $40. and on and on and on. Most don't spend a fraction of that on their hair. RIDICULOUS I say....totally ridiculous.
BE FAIR TO YOUR HAIR AND SHARE THE $$$..If you want your hair to be healthy you must consider this theory, it has worked for most all of my clients out here. I'm a healthy hair fanatic, I turn hair down to color if it is over colored, damaged or not ready...its rare to find Stylists that will do that.
I truly care about your hair, its just IN me, to.
A couple months after we first applied THRIVEN we went to the slumber party method. Applying it overnight and letting the hairs enjoy themselves ;-). Once we began the Slumber method of application, our hair began to change. Both my daughter and I had put our hair through Hell, hers was every color on the color Wheel, putting 'black' in against my judgement and needing it cut out, my main issue was all the drugs, radiation and surgeries I had just gone thru. We both started to notice changes with damage and tangling and frizz.
My daughter has a husband who is a Stunt Man (big surprise) and he has lots of professional athletes around him as a result. They had a group of Olympic athletes staying with them and the athletes had heard the problem of my daughter not eating breakfast her whole life. She's a beautiful, very thin blond, funny, Malibu surfer, movie producer (now 26) and not eating the best meal of the day just was not a wise move on her part, especially with the hair issues and trying to resolve them. The athletes made a suggestion to her to begin eating breakfast by taking this particular supplement that is available at Target (even) , every day, which is the last half of the 1-2 punch.
At this point I knew nothing about this.
She came to get her hair done 6 weeks after this and I nearly dropped my drawers. WHAT IN THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR ? ? I think were my exact words. Her hair looked like it did when she was 12 . Long, thick, gorgeous, it was the single best turn-a-round in hair I had ever seen. Truly remarkable.
After discussing everything we had been thru with THRIVEN and then adding this new supplement...we decided it was the combo of the 2 and WHAMM BAMM, BINGO . . . .
I don't think she bought my theory at the time, but the minute she left I ran to Target and got my stash
It took 4 weeks .
My hair did the exact same thing.
I truly felt I had discovered the Holy Grail of Hair.
We were enjoying our yummy delicious hair for quite some time, until all the people sitting in my chair were complaining of hair thinning / loss. One of the most common complaints a hair stylist hears now-a-days, that when I came up with the protocol called 10,000HEADS - Hair STRENGTH System. Taking all the experience from working on over 10,000Heads of hair over the years, the chemistry knowledge and then the THRIVEN/Supplement Accident to come up with 12 Steps for 10,000HEADS System.
Step 2: SECRET Supplement ---> both of these are mandatory
sb10063609e-001 the next 10 need to be followed as closely as possible. Do not brush off, please.
> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >
Step 3: Nutrition ( 12 points)
Step 4: Shower Filter + Shower Water
Step 5: Smoking (nothing should be smoked for healthy hair)
Step 6: Hair Color
  • must be professional or best color one can afford.
  • NO BOX HAIR COLOR KITS (other ways to go cheap)
  • the blog is here to teach you this step, no excuse
Step 7: Shampoo - SLS-Free - buy the best you can afford
{remember how much you spend on make-up}
Step 8: Stress -this includes getting rid of all electrical devices and walking in the sand or dirt or grass ALONE. . . all alone. No IPOD. No phone, no nothing. Un-stress your life, please. This is mandatory 40 minutes per day 3-4 days per week.
Step 9: Drugs / Alcohol -- None to Social if need be. I know there are lots of younger people...but I have had a group of pro surfers quit their drinking as they came to me with tears in their eyes about their hair loss. We reviewed everything and they were doing the normal for that age and group : smokin and drinkin. I had them quit and take up YOGA. It cured 2 out of 5 + improved one other guy.I felt that was significant. If you are testing your triggers, to try to figure out what your is, quit drinking for 90 days,that seems to be about the shortest you can get away with for testing "triggers" longer is better but you should be able to make an honest truthful guess.
Step 10: Hair Tools . Limit the use of all Hot electrical tools. Flat Iron, Blow Dryer, curling iron, etc.. Especially the flat Iron.
Step 11: Yoga and Exercise
Step 12: Water . Drink at least one Liter per day. Every single dayvortex.jpg.
Take care of your hair FIRST . . . boys & girls.
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36 comments on "THRIVEN : Birth of a Real Hair Conditioner"
  1. i would love to get my hands on the "secret supplement". can we purchase it through you, or are you willing to share it's name?


  2. You are welcome! You deserve it! You are an expert in your field and I am so greatful for all of your knowledge!

    Actually, I have thriven in my hair right now. IT works out well for me because I shampoo at night after work or gym and now I skip conditioner and apply thriven. I always rinse my hair in the morning anyway because I have major bed head. This will be my third night with Thriven and I already see a huge difference in my hair. My hair is fine but I have a lot of hair and its highlift blonde and I live in an extremely humid climate so my hair tends to just fluff out sort of and feel weight- less if that makes sense. Now, it actually feels like hair again without it being blown-out. ITs so funny, I don't know what you did to concoct this stuff but I can pull on my hair and it feels strong without me dumping a bunch of oily stuff on it.

    Thanks again for being fabulous and a genius!


  3. One more thought... and this may be totally premature but if you are doing a stocking stuffer size for Christmas I am definitely interested. I stress a little over what to give at work because I want it to be small but quality of course. So, its usually a nice candle or coffee but Thriven would be awesome! No one will be giving that and everyone will love it for sure!

  4. Lindsay marie,
    It works in conjunction with THRIVEN and the name and how to use it comes with the purchase of THRIVEN. Its a 2 STEP Protocol. Over the years many have tried eliminating one and then the other....the system does not work the same and that is not how I claim it works to the level I am speaking about.

    Its just one of those "accidents" that could never EVER be reproduced - even if you tried. I have my theroies on why they work together, but it would bore most of you - and they are just that -- a theory.


  5. BTW
    THRIVEN is not only for hair thinning, as you can tell by MRS<> M.. she has plenty of hair.

    It is also the best hair rejuvenator, hair repair, hair conditioner that you can find. It is designed to reduce frizz, close the cuticle and leave the hair at the proper pH level which is a must for shine....I had looked and tried every conditioner made, I couldn't find had to come up with my own.

    To be perfectly honest I stopped making it for a while...its not an easy ordeal. I went back to trying the newest crop of both European and American deep conditioners...I tried hundreds.Just so I didn't have to go to the hassle of making my own.

    It was pointless.

    Its not that hard...just pretend and treat the hair as skin. I am actually saying that hoping they might read this....and get the proper formulating theory in their heads.

  6. MRS M
    Great Idea, I've had a couple requests for smaller size and contemplated it.

    I will begin the 4 ounce size next month.

    thank you KC

  7. Oh my gosh! I received a sample of Thriven and used it last night. My hair feels like silk and it's so shiny. It rinsed out so cleanly, so I'm thrilled with it. What sizes do you have available?

    Thanks Dakota!


  8. Jen,
    Glad you loved it. I now have 4 ounce:$30.00 // 8 ounce:$50.00. Just give me the go ahead and I will send you a REQUEST FOR FUNDS through PAY PAL.

  9. Hi Dakota,

    I'd like to order the 4 oz. size, please.

    Thank you!


  10. Hi KC,

    Just wondering, do you have bigger sizes of more than 8 oz for Thriven? I'm not buying my second jar yet, just would like to know because my 1st jar has 3/4 of product left (I've been using it everyday for a week now together with the 1-2 punch). And another question, can Thriven be used everyday? My hair is really overprocessed.

  11. Jen ,
    I will send you a Request for Funds, please send me your email address and zip code for shippping charges to Thank you,KC

  12. Detour,
    I would use it every OTHER day if you are on a super repair mission. Also use with heat for the same. An easy way to roll> shoot the hair dryer in the plastic cap that's included. Cap holds heat in. Then let cool and repeat.

    8 ounce is it for sure to use sparingly...a little should go along way.I just added 4 ounce size. When I get more requests will look into a 12 or 16 OZ<>
    thank you...........

  13. Hi KC, thanks for the reply. I'll use it every other day from now on as opposed to everyday before. The condition of my hair is already starting to improve. I can now run my fingers through my hair because it doesn't tangle too much anymore. FYI, I use a teaspoon of product for each treatment (I have short hair)

  14. Oops i forgot to ask. When you say to use heat with Thriven, how many times do you repeat the steps (shoot heat into cap and let cool) and how long each time?

  15. Detour,
    Perfect.... shoot the heat in till the hair/head feels warm. When its warm Thriven is soaking into the hair, so as much as you want to fiddle f**k around with it ;-). I like to do it for an hour or 2 then it gets dried in, for sleep.

  16. I can't wait to get my THRIVEN, I'm crossing my fingers it will be here by this weekend, but probably not till next, I have big bold plans for my hair and I can't wait to share pics! I'm also eager to find out what the supplement is ;) I have to figure out how to apply some heat to my hair. I haven't blow dried my hair since I was maybe 10 years old, I don't even own one. My hair is past my waistline and thick, I let it air dry all the time, or twirl it up in a bun with a stick. I'll most likely hit up the walmart for a blow dryer, unless you have a better idea...? :D Having a larger bottle of THRIVEN offered in the future might be a good idea. I know only to use a little, but having as much hair as I do I'm in the habit of getting stuff in as large a bottle as possible, I never buy less than a liter of shampoo at a time.

  17. GP,
    I'm not too sure who you are? Remind me please...If you have thick hair to your waist, why would you need the supplement?

    I just added the 4 oz. size I won't be adding a larger size for a while. Want to make sure you're order is on its way....please refresh. Thanx KC

  18. Tis I, Heather, the overextended web girl. :) It was an order of Thriven, Malibu pretreatment, and Vanish.

    I'm always in the market for supplements that are beneficial. Because of my work schedule I don't take care of myself quite as well as I should. I just moved into a new house and have a little more opportunity to exercise and can cook better food for myself. I've done LOTS of research on herbs and natural healing therapies, so not only am I interested because it could potentially be helpful, but because I want to see what's in it to see how it works. :)

  19. GP,
    OOOOOOOOOOh, its you..... you have too many email addresses my dear. Its not an herb or a natural healing therapy - nor can you figure out why it works by whats in it..but it should be there by monday i suspect. KC

  20. how much does it cost to tell us the name of the supplement ..i really dont want to buy thriven but i REALLY wanna buy the supplement informaiton from you. ...please let me know thanx ..

  21. Lilly, the supplement has to be used in accordance with Thriven. And unfortunately, it is a secret supplement because of what it is - a secret. I'm sorry the supplement cannot be disclosed.

  22. Lilly - - - Detour is
    it doesn't work on its own.

  23. Do you only sell Thriven to US residents?

    I'd love to try it. :D

  24. cheesy,
    no, I have sold & shipped THRIVEN to almost EVERY continent in the world. Just know you have to pay the shipping,

    with the USA's lousy dollar it works out great for all of you

  25. OMG! Thriven rocks my world! I'm so impressed with the ingredient deck and most importantly, the results! The world needs to know about this product! I'm telling all my friends.


  26. Awesome. I'm quite happy to pay for shipping. :D

    I live in England so what's a rough estimate?

    And thank you for doing this journal. It's been ever so helpful.

  27. cheesy,
    It will be $13.00 for shipping. Just send an email to me at Killerstrands@ and we can finish talk & ordering info about it there.

  28. I have happily used Thriven for 7 weeks and the Secret supplement, and all I can say is "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!". I was constantly fighting with frizzies and I did not realize how thin my hair was getting, although I have lots of hair, and NOW I can actually feel hair on me! no! I am not weird but it feels like in my early twenties when I had lots of hair. I am now (should I say! my age) in my fourth decade and so far I have had compliments about my hair. Like " Wow" you were hot! your hair was gorgeous! , any way ...... all due to Thriven once a week and the secret supplement which I bought right away..... my husband thought I was crazy for buying the 90 day supply, but now I look forward to it. Thanks Dakota........ I will be buying more THRIVEN soon, and by the way, can this be put in a pump dispenser or should I keep it in the jar? Thanks Sweetie, you saved me! I LOOK AND FEEL GREAT!

    aka "Chata"

  29. After reading all these great reviews, I'd LOVE to try Thriven and the "secret" supplement, however, I feel incredibly uneasy putting something in my body that I haven't a clue as to what it is.... :((

  30. Sybil,
    You only get the name of it and where to purchase it. . . with your first purchase of THRIVEN. You will know what it is before you purchase it doesn't actually come with THRIVEN.
    I guess you will have trust all the others . . .
    the system works via:
    50% of THRIVEN and
    50% of the Secret Supplement

    for the success to be what I quote...
    If you would like you can join our group

    and read many testimonials of real - current - out-of-LA success stories. . . now that I have had it out-of-LA for over 6 months
    to help make up your mind . . .

    good luck and thank you

    Killer Chemist

  31. Do you have any reviews about this product anywhere online OTHER than your own blog? Some of those comments were left by people who arent even real blog users.
    any professional reviews?
    magazine reviews?
    I am interested in your product, along with some of my friends, as long as we can see that this is legit.
    Thank you

  32. It was certainly interesting for me to read the blog. Thanks for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to them. I definitely want to read a bit more soon.

  33. Helloooooooo...this stuff is the best thing since sliced bread. I got my order about a week ago and why in heaven's name I waited this long to put Thriven on my head, I can't tell you. All I can say is I regret not doing it sooner and not taking a "before" pic. I slept with the Thriven on last night, and covered the plastic cap with a fleece winter hat that fits snugly to keep the plastic from crinkling around and enticing the cat (great visual, huh? he likes to chew on plastic bags). I think the hat helped with the whole heat thing while I was sleeping too, so there's a bonus. When I rinsed it out this morning, I noticed that my hair felt different. I was a little leery, almost afraid that it would have that look of too much product in my hair, or that I didn't rinse all the conditioner out of my a heavy look. I am pleasantly surprised and didn't look like that at all. I can only imagine that this is what my hair *should* look like! I gave it a gentle half-blow-dry (I don't like to use heat on my hair if I can avoid it) and went on about my day. The only person who knew what I did was my boyfriend, who seemed pleased with the results. My coworker, a licensed but not practicing cosmetologist, asked me what I did to my hair to make it so shiny and soft looking. I was floored! I knew it looked better, but I had no idea it would be that obvious after the first hair was pretty crispy. I can't thank you enough for this hair MIRACLE! Worth every penny.

  34. For all you new comers checking out this article, thinking about trying Thriven, but your not quite sure? Don't hesitate and make the jump! You all should have SEEN my hair before I jumped onboard with the Killer Strands diet, so to speak. It was hideous. Now, 6 months later, you would never guess my hair was in such disarray. Thriven and Gleam are Godsends, don't wait, these products really do work! I recommend the 'GO BIG OR GO HOME' kit - I know its a bit steep but TRY IT!! YOU WONT BE SORRY!!

  35. Hi Killer,

    I just came across this site and saw everyone going on and on about Thriven. I'm curious to know what it is. It sounds like a leave-in conditioner. There is no link on your site that could take us to a 'Thriven' page. :)

    I have very weak and dull hair, with no shine. I'm a brunette, I color my hair (usually root touch ups) to color the greys. I'm 35 years old. My hair texture is slightly wavy (used to be more wavy but has become limper with age) with an oily scalp. I have to shampoo every 2 days. I experience a lot of hair fall. Would Thriven help my hair situation?

    I also saw the list of shampoos on your site and checked those out. Will select one and order soon. Found another shampoo if you're interested in checking it out:

    I'm thinking of ordering the above, the Doctor Version.

    Also, I didnt understand what heat has to do w/ Thriven. Can you please explain that? If i use Thriven, would I need another hair conditioner to go with my shampoo?

    Hope you can answer all my questions. I'm so happy I've found your site. We need more dedicated people like you out there!


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