November 6, 2013

Flakes, Flakes, Lots of Flakes and they are Not In My Cereal

A Wonderful manner in which to fight your dandruff is a great little kit we call the Hairmergency Kit

This problem is way more common than you would think, it is super contagious and if you don't have it and you use someone else's brush or comb, you WILL HAVE it. So I would highly suggest NEVER using anyone else's grooming tools, you cannot see it when it is on their as it is microscopic in size.....yes it grows and becomes large in size....but if someone has rinsed

I have put together this little kit if your problem is just the average size which will help get rid of  it at home under your own care. It involves using four products we carry or you you can purchase the kit which helps on the wallet.

The main product is Malibu2000 Shampoo for Scalp Wellness,

I have had quite a few people just use the shampoo and solve the problem, but the biggest point, is becoming AWARE OF IT. That way you watch all of these points I will tell you.

#1. Do not use ANYONE elses' comb or brush or styling tools of any kind which means Flat Iron or Curling Iron or even bobby pins. STOP USING OTHER PEOPLES products if you have this issue.

 #2 Use  shampoo Malibu2000 Scalp Wellness Shampoo or LANZA has a great Scalp Remedy

set which is also wonderful we carry in the shampoo section. Just be very sure you use a Scalp shampoo that has an "active" in it.

#3 Then next get the Kaaral Scalp Scrub, it has very fine wonderful feeling (kind of tingle-y) on the scalp, you know like menthol.....and AFTER your shampoo and very thorough RINSE ( oh btw a big cause of dandruff on people is people not rinsing their shampoo out Rinse 2-3 minutes longer than you normally would! Then use about 1/2 dollar size of the scrub and put it on your finger-tips and rub it into your scalp with the TIPS OF YOUR FINGERS, let it sit on there for 4-5 minutes and then rinse out { it is also a sweet Conditioner!}.

#4. oh....btw, in the shampoo stage and the scrub stage you must use the SCRUB brush as you see to the left here .... intermittently - remember you do NOT want to irritate the area either.... so go slow at first and increase the amount you use it over time. Your skin will get use to it.
Surprisingly enough this  little inexpensive way will get rid of most minor-medium cases of dandruff, it really will. You just cannot stop, stay ON IT.  You do not have to do the whole routine every day....for one thing don't shampoo every day any way. That is too freequently....BUT, be sure to at leas to Shampoo every - OTHER day and apply the Scrub/.

#5. Malibu 2000 Scalp Wellness Packet.
These packets are little works of art....POWDER is inside
the envelope you put the powder in a small bowl, add
Add caption
water.. . . . . then the mixture EXPANDS
and turns into this Gel - lots of gel, people are always astounded
at the amount of Gel that it produces. Then you take your figer tips and get the Gel on the Scalp.....LEAVE IT ON THERE for
at LEAST 10 - 20 minutes. Rinse off. Go to Bed. Its a great way to really care for the scalp then let it do its work throughout the

There you have it, you should have your dandruff completely
solved and diminished and a matter of days with this kit!

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