December 12, 2013

Shock At the Popularity of Their New Hair Product ( Not me !)

This is a wonderful new product, that people have been shocked at how well it works. So shocked that a couple of the colors are sold out for a week ! When a product is brand new that never happens as they have to ordered 10's of thousands of products for a 'first run' ...well, Schwarzkopf has come out with a dream product.

 It is a 'true' SEMI-PERMANENT hair color. Remember, the category "semi-permanent" is color without the use of developer. That is a true Semi Permanent so all those boxed hair colors are guilty of FALSE ADVERTISING that claim that on their boxes of color....and I think those companies should be taken to court for it. 

 How many of you women have had their hair ruined because you believed that it was TRULY Semi-Perm ???  If there is any type of liquid besides the color......that liquid is developer adding that 2nd white liquid that turns the color into Demi or Permanent Hair Color - you create all the problems so many of you have and its NOT YOUR FAULT!. There is NOTHING wrong with Demi or permanent color AT ALL ! The fault lies in the deception to the consumer that they think they are buying one product and they are not.

Demi Permanent hair color and Permanent are very important color categories but NOT if you are looking for Semi Permanent hair color and expecting NO line of demarcation and no permanence to the color. This mousse is absolutely Semi-permanent hair color, hallelujah!

Also a great point of this product is that it is made for professionals to apply to their clients hair, so it is made of top quality ingredients and it is the only truly Professional Semi Permanent Hair Color on the market. It is highly useful in so many ways. In our Group  I can't tell you how many people I have recommended it to and they have loved it. 

Each has used it for a different reason.. My manager uses it because she has dark hair (Level 3  and lots of silver hair) So many times she can't get around to actually coloring her hair and she actually mixed a squirt of 3-0 and a squirt of 5-0 to make a 4-0 & it worked like a dream. . .she doesn't put it any where else but in the front around her front hairline and on her part. She's come up with a cool way of using it so it really lasts as well. She squirts the 2 puffs of a little mousse in a tint bowl ( mixed it well with a small spoon/or stick and uses the sponge we have in the store to apply, which washes out and can be used again. the sponge for some reason makes the color last longer - we are not sure why but it does!

There are a few other tricks you may do with this...that are not mentioned above:
  • Toning, now this it what quite a few people have used this for 9.5.1 - is a wonderful beautiful tone that conquers beautiful non-committal color and shine without re-growth.
  • Practice-Run for permanent color. If you find you like one of the Toners colors Schwarzkopf has all of these colors in permanent and demi- permanent  shades to bump it up ! 
  • Pure Gloss- to intensify the base color.
  • Neutralization - for perfect blondes & grey
  • Color Correction - for a slight tonal direction change
  • Pre-pigmentation - ' filler ' - for certain cases

 You have 13 colors to choose from.
Now in professional hair color, the companies make it so you don't have to have every single color by using colors that can be mixed.... every Salon I've worked in has a much too small color room there just isn't enough room for every single color. So if you need Level 6 mix 5-0 + 7-0.......= which equals 6-0. What ever you have left can be used at a later time.
You can do that with all of these colors.   9.5-1 + 8.77 = Level 8.5 Red/blond (in this equation you would use more of the Level 9 color than the 8.77...because the darker color is stronger, therefore always put more of the lighter if you are mixing colors.

How to use: 
  • Analyze and choose appropriate color
  • Shampoo Hair , towel dry lightly
  • Apply Gloves
  • Shake Well
  • Dispense holding the can upside down
  • Moisten sponge and squeeze water out  till damp'
  • process for 5 minutes for refreshing & conditioning
  • process 20 -30 minutes for intense color & deep conditioning
  • add a little water at the sink.....emulsify into kind of a gooey mess (gloves) let sit for 1-3 minutes
  • Rinse till water runs clear
  • Apply Killerstrands INTENSIVE to lock in color and return pH level to normal to protect hair.
This is a great product, I highly recommend it.


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