December 9, 2013

Homeland Star Colors Hair To Match Her On-Screen Love....Brody....Now What?

How Will That Work in the story line of the show?

If Claire Danes is doing it.......

the trend I like to see hit the "HOT" List is finally here to stay

How many of you are Homeland Fans? 
Around here I don't know anyone who isn't !

Well, Claire Danes does the absolute best job, ever, of acting. She deserves all of her accolades....I just wonder how they will write her hair color change into the story line. She hardly wears any make-up on the show and her hair is always a mess (apropos for her character) - but on the Today Show her hair was a spectacular Level 8.5 Red/Blonde and it looked amazingly better. 

 Having Red hair myself, I am used to not seeing many Reds around. The Percentage was 1-2% of the entire population on earth, I think that is crazy. Now, to see more and more people turning their hair to match Jessica Chastain's I am completely thrilled . {I am convinced it is her who has started the craze}.What she will have to do is to apply the red on more time as it is looking as though its fading already !


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