January 3, 2014

Facts About Hair Industry From 2013

At the end of the year ....every year ... the Chemistry magazine I subscribe to brings me all the interesting facts about hair  - hair products - from this past year and this up coming year. They have access to facts that cost a whole lot of money for me to acquire access to...therefore I thought I would bring some of them to you as the year winds down and we begin another one.

Now the funny part of who drives the hair industry might surprise you as it did me, the group of people who drive and deliver to the chemists what needs to be in their formulas this year is..........surprisingly


isn't that odd. I don't know about you but that is not what I expect. That's completely backwards to me. Wouldn't you think the Chemists would develop formulations (which is how I work btw), test them.... then take them to the top brass and say lets make this into a product for the hair it does something we have never seen before. But, no according to this magazine they watch what the Consumer (YOU) is looking for and then they have their chemists 'focus' on that category. Ridiculous to me. 

An example of that just yesterday to me was Redken. That big giant - humungous company has finally made their very first Sulfate-free Shampoo. How long have I been preaching the fact that you should NEVER use a shampoo with sulfates in it? Almost 15 years...!!! I would call about once a year and ask "when are you bringing on a Sulfate-Free Shampoo?" Their answer...... " we don't really believe in that theory" ! 

I would tell them I have run tests on it besides watching thousands of clients switch and watching their hair change in front of my eyes...... and hang-up. The new Redken line is now in the store if you would like to give it a whirl. Redken makes great hair care AND styling products across the board.

Back to the stat's...
In the shampoo category for the 52 week period ending Oct. 6, 2013 sales rose 1.5% to $2.6 billion (in supermarkets,drugstores,mass-market retailers certain retail chains) ! Since I've been watching these statistics these numbers have never gone down. If you invest money, look for a company that is beauty based. THEY NEVER GO DOWN ! ! ! !
Its funny they say dandruff shampoo's sales fell 2.2% to $505 Million  but they are only counting the crappy dandruff shampoos you find in supermarkets - all the scalp treatments we have work pretty well. ......... regular shampoo sales rose 2.3% to 2.05 BILLION ! ! (can you believe that) . Hair Conditioners rose 6.6% to 1.9 Billion.

Now in the "Prestige" beauty departments sales grew a whopping 10% to 105 million (that is a LOT in 1 year - compare to the supermarket brands even). Prestige hair care (which is what they call the products I carry in the store)....it is a concentrated segment that is outpacing the performance of the mass channel outpacing the performance of the mass market. There is a lot more access to the elite brands through site's and blog's like this one. 

{Do you know that one person has stolen this entire Blog - put another name on it and attached his store in the Philippines to it? I'm fighting it right now with Google who owns Blogger, but I just cannot believe people sometimes.}

 With increased education from the Internet, it has added to the increase interest in the more elaborate brands that have the better formulations and ingredients. Which I feel has opened up the minds of more of you to the fact that a couple more dollars for a bottle of shampoo -- can truly change the look of your hair.

I like to think that my Crib Colorists and do-it-your-selfers, are learning some of the basics of the professional world....slowly but surely and 1 by 1 this is what I hoped would happen and it is, I just wish it would happen at a bigger scale and faster. If each one of you told ONE person about this Blog and that person told one person we would come closer to my goal....I can't afford the big bucks advertising.....that it takes. 

You do know that when you search on Google those people at the top of the list ...they have paid for that spot. It all has to do with how much money you have. I just want the world to be as educated about the proper way to care for their hair as the wealthy and the celebrity, I don't think something as simple as proper hair care should be limited to those with money. I don't think its fair and its getting there. So please, you tell someone about the Blog and if they put in the code "Become a Crib Colorist" when they check-out and your first name, you will receive a free shipping code for your next purchase!
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