January 3, 2014

AN OMBRE - REVERSE & the Trip of How Hair Trends Begin

I saw an OMBRE Reverse today..........I really need to get out more....

Hair Color Trends fade and change and most stay they just are brought back by kids in the street who decide they like a certain thing or fad one of their friends is wearing. The trends are not started by beautiful models or the wealthy people living in St.Tropez.....NOPE...........as I have watched trends come and go I have decided after watching for 20 years right where they start.......

Just a 12-13-14 or 15 year old somewhere we have never heard of usually. Then a hair Stylist sees it on this kid and thinks, "hey that's kind of cool, I'm gonna try that on my next model ". . . and copies it on one of the many hair models that are so willing to sit in a good Colorists chair.....Then someone else sees his work, copies it and it begins very slowly and it happens so slowly and unusually that no one ever (really) gets the proper credit for starting the trend. Because it was some very cool kid skateboarding with his friends and the very cool girls that sit around the skate park and watch them. THAT is how I see it. Sassoon has usually 3-4 trending Shows a Year or they did when I was there and it was run by Annie and Tim Hartley....but I always noticed that those colors while absolutely beautiful did not truly start from them.

Remember when you were a "tween-er" and you set the trends or your friends did? 
 It's still that way!
...The cool people did not grow older with you, silly. The cool people switched to the grade behind you and "they made & began" the trends. I watched it so much in my 2 daughters and even now the one who was so super hip, she is not the one setting the trends anymore she has been left in the dust by the newer generation and THAT is where almost all hair color trends begin. As was so wildly displayed in the past 2-3 year trend of "Krazy Kolors" on so many people and remember it wasn't just a little color - people bleached out their entire head and then applied 5-6-7 colors! The only thing I kept thinking to myself was ....OMG what are all these people going to do when they tire of this....and they WILL tire of it. There is nothing that takes Pravana VIVID Hair Colors out. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. I mean we have had Crazy Colors(various brands) for about 30 years. That is how long they have been around. Does that shock you because Sassoon in England was one of the first to push those colors into high style and make them OK to wear in every day wear. Prior to that it was just the punk rockers and all the ravers who would wear them and they were not acceptable in the fashion world back then. But, you notice how - much more high fashion those colors have become. Ask anyone, who started Crazy Colors? No one knows truly, in my opinion...But they will argue about it forever, so if you are in a Salon ask your neighbor.....!!!!

Like I said , , ,  its a whole different world in hair and hair color. . . . . about every 2-3 years. I swear I say they just change things around I mean what else can they possibly do. But remember, those kids sittin' at that skate park with their tablets and phones & looking at high fashion ideas from all over the world....and the "fashion - cycle" begins again. . . . . . . .

I really like the idea of a true redhead with blonde tips but I could not find a photo of one, if anyone ever finds one will you please send it to me, so I can Post it ???? Please

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  1. These hair color looks amazing colors, and usually they are not the same color.

  2. Do you do hair reviews please?how to contact you?


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